Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Birthdays are always an important date that we mark with red in the calendar. However, if there is a change of decade, the birthday party is usually an even more special moment, if possible. Discover five original ideas to celebrate your best 30th birthday party in style.

Best Ideas to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday Party

We all like celebrations and parties where we meet with our family and best friends. Therefore, a birthday is the perfect reason to carry out a grand celebration.

Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

If you are about to change the decade and you will turn the best 30th Birthday Party Ideas, do not hesitate to book an ample space where you can celebrate your birthday party. The reservation portal, Privateaser, makes it very easy. Since in just a couple of clicks, you can book bars, restaurants, and venues, which will make your birthday party a unique event.

We give you a few ideas to celebrate your next birthday in style:

Theme Party

If you are going to celebrate your 30th birthday and want it to be high, what better way to welcome new yeas than through a 30th birthday fun themed party? In these types of events, guests have to attend with a costume that revolves around a specific 30th birthday party theme. (Hawaiian party, Viking party, 80’s party, rock party) Any theme is valid for a fun and fun time, and share your birthday with the people you love most.

Just don’t forget about the decoration. Whether you celebrate it in your home, or if you book a private room, the decorative touch of the room will be essential to set the party. And even more so if you put a photocall in which your guests can immortalize the moment while they wear their thematic costume. You will be the envy of all your followers when they see how much fun you had in celebrating your birthday! Inevitably it becomes a party that will cost years to forget, especially for the birthday girl.

Cottage With Friends

If you live in a big city and want to breathe a little fresh air taking advantage of the change of the decade, do not hesitate to rent a rural house for all your friends. In addition to making a break in the routine of each day, this type of plan will allow you to fulfill years of enjoying the best company.

Many rural houses offer the possibility of enjoying a spa session or doing outdoor activities (Pool). You can ride a horse, make an exciting hiking trail through the forest, and even do risky sports in the mountains. Besides, this plan can be extended several days to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. It will be an unforgettable birthday!

Pajamas Party

Lately, pajama parties have also become very fashionable, and even if you consider yourself too old, you are never too old to enjoy this type of party (by age). Especially when celebrating a party as necessary as the 30th birthday party! Also, this event will help you to relive your adolescence and the fun moments you spent with your friends.

You can opt for a pajama party only for girls and take this opportunity to meet all those childhood friends that you have not seen for a long time. Or, you can choose a mixed party, attended by friends from different circles of friends. Of course, be prepared for the snoring of your friends. Although functional, everything enters into the birthday party.


Another fantastic idea to enjoy a fun day surrounded by nature (park) is to celebrate the birthday party with a gymkhana. It is also an ideal plan to play sports with your friends.

In this type of party, you will have an enjoyable day competing against your closest friends and family. Each one must demonstrate their skills and agility through different birthday games (games by ages) proposed by the organizers of the activity. Inevitably it ends up being a real day of laughter! Of course, then you will have to regain strength with a meal or dinner all together, where you sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on the cake.

A Limousine Ride Through the City

If you want to live a different birthday to all those who have lived so far. Do not miss the option of renting a limousine and take a pleasant walk through your city.

To make this trip, you will be the one who chooses the route you want to do, as well as the company you want to share with you. If you have rented a place or a disco to celebrate your 30th birthday in style, what better way to get to the party as if you were a real movie star?

Now that we have given you some original ideas to celebrate your 30th birthday, choose the plan you like best, pick up your contacts agenda and Let the party begin!