9 Best 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas of 2022

Best 1st birthday party entertainment ideas: By 12 months, your baby’s progress is enormous. He already feels alone, has started his complementary feeding, is about to take his first steps, or has already begun to walk, and probably, he has already said his first words. Therefore, celebrating your 1st Birthday Party becomes an extraordinary event for you. It is a date full of meaning that you will not want to miss.

1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

To start, you have to be honest: your baby’s 1st Birthday is really for parents who celebrate their first year in that beautiful role. Instead, your baby is still too young to understand the purpose of this date, and you may feel overwhelmed by the presence of strangers or stay asleep for most of the celebration.

1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

However, these recommendations will help you to take into account every detail so that you enjoy your child’s first year of life to the fullest.

The Guests

If the meeting is familiar, you can invite the grandparents, uncles, and cousins ​​of the baby. If you decide to do something more “open to the public,” you can invite close friends as well as couples from your social circle who also have young kids Birthday. The invitation can be sent via email, WhatsApp, or through Facebook. On the internet, you get templates with children and very creative designs.

The Place

Perhaps the best place to organize the 1st Birthday Party for your own home, where your baby feels in a safe and familiar environment.

However, if you want to choose something outside your home, make sure it is safe for small guests. Avoid spaces that have stairs, swimming pools, and other scenarios that put at risk the safety and comfort of the attendees. You can choose a communal lounge, a theme park, or a restaurant that has a playground.

The Investment

The expense will depend on the number of guests and the type of food you want to serve. If you plan a theme party, you should think about the piñata, the decoration, and the cake and decide if you are going to buy everything already made or you are going to make it on your own. Remember that it is not necessary to spend more than your budget allows. At the age your baby is in, a small celebration is enough.

The Time

If what you want is for your little one to be active during the party, choose the time he usually is awake, it can be, before or after the afternoon nap. If instead, you want to share the moment with your guests, you can choose a time that is comfortable for everyone.

Your Baby’s Outfit

Choose a special ‘pint’ for your child that is comfortable, ideally dark colors that will prevent you from worrying if you ever get dirty.

The Food

Depending on the time of day, choose a practical menu, easy to serve, and consume. Pizza, hot dogs, fruit salads, ham and cheese boards, sandwiches, mini burgers, and snacks in general, are an excellent choice. Drinks can be natural juices or smoothies.

Remember that young children eat very little, so you better think of variety and not quantity. Replace sweets with nutritious foods for children such as fruit compotes, natural juices, and protein. Ask your pediatrician for the general preferences of children at this age.

Do not forget the funny cake or, failing that, cupcakes.


If you are going to include recreational activities for your little guests, do not forget that these must be varied and that each one should not last more than 10 minutes since children are easily distracted.

The most recommended for children between one and two years are games that involve movement and displacement, such as crawling races to reach a goal, throwing balls in a large basket, and games of nestable pieces.

Likewise, you must encourage other parents to get involved in the activities and accompany the efforts of the little ones with applause and positive phrases that inspire and motivate them. If there are prizes, it is prudent for all participants to receive one.

The Details

Some parents like to give memories of the celebration to their guests. These can be very simple, but ideally, they are a useful memory that you can use later and do not end up in the trash bin. So think of a mini closeup, a ball, a box of mints, a candle, etc.

Immortalize the Moment

Don’t forget to have your smartphone or camera handy to keep the best memories of the celebration. The photos will help you remember you and your little one that moment for a lifetime. It is not easy to take good shots at children at that age, but with patience and love, you will achieve beautiful photos.

Whether you’re planning an intimate meeting with close friends and family or a big party, your baby’s 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas will undoubtedly be extraordinary, at least for you and your loved ones.

What is the first thing to do at a children’s party?

The protocol indicates that the food should be served in the last half hour of the party, and mostly it should consist of 3 to 4 times; a starter, pasta or salad, the strong avocado, and finally the dessert. This brings us to our next point, as it should divide the pie.

How to celebrate a quarantined birthday for children?

So here are ideas to know how to celebrate the birthday of the children in quarantine.

  1. An indoor camp.
  2. Virtual guests.
  3. Start cooking.
  4. Decoration for many days.
  5. Become a fan of what your kids love.
  6. Make a masterpiece.
  7. Pamper them.


The 1st Birthday is actually for parents. Because your baby will not remember anything and may feel overwhelmed, but everyone can have fun. You can apply some tips to keep your baby and guests comfortable, and happy.