Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in 2022

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: Children’s celebrations today revolve around the theme, with participatory games, new souvenirs, and very personalized proposals.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in 2019

Rituals bash crucial moments of life. Celebrating a party in which your son, grandson, or nephew is a protagonist is an important event, which is nice to prepare well in advance. Thanks to the Internet, we have a lot of resources at hand that was previously complicated and expensive to obtain, and today we can turn into good ideas for children’s birthdays with little effort and much pleasure.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in 2022

It is not necessary to solve everything alone if you lack time and live the runs. We give you a hand to organize the best birthday in a practical way and at reasonable prices.

Also, there are party services for children that offer a package where they take care of everything: birthday decoration, catering, invitations, music, animation, cake, pinata, and even souvenirs.

Funny Invitations

Today the digital way is a super agile way to send invitations, which in turn can be customized and are free. Search Google for “children’s invitations” to find the most varied options. If you want a more traditional but surprising alternative, you can browse Mercado Libre. There are many alternatives to discover.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Space, Guests, and Food

The number of guests at the party will depend on several things: the age of the child, the space you have if your child goes to school or not and how many relatives you want to invite. First of all, remember that the party is for your enjoyment and not for your commitments.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It is important not to saturate the place of people so that the boys can play and be protagonists. If you have spaces, you can rent livings, benches, and games or soft seats for the little ones.

The decoration dresses the party a lot and, with excellent party favors for children’s birthdays and some resources, today, you can look at any space and leave it at the height of a pleasant event hall.

They are also lovely Candy Bar, which is like kiosks that you can put together in a corner. You can do it yourself or hire it.

Keep in mind that the sweet table is the magic corner, with looked as goodies depending on the tastes of the party and the theme of the party. Potting with candy or marshmallow trees, chocolate lollipops, cupcakes, and much more is never lacking. You can learn how to make rich popcorn-like those from the movies, dulce de leche pancakes, or delicious waffles.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It is essential to plan a menu suitable for children who generally enjoy simple things. The secret is a novel and striking presentation, something that you can solve well with cups, napkins, and tablecloths.

For children’s birthdays at home, an option that relieves a lot of work is to hire a catering service that solves the children’s food. There are party box services that not only fill your table with precious things, but everything is tailored to suit your child.

Original Ideas for Children’s Parties

There is no fun birthday party without games or some entertainment. Forget about improvising on the go. It is vital to plan what the kids are going to do so that the celebration turns out as you expected. The variety of children’s birthday games is wide.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


both at home and in a classroom, the animations entertain the children a lot and keep them together, under the coordination of an adult. You can hire the services of a clown, magicians, puppets, magicians, makeup artists, etc.

Thematic birthdays are very popular: parties where kids play to be scientists and do experiments; to be cooks, artists or entertainers of a spa for girls , where they put them pretty and explore the feminine universe to pure-play and coquetry; parties of princesses or superheroes; Soccer birthday, video game competitions and much more.


an option that is very fashionable and the boys love it is to make pajamas in a tent. You do not need to have a garden or a place too spacious. The option to solve it with Indian capital can be a dream plan for the boys.

Children on the move: if you have space and can rent games or an inflatable, the kids are fascinated. Today children have limited possibilities of movement, and when they propose to play and jump the party, it is fantastic. There are also entertainment options oriented to sports or dance.

Costume Party

they are always entertaining, especially for the little ones. It is essential to plan what the “looked” kids will do for the occasion because sometimes we underestimate that the costume entertains them only for a while. For teenagers, a disguised dance can be a good option.

Balloons and Pinata

Balloons and pinatas are indispensable in any children’s birthday, and today the options have multiplied, integrating them into entertainment in multiple ways.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

An excellent option is the gas balloons, which fly to the ceiling, and the boys entertain themselves by recovering them. The boys sit in a magical story if, when they enter the room, the roof is full of colorful balloons. There are different sizes and motifs, and you can even customize them.

Children’s Birthday Souvenirs

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  • Modeling with masses is something that most boys love. It can be an entertainment to share at the party or a gift to take home when the celebration ends. Some vendors customize the packaging and are dreaming.
  • A good option for kids interested in caring for the Planet is to give them ecological souvenirs. Each child leaves the party with a small pot with soil and seeds to bring life to their home. Memory is full of good energy.
  • Custom fabric backpacks: not only can it be an excellent memory of the birthday, but they are super useful for kids. You can choose the design and even print on them a child’s drawing.
  • Custom cups, cans, and jars: You can print whatever you want: phrases, names, photos, drawings. The options to customize cans, pots, shirts, cups, almanacs, magnets, and other objects are many and very original. You can see more innovative ideas to give away.

Children’s Birthday Bags

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The famous “little bags” that guests take home will never go out of style. Children always hope to return with some memory. What has changed is the packaging and content. Paper bags are used a lot, for example. There are also boxes and cloth bags that are very cool.