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Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband of 2020

A huge selection of 40th birthday gift ideas for husband that you can give your husband for 40 birthday. The Best and best gift options for husband 40 birthday. Additional Best Birthday Gift for husband as Lists.

40th Birthday of You Husband

40th anniversary, an important milestone for any man. The main thing is a gift to your beloved husband is attention, the soul invested in him, the warmth and unforgettable emotions experienced by the birthday man: the smile and joy that he will receive from your surprise. All of this will be remembered for a long time.

40th Birthday of You Husband

Young couples usually have no problems choosing a present – after all, life together is just beginning. It is more difficult for couples who have lived side by side for more than one year, and it seems that there are practically no ideas left that a wife can give on her husband’s for 40 year birthday.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Don’t worry; we will help you find the best gift for husband’s 40th birthday among classic, unusual, and 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget and even a gift for your spouse who has everything. And also in our article, you will learn that you should not give to a birthday and why.

40th Birthday Gift for Husband for Outdoor Activities Spouse

The departure out of town, barbecue, friends, fishing, hunting men love and really appreciate this type of vacation. Therefore, if your husband often goes out with friends to nature, travels, and loves an active form of relaxation, then take a look at the following gifts:

Manual Wood Splitter

If the husband has a barbecue, fireplace, or another hearth on wood, then this is the best birthday present for a man in his 40s. The gift is unusual and easy to use. Also, it is much more convenient and safer than an ordinary ax.

Solar-Powered Charger

It allows you to stay in touch with her husband, even outside of civilization, long trips, and travels. Suitable for charging any gadget, the operation is due to the accumulation of solar energy. And, most importantly, using such a device. Spouse will be able to contribute to environmental protection!

Wireless Speaker Like Wonderboom

A unique column that is not afraid: shock, dust, dirt, and water. A man can drown such gifts in the sea or use it in a garage or a workshop. Where there is a lot of dirt and sawdust, and everything falls.

If a man is passionate about hunting or fishing, you can present him with:

  • Hearth or fireplace, with a ready-made container for quick and easy breeding of it;
  • Cooler bag;
  • Hunting camouflage suit;
  • Signal horn or decoy;
  • Camping folding kettle, bowler;
  • Organizer for gear;
  • Insoles heated;
  • Multitool keychain (with many mini-tools, a compass, a flashlight);
  • Air bed in the car.

Heated Quilt From the Cigarette Lighter

Heats up for five minutes. For safety reasons, it has an auto power-off mode, after half an hour. It folds into a bag-case and does not take up much space in a man’s car. An inexpensive gift, but a very useful gift for your spouse.

Waterproof Raincoat

If you want to remind you of your love and take care of your loved one, then give this raincoat, it will easily protect your husband from strong winds and heavy rain, even in the most inclement weather, while fishing, hunting, hiking and traveling.

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Inexpensive 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Good gifts are often not cheap, such as watches or cufflinks made of precious metal. But do not be discouraged, you can find quite 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget that will please the spouse and will benefit him.

We have collected the best ideas for such stylish and budget gifts:

Cordless Screwdriver

Inexpensive 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget. The screwdriver automatically unscrews and tightens the bolts and screws and can significantly save time and expended forces.

Heated Gloves

Your beloved is hiding his hands in the pockets of his jacket, give him heated gloves – this is not just a winter gift; this is a manifestation of concern for him. They will warm in a few minutes, and your beloved will forget about the winter cold!

Comfortable Steering Wheel Braid

Will give driving comfort – give your husband a driver for 40 years such a gift – and you will not regret it.

Name frame for car number

Budget, but the no less spectacular surprise for her beloved husband.


Highly effective oral care device: cleanses, prevents tooth decay, improves gum condition. Daily use prevents the occurrence and development of dental diseases in the oral cavity. A gift with health care to a loved one.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband to the Spouse on Birthday

The best 40th birthday gift ideas for husband is rightfully considered extreme: diving, flying in a balloon, and so on. But if the husband is not a fan of outdoor activities, then a good surprise for the spouse will be:

Printer for Printing Photos

Is your spouse professionally involved in photography or just loves to take pictures? Then the portable device will be a wonderful gift for him!

Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

A useful thing for a man who leads a healthy lifestyle. In just a couple of minutes saturates

Bike Computer

My husband is keen on cycling, then give him this is an electronic device. It captures the speed, distance, built-in GPS-module that determines the location. A modern, original, and very useful present for her husband.

Portable Split System

It cools the air or heats the room, depending on the functionality. Some models work on water and, in addition to heating and cooling, moisturize and purify the air in the room. Which is excellent prevention from many diseases.

Smart Umbrella

The LED indicator built into the umbrella will notify its owner about bad weather and precipitation during the day. Notifies you of calls or messages when the umbrella is open, vibration. And most importantly, never get lost!

If the phone moves further than 10 meters from the umbrella and the Bluetooth signal is lost, a notification will be sent to the smartphone. For the functioning of the umbrella, it will be enough, just install a special application.

Galileo Thermometer

An unusual gift that arouses great interest in any person. The thermometer is a glass container with water in which colored balls with a liquid float. Each ball has a mark indicating the temperature, which is determined by the bottom of the floating balls. Everything is simple and clear, without miscalculations!

Luminous Alarm Clock

If your man wakes up hard in the morning, then feel free to give this alarm clock. It is soft and smoothly wakes up with light, imitating the “dawn” and sounds of wildlife. A wonderful gift from the wife, which will help her husband, wake up vigorous and energetic in the morning.

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A Gift for a Healthy Lifestyle Husband on His 40th Birthday

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become one of the most fashionable trends in our time. The choice of a presentation for a husband who monitors his health and goes in for sports is a difficult but solvable task. Such a person can give:

  • Compact pedometer
  • Home exercise machine;
  • Sports bag or backpack;
  • Air ionizer;
  • Set for table tennis;
  • Personalized planning diary for training.

Smart Dumbbells

If your man leads a healthy lifestyle and goes in for sports when this gift is for him! The dumbbell has a built-in counter, which transfers the number of repetitions to the application on the phone, in which the husband will be able to track his progress.

Electric Scooter

If the work of the spouse is not far, he will be able to get there on such an excellent device. And it’s very good for health.

T-shirt With a Cardio Sensor

Like a male athlete, and the functionality, and the fact that in the gym. Such a thing will cause great interest and delight in everyone around.

Balance Board

Such a gift will allow her husband to keep himself in good shape at home and learn to control his body and tone muscles. Especially useful for those who enjoy skiing.

Useful 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

List of great ideas that will help you choose the right gift for your husband:

Road Guide Device

Men love practical presents. And the more useful the present, the more gratitude to you. Please, your husband, give him a multifunctional gift, which includes: a DVR, a radar detector, a GPS module, lane control, and control of the distance to the vehicle ahead.

And most importantly, all this in one small device, a man, will certainly be pleased.

6 in 1 Magnetic LED Flashlight

A useful gift for any male motorist. The lamp has an emergency operation mode, a hammer, built-in magnets, a camping mode of operation, and a knife for emergency cutting of seat belts.

Clever Pen

A reliable device that reads the handwritten text, images and instantly translates it into digital format.

Portable Mini Air Conditioner

It is presented in the form of a small portable cube, which a man can take with him to the garage, to the cottage, or just to his office. The appliance cools quickly

ordinary water with hydrogen. The small size of the bottle allows you to take it with you to work, to the gym, or on the go.

Suitcase With Annual Stock of Socks

Choosing what to give her husband for 40 years, you can present a very necessary and practical gift for your man. High-quality models of socks in a convenient suitcase case will pleasantly surprise, amuse, and will remind you all 365 days a year.

A Couple of Interesting Thoughts on What to Give Her Husband for His 40th Birthday

A round date is an important occasion to please your beloved man with an unusual gift. The choice depends, first of all, of course, on his hobby, preferences, and character. Here are some more 40th birthday gift ideas for husband on what to give your husband for his 40th birthday:

Set of Wood Carvings

The wonderful idea is to give her husband 40th birthday at the age of 40. who had long wanted to master this craft. The set consists of professional and high-quality tools made of natural wood, with convenient handles and cutters for comfortable work.

Earbuds Headphones

A great gift to her husband for his birthday at 40, who likes to listen to music, audiobooks, or just talk a lot on the phone. The headphones are light, small, and most importantly, they easily tolerate rain and snow, support the work of Google and Siri voice assistants.

Digital Photo Frame

A classic gift in a modern design. This frame allows you to store many family photos and the most wonderful moments. Such a frame looks stylish so that it will fit any interior.

You can pamper your sweet tooth husband with this gift:

Honey With Gold

One spoon a day, with regular eating by her husband, will give a truly wonderful effect. Do not doubt that the spouse will not only be surprised at such a tasty gift but will be very grateful to you for that!

Boxing with Chocolate Tools or Figures

A saw, a hammer, a tank, a chessboard, a wrench and it’s all made of chocolate! And if the spouse prefers more serious, but edible gifts, then you can give:

Set of Meat Delicacies

Set for real men, no hearts and flowers – only cool meat delicacies: meat of a bear, ostrich, deer, elk, or beaver. With such a gift, a man does not need to spend time hunting to try the meat of wild animals.

Siphon for Brewing Tea and Coffee

Men love experiments and experiments, so why not combine business with pleasure! For example, giving a siphon for brewing aromatic tea or coffee. It’s easy to use, tea is poured on top, pour water from below, and such a device looks very stylish and unusual. A man will definitely like it!

Barrel for Drinks

The best 40th birthday gift for husband, appealing to his true brutal and masculine essence, is a real barrel made of natural wood. Such barrels are collected by hand, which preserves the original taste and aroma of the drink, delights the man and his friends.

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How to Understand What is Best to Give a Husband for 40 Years

There are some tips, following which, you can pick up an excellent gift for your husband for 40 years and please him, on this important day for him.

To choose the best 40th birthday gift for husband related to the hobby, visit several thematic forums in advance and ask people with the same hobby. They will provide more accurate and detailed information. But to consult with sellers in the store is risky, they can try to cheat and sell you stale goods.

If the budget is very limited, do not make spouse symbolic gifts (souvenirs, socks). Nobody needs them; better arrange a romantic dinner with candles for him.

The present you want to give your spouse should emphasize your care and attention to him. For example, if he likes to sleep longer than usual this weekend, give him a 3D sleeping mask or a breakfast table in bed.

Remember that the surprise should please the husband, not you, and give the man exactly what is desired for him. For example, a crock-pot is, of course, a useful thing for a family, but a spouse may dream of receiving a new gadget or fishing gear as a present.

Do not forget that men are practical, and they like gifts for their usefulness, and not appearance.

There are times when you should directly ask your husband what he would like to receive for the anniversary. He will appreciate your concern and desire to give him what he really needs.

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, you can first mention your acquaintance in a conversation and find out from your husband with leading questions to give him. Usually, men advise exactly what they want. The main thing is not to ask this a few days before the husband’s anniversary!

Routine and domestic problems occupy a huge place in our life. Give your man a breath of fresh air, adrenaline in the blood, and possibly fulfilling his old dream: a parachute jump, a riding lesson, a trip to an amusement park, or a romantic dinner in an unusual place.

There is also a separate category of men who do not share life and work at all – they live at work or always work. For them, it’s better to pick up special presentations related to their work:

  • Goes on business trips – a travel bag or a travel pillow.
  • Works with people. Present everything for relaxation anti stress toys.
  • Works at the computer – a  laser mouse on a finger, a non-spill cup.
  • A man whose activities are related to being outdoors (military, police, builder, etc.) can be presented with good thermal underwear or waterproof socks, a flask.

Take care of the packaging of your gift, because an unusually wrapped gift is 50% success, and it also creates a festive atmosphere and fuels the interest of the hero of the anniversary!

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Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Better Not to Give to Spouse

It’s not easy to choose a present for your beloved husband, especially if you have been together for many years. To make it easier in this choice, you must first understand what is not worth giving. For you, we have compiled a list of gifts that are not recommended for purchase:

  • Socks, underwear – one of the most non-original gifts, albeit useful. If you still decide to present such a surprise, then add a little humor to it, for example, presenting a bouquet of socks.
  • Animals are a responsibility – The animal needs to be looked after, walked, fed, and financially, the animal is not cheap to manage. A man is unlikely to do all this, which means that you yourself have to solve problems associated with the animal.
  • A cozy gift – Fluffy slippers, woolen socks, an orthopedic mattress, for a man this gift looks like that for a wife, you are an old wreck, not a young man.
  • Various dishes.  Why would a man pour a glass jug with glasses pouring compote with friends?
  • Cosmetics – The rumor that men fell in love with cosmetics, just like a woman, is greatly exaggerated. From such a gift, a man will be completely disappointed.
  • Books – Now in any bookstore, you can buy anything, anytime, completely on your own. An exception is a collectible gift edition, which my husband had long dreamed of.
  • Poor gift – Nothing upsets a person like a handed gift falling apart over a week. Try to choose quality items in trusted stores with quality certificates.
  • And, finally, about money – such a present looks like “brushing it off,” as if you took the time to choose a gift for him.

Send Your Husband Birthday Wishes as Congratulations

  • Happy 40th, love! I sincerely wish you to be strong and healthy, strong and tireless! Let there be a lot of interesting things in your life, good luck and fortune in everything! Love you!
  • Native, congratulations on your anniversary! You are the most amazing and magnificent husband and father! I wish you that the house was a joy, and work – a reward! I will always be there, and I will help and support you with everything! I love you incredibly and wish you the best, my love!
  • The fortieth anniversary has come in your life today – the moment when youth and maturity meet! I wish you to come to an agreement and together help you achieve your dreams, careers and overcome all difficulties! Happy Birthday!
  • Please accept my sincere congratulations on this wonderful holiday and the sincere wishes of good health, family happiness, a successful career, and true friends! Happy Birthday, beloved!
  • You are 40 years old today! So, there is an invaluable experience, wisdom, and you have a lot of new achievements ahead! May they bring you boundless joy and endless success! Happy anniversary dear!
  • Beloved husband, I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you to get older, but not older, to double the happiness of life and not to miss your luck! Happy anniversary to you!
  • Happy birthday, my dear! Good health to you, boundless good luck, joy, and smiles! Always remain the same cheerful, sympathetic, kind, and most wonderful husband in the world! With love, your wife!
  • On your birthday, I want to wish you to be strong, courageous, energetic, never give up, and go only forward, and I will help you with this! Let faithful friends surround you, and your beloved woman will always be nearby!
  • Happy anniversary, with the fortieth anniversary of “Name”! No wonder they say that at 40 begins the second youth! I wish you, dear, to take a fresh look at the world, and let it open to meet you! Enjoy life, love your family, and be just happy!
  • Let this anniversary be remembered for a long time by fulfilling the most cherished dream! May all friends and family bring a lot of positive emotions and sincere wishes on this day! Happy birthday to my husband!
  • I congratulate the man of indescribable beauty and boundless kindness on his 40th birthday! I wish you not to stop believing in your strength and family, strive only for victories, and reach the heights! And I will support you in this, and I will be there!
  • Congratulations on your birthday, gorgeous man! I wish you to go through life, only with good intentions and confident steps! Let your life be full of prosperity and home; let love and respect always surround you! I love you, dear!