Cool 12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

The best 12 year old birthday party ideas: “How to celebrate a child’s birthday – 12 years old?” You need to understand that, in fact, this holiday is not much different from the eleventh birthday. The only difference is that now you have to give the birthday boy even more freedom than before and place the government’s reins in his hands.

What Should I Do for My 12th Birthday Party?

Let the child himself organize a solemn event in his honor, but again, still under your strict guidance. Together, make a list of necessary purchases, and sign invitation cards together. Visit the store together, where the hero of the occasion can choose and order a cake for his birthday. Let him prepare simple snacks and sandwiches on his own, iron the tablecloth, and arrange the cutlery.

How should a 12-year-old boy celebrate his birthday?

Suppose your child’s birthday will be held within the walls of the house. In that case, you can resort to one little trick in order to make the holiday calmer than the birthday person suggests: ask him to send invitation cards to his friends, which will indicate that the uniform on his birthday should be exclusively evening: cocktail dresses for girls, suits for boys.

What Do 12-Year-Olds Think About?

You will see that both girls and boys will be afraid to ruin the outfits they bought for this occasion and will be much more careful at the holiday. This will save your home from possible clutter. As for the organization of a festive feast, we advise you to give preference to the buffet again but do not add festive treats in portions. Let the guys take care of each other on their own.

Where to Celebrate the Birthday of a Child 12 Years Old?

Of course, there is no single answer here. You should ask the birthday person himself where he would like to spend his holiday. At the age of twelve, children still often prefer home parties.

Cool 12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

If the hero of the occasion wants to organize something other than just a feast with contests and games, then come to his aid: local forums will be very useful to you in this, just create a topic in which parents of children of the same age as your child can share my experience.

Or try to search for information on the Internet independently. For sure, in your city, there are many organizations involved in children’s parties. Ideas on how to celebrate a 12-year-old child’s birthday

The celebration’s excellent option is to divide your child’s birthday into formal and informal. Adults (the child’s parents and other invitees) can and should take part in the official part, and in the second one should be given to children to be torn apart.

12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl

For example, suppose your daughter invited two or four of her closest friends to her birthday. In that case, you can turn the informal part into a pajama party, the organization of which is entirely on the shoulders of the hero of the occasion.

In case of difficulties, give your daughter a couple of ideas on how to make the “pajama party” interesting and exciting: together with your friends, draw a wall newspaper in honor of the birthday girl, make a surprise candy, arrange a quiz with riddles or play favorite games for children.

You can end such a great party by inviting your daughter’s guests to stay overnight (of course, by prior arrangement with their parents).

Cute 12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for a Boy

1. Theme

For a birthday boy, an interesting idea for a twelfth birthday is to stylize the holiday like fantasy works, for example, “The Lord of the Rings.” Clothing, home decoration, and a festive table menu should correspond to the theme of the festive event.

2. Guest

Several competitions on the topic of the work will come in handy. Guests of the holiday can be accepted into the fraternity of the ring, the head of which will be the birthday man, make up some kind of comic oath for acceptance into the fraternity, and the like.

3. Creative task or Games

Any creative task is perceived by children of twelve years of age with delight and great enthusiasm. Give your daughter and her friends a

  • Master class on beading,
  • Soap making,
  • or sushi making etc. 

4. Boardgame

Present your sons a board game “Monopoly” or “Mafia,” playing which with friends, he can have fun on his birthday. A photo session with friends and shooting a music video with the birthday boy in the lead role will complement the festive event.

12 Year Old Birthday Party Games

1. Contest “Guess”

This competition is a variation of the Crocodile game. Players are divided into two teams.

A participant in the first group is told a very long and complex word or phrase in the ear, for example, “deoxyribonucleic acid,” “identification,” or “exaltation.” The participant’s task is to explain the meaning of this word to his team using gestures so that they guess it.

Competition “Shadows”

One child sits on a chair facing a light, uncluttered wall, towards which a light source, such as a table lamp, is directed. The rest of the participants in the competition take turns, slowly moving, passing behind him.

The task of the person sitting on the chair is to guess by the outlines of the shadows who exactly walked past him. All children who wish to take part in the competition must sit on a chair. The winner is the participant who gave the most correct answers.

Contest “Guess what is in the picture.”

The presenter shows the children a picture, which is covered with a sheet, commensurate in an area with it, and with a small round hole in the center, periodically moving it in different directions.

The task of the competition participants is to guess what is drawn in the picture, comparing the parts they have seen into a holistic image. The winner is the one who gives the correct answer faster. Accordingly, there should be several such pictures.

Contest “Joke”

Children stand in a circle. The facilitator asks them to connect the fingers of their hands, touching with only one little finger. Then he asks to bend one leg. Next, each of the guys should give their name in turn, and then say the phrase: “I don’t know how to play this game.”

So each of the children says his name and reports ignorance of the game. After that, the presenter puts his hands on his hips and says in a serious tone: “If you all don’t know how to play this game, then why are you all standing here?”

Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old

This day full of events, smiles, and impressions is coming to an end. It can be completed by presenting a gift to both the birthday boy and all his friends.

Your child will be pleased with the attention you give to him and his comrades. At the end of the holiday, you can hold a pleasant and in every sense a fun competition.

Put the birthday boy on a chair, at this time stand behind him with a bag in which gifts will lie, feel like a kind of Grandfather Frost. You take out the gift and ask the hero of the occasion the question: “To whom?” The birthday boy calls the name of any person present on the holiday, to whom the present is presented.

For the hero of the occasion itself, give out a bunch of keys from the chest you have stored, in which there will be a gift rightfully due to your beloved child. To applause and loud shouts: “Congratulations!” the birthday boy opens a chest, inside of which, of course, is exactly what he has dreamed of for so long.

What to Give a Child for His Birthday at 12 Years Old: Gifts for Boys and Girls

When choosing a gift for a twelve-year-old birthday boy, parents are often lost. On the one hand, their child is still addicted to some toys. On the other hand, he already has quite adult hobbies; he begins to be interested in gender relations, and social life, and thinks about his appearance. In order to choose a gift that will bring joy to its owner, you need to understand how twelve-year-old children live today.

12 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas for Boy

The first group of interests includes the attributes of childhood. Girls of twelve are still very fond of various stuffed animals, and girly rooms are often lined with a huge number of large teddy bears and pink bunnies. Boys of this age are keen on computer games and films about robots and superheroes.

The second group of interests of twelve-year-old children is connected with the world of technology. Modern children can no longer imagine their lives without computers, tablets, cell phones, e-books, and other devices they communicate on social networks, learn useful information, and play online games.

12 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

The third group of interests is the awareness of one’s own image. Adolescence is the second and final period in the development of self-awareness.

Now children are interested in how they look, so all those items that allow them to highlight their appearance’s dignity are suitable as gifts: clothes and accessories. Notepads, personal diaries, CDs with music, sports paraphernalia: skateboard, snowboard, cool bike, roller skates – all this will bring joy and happiness to your child.


If your child turns 12 and you would like to have a party to celebrate 12 year old birthday party this event, I can share with you ideas about how to make the evening unforgettable for children and enjoyable for parents.

The fact is that at this age our lovely children are no longer children, they are entering adolescence and what was interesting to them quite recently already seems to be an occupation for kids. It’s time to feel like adults, which means you need to come up with appropriate entertainment. Of course, games and competitions under the guidance of an adult sound great, but the guys want communication and independence. I decided to adopt the experience of the Americans and hold the pajama party so popular among teenage girls in the States, or simply a pajama party.