100+ Hysterically Funny Happy Birthday Memes of 2022

100+ Hysterically Funny Happy Birthday Memes of 2022

Hilarious Funny Birthday Memes Images: Memes are worth everything. They even serve to find out about social and political news, and with laughter, you forget your disgust at how bad everything is. One of its best utilities is to save our lives when a wild birthday appears. Even lifelong greeting cards have evolved to embrace memes with open arms.

Funny Birthday Memes

100+ Funny Birthday Memes

But if you’re too lazy to choose a meme from the thousands that are there to say “Happy Birthday!” On Facebook and WhatsApp, imagine going out to buy a card. Remove, man, remove. Long live the Internet and Happy birthday memes!

The memes help you get out of the way to the commitment of gifts. If you don’t have time to go find something beautiful, at least send a meme. You will make your friend laugh, and you will gain a few days of extension.

  • “Congratulations, I made you a cake… Alfred made you a cake”

  • Better if the memes are puppies and crawls and funny animals. The bugs are love.

  • But it’s no use turning to the best memes to congratulate birthdays if you don’t

  • Remember when your friends are celebrating their birthday. Luckily there is Facebook, if not.

However, there are people who remember the birthdays of all their friends and family. Without Facebook or Google Calendar alerts or anything. That has merit, so a meme for them, please.

When it’s someone’s birthday, the right thing to do is congratulate him. You have to be polite, dear friends. Nonetheless.

And what about those birthdays that are celebrated four months later, because there is no way to bring everyone together?

We live difficult times, friends, but the stress of work is less stressful if taken with humor. In addition, a delayed birthday can always be combined with the next one — the perfect excuse to start a party twice as fat.

Of course, it is not a plan to go with the celebration. Turning years on a Tuesday has a drawback: the next day is Wednesday.

Funny Happy Birthday Memes to Celebrate Birthday With Optimism

There is always someone who does not take too well to turn years. Here are a few funny Happy Birthday Memes to dedicate to those Mohimo friends we all have. The penalties with memes are fewer penalties.

  • As the years go by, time seems to run faster.

  • But you have to take things with joy, the man that we are here to have fun.
  • “Hi! If you! The old!”
  • And if a funny meme fails to remove iron from the problem of serving too many years, there are alternatives.
  • Although, to be honest, sometimes you don’t even need someone to turn years old.

If You Want to Make Blood on a Birthday, Turn to Memes

It is convenient to take care of what is said to those people who do not take their age quite well. But sending funny birthday memes via Facebook or WhatsApp is the birthday solution of that kind. The offense will be the same, but what you laugh at!

  • “The more, the better, my balls.”

There are also a lot of people who don’t mind turning years. After all, life is too short to be upset about something all the time. Send this Happy Birthday Memes to your WhatsApp and Facebook contacts for their birthday. Let them stop bagpipes and enjoy!

  • “Voucher! Light the candles!”

What’s more, there are people who can’t help telling everyone it’s their birthday. We always like to be congratulated, no matter who does it. Sometimes, the human being is a bit vain. But it’s okay to be, huh? We must love each other, man! That we don’t always have close to our grandmothers to tell us how handsome we are.

But there are also people who do not know where to go when they are surrounded by their friends chanting, “Happy Birthday.” And more when it happens in a public place. It is also a song that never, never, never sings well. As the thing is to celebrate, nobody cares about singing with the right tuning. Until you notice. And you realize the horrible truth.

And well, there are always those who are wrong with the number of years we have completed. Not to mention that, in general, the truth is worse.

In addition, the number of years that fall on you does not matter too much. If you think about it, the one which gets worse standing on a birthday is not you.

Other people celebrate their birthdays, reflecting on what they have achieved so far and what they have left to do. But as the balance comes out negative.

On the other hand, we want to show solidarity with those who turn years at the end of December or beginning of January. What a task. We are with you, friends.

But the important thing is to keep the illusion. That turning years do not turn off our inner child!

Life takes us to completely unsuspected places. Who would tell you and your fellow students that you would end up scattered around the world! But a Happy Birthday Memes at the right time helps the friendship last.

Not only people turn years. Also, brands, companies, websites, my mother, 12 years already), and so on. And you have to remember them too, man.

Let’s not forget GIFs, because they are the natural evolution of Happy Birthday Memes. But if you don’t find a GIF that you like, you can create it yourself. And to run.

Finally, remember that Happy Birthday Memes help you deal with everything from another perspective. A smile is always good, especially since it is an excellent way to hide that you are planning your revenge. Happy Birthday!

Oops, the anniversary! That data so pointed and sometimes so hated. That reminder of the day of our birth, or from the thousand times repeated: “you are already a year Old Style @ “.

An event to celebrate life and meet our loved ones Although sometimes we have to swallow with a substantial family. But what would an anniversary be today without a Happy Birthday Memes to match?

We have gathered ten of the funniest and most entertaining funny birthday memes to congratulate your friend, friend, or family member for their anniversary, both through the WhatsApp and by other means such as Fb or the mail. Here you have them.

Birthdays have to be celebrated and from now on when we find out about a birthday, whether it’s from colleagues, family, or friends, we have to worry about sharing a Happy Birthday Memes image.

In this case, the photos are hilarious! Today, in the following, we leave you a series of pictures so you can take advantage of them to give to your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones on their birthday.

Do not forget that all that you have chosen, you will be able to download on your smartphone, tablet or computer, for free and free. I hope you liked them and took advantage of them to greet your friends and acquaintances on this special day.

Funny Happy Birthday Memes Images

Most birthday congratulations are the same, changing only in a few words since they are usually messages that say: “Happy birthday! I send you a big hug. I hope you have a great time.” They are not original or funny.

We should try to be more creative and original when sending a birthday greeting. For example, sending funny images, with humor:

Since the Internet is full of a variety of opportunities to congratulate a person, we can find many funny happy birthday meme images that have a touch with which friendship can be identified. Taking into account some tastes or the type of humor of our acquaintance, we can find an image that fits our greeting message.

  • We are best friends, and I forgot to greet you. Obviously, age does not suit us. The important thing is that I love you!
  • Sharing my best Happy Birthday Memes is the most valuable gift I can give you.

The greeting does not have to be the typical image that has a “Happy Birthday! Have a great time”, but we also have the option to search for pictures of Happy Birthday memes and send you some memes.

Funny Quotes to Send by Whatsapp

Many of these images are Happy Birthday Memes or jokes that use some of the most famous characters. You will not have trouble finding one or more images that make you laugh with your messages. Besides, it is very likely that the birthday boy also laughs when you see these funny cards.

  • I was waiting for the invitation to the party so that you will wait for the gifts.
  • “You’re special” “I wish you the best” and blah blah. We better celebrate drinking a beer and now.
  • Happy birthday and let’s go to the important thing: what time is the party?
  • Congratulations, friend, there is less to retirement!
  • I greeted you on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It is not going to be that you forget to invite me to the celebrations.
  • Remember not to blow the candles too hard. You can blow your dentures.
  • And as a gift it’s not the most important thing in life, that’s why I didn’t bring you anything.

  • Today you are only one more year old, but you are noticed every year you have accumulated.
  • At this age, we can no longer waste time. Let’s go out and celebrate as if there wasn’t a tomorrow!
  • Remember not to overdo the celebrations that you are already very old.
  • Today, like last year, I don’t have money to give you anything either.
  • I love you always funny and funny, and that your very old age does not forbid you to continue dreaming.
  • I hope all your dreams come true. And if it’s money, remember to share it with me!
  • Friend, let’s celebrate your birthday like when we were young, and we didn’t know debts and responsibilities. 

Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to congratulate our acquaintances.

What is a Meme?

“Keep calm and…”, “It had to be said, and it was said” … You may not know how to define what a meme is the first time, but you surely have ever used one unless you live in a remote cabin without internet access.

What are memes, and where do they come from? And, most importantly, how can we take advantage of them to increase our publications’ virality?

An internet meme is a concept, idea, situation, or feeling that is expressed through virtual means. The gifs and images with text are two types of well-known meme, but can also take videos, songs, audio.

A meme is quickly replicated through social media, but it also evolves as it spreads. For example, a meme can consist of an image to which users add their own text.

What is a meme, and why is it called that?

The concept of “meme” was first defined in 1976, and it is believed that the first modern meme was the “Dancing Baby” that appeared in the Ally McBeal series in the mid-1990s.

But it is in the last 10 years, with social networks’ arrival when this phenomenon has experienced a real explosion.


Therefore, depending on our relationship, we can find an original way to congratulate you or simply remind you that we know it is your birthday in a unique and personal style.