23 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworker or Colleagues of 2022

The best birthday gift ideas for coworker or coworkers: A birthday is a joyful event. We want to please the hero of the occasion by giving him something unusual at a birthday event. It is easier for a loved one to pick up a present. There are always a couple of birthday gift ideas for coworker in stock. But what to give an employee for an upcoming event?

23 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworker or Colleagues of 2022

What to Give a Coworker for His Birthday

Choosing a gift for an employee can turn into an adventure worthy of an adventure novel. birthday gift ideas for coworker of what to give an employee for his Birthday sometimes lie on the surface. Any items and things for the office or other place of work of the birthday person can become a great present, regardless of its cost. But there are still some things to consider.

The gift to the employee must be appropriate. You can give something traditional or ask your friends about the birthday boy’s dreams and look at social networks searching for a wishlist (wish list). Also, build on the budget, idea, and age of the employee.

What to give an employee for his Birthday if the organization has existed for a long time and the hero of the occasion has been working for a long time? They probably managed to please him with something in the past birthdays. A list of birthday gift ideas for coworkers will make the task easier. For sure, there will be something that has not been presented before.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworker

What the boss will give a coworker for his birthday depends on the solidity of the enterprise and the personal attitude towards the birthday person. As a rule, an expensive gift is given to a significant employee.

Honored employees do not skimp on gifts for the anniversary. The whole team is formed for an expensive present, often the bosses allocate funds. Round dates do not happen often, so all employees are thrown off for a birthday present for a coworker.

The opportunity to give a worthwhile gift is not always there. But, as you know, the main thing is not a gift, but how much soul is invested in it. What to give a coworker for his Birthday is inexpensively decided by the employees themselves. Therefore, for a coworker’s birthday, you can give one of the following options:

1. Tennis set 

A mini-set for tennis made of a ball, two rackets, and a tension net is an excellent present for a sportsperson. Leisure is convenient to take with you to the dacha, enjoy at home or compete with coworkers during lunch breaks. An excellent gift will not leave indifferent the birthday boy.

2. A small set of spices

A small set of spices, a special mill for grinding them will appeal to the birthday boy. The set will become an indispensable companion when preparing food, and while enjoying the next portion of a delicious dish, the employee will mentally thank you for the pleasure.

3. Chocolates with wishes

Try to order chocolates with wishes from an advertising agency or printing house. Or buy a bag of sweets and put in some nice little notes. A gift is appropriate from a team or one person.

4. Practical gift 

A practical and inexpensive gift for a coworker can look for in the office supply area. Original paper for notes, stickers, and funny paper clips will brighten everyday work and give you pleasant emotions. An inexpensive present will not require significant funds, from its presentation you will get a lot of emotions, watching the joy of the hero of the occasion.

5. Dishes

If you do not know what to give your coworkers for their Birthday, think about dishes. An ordinary white plate with a creative design will become an original and budgetary gift. Previously, it will be necessary to apply anti-wishes on it. The task of the birthday person with all his heart is to break such a gift so that everything that is written on the plate does not happen to him.

6. Cake, sweets, pastries

Alternatively, do it at a low cost and make a birthday present for a coworker with your own hands. Bake an edible present yourself: cake, sweets, pastries as the main gift. And don’t forget to prepare a bottle of champagne as an additional present.

7. Surprise, made by hand

Suitable as a surprise, made by hand, not only a sweet present. To create a doll that resembles a birthday boy is a creative idea and, at the same time, a creative gift.

8. Exclusive pen

An exclusive pen in an expensive case that you can use to sign important documents and just show off.

9. Mechanical watch

A mechanical watch is an adult present that not everyone decides to buy for himself, but an expensive watch will say a lot about the wearer. Therefore, the accessory will impress the hero of the day.

10. Piggybank

Wall-mounted mosaic piggy bank for beer lids. There are different forms – a glass of beer, a map of any country, a guitar.

11. Fitness bracelet

Its functions are payment for purchases, weather forecast, heart rate monitoring.

12. Thermo mug

This is the best present if you urgently need to decide what you can give your coworker a man for his Birthday. A practical thing will not be superfluous.

13. Alarm clock

Alarm clock combined with an aroma capsule (smells of the sea, chocolate, coffee). It is worth buying a gift for a coworker who loves aromatic products.

14. Pillow in the shape of an animal  

Pillow in the shape of an animal (dog-pillow, cat-pillow). It is chosen by those who give cool gifts to coworkers.

15. Mask for sleep

Such gifts are given, rather, from themselves and not from the collective.

16. Business card holder

A business card holder with a funny inscription will suit those who love comic gifts.

17. Yoga mat

A useful and inexpensive gift for a coworker who is fond of oriental practices yoga.

18. Massage chair cover

Everyone likes such a masseur. A gift can be confidently presented to a new coworker you have not yet had time to know well.

19. A coffee machine for the whole team

How does the working day in the office begin? Do you think that from the scheduled meeting of the working staff? Not at all. Employees often start their working day with a cup of aromatic coffee. So why not make a chic anniversary gift for the company, which everyone, without exception, will definitely like?

20. Wall clock with an original design

This presentation idea is really original. A clock with an interesting and memorable design will suit literally every office. It has long been believed that watches add wisdom and strengthen friendly ties. So why not give your business partners a souvenir that will only remind you of the good while delighting you with its extravagant look every day.

21. Modular paintings and reproductions of paintings

An excellent gift option would be to diversify the office with beautiful and sophisticated paintings, such as reproductions or modular paintings. This gift will be a real surprise for the entire team because it was created for comfort in an office where employees spend a lot of time. You can pre-define the style of the office space and choose exactly those images that fit perfectly into the interior.

22. A box of memories

Suitable for a coworker friend. The box can be arranged according to the birthday person’s taste – discreetly or elegantly. For decoration, take ribbons, lace, wrapping paper. Inside are “shared memories”: photographs, association items, symbols of the city, souvenirs from joint trips, tickets. This is a truly memorable gift for a coworker.

23. Photo frame

Buy a base – a white photo frame. They paint it, glue it over with decorative stones, beads, and fabric. You can cut the base yourself from wood, plastic, cardboard.

Best Gifts by age for Birthday

It is necessary to choose a present according to age criteria very carefully, and it should not emphasize how old the birthday boy is. A hint can offend the hero of the occasion, so when choosing a surprise for an event, start from what is interesting to people by age.

  • Birthday gifts for guys and girls 20, 25, and 30 years old are easier than for older and older coworkers. These are young and motivated people whose life is directly related to gadgets or outdoor activities. An excellent gift can be smartwatches, chargers, flash drives, games for a company, or a cash present.
  • They acquire children at the age of 30-40, and life revolves in a work-home-work mode. An excellent gift for family coworkers can be a thing related to everyday life. For men – a set of tools, and for women – kitchen utensils.
  • From 40 and above – the time when you want to rest, enjoy life more than work. Therefore, leisure can be brightened up with gifts such as a fluffy blanket, an interesting book, or a trip to a resort or sanatorium.

Of course, there are also universal souvenirs, people of any age will appreciate them. But a gift according to the number in the passport will help significantly narrow the range of ideas.

Some Tips on How to Choose a Gift

How to understand what is better to give a coworker for his Birthday is not difficult. To successfully choose a present, you must adhere to the following tips:

  1. Agree in advance, which is preferable: personal or collective gifts to employees and coworkers.
  2. Make a list of possible gifts for the month.
  3. If the gift is collective, then brainstorm.
  4. Calculate the estimated budget and start from it.
  5. Carefully ask leading questions to the future birthday boy regarding his wishes and choose which gift to give a coworker for his Birthday.
  6. Carefully examine the birthday person’s workplace to understand what he already has and what is missing.
  7. Find, order or buy a gift in advance so that there is no force majeure.
  8. Understanding whether it is possible to give cool gifts to coworkers correlates with the sense of humor of the hero of the day.
  9. Remember that allergies are common. If in the past a coworker gave flowers for a birthday to a birthday girl or a chocolate bar and caused her a seizure, refrain from the traditional gift this year.

Forums can suggest what to give a coworker for his Birthday. But be careful, sometimes the advisors are not entirely adequate.

So, what can you give your coworker for his Birthday? We figured it out. You can buy a gift in an online store, in shopping centers, souvenir shops, or do it yourself.

After you decide what and where to buy a gift for your coworker, there is minimal left.


Now it is advisable to prepare funny birthday wishes in verse or prose. Come up with nice words and nice kind jokes. Wrap your gift beautifully; decorate the box with ribbons, bows, and flowers. For men, the strict stylish packaging is more suitable for girls and women, a more lyrical and magnificent gift design.