27 Best Princess Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

27 Best Princess Birthday Party Ideas- Princess Birthday Party Decorations, Fun, Princess Birthday Party Design: Parents often call their little daughter a princess, because, for them, she is the most beautiful, dearest girl in the whole world! Therefore, girls so often present themselves as princesses, love gorgeous dresses, crowns, jewelry, and other royal attributes.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

No wonder they dream of a Princess-style birthday. We’ll talk about his organization. Separately, we dwell on the decor of the holiday, the outfit of the baby, as well as suggest some Best Princess Birthday Party Ideas for entertainment on this topic.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Among the heroines of the Disney cartoons, there are many princesses, which means you can make a holiday dedicated to any of them. But we will focus on one, perhaps the most popular among modern children – Sofia. It is in the style of this heroine that we will select options for festive decor.

The color scheme of the holiday – shades of purple, lilac. Since a holiday in this area is most often a girl’s holiday, pink details are also appropriate, especially since it combines with purple. Well, now in detail about each item.


Standard rectangular postcards with a purple background and the main character – a win-win option, the easiest in terms of implementation. We find the desired template and print.

If you want an exclusive option – we look for the purple-violet background and overlay on it the image of the cartoon heroine in any graphics editor.

You can make more creative invitations – in the form of a dress, a crown, a flower, a small mirror, using tulle, rhinestones, ribbons to decorate. Such cards will surely please the little guests and make it clear that they were invited to a birthday in the style of Princess Sofia.

We Decorate the Hall

The most popular jewelry – paper garlands and pompons, can also be made in a royal style. Let not traditional circles, but small crowns are elements of a garland. You can supplement them with hearts, stars, numbers.

And an ordinary pompom from violet paper can turn into Sofia herself, becoming her dress.

Meeting With Guests

So the holiday has come! It’s time to meet the guests of the birthday girl. We observe the theme of the holiday already from the doorway – we hang a sign that tells the visitors what celebration will take place here and who is its main character. The tablet, of course, is in royal theme and violet-lilac colors.

Dress Guests

When all the guests are assembled, we give each girl a hoop with a crown or a paper cap decorated in the theme of the holiday. You can ask the girls to wear lush dresses for a holiday, and then you get a real royal ball. You can also put a drawer with children’s beads in purple at the entrance so that each guest can take a piece of jewelry to match the holiday. Beads can be replaced with a necklace in the form of a lilac crystal strung on a lilac ribbon of organza. It turns out simple in terms of manufacturing, but very delicate decoration, almost the same as the heroine from the cartoon.

Outfit of the Birthday Girl

Since we have a princess on this day, it should look accordingly. The birthday girl will have an elegant, lush dress of lilac color, and you will also need such a mandatory royal attribute as a crown or diadem. If a suitable dress was not found, it could be replaced with a magnificent tulle skirt of violet-purple color and a T-shirt with the image of a cartoon heroine.

To not only the birthday girl, but also her parents corresponded to the theme of the celebration, you can put on an evening dress and a diadem for your mom, and dress your dad with a real king. Look for a suitable costume for the king in the theater or in organizations that are engaged in the rental of carnival costumes.


Recent trend – volumetric figures symbolizing the age of the birthday. The hall is decorated with such numbers, and they are used as decor for a photo shoot, so the figure should also be decorated in the style of the whole celebration. To do this, do not forget to put a crown on the figure. Here are some Best Princess Birthday Party Ideas on how to make a birthday figure for a girl in the style of Princess Sofia:

Festive Table

Here, too, purple, lilac colors prevail. They can be diluted with white, pink. Lush bows on chairs will create an atmosphere of a real royal ball at the celebration.

We decorate glasses for drinks with small paper crowns or labels with the image of the main character of the cartoon.

Candy Bar

It can be a traditional table decorated in the corresponding theme, or you can make it unusual – in the form of Sofia herself. To do this, you need a round table, a large figure of the princess, a tulle skirt of lilac color, which is attached around the perimeter of the table.

If we talk about the design of the candy bar, the easiest option is toppers with the image of Sofia, which are easy to do on your own by printing the image, cutting it out and attaching it to a wooden stick. Cupcakes, cake, and other sweets are decorated with such toppers. The cupcakes themselves are decorated with lilac cream, supplemented with a small crown.

You can also make cupcakes in the shape of a cartoon character. The basis is the same as in the previous version – the cupcake itself with colored cream, and on top, we decorate the dessert with a paper figure of Sofia.

The crown can be either purely decorative, paper or plastic, or edible – from mastic. We decorate bottles with water or other drinks with small paper crowns.


The main sweet of the holiday should be not only tasty but also beautiful. Of course, like everything on occasion, the cake should be in purple-violet tones. It can be made in the form of a dress, decorated with a crown, or you can make an ordinary round cake by decorating it with a waffle picture depicting a cartoon heroine.

Photo Attributes and Photo Zone

Well, what a holiday without beautifully memorable photos? Each guest will want to feel like a princess, which means that for photos, you need to prepare a photo stand in the form of Sofia. There is an option simpler in terms of implementation – photo attributes. It can be a crown, dress, fan, or any other royal accessories.

Princess Birthday Party Entertainment

Well, now we will discuss the entertainment that can be organized at the children’s birthday in the style of the princess. If the design was in the theme of a specific heroine, then the games and competitions are more generalized, they are suitable for any birthday, organized in the theme of any Disney and not just the princess.

Poisoned Apple

You will need a basin with water, several green apples and one red apple. We blindfold the participant; his task is to catch an apple with his teeth. The main thing is not to catch the poisoned bullseye. Spectators can take part in the game, prompting the participant.

Attach the Tail to The Horse

We print or draw a horse figure, prepare several tails of paper or ribbon. The child, with his eyes closed, tries to attach the tail to the appropriate position, and the audience helps with their tips.

Kiss the Frog

This is another game that is held with eyes closed, but this time we don’t catch apples and don’t fasten the tail but kiss the frogs. Everyone knows that frogs turn into princesses when kissed. This lesson will be dedicated to the competition. For him, you need an image of the frog itself and red lipstick. Before the contest, we paint the participant’s lips with red lipstick so that their prints on the frog can be clearly seen. The task of the child is to kiss the green beauty as accurately as possible.

You can organize the game without lipstick – make some paper sponges that the child will need to stick to the frog.

Put on the Crown

And again, the game is blindfolded, but this time the task of the child is to attach a paper crown to the princess. And pre-draw or print the crown and the princess.

It is not necessary to hold all these blindfold contests at the birthday, you can choose one or two options that you will find easier to organize, or that will seem most interesting. Do not forget that entertainment should be varied; otherwise, children will quickly get tired of them.

Find Treasures

You will need a chest filled with sand, any cereals or pasta in which treasures are hidden – coins, baby rings, bracelets, hair accessories, and other little things. The task of the children is to find in the chest all the “treasures” that they can pick up as a souvenir to commemorate the holiday.

Looking for a Shoe

It’s fun based on the Cinderella fairy tale. And the task of the little guests is to find her lost shoe. To do this, before the children come, we hide the shoe in some secluded place, and then we suggest finding it using the “hot-cold” hints.

Decorate the Crown

This is creative entertainment. For him, it is necessary to prepare several crowns from cardboard or felt and various pebbles, sequins, buttons, beads. Each little guest creates her own crown, which she can then pick up for her memory of the holiday. This game can be left without a winner, announcing the winners of all the participants, or you can arrange a vote for the best crown if you wish.

Another variation of this game is decorating a large paper crown altogether. To do this, we prepare the crown itself and paper decorations for it – pictures with crystals, beads. We organize the game either in the form of a joint creative process or in the form of a relay when participants decorate the crown for speed – each team has its own.

Dress the Princess

This competition can be held in two versions: dress a doll or dress one of the guests. Accordingly, the props must be prepared, depending on the chosen option. If you decide to dress up a doll, prepare several dolls and various options for their outfits, and if one of the guests is in the role of the model, then we will take real, not doll clothes. The game can be organized in the form of a relay when each member of the team runs to the princess and puts on one of the items of clothing, or you can make it in the free form of a creative lesson.

We Are Looking For a Treasure

This game can be organized as an exciting quest. We draw a map that will lead the kids to the treasure, but along the way, they will have to go through several obstacles in the form of puzzles, quizzes, relay races. Such a quest can be organized both at home and in a children’s cafe or nature.

Princess Story

A kind of calm, creative entertainment on a birthday. Participants sit in a circle, one of them is given a sheet of paper and a pen, where he writes the beginning of the story. Then the paper is folded so that it is not visible what he wrote and is transferred to the next participant who continues to write the story. We do this until the sheet ends, or until it passes all the participants. Then the sheet unfolds, and one of the guests or the birthday girl reads the story. Usually, such a reading is accompanied by violent children’s laughter.


Another option for creative entertainment. We print coloring with princesses; we prepare several sets of colored pencils. Girls love coloring, which means that they will be happy to do their favorite thing on holiday – painting pictures.

Face Painting

For this fun, it is better to invite professionals who know how to apply face painting correctly, use products safe for children’s skin in their work. And you can depict on your face anything related to the royal theme. The most popular option is the crown.

No matter how you organize your little girl’s birthday, whatever decor you use, and whatever games and contests you organize, the main thing is that the birthday girl feels like a real princess on this holiday!

Venue and Room Design

The princess style venue should be truly magical. A cafe in the medieval style or those whose interior is light and delicate, as well as institutions near the water, are perfect.

But you can hold a celebration at home. After all, if you take care of the interior, then the apartment can be turned into a real palace.

If you decide to make a holiday in the style of the princess, then you need to carefully approach the decor of the room and try to turn it into a castle of the princess.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas
Princess Birthday Party Ideas

You can find ready-made jewelry in stores for creativity or on the Internet. But it’s much more interesting to do them yourself. Especially if you attach to this child, you can cut the lockout of the fear of boxes of equipment. Draw windows, turrets with a spire, and cut them out. And then everything is beautifully decorated.

Dress Code: Costumes and Looks

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Guests must be informed in advance that the Princess Birthday party ideas will be costumed. They need to have time to think through and embody their image in accordance with the fabulous theme. But girls like to dress up! So the opportunity to become a princess will be good news for them. And the boys will be able to feel like real princes.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

A good option would be a Disney princess theme party where roles are pre-assigned. Famous fairy-tale princesses: Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel. If there is a boyfriend on his birthday, he can portray Prince Eric from the cartoon The Little Mermaid.

Stock up on accessories for guests in case someone is “off-topic.” It can be homemade crowns or bright bracelets on the hand. For girls, you can make skirts of tulle. The material is inexpensive, and the process is not at all time-consuming. Here’s a way to make a tulle skirt yourself.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Do not forget the magic wand. You can buy it, or you can make it yourself. On a barbecue, skewer sticks a star made of fabric (you can use felt, satin, or other material of bright colors) and more sparkles, ribbons, and feathers!

Princess Birthday Party Ideas
Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Theme Treats

You need to take care of decorating the table. Bright tablecloths will harmoniously combine with bright napkins and utensils.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Treats should be light. This is important so that the children are full, but do not feel heaviness in the stomach and can have fun. Try to give preference to low-fat dishes with vegetables, snacks, and fruits.

Do not forget about the appearance. Try to create intrigue. Princesses and princes are sophisticated and give them the appropriate menu. So, an ordinary vegetable salad can turn into a fairy-tale lady salad and canapes with salmon into an overseas dish for the heirs to the throne.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas
Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Of course, the main place in the banquet is a sweet table. It can be a big cake, in the form of a castle. But increasingly, preference is given not to one cake, but individual cakes – cupcakes.

A great option would be a candy bar. Usually, put a separate small table. It is also decorated in accordance with the fabulous theme of the birthday. And it displays various sweet dishes – cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, sweets, custard cakes, French macaroons, fruits. Very often, a candy bar is decorated in one color – this applies to both the tablecloth and decor and the treats themselves.

Of drinks, juices and teas are recommended. Offer several different types of tea, including fruit and berry. Let each princess choose her own drink.

Hanging Decoration

You can hang garlands on the ceiling with a pink ribbon and with motifs such as castles, fairies, crowns, etc. Pink color. You have to cut out cardboard with the drawing of what you want to hang and leave two holes where the tape will pass.

Decoration With Stand

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

You might prefer to put the decoration on tables and furniture instead of hanging it on the ceiling. You can make the same castles as before, but instead of making two holes for the tape to pass, you should put a foot in the back with cardboard to hold it up.

Tell Stories in Disguise

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Select one or more tales of princesses and fairies and choose the best candidate to read it with emotion and passion. Ideally, the person who tells the stories is characterized as a princess; in this way, the little ones will focus all their attention on the character and enjoy the stories as if they were living them themselves.

This will also allow you to have a little calm and relax during the party.