Best Crazy Funny birthday wishes for best friend: When our loved ones are years old, we often decide to express our feelings by sending you some deep birthday wishes. However, we might as well send some funny birthday quotes for best friend to all those who turn years old.

Funny birthday wishes for best friend

Precisely, that is the article. Here you will know the best funny and best birthday wishes for a best friend that will undoubtedly make anyone smile.

Funny birthday wishes for best friend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

We have always heard that laughter is one of the best medicines that exist. For this reason, our editors have created these funny birthday wishes for best friend so that you can share them with your friends, friends, or with any family member who turns birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for best friend

Remember that these funny birthday wishes for best friend are not recommended for overly sensitive people, as they could feel offended.

  • Today a person was born to whom I love and wish the best in the world, which I will always take care of and help in any way I can. That person is very special and important to me. Ah! You were also born, hahaha, I wish you many successes.
  • I wish you a lot of happiness. I write these messages to you because I do so with those who never send them a gift in order to save money every year. Hahaha, I hope you enjoy this day.
  • I hope you have a beautiful day! Don’t worry about how old you are, that problem has been solved. I have bought you two family-sized cakes so that all the candles can enter, one for each year you meet. Haha, congratulations.
  • I wish you many congratulations, dear best friend, that all your dreams and wishes are fulfilled. Especially that dream of having a lot of money, and giving me a little gift. But not even fulfilled, hahaha, I send you a hug and a very happy, funny birthday.
  • I was going to buy you a gift, but I decided to donate it to the neediest people, in this case, to me, since I need more than you. I wish you the best and that your dreams are fulfilled.
  • Your special day has arrived, when you do not like going out at night, or noise, or loud music, or drinking drinks, because you are a grandfather. Hahaha, Congratulations, that you meet all your goals.
  • I wish you the best of birthdays. I brought you a baldness shampoo as a gift. I hope you enjoy it a lot, hahaha, happy birthday funny.
  • I wish you have a very happy birthday friend, even if it is like the tenth time you tell me that you turn 30, hahaha, it is time to assimilate the ages. Above all, I wish you have the best of your birthdays, do not forget that you are no longer 30, now there are 40.
  • You have finally reached an age where if you turn the years you appear, I declare you as an immortal person, hahaha. I wish you success and congratulations, and I hope that all your dreams and best wishes are fulfilled.

Funny Birthday Messages for Best Friend


  • =A day like today was born a person whom I appreciate and wish for all the good things in the world to happen to him. Come on, and you were also born. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you very much enjoy your day!  I have bought you two giant cakes so that all the candles can enter, one for each year that you have fulfilled.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you all your dreams and achievements come true today. But above all, the dream in which you decide to give me money.
  • Bring me a blowtorch! To be able to light the candles on this old man’s cake. Happy Birthday!
  • I thought about buying you a nice gift,  but I decided to donate it to those most in need, that is, to me. Congratulations!
  • Your special day has finally arrived, in which you prefer to celebrate at home than to have a party, you are already a grandfather. Have a very happy day.

Other Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Are you still looking forward to learning more funny birthday wishes for best friend? No problem, because below you will know more funny birthday phrases that you will surely love.

Funny birthday wishes for best friend

  • Today a brilliant, charming, intelligent and very talented person was born, what a pity it wasn’t you. Well, maybe next year you will do better. I wish you the best of success, hahaha. Congratulations.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you the best in this world, take advantage of your age and get out, jump and run. If you can’t run, then walk, but since I love you so much on this day, I am going to give you a comfortable cane that fits your hand and supports all your weight, hahaha.
  • Friend, so you can see that I am not bad, I have decided to use the money from your gift to pay you for an asylum where soon you will be hospitalized, then you thank me. Hahaha, happy birthday, grandpa.

  • I always limit the budget of my gifts for people, according to what they gave me for my birthday. So, guess: Who am I going to buy a cheap gift for this year? Well yes, hahaha, I wish you a very happy birthday funny.
  • Today is my best friend’s birthday, so I wish you the best of success and that all your goals are met. If you have a party, you have to invite me, because otherwise you will be left without a best friend.
  • Happy birthday dear Best friend, since you always think that being older is fun, I hope you see yourself in the mirror so you can laugh heartily, hahaha. I wish you a lot of happiness.
  • May you continue to celebrate many more years and have the best of your birthdays. I have not brought you any gift because when you give me my next birthday, it is that you will receive yours, hahaha. Congratulations.
  • I wish you the best in the world and that all your life expectations are met. I wish your problems are as few and as distant from each other as my grandmother’s teeth. Happy birthday funny!
  • Today I come to give you a tip, remove the mirrors from your house, lest you get scared and I could give you a heart attack with the old age you see every year. Hahaha, congratulations, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
  • On this special day, I have decided to go out and explore the world, travel to as many places as possible, and have a great time. What do you think if you take care of my pet while I have fun? Hahaha, I wish you a lot of success.

Images With Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Our graphic design team made a series of images with funny birthday messages that are totally original.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female and Male

  • I wish you a happy day, and that you enjoy your age, that you have been serving the same years for several years. Happy Birthday!
  • Unless you’re a bottle of wine or a slice of good cheese, age doesn’t matter! Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you success and congratulations. I hope that all your dreams and greatest wishes come true.
  • I hope you have many more years and that you enjoy your day. Next year I will bring you a gift, not as I have been telling you in recent years. Congratulations!
  • I wish you have the best day and your dreams come true. And may all your worries be as few as my good grades. Happy birthday funny!
  • On the day of your birthday I want to give you some advice, do not look too much in the mirror because you are already an old man. Congratulations!
  • Today, you are not 15 years old on your birthday, so no parties, sports, and healthy eating, we want you to live another 40 years! Congratulations!
  • Every year you get older, I don’t know whether to applaud or sympathize, but in the meantime, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Smile while you can, that in a few years, your teeth will fall out.
  • The years go by, and they do wonders for you! Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend for Whatsapp

  • Years do not pass for you, improvements like good wine. Congratulations!
  • You’ve been around for so many years that I don’t have enough calendars to be able to write them down. Happy Birthday!
  • Little white shoe, little blue shoe, tell me how old you are? Happy Birthday!
  • This congratulation is for all birthdays. Next year I’ll make you a new one. Congratulations!
  • Feeling young is something to do with faith, date of birth! Enjoy your day. Congratulations!
  • Don’t you think you’ve been around for enough years? Happy in your day!
  • Turning years is an obligation, but getting old is optional, so keep enjoying your day as you have done so far. Happy Birthday!
  • This birthday you add more wrinkles than years. I wish you a very happy on your day. Congratulations!
  • I know you’re upset about having your birthday before me, but don’t worry, the two of us are going to be just as old. Congratulations!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

  • Laugh and laugh all you can while you still have teeth, which won’t be for long. Happy day!
  • Years are like snot; the older you have, the more difficult it is to breathe. I hope you don’t have a lot of snot. Congratulations!
  • I congratulate you on the Internet and thus save your gift. Of course I want to go to your party. May you be very happy!
  • Congratulating you for so many years that I no longer know what to say to you. I hope you have a lot of courage because you will have another one next year. Congratulations!
  • One year less or one more year, the important thing is that you are by my side. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on your newly gray hair! One more year! Happy Birthday.
  • On this special day, I want to give you some advice. When people ask you ‘how old are you? Tell them just one, because you already had the rest! Congratulations!
  • I hope your day is as fun and cool as you are. I wish you a day full of blessings. Happy Birthday!

Short Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Happy birthday to the most exciting and fantastic person you know. I wish you a happy birthday with all my ASS (I would say with all my heart, but my ass is bigger)
  • I smile because one more year, you are my friend.
  • I laugh because there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Are you older? Yes Are you wiser? Debatable!
  • I’m not going to make any jokes about your age because I feel REALLY bad about how old you are.
  • Birthdays are good for your health.
  • It is scientifically proven that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer. Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday! May your Facebook and WhatsApp be filled with congratulations from people you hardly know.
  • I hope you celebrate your birthday the same way you came into the world. Naked and screaming.
  • Happy birthday .. blah blah blah blah …
  • Free shots!
  • Like a good wine, we improve a lot with age… or rather we feel better about our age with lots of wine
  • Happy birthday to a friend who is good, smart, attractive, funny… and reminds me a lot of myself. I wish you a happy birthday!
  • And remember that at least you are not as old as you will be next year
  • Congratulations! Your birthday is the perfect excuse to go for drinks during the week.
  • You have not reached 30, you simply have 29.95 plus VAT.
  • Stop being younger than me witch!
  • Happy birthday to someone who I hope will remain, my friend, even when we are too old to remember our birthdays.
  • Best friend: someone you can be yourself with, someone you can have useless conversations with, someone who still likes you even when you’re weird, someone who forgets to buy you a birthday present… that’s why I came up with this.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Funny

  • Happy birthday to my best friend! We make a great team: I am smart, beautiful, and talented …
  • And you are great being my friend!
  • When I am depressed you are there for me, when I need someone to talk to you are there for me, when I need a shoulder to cry you are there for me and on your birthday I promise to always be there …
  • So that you invite me to drinks!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

  •  Behave to have a good day! May all your dreams come true in this new stage that you are beginning.
  • They say that sincerity should prevail among friends. Don’t be bitter, but… you’re getting old. May you have many more, grandfather!
  • Remember that when they ask you how old you are, you can always answer: “18”. You really have 18 … and 32 of experience. Congratulations! – Example post for a person turning 50 years old.
  • You have turned so many years that you no longer know what face of circumstance to put when they sing ‘happy birthday’ to you. This year I’m going to be good and I’m going to trade this hit hit for your favorite song. Prepare the umbrella, that with how well I sing it is possible that it will start to rain. Congratulations!

Funny Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Friend

  • Congratulations!! You have one year less to stop putting up with your mother-in-law.
  • Funny and geek: If your birthday is ‘is’, the party ‘is coming’.
  • Happy birthday, but haven’t you already had enough last year?
  • Happy birthday, but you should know that collecting years is only important if you are a wine.
  • Having a birthday has a disadvantage and an advantage: you do not see the letters up close, but you see idiots from far away.
  • You’re getting old… do I pity you or applaud you?
  • Great, one year closer to dying.
  • Congratulations, you are great and you without knowing!
  • It is your birthday? Well sheet metal and paint and ready for adventure!
  • Time passes … and it does wonders for you!
  • Your birthday is your birthday, it’s the new 30, congratulations!
  • Congratulations, be optimistic, next year will be worse …
  • Happy birthday, laugh and smile while you can, that your teeth have an expiration date
  • Be as old as you want, but do not expect me to follow your example, I am young.
  • On a day like today, your mother, in collaboration with an electrical company, gave birth. Shine!


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