100+ Happy 21st Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2022

Turning 21 is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life since it is the transition from the happy-go-lucky youth to the now serious life of an adult. Send your loved ones turning 21 birthday quotes and wishes to help them celebrate their special day.

100+ Happy 21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes

We have prepared Happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes to send to your friends or family on their special day. 

21st Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for 21-Year-Old

Make your friend or loved one smile on their birthday by sending them a funny 21st birthday message. Here are some of the funniest wishes for 21 years old birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes

  • It is your 21st Birthday in the 21st century. What more can you ask for?
  • The best years of your life are about to come. A little beer can help you with that too, of course. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s time to party really hard. You might not have the opportunity next time. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Do not count the years, count the wishes and all the joys. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • I am proud to announce that you are now old enough to drink and gamble. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • From now on, you must take care of every move you make. You are at the age where you can get drunk and lose all your money playing. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Cheers! From now on, you can legally do what you have been doing for the past six years! Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Hopefully, every day of your life is a great party like today. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Come on, drop your beer and start blowing out the candles. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Only the best awaits you since you can start drinking and gambling! Happy 21st Birthday!
  • You’ve been waiting until 21 to drink alcohol … Hmm … you didn’t, but … Happy Birthday anyway!
  • Tonight we will become free and wild animals because today you will be 21 years old. I hope you are ready for the best Birthday of your life!
  • One of the reasons your 21-year-old party will be so memorable is because you already have legal permission to do whatever you want. Also, it marks the day that we, your parents, are not legally responsible for what you do. Enjoy your party. So be free and enjoy your life.
  • You and I have had very good times. There is no reason to stop now. We are still young, so let’s live as such and make your 21st Birthday the craziest of all.
  • You’re finally legal after all these beers, err years.
  • Time flies when you are young, so let yourself have fun. Enjoy your twenties before you know it. You’re going to be playing thirty. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • You’re turning 21! You can officially send that fake ID to the trash since you’re already an adult anywhere in the world. So celebrate big, live slowly and enjoy every moment. Happy 21st Birthday boy.
  • Congratulations! No more celebrating birthdays with balloons and clowns! Now we do it with wines and beers! Enjoy your 21 years old birthday. 
  • This is the moment you have been waiting for! You are of legal drinking age! Happy 21st Birthday!
  • It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know that your 21st birthday party is going to be the best party of your life. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • I hope all your dreams come true, even the drunken ones. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Stop drinking like you won’t be able to do it again. You have your whole life to screw up with alcohol. Cheers to turning 21!
  • Now you can include alcohol at your parties if you haven’t already. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday, champion! If at 21 you don’t celebrate your Birthday with a party in style, then when would you do it?
  • It takes exactly 21 years to perfect a 21-year-old like you. Happy Birthday!
  • You only get to celebrate being 21 years old once. So have fun like crazy! Happy Birthday. 
  • People keep saying that this is the best year of your life. Meanwhile, bills, debts, and taxes are waving. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • This is your last chance to do crazy things for tomorrow you will begin serious adulting. Happy 21st Birthday. 
  • No more excuses! You’re turning 21. It’s time to start acting like a responsible adult. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Since I’m your dead ringer, can I now have your fake ID?
  • It’s finally time to say goodbye to all your shenanigans. Happy Birthday!
  • Welcome to adulthood! Happy 21st Birthday!
  • I really hope that you have enjoyed your youth because you’re about to say goodbye to that. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Beerthday! Have fun!
  • Since you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to pay for them. Drinks is on you! Happy Birthday!
  • I have to give my props to you for religiously abiding with the legal age of drinking. Now it’s time for you to indulge. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! It seems only yesterday that you were a clueless kid. Now you are a clueless adult!
  • Happy Hangover! I mean Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Enjoy your twenties while it lasts. 
  • Happy 21st Birthday to the second most amazing person in the world. From the most amazing person in the world. 
  • What do you mean you are just turning 21?! You look way older. Happy Birthday!
  • No more extension to your “adult trial period”. Three years are enough. Happy 21st Birthday! Say hello to adulthood. 
  • Yay! You’re 21! Let’s paint the town red.
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Are you ready for your worst hangover yet?
  • I feel sad that you had the most boring teenage years. Now you only have a few years left to become wild and carefree. Happy (?) 21st Birthday! Now let’s get the party started.

21st Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old

  • There is more to turning 21 than just the party. You are in an ideal time to enjoy life. Remember that youth flies by. Have a Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!
  • Twenty one years went by so fast! I can’t believe my little girl is all grown up. Happy Birthday, dear. 
  • Even at 100, you will always be my sweet girl. Happy 21st Birthday my daughter. Always remember that you are fantastic! 
  • Even though 21 years have passed, I love you like when I carried you in your arms for the first time. Happy Birthday to my dear daughter.
  • Turning 21 is a big thing. You have come this far by showing the world that you are someone responsible, mature, and now a full-fledged citizen. Happy Birthday, daughter. 
  • I know you are no longer a child, but I still remember the day you turned one year old. Happy Birthday my dear daughter. 
  • Today, 21 years later, I still love you the same way. Happy Birthday my sweet princess!
  • You are turning 21. This is your time to discover what you want to do. It is also your time to make mistakes, fail, and learn from them. Don’t foolishly waste your days. Be young, be free, be happy, and learn to be responsible every day, too. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • At 21, you start to be more selective. You will have fewer  but more loyal friends. You will go to fewer parties, but you will enjoy them much more. Each day your steps will be firmer to lead you to the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • The first 21 years of your life are the best 21 years of mine. Happy birthday beloved, daughter!
  • Today is a very special day and we will do everything we can to make your birthday extra memorable. Happy 21st Birthday my dearest daughter.
  • You have always made me so proud, my dearest daughter. Happy 21st Birthday! I will always be here to support you. 

21st Birthday Wishes for a Son

  • It is a great feeling for us to celebrate your twenty-one years of life. You are an exemplary son. Happy 21st Birthday boy.
  • Be sure to dream big and achieve your goals. In all your success, remember that the simplest things in life are the ones that lead to the happiest life. Love always, Happy Birthday, son.
  • As you enter this next phase of your life, remember that we are always here for you no matter what. Happy 21st Birthday, Son.
  • Celebrate with responsibility. You are already an adult. At 21, you have fewer limitations. Still, you will also have greater responsibilities. Take firm and accurate steps. It is the best way to cultivate a good future. Happy Birthday.
  • I am very proud of the way in which you have lived and experienced these years of your life. I am sure that you will go as far as you dream. You are a good son and a good person. Happy Birthday!
  • Every day I pray and ask God to guide you every step, and I hope that your 21st Birthday is full of joy and adventure. Happy Birthday, son.
  • I am proud of what you have accomplished so far. I know that you will have a bright future ahead of you. Happy 21st Birthday my dearest son.
  • I am so happy to see you grow up and become the incredible person you are today. Happy 21st Birthday, Son. 
  • You’re now turning 21 and you will face challenges as well as opportunities in your life. Remember all the lessons we have taught you and don’t hesitate to talk to us when you need advice. Happy Birthday, Son.
  • I still remember the first time I held you in my arms. You’re all grown up now but in my heart you’ll always be my little angel. Happy Birthday, son. I know that you will have a bright future ahead of you. 
  • To my dearest son. I’m proud of you. I’m happy to have a kind and thoughtful son like you. On your 21st birthday, I am praying that you may have the strength to face whatever life throws at you. Happy Birthday. Have fun today.

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Messages

Turning 21 is an important milestone. Make sure your friend or family member feels extra special on their birthday by sending them thoughtful 21st Birthday messages. Choose one from below.  

Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes

  • Happy 21st Birthday! May you accomplish all your dreams in life. 
  • A wonderful life awaits you. Life is full of happiness, success, and potential! You really deserve the best! Happy Birthday!
  • Here is my advice to you: The last 21 years have passed very quickly. I hope the next 21 years are as amazing as the first. Take your time to enjoy all that is to come. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Do not count the years, count the blessings and all the good wishes that we give you on this day. Happy 21st Birthday boy!
  • I wish your 21st Birthday to be even more wonderful than you expect. If there is someone who deserves a really special day, that someone is you.
  • This is the right time to have the best night of your life. Turning 21 is a big thing, but remember that it is only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey. I wish that today you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Birthday!
  • Being older doesn’t mean you are old. Sometimes, it means that you are more mature and that you are improving with each passing year. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Tonight I have asked God that you realize how important and wonderful you are. You are special for all of us who love you. I wish you have a happy birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Today is a special day for you; But, in reality, each day of these 21 years has been special, just because you were part of this world.
  • Enjoy life as much as we enjoy your presence in ours. Happy 21st birthday!
  • May the magic of this day bring you love, health, and happiness for all the days of your life. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • Enjoy your 21st birthday because it is the best time of your life. I wish you a birthday full of happiness, joy, and success.
  • I hope you are always surrounded by amazing people who make you feel good. Happy 21st Birthday, my friend.
  • Life is not about what happens to you on the road. It is about how you face it. Always remember to keep a positive attitude. Happy 21st Birthday.
  • You’re turning 21! Get ready for all the wonderful things to come. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you a very happy and memorable 21st birthday!
  • Your 21st Birthday gives me the perfect opportunity to let you know how blessed I am to have a wonderful friend and angel like you by my side. May your great day be so fabulous that you remember it forever. Happy Birthday!
  • Add one more candle to the cake and remember that 21 is just a number. I love you, my friend. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Your future looks bright! Enjoy your day.
  • Happy Birthday! Hopefully fate has many more beautiful surprises in store for you like the ones we have prepared for you on your 21st Birthday.
  • Happy 21st Birthday to a person I love so much. May God bless you. 
  • My wish is that all your days are filled with joy like today. Happy 21st Birthday.
  • Happy 21st Birthday! May God shower you with more happiness and blessings.
  • I am sending the warmest birthday wishes to my coolest friend ever. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! You deserve all the happiness in life. Wishing you a bright future.
  • Happy 21st Birthday! To the beginning of a wonderful journey!
  • You have your whole life ahead of you. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • You’re turning 21! Things are about to become even greater. Enjoy the ride! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Now that you can do anything you want, live your life to the fullest. 
  • Happy Birthday! May you have your best year yet!
  • You’re a wonderful person! I’m so glad that you’re my friend. Happy 21st birthday!
  • I wish you a happy birthday and a fantastic future ahead!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! I hope your day is fun and memorable. 
  • I wish nothing but the best for you. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • To one of the most admirable persons I have met: Happy 21st Birthday. You’re so young and have accomplished so much. I know that you will become even more successful in the future. But don’t forget to enjoy life too.
  • Happy Birthday to the kindest and funniest person I know. I hope you enjoy your 21st birthday celebration. 

21 Years Old Quotes for your Friend’s Birthday

Turning 21 is always a significant time in the life of every person. It means saying goodbye to the laid-back ways of your teenage life and facing new opportunities and challenges as an adult. Here are some of the best 21 Years Old quotes for your friend’s birthday. 

  • Cheers to a wonderful life ahead. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Enjoy your twenties. These are the best years of your life. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • The whole world is at your feet. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Your 21st birthday is an open door to new adventures. Happy Birthday!
  • You will have many birthdays and parties throughout your life. But today will be one of the most memorable ones because you’re turning 21. Happy Birthday!
  • Take advantage of the time to enjoy these wonderful years of youth. Happy Birthday!
  • It is a perfect age to travel, learn, discover, and love. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday! Enjoy your youth and all the good things that life has in store for you.
  • In many years you will reminisce about this day. Happy 21st Birthday! 
  • It won’t be long before you discover that 21 is a perfect age. Enjoy your youth while you can. 
  • Your youth, your energy, and your optimism will allow you to do great things at this age of 21. Enjoy this year and the years to come.
  • Life is short. Make the most of it. Happy 21st Birthday!


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