Gift Watches for Him or Her: Why Watch is a Great Gift?

Gift Watches for Him or Her: Each person periodically faces a difficult but at the same time such a pleasant gift choice. It is sometimes very difficult to choose a suitable present for a loved one, relative, or acquaintance, and having decided on a gift, various superstitions and signs begin to appear, and a long choice has to be started again.

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Gift Watches for Him or Her: Why Watch is a Great Gift?

“As for gifts, in every country, there are some prejudices; some believe in them and try to adhere to them, while others deny it.”

So, it is not customary among the French to give perfume to unmarried girls, no matter how strange it may sound to us. Among pedantic Germans, it is not customary to give stationery and weeklies as gifts. According to signs, it is better not to choose a knife, a mirror, and a watch as a gift in our country. If the first two are more or less clear, then why is a good watch a bad present?

Watches are the best gift with Love

Before each holiday, a man in love with reverence chooses a gift for his beloved and wants her to cherish it every time she remembers the one who presented it.

In order for your present to take its rightful place among the things dear to her heart, give watches to her. They will always and everywhere help their mistress to navigate in time. And if it is a watch from the world-famous Valentino company, then the minutes before meeting with your loved one will run faster. The classic design of the models of this collection, with its restrained beauty, shows the nobility and dignity of the person who presented such an expensive gift to his beloved.  

An excellent option as a pleasant surprise would be JLo watches, which shine and shimmer with an abundance of magnificent Swarovski crystals. And if you still tell your lady of the heart that Jennifer Lopez herself was directly involved in the creation of such an expensive gift, then she will be delighted.

You can emphasize the style of your life partner by giving her a watch from the Anne Klein collection. Butterflies, dragonflies, flowers decorating their dials will become at the same time an accessory that adds charm to any fashionable outfit.

It is known that in the birthday gifts are given to everyone. The best present for a respectable man would be a Longines watch, which is a symbol of courage and risky nature. This watch brand is one of the most counterfeit-proof, with a special stigma in the form of a winged clepsydra.

When choosing gifts for the birthday, do not rack your brains for a long time. Opt for a Certina watch that will become your man’s favorite accessory. Representatives of the strong half of humanity give special preference to the DS Cascadeur and DS Coronation Automatic models.

Another good piece of advice to those who are going to buy gifts for their loved ones on their birthday. You can’t go wrong if you buy a Swiss Military watch for him. Excellent water protection and anti-shock mechanism make this model reliable and durable.

A common question that worries invited guests is what to give for a wedding. Everyone wants to make an unforgettable surprise so that it later becomes a family heirloom. Give the newlyweds, for example, watches from Dolce & Gabbana (for the groom) and Candino (for the bride).

The latest model is made of titanium, plated with 24-carat gold, and a watch gift set for him with diamonds. An excellent option for this case would be Nika watches. The groom will suit a model made of white gold or 925 sterling silver, and the bride will be happy to receive a watch made of red gold.

If you are a close relative of the newlyweds, then the problem of choosing what to give for the wedding should be decided in favor of chic surprises. The grace and fine work of jewelry, various accessories, and watches from Montblanc will literally dazzle happy lovers.

Also, the bride will appreciate your present if you present her with a Composable bracelet from the famous jeweler Paolo Gensini, and the groom will like the Champ Collection box. A stylish and sophisticated gift for this occasion will be a cosmetic bag or a cover for documents from the Swiss company Vacheron.

For the first time in China, they banned the gift of these devices. As you know, these people are quite superstitious; therefore, the subject, which can measure what the human eye is not able to catch, was treated with caution. In addition, the hieroglyph for the chronograph is in many ways similar to the sign for death. They believe that getting a chronometer in any form is a bad omen and promises a fleeting death.

Our ancestors were also wary of clockwork, and they believed that it had mystical powers.

It’s not that they didn’t give watches; they even tried not to keep them in the house. Today, watches do not cause danger to anyone, but nevertheless, it is not customary to give them.

Why according to signs, is it impossible to give a watch to someone special?

It is believed that watches are not given to loved ones since such a gift will certainly lead to quarrels and separation. According to some signs, a couple in love or a married couple promises discord after the hands of the donated watch stop. According to other beliefs, parting is inevitable in any case, even if the mechanism is reliable and never stops.

Whether to believe in such signs or not – everyone decides for himself. More often, girls are more suspicious and believe in various signs, and it is they who most often, receiving a watch as a gift, think that this means parting. It seems to them that their lover or husband specifically chose such a gift to end their relationship. As a result, an expensive, beautiful watch can be a completely undesirable present, if accepted, then with discontent and resentment.

Men are not at all so suspicious and treat many such signs with irony. Therefore, to the question: “Is it possible to give a guy a watch?” there is no clear answer. If you are not a superstitious couple, then feel free to choose a practical and beautiful accessory as a gift. This is a useful gift that any man will love.

It is impossible to believe in this and any other sign as an axiom. Remember that a harmonious, long-term relationship depends only on the two of you, and no watches, mirrors, and other little things can bring discord into a strong union of two people. Therefore, it’s up to you whether to give a watch to a wife or give to husband or choose a wall clock in the house as a gift for the next holiday.

Is it possible to give a man a watch for his birthday?

When choosing a gift for a representative of the stronger sex, a stylish watch will be an excellent option.

“In the business world, giving and receiving such an accessory as a present is a common thing.” Good, branded, and expensive watches are able to emphasize the status and solidity of a person.

Despite the fact that a modern person has various gadgets that display the time, wearing wristwatches does not go out of fashion. In business, partners can often exchange such accessories for no reason, and this may indicate a readiness for cooperation and trust.

You can give a watch for a birthday without fear to your brother, father, work colleague, or boss. But as for the beloved man, then decide for yourself; it all depends on superstition. Despite this, any man will appreciate such a present.

Watches gift for Her: the meaning of a gift according to signs

If you want to give your wife or girlfriend a watch, we advise you to find out in advance what she thinks about the signs associated with this accessory. You can jokingly bring up the topic when talking with friends or walking past some watch store. After that, already draw conclusions about your reaction to your gift.

The choice of a watch for a woman is quite difficult because it is not only an accessory; it is to some extent an ornament that she should like. The representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are often given around an oval-shaped dial. According to some signs, such watches will help to avoid life’s troubles and difficulties, prevent quarrels and help find compromises. There are some signs regarding the material from which they are made:

  • Copper watches help relieve pain, and suffering heals wounds quickly. Wearing such an accessory on the left hand will protect against negative energy.
  • Made of brass is considered a good sign that attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • From ceramics – tune in a positive way, help get rid of depression and bad mood.
  • The steel case will protect from the negative influence of people will serve as a kind of amulet.
  • Silver accessories will rejuvenate the body and protect it from evil tongues.
  • According to folk signs, gold watches are considered a royal gift, and the reason for this is the fabulous cost and the energy potential that they carry.

Is it true that you can’t give watches to friends too?

When planning to give such an ambiguous gift as a watch to a girlfriend for her birthday or an anniversary to her best friend, we advise you to rely not only on your opinion regarding the signs associated with this accessory but also on the opinion of the birthday person.

Find out in advance what your friend thinks about this if he has any prejudices. If he is not superstitious, then feel free to choose a clock as a present; just decide what it will be: wrist, wall, sand, floor, or fireplace. Remember that the gift should be in harmony with the room, and in the case of a watch, it should match the style.

You can give a married couple a wall clock for a housewarming party, and they will become a practical gift. If you are choosing a present for your friend who loves to cook, choose an hourglass. They will be an indispensable thing in the kitchen while preparing some dishes.

Also, you can safely present an elegant fashion watch to a close friend, which will serve as a beautiful and stylish decoration. An active young guy can pick up an electronic device with a built-in chronograph as a gift.

“It is possible to give a watch to friends, and it is only important to make sure that they do not have a negative perception of this accessory.”

Is it possible to give watches to close people and relatives?

We do not recommend buying a chronograph as a gift for superstitious relatives and a loved one. If you are sure that, having received your gift, a person will not change his face, but will only be delighted, you can safely choose a present.

Fashionable sports electronic watches will be a good choice for a brother’s birthday, but it’s better to choose branded classic models for your father. Well-known Swiss mechanisms can also be given to dad or grandfather, and they will become an expensive gift in all plans. When choosing a model for your sister, we recommend choosing an elegant watch with a precious stone dial.

Is it customary to give watches to children or not?

A watch as a gift to a daughter or son will become a useful and irreplaceable thing.

For children of preschool and primary school age, they will help to master the concept of time quickly, and they will teach you to understand what time it is, looking at the dial.”

Older children will have such a gift for self-discipline, for planning time will help teach them to be independent. In a word, this is an irreplaceable gift for children, which does not have any negative connotations. Today it is very popular to give a digital watch for a child’s birthday. Such a gadget will not only allow you to find out the exact time but also help you keep track of your child’s whereabouts; in addition, with the help of such an accessory, the baby can make calls to several.

Is it possible to give a gift watch or is it bad?

Antique clocks are of particular value, and they are often passed on as a family heirloom from the older generation to the younger. Even if you are a superstitious person and are wary of such gifts, in no case should you throw away the old device? It is better to put it in a secluded place in the box as a reminder of your relatives.

If you were presented with a fashion accessory that, for some reason, you don’t like in appearance, don’t resemble in design, or you just don’t wear it, you can get safely re-gift the watch.

Perhaps one of your acquaintances or friends will appreciate this model, and they will be happy to wear it as an ornament or use it for its intended purpose. Therefore, do not be afraid to give a gift watch and think less about any signs, because the most important thing in a gift is the energy that you carry.

How to give a watch as a gift and get around bad omens and superstitions?

If you have chosen a watch as a gift, you can get around all the bad omens with the help of other beliefs. So that nothing interferes with your happiness, when a watch is given as a gift, you need to give a nominal fee.

A few kopecks will turn a gift into a purchase, and the chances of failing to receive them will be reduced to zero. At the same time, people say that you need to pay off troubles with your left hand, but take a coin only with your right.

Another way to give a watch as a gift and not part are to buy a watch case, put money into it to purchase an accessory, go to the store with your beloved or loved one, and choose the right model. Thus, you will realize your idea and give a watch, but do it together.

“In this case, no signs threaten you, and the chances of choosing a model you don’t like are minimal.”

In addition, superstition says nothing about the electronic devices that are popular today, in which watches are built. Such gadgets will appeal to young people, athletes, anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

What to do if you gave a watch?

“You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” is a well-known proverb that better than ever answers the question: “What should you do if you were given a watch?“.

No matter how you feel about signs, but if at one fine moment you were given a watch as a present, sincerely thank the person for the attention shown to you. You should not immediately think about the motives why this particular accessory was chosen, what the donor wanted to say, and other nonsense. Perhaps a person is not even aware of the existing superstitions and chose an expensive and beautiful accessory with the best of intentions.

Suppose you are still a very suspicious person, and the gift is not of particular value to you, for example. In that case, it is a plastic watch with a bright belt presented on March 8, and then a natural question arises: “What to do with the donated watch?“. Many people have the idea to get rid of the donated watch and just throw it away.


It is better not to give them to someone who will be happy with such a gift. Or, when presenting a gift, simply buy off a couple of coins from the donor, and all possible signs simply will not work.