100+ Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Best and Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes: Surely after receiving the birthday greetings, gifts, and details of the people who appreciate you and who will not hesitate to give you their affection and good wishes. You will want to express some words of thanks to those who made it possible for your day to be really very special.

Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

In this section, you will find Thank You For The Birthday Wishes for the samples received and that you can dedicate them through social networks, personally or through a text message.

Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Then we invite you to download the best words of thanks to those who did not forget the date of your birthday.

Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Nice Birthday Thanks Wishes

Emotional Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

  • “Thanks to my family and friends for the wonderful birthday greetings, I am very fortunate to have the love and esteem of all of you.”
  • “If I didn’t count on your friendship, my birthdays would go unnoticed. I thank you infinitely for the displays of affection and for the sincere wish that you have a happy birthday .”
  • “You are the best birthday gift, and so I do not celebrate my birth with drums and cymbals. The important thing is to have the sincere affection of the people I appreciate so much.”
  • “I appreciate all the samples of affection that I have received through your greetings, calls, gifts, and details that have served to brighten my day, and I always have them present in my life. Thank you!”
  • “This year that I am celebrating gives me the opportunity to thank you for the greetings received and for being part of my life. Having you is a gift that I appreciate very much.”
  • “You have made this birthday feel like I really have such valuable people whom I appreciate very much, and I am very happy to have spent a nice day with you.”
  • “Today I had a day full of emotions and beautiful surprises for my birthday. Thanks to all who remembered to greet me and also to those who forgot because they are forgiven.”

Original Thanks for Birthday Greetings

  • “I want you to know that I spent an extraordinary day beside you that I even forgot that I was one more year old and that I have less time to live. They really made this day unforgettable. Thank you!”
  • “I thank each of you without exception because I have noticed that you have had very sincere gestures and true intentions of having a very happy birthday. I always have them in a very special place in my heart.”
  • “The best birthday is not the one celebrated with a big party, but the one that is shared with the most beloved people and you are considered the most valuable in my life because I know I can always count on you.”
  • “I thank you for the gift you gave me, it was not necessary to take the trouble, and you really surprised me because you know me so well that you know what my tastes are. I promise you that every time I use it, I will remember you. Thank you very much.”
  • “Thanks to the good friends I have, my birthday became a very special day. May God bless you always, and may our friendship be enduring.”
  • “I am very grateful to all the people who took a few minutes of their time to dedicate their birthday greetings.
  • To fulfill every year of life is wonderful if I am surrounded by the love of the people I love so much. I hope to continue counting on your good wishes all the friends that I have left to celebrate.”
  • Do not forget to use these beautiful wishes to thank those who remembered that you are celebrating your birthday.
  • May this day always be surrounded by the affection of those who truly appreciate you. Come back soon because we always have novel wishes for you.

Words to Thank a Birthday Greeting

When you least expect it, you can receive a surprise, a greeting from a loved one who is far away, a birthday greeting, a romantic message, or someone who reminded you after a long time and wants to know how you are.

Even if it takes you a few minutes to respond, you know that it is important to thank those details, and it is good to do so in an original way.

Show how much you enjoyed that greeting and dedicate this emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes to that person who considers you so special. Choose the one you like best; each of them has a touch of inspiration and gratitude.

Thank You Wishes for Remembering My Birthday

  • “Thank you for sending me such a nice greeting. I was really surprised. I didn’t expect a detail like this, and I must admit that it made me very happy.”
  • “What a beautiful greeting you sent me. I couldn’t expect less from you! Thank you for making my day because you removed all the fibers inside me. I adore you!”.
  • “I have received many greetings, but yours was spectacular. You filled my heart with joy with every word, and at that moment, I knew that for you, I am also a special person. I love you!”.
  • “I know we are very far away, and it is very difficult for us to see each other, but your greeting gave me back the illusion. I hope you are having a great time and will soon have more news from you to have a pleasant conversation. Thank you!”.
  • “I did not expect to receive such a nice greeting before I finished reading it. I was already crying with emotion. You always show me how much I care about you and adore each and every one of your love samples. Thanks for my life!”.
  • “You really know how to surprise me, when I read your greeting I couldn’t get out of my stupor. I’m flattered that you have these details with me because it means that I occupy an important place in your heart. Thank you!”.

Words of Thanks for Reminding You of My Birthday

  • “Hello, my old friend! Good to hear from you. A while ago, I had no news of you, and receiving your greeting made me very happy. I hope to see you soon!”.
  • “Thank you for remembering me on this day, details like these make me enjoy it much more. Your tender words moved me, and I hope your good wishes come true. You’re the best!”.
  • “I welcomed your greeting. I thought you were going to forget it. I had a beautiful day, but it would have been perfect if I had you by my side to hug you. Thanks, sweetie!”.
  • “How not to get excited with such a nice greeting, each word distilled love, and you made me sigh. I don’t get tired of reading it again and again because I feel full of happiness. Many thanks!”.
  • “I couldn’t stop laughing with your greeting, you take the prize for originality. Thanks to you, I had an extraordinary birthday, and you earned a little piece of cake for so much creativity. Thank you, friend ! “.
  • “I appreciate your beautiful words, I did not expect to receive such a loving greeting, and I must confess that it arrived at the ideal time. You helped me lift my spirits, so the next time I see you, I will give you a big hug as gratitude and fraternity.”
  • “I must confess that your greeting surprised me, I thought you would forget this date, but you were secretly preparing something special.
  • It has been one of the most beautiful details you have ever had with me, and I feel fortunate to have found my other half. Thank you, sweetie!”
  • “Receiving your greeting was like a gift; I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I will tell you that when I read it I jumped for joy and I appreciate all the good wishes you have for me. Thank you for so much love ! “.
  • Remember that in this life it is good to be grateful and the small details make great moments so dedicate these beautiful words to thank a greeting, we can assure you that you will not regret it. The samples of love are free!”

Gratitude Messages for Birthday Greetings

If in your friends, your friends and family greeted you cordially, then it is important that you thank them.

You can express your gratitude personally to each person who sent you their greetings, or you can also thank them through Facebook or Twitter.

Do you want to thank all those people who wished you the best on the day you celebrated another year of life?

In this article, we present a list of emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes from friends. These beautiful words of thanks will be very well received by those who showed you their affection and made you have a great day.

Download Free Beautiful Messages to Thank Birthday Greetings

  • “Thanks to all my brothers, cousins, nephews, uncles, brothers-in-law, friends, coworkers for the nice greetings, and for remembering me, I will fill my day with much happiness and joy to know that I am esteemed by each one of you. I changed the great affection of always, and I thank God for allowing me to live with special people like you ..”
  • “I thank with all my heart those who remembered my birthday and showed me their affection with beautiful greetings and beautiful details. I really had a great time thanks to you.”
  • “The best gift for another year of life is that I was able to receive the signs of affection from people who are very important in my life.”
  • “I want to thank all my family and friends who greeted me warmly on my friends’ day.”
  • “I feel very grateful to all my loved ones because, on the day of my friends, I could feel his great affection. I am very happy to have them in my life.”
  • “I thank you very much for your beautiful greetings on my friend’s day. It’s nice to know that I have a great friend like you.”
  • “I thank all those people who were with me on my friend’s day, and those who were away sent me messages or made calls. I had an unforgettable day.”

Nice Texts to Thank You for the Birthday Greetings for Whatsapp

  •  “One day ago, I celebrated another year of life, and I can really tell you that the best of all was to receive the samples of love from all of you. Thank you.”
  • “The best gift I could receive in my friends is his sincere affection, it was a very nice day where I had fun next to the people I love most. I feel very fortunate to have received your show of affection.”
  • “With the passage of time, I have learned many things, including valuing the people who most appreciate me. I thank you infinitely because, with you, I had a spectacular friend in which I had a lot of fun.”
  • “Dear friends, I prefer to receive a nice greeting instead of a gift, because the material is finished, but the good wishes that are expressed to me will always remain stored in my mind. I love you so much.”
  • “The day of the year I am looking forward to is my friends as I receive the samples of love from all the people who love me. I had a great time this year, thanks to you.”
  • “I love receiving the cordial greetings from all my loved ones, either personally or through messages, emails, or calls. They made me feel very special on my friend’s day.”
  • “I did not imagine that I would receive a lot of greetings. I was glad to know that there are so many people who appreciate me. Thank you for making my friends a special day.”


We wish you liked this emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes. Your loved ones will love it.