50+ Happy 17th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2021

50+ Happy 17th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2021

Happy birthday 17th – Happy 17th Birthday Quotes and 17th Birthday Wishes Seventeen beautiful birthday wishes If it is true that at 17 you are no longer a child, for your mother and father, you will always be her baby — regards Princess, happy birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy birthday, dear, you are fantastic, and I hope you know how much I love you. Enjoy this special day, my love!
  • Happy 17th birthday, dear, you are a great guy, and I hope that as you blow out the candles on the cake, everything you’ve dreamed of can become a reality.
  • You are the sweetest person I know, best wishes for your newly made 17-year-old. Have fun and happy birthday again.
  • 17 years of your existence, means 17 years of happiness for us, happy birthday dear.

17th birthday Quotes for Son

  • To see you in diapers playing with your toys, to be one step away from being an adult. I am proud to have seen you grow so much. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t believe my son is grown up! Happy 17th birthday to my handsome and imposing son!
  • That means, as of today, I love you 131072 times more than the day you were born! I would like to see you live long enough to love you more than 1 billion! Happy Birthday!
  • The years seem to have flown. It is hard to believe that the boy who ordered a bicycle is now a 17-year-old boy in his car.
  • 17th birthday wishes for my brother
    As far as the brothers are concerned, You are at the top of the list. Happy birthday to the coolest guy in the family!
  • Now that you’re turning 17, I hope you still play basketball with me and let me borrow your stuff. Although not, I still wish you a happy birthday!
  • A great thing about a brother like you is that I always knew I could count on you. Thanks for still having my back. Happy 17!
  • To my best friend ever, I hope your birthday is as wonderful and as beautiful as you! I am so happy that we are together!

Happy Birthday 17th

  • Just because you’re turning 17 doesn’t mean you have to grow up! I hope you always have a little of your playful humor that I like so much!
  • Birthday messages for 17 years
    What a beautiful age
    to start enjoying youth
    and the most wonderful of life.
    Be happy on your 17th birthday
    and in the years you have left!
  • You are in the prime of youth
    and will soon discover
    that the world is full
    of wonderful things.
    Enjoy your 17 years
    and everything that life holds for you!
  • With 17 years you have more than enough time
    to realize all your dreams.
    Throw yourself for them without fear!
  • Celebrate with us this special day
    and let us make your birthday party
    truly unforgettable.
    Happy 17, and you meet many more!
  • Wonderful years await
    you because you are young, beautiful, and intelligent.
    May these 17 years be just the beginning
    of a life full of pleasant surprises.
  • To celebrate your 17-year-old,
    we have prepared a party
    worthy of a woman, not a girl.
    We hope you enjoy it
    as much as we organize it.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Let’s make this day worthwhile
    with a birthday party
    that you won’t forget in a long time.
    Because turning 17 is very special, let’s
    celebrate it as it deserves!
  • Happy birthday 17th, you not only have
    enough time to dream
    but to do everything possible
    to make those dreams come true.
    Enjoy this special day!
  • Thank you for sharing with us
    this beautiful day.
    From now on we have a whole year
    to make your 17 very special.
  • My pretty little girl is already a 17-year-old woman.
    May life give you such special moments
    as the day you arrived in the world.
    Happy birthday 17!
  • Soon the girls will queue
    at the door of your house to ask for an appointment.
    And with these newly released 17 years
    you are already a heartthrob.
    Enjoy your youth
    and this wonderful Happy birthday 17!

17th Birthday Quotes Funny

  • Do not wait for more. Now is the time
    to make all your dreams come true.
    Find what makes you happy
    and don’t give up trying.
    May your 17 be a high stage!
  • In many years you will realize
    that when you turned 17, you were
    in a significant stage of life.
    Take advantage and enjoy
    this wonderful youth.
  • At 17, being happy
    is almost as natural as breathing.
    Fill your lungs with air
    and go out to eat the world.
    Have the best birthday ever!
  • Do not be afraid to try:
    with 17 years you still have time
    to make mistakes and start over.
    Enjoy this stage a lot!
  • 17 years
    You are one step closer
    to coming of age!
    Gradually, adolescence
    is falling behind,
    friends and responsibilities change
    and your way of thinking matures and becomes stronger.
    Do not think of birthdays as a burden
    or as a way of aging:
    think of them as the step that
    allows you to go further every day
    on the road you want.
  • I still remember the nights without sleep,
    the bottles prepared at dawn
    and the diapers to change.
    I still remember when you fit in my hands
    and when you learned to walk.
    Today, I am aware that you know how to walk alone
    and be active in reality around you.
    I much appreciate your excellent learning ability,
    never let anyone tell you what to think.
    Happy Birthday!
  • A 17th birthday does not mean just
    one more candle in the cake
    or a mountain of gifts after dessert.
    You are in the stage that more changes
    will add to your life,
    and the best thing you can do
    is to keep everything, learn from everything.
    Keep living as intensely as before
    and you will achieve all the goals you seek in life.
  • You are not an adult yet, but you are not just a teenager.
    The 17 are a complicated time, the body changes
    the mind changes,
    you must take this stage as a brief tunnel
    from which you leave a cleaner, brighter.
    Your definitive personality has already begun to be forged
    and there is nothing and no one that can stop
    such an incredible process.
    Keep trying as before
    and everything will be great.
  • When a new child is born, he tries to teach
    that everything in life is beautiful and kind.
    Now, at 17, you will have realized that this is a lie.
    Happiness is not achieved by believing that there is no evil,
    but by learning to see it and fight it.
    You are almost an adult, and this is a lesson to learn.
    Happy Birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Quotes

  • Could you tell me what it takes
    to be happy?
    With your youth, you may be happy
    that a new computer or mobile phone,
    maybe a new camera or tablet.
    But you should know those material goods
    are forgotten over time, are broken
    and fall into oblivion.
    What endures, however, is the love
    and warmth of those who love you.
  • I’m not good at saying a few words
    to the lucky young man who is just 17 years old.
    Who could be your age!
    There are no impossible
    and there is still boredom,
    then you will miss it!
    Happy birthday, enjoy it as much as you can.
  • 17 lives have a cat, or weren’t it?
    Enjoy this birthday
    halfway between the child and the adult.
  • Seventeen times have I told you “Happy Birthday!”,
    And seventeen times seventeen continue to do so
    because our friendship has to be as long-lived
    as your years.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Today you were born seventeen years ago,
    the same ones that I
    have been a mother, the same ones that have been as a gift.
    Happy birthday, my delightful gift!
  • I hope to congratulate you every year on this day,
    and I hope to be with you every day to congratulate me on that.
    Happy birthday, honey!

17th Birthday Wishes

  • May this day make you wiser and wiser:
    may your days teach and guide you,
    and may we be there to tell you
    “happy birthday!”
  • One more year, dear friend, I have the honor
    of following you,
    the joy of wishing you
    a happy birthday!
  • Seventeen years in this life are nothing,
    but in you, they are much more than that.
    May your wisdom continue to grow every year.
    Happy birthday!
  • May life fill you with love and knowledge,
    on your seventeenth birthday
    and on your eighty-seven.
    At the moment:
    happy seventeen birthday!
  • With all my friendship and joy of being your friend,
    I wish you in the commemoration of your birth
    all possible association and happiness.
    Happy Birthday, friend!
  • With all life ahead,
    with so many years to go,
    don’t stop being who you are,
    one in a thousand.
    Happy Birthday!
  • On this happy day,
    I wish you the same for all your days
    beyond seventeen …
    Happy birthday! Happy Days!
  • My wish on this day is simple:
    to wish you every year
    happy birthday.
    I wish you the best happy seventeenth birthday!
  • Today you turn seventeen, dear friend;
    today I would like to tell you that I would like to congratulate you
    every birthday,
    be by your side seventeen, or ninety-seven more birthdays!
    Happy Birthday, friend!

  • May life fill you with birthdays,
    and wisdom,
    and may those around you be partakers
    of those birthdays,
    of every life lesson.
    Happy birthday, happy wisdom!
  • One more year I congratulate you,
    and I commend you for being able to do it, dear friend.
    That in all the years that remain to be fulfilled
    we can congratulate ourselves as today!
    Congratulations on your seventeenth birthday!
  • With all my life ahead,
    and many more congratulations,
    I congratulate you on your seventeen years
    and our great friendship.
    Don’t change: neither with seventeen nor with ninety-seven!
    Happy birthday, my young but wise friend!
  • And it is still a pleasure to be by your side, to be
    able to see you turn years old, to
    think of all that you have left, to
    I wish you all the best in them,
    and to check it with you.
    Today and all the coming years: happy birthday!