50+ Happy 28th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Best Happy 28th Birthday Quotes & 28th Birthday Wishes for 28 Years Old: Are you about to turn 28 and don’t know how to wish them?

Happy 28th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

Entering the decade of 28th Birthday Wishes or 25th Birthday quotes is the fact that you cannot ignore, and that is that you leave the adolescence stage behind to enter adulthood.

Happy 28th Birthday

  • Happy 28th Birthday to you. You haven’t logged into To As yet, but you’re getting closer. Today we celebrate his arrival at the age of 28, and everything in me is joy and pride. Have a simply awesome birthday!
  • You are a unique human being, owner of a unique smile, and an effect of tranquility. It is a privilege to share my life with a person as generous as you. Happy 28th Birthday to you!
  • I wish you did not lack the joy to face this day or the love, health, and happiness to live your whole life. I have great admiration for you, and I hope that all your dreams come true. If possible, even today. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • God bless your new year of life. Today you turn 28 years old, and I wish you a very special moment. You are a blessed person, and you deserve all the joy and happiness in the world. Congratulations! Happy 28th Birthday to you.
Happy 28th Birthday to Me
Happy 28th Birthday to Me

Happy 28th Birthday Wishes

28th Birthday Wishes

  • I hope your day is full of peace and harmony. May they be in the company of the people you love and receive countless hugs and words of affection. God will always be with you on this new ride. Happy 28th Birthday to you!
  • Success, happiness, and love for you, I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of peace in your new moment of life! Blessings from heaven on your 28 years. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • Today you complete 28 years of a life very well lived, and knowing you, and the party will be great. Enjoy every moment of this celebration; after all, you deserve it. Happy 28th Birthday!

28th Birthday Messages

  • You know that I will be by your side to celebrate this special day. May it be the beginning of a blessed new year, full of new opportunities and joys. Congratulations on your 28 candles.
  • This is beautiful age, and it deserves to be lived intensely. Look for new ways, discover new passions and above all, be very happy!
  • 28 years ago, a star was born that shone out loud! Make that light stronger, and it can dazzle everyone you meet in your life! Happy Birthday for your 28 years!
  • Three great principles are essential to living fully on the twenty-eighth Birthday: be happy, laugh, and especially have a great party! Enjoy it greatly. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • Being who we are and becoming what we are capable of becoming is the only purpose of life. Many congratulations and blessings from on high for your 28 years of life.

Happy 28th Birthday Messages

Birthday Wishes for 28 Years Old

  • 28 years ago I received a very special gift,
    you were born and my life changed forever.
  • Happy 28th Birthday to my son! I will always be by your side
    to celebrate this and many more birthdays.
  • Today you are one year older,
    although you still have a long way to go.
  • Enjoy your 28th Birthday next to yours
    with lots of laughter, peace, and love.
  • Every year you conquer me with your smile,
    every year you seduce me with your eyes, this year will be no less and I will be completely yours. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • May you enjoy this 28th Birthday with peace and harmony,
    may you spend it next to family and friends,
    you are the most important thing to me
    and I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Today you turn 28
    and a new stage is making its way into your life.
    You are becoming an adult
    with all the responsibilities that come with it.
    Live your Birthday with great enthusiasm and emotion.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 28 Years Old

Happy 28th Birthday

  • Tell me how you feel on your 28th Birthday,
    what are your goals and your dreams,
    your joys, and hopes, and I will be by your side to make them come true. Happy Birthday!
  • 28 years have passed and so far you have not let me down, you are gentle, kind, and loving. Happy Birthday my son, may you have many more by my side!
  • I suppose you will agree with me,
    today is a special day for multiple reasons, you are turning 28, a very special age, and you are becoming a responsible adult, surrounded by many people who love you. Happy Birthday!
  • It is an extraordinary occasion to say what I feel,
    that I love you and that I will always be by your side, you should not doubt it. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • You grew up in my arms, and as the years went by
    you got bigger and stronger. Today I give my unconditional love to that boy who today has become a man. Happy 28th Birthday!

Happy 28th Birthday to my friend!

28th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy Birthday my friend! Today you turn 28 and I wish you to live this year with hope, that life fills you with happiness and that you give the world the best of your smiles.
  • I hope your dreams never disappear, I hope they remain alive and you keep the illusion. Happy 28th birthday friend,
    I will always be by your side to remind you of them.
  • I thank you for giving me your love, I thank you for making me feel special, I thank you for inviting me to your 28th Birthday. Congratulations from the heart!
  • May your illusions today come true, may your new illusions reach their goal tomorrow, and may I see it with you. Happy 28th Birthday!
  • I wish you happiness and prosperity today and the rest of your life, that your dreams come true and that in your life there is peace and love. Happy 28th Birthday!

28th Birthday Quotes