14 Best Birthday Decoration Ideas of 2022

Best Birthday Decoration Ideas: Whether it’s a children’s birthday, for teenagers or adults, the decoration of this celebration usually gives us an odd headache. Do we opt for something conventional? Do we choose thematic decoration?

What budget will we need? In TheBirthdayBest we want to help you make your birthday celebration the best, and that is why we now give you some decorating ideas for a birthday.

16 Best Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday Decoration Ideas
Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday Decoration

Before we start to break our heads to know which elements or which decoration is the most appropriate for a birthday. It will not be the same to have to organize one for a five-year-old child than for one of fifteen, for example. We must think of something that is essential and is to know how much budget we have or how much we want to spend.

Birthday Decoration Ideas
Birthday Decoration Ideas

It is evident that if for example we rent catering, and buy the decoration already made, our birthday will be perfect. But perhaps we end up spending much more than necessary when there are some types of decoration that we can do ourselves. And that we are also going to allow a celebration in conditions.

What to Keep in Mind When Celebrating a Birthday

On the other hand, we will have to know in which room of the house we will celebrate the birthday since it is not the same to do it in a living room or on a terrace. Even if we have thought about renting a place or room for it.

I recommend you to make a small list of money, space, and ideas. That has occurred to us or that we want to see reflected in the birthday and from here start working on it.

Also, it will not be the same to decorate for a children’s birthday. Where we can, for example, decorate with balloons, or for a teenager or an adult birthday. So that to offer you our 50 original ideas, we divide them according to whoever the birthday is.

Ideas for a children’s birthday

The first birthday that I propose is that of a boy or girl. And whose decoration will be relatively simple considering that the little ones are usually content with elements as standard as balloons, a pinata? For example, games and especially cake.

Anyway, we have some good ideas like the ones we list now.

1. Decorate Through a Children’s Workshop

Birthday Decoration Ideas

If you have to celebrate a children’s birthday in which you are looking for a themed decoration. Such as that of a specific character, you may spend a lot of money, but a good idea will be to propose making a workshop or a game. In which each guest develops a mask, mask, or something related to the character in question. They will have fun, and you can introduce the theme to the party.

2. Decorate With a Paint Shop

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Within the idea of ​​decorating from a workshop, we can prepare something like in the image. A painting workshop that will result in several drawings that you can then beautifully hang out the party.

3. Decorate With Candies

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Imagination is our best weapon when we don’t have money or a budget for birthday parties. All of us can buy cards to make hats, cards, or even take some glass jars, fill them with candies, and distribute them around the room or living room. So that children can eat sweets, and they will also have a decorative function.

4. Decorate the Glasses With Eyes

Another idea that comes to mind is to decorate the glasses that children will use. In this way, we can, for example, place adhesive eyes on each eye. A simple idea, but you will surely love it.

5. Decorate With Colors and Cutlery

On the other hand, you can decorate with cutlery and colors that will allow you to get you to have vases like the ones you see above. Ideal for decorating the table at the birthday party. Or those that you have to place the children at the time of the snack.

6. Ideas for a Teen Birthday

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Organizing and decorating for a teenager’s birthday will be somewhat more complicated. But only because they will want to have a voice and vote, compressibly, in everything we choose or everything that is proposed.

Perhaps they even opt for a somewhat more austere decoration. Based on a few balloons or garlands since for them, it will be much more vital that we have fun.

7. Decorate With Cupcakes

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Your teen son or daughter may ask you not to eat cake this year, because of the “shame” that can give them having to blow candles in front of their friends. So a good idea will be to choose to make or buy some beautiful cupcakes »With which you will decorate the table.

8. Decorate by Organizing a Cinema

Birthday Decoration Ideas

The variety of music is essential and games. Also, think that as teenagers, I may ask you to have a party »only for boys» or «only for girls.» So, believe that simple proposals such as organizing a videogame session.

A make-up session, a manicure, or maybe hosting a cinema in the garden or terrace, will be activities within reach of any pocket, and that allows us to have fun.

9. Decorate With Popcorn

Birthday Decoration Ideas
Birthday Decoration Ideas

On the other hand, another idea, such as filling popcorn cubes, may be too simple, but the truth is that it is advantageous and looks excellent. Surely any teenager will love a party with popcorn.

10. Decorate the Cake With Funny Candles

On the other hand, we have already said that young people may tell you that they do not want cake or blowing candles. But it will be irresistible that they wish to blow out their birthday candles if they have a fun way like this.

11. Ideas for an Adult Birthday

Birthday Decoration Ideas

If it’s an adult birthday, maybe the ideas are a little more complicated to find. But the truth is that we have to say that sometimes the simplest is the best of all.

12. Garnish With Garlands

For example, you place a table where you have food or cakes that have been cooked or bought, we choose some beautiful garlands, and you will see how much more is not needed.

Birthday Decoration Ideas

13. Decorate With Garlands Made by Yourself

From the tones chosen for the decoration of the table. We can then select other elements such as the mentioned garlands, which you can even make yourself, balloons, or even a “Happy Birthday” poster.

14. Decorate With Candy Centers

Birthday Decoration Ideas

We have already seen it for the decoration of children’s and teenage birthdays. But the truth is that colored candies are perfect for making centerpieces for adult birthdays too.