20 Best Birthday Party Craft Ideas of 2022

Birthday Party Craft Ideas for Children: If you are thinking of celebrating an unforgettable birthday party, you have to read this article. I have gathered 20 ideas for children’s birthday crafts, including balloon decoration, DIY pinatas, garland ideas, candy bar, photocall. Decorating birthdays will not be the same when you read all these ideas.

20 Best Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Increasingly, the bazaars are full of inexpensive items to decorate a party, but as you know, in Handfie, we defend the incredible power of ‘do it yourself.’ Therefore, whether or not you start decorating your birthday. In the bazaar, on the Internet or anywhere. We want you to practice creativity at home with these crafts and give your personal touch to organize the perfect birthday party.

It can be a themed party or only, you can mix several of the ideas for birthdays that we propose. 

Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party

1. Giant Number of Balloons

I recognize that this idea is more in the world of birthday decoration than in that of crafts. All the creativity of this idea lies in making the right combination of balloon sizes. Prepare the lungs to swell several tens of them or, better, use a manual inflator. The result with all the balloons of the same color is stunning, I recommend it.

2. Strip Hanging Balloons to Decorate the Door

In my house, the decoration of a birthday always started at the entrance of the living room. And in your case? Making this craft is as simple as joining a rope, strips of cloth and balloons. Put the balloons at different heights and voila!

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

3. Decoration Bees Made With Balloons

It is clear that crafts with balloons are rescued and very colorful. This idea to decorate the birthday seems excellent. Yellow balloons, black fat markers, and some paper wings are enough to create your flying bees.

Diy Candy Bar Ideas

4. Original Candy Bar Decorating Metal Baskets

A candy stand is a must for any birthday party. This option incorporates several very natural elements to create a candy bar that seems hired. Instead of spending 600 euros on a company, you can build it yourself with metal baskets to paint stripes, stars or other geometric patterns. Complement it with a blackboard and write a funny message. How to fill the baskets is your thing!

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

5. Glass Jars for Candy Bar Birthday

Possibly the most F-A-CIL idea of ​​the entire selection. Glass jars full of different goodies and identifies each boat with a card with the name of each candy, tied with a rope. If you can place the ships on the stairs, they will be more colorful.

6. Candy Boxes Decorated With Angry Birds

The first thematic craft of the list. You can create these boxes for treats from start to finish. Build the boxes with colored cards and add drawings of the characters of Angry Birds, the famous video game of angry birds. Of course, you can choose the theme you like best and replace the characteristics of the Angry Birds, with the children’s favorites.

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Homemade Pinatas

7. Diy Pinata Like a Beehive

Notice! Don’t even think that it is a real hive. In Handfie we protect animals! Although it may seem genuine, this beehive is made with a giant balloon lined with strips of yellow paper. Bees can be created with balls of fabric or cotton. Who doesn’t like the game of breaking the pinata? Do not know anyone!

8. Pinata of R2d2. Star Wars Crafts

Star Wars fan? I also! This pinata is designed for those of us who know how to use scissors to cut paper. Come on, more natural crafts impossible. The base is made with one of those paper balloons that are sold in the bazaars for 2 or 3 euros. The R2D2 head drawings are made with colored papers.

Garlands for Decoration of Children’s Parties

9. Summer Wreath With Pineapple Shapes

Are you ready for summer? Juices for children, cocktails for adults. Ugh, I come out just thinking about it, and we’re still in February. I loved this garland for what it is, it gives me good vibes and takes me immediately to summer afternoons with friends. Rope, colored cards to make pineapple shapes and cute tweezers. Ale hop!

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

10. Garland to Decorate Hawaiian-themed Birthday

If you have never organized a Hawaiian-themed party, you have no excuse for this birthday decoration photo. The garland is excellent and very easy. You only need pink, green and white balloons, strips of shiny gold paper and typical palm leaves.

11. Platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter. An Idea to Decorate Great Birthday

Since I read Harry Potter years ago, I would love to live one day at Hogwarts, the magicians’ school. A Harry Potter-themed party should start, of course, with platform 9 and 3/4 of King’s Cross station. Do I get excited just thinking about what might be behind this curtain: strange beings? Wands? Spells and potions? To build this curtain, you can serve a printed fabric that you can also create with white fabric, creating the brick effect with a sponge.

12. Children’s Party Decoration With Garlands of Superhero Motifs

When I think of original crafts for birthdays, the first thing that comes to mind is superhero parties. When you are a child, you feel that there is nothing impossible and the superheroes of the movies represent the most pleasant dreams: fly, cross walls with your eyes, have infinite strength. If you want to be the heroine or hero of your children, organize a party of superheroes. Start with this garland created with colored cards. The one in the photo has many details and is fantastic, but if you don’t have so much time, you can make it easier.

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Children’s Photocall for Birthday Parties

13. Children’s Birthday of Superheroes. An Amazing Photocall to Shoot Movies

Following the superhero-themed birthdays, I see this scenario and want to go back to childhood. It seems brutal. The craft cardboard is one of our specialties in Handfie, but this photocall themed superhero is more than up to it. The photos that come out of a birthday with this photocall will be unforgettable for children and adults, do not you think? Of course, be careful, because, from this party, you may be labeled as the specialist in decorating birthdays.

14. Star Wars-themed Birthdays: ‘May the Force Be With You’

Have you never felt the desire to be a Jedi? Organize a Star Wars party for the little ones, and the older ones will have fun too. To organize the photocall, pull creativity, and create several original crafts to create a universe that combines the dark side with the Jedi world. Typical messages of the film, Yoda ears, Darth Vader masks and of course, homemade laser swords (see video below), are some of the essentials that can not be missed in this photocall.

15. Photocall With a Shark’s Mouth

Looking for ideas to decorate birthdays, I concluded that among the original crafts for birthdays, you could not miss a fun photocall that gives rise to unforgettable photos. Therefore, this open mouth of a shark, an animal that amazes and scares children equally, can provide excellent photos. The larger the shark’s mouth, the more children in the photo will fit. When you throw the photos with your mobile, shout SHARK!

Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Decorate the Table for Children’s Birthdays

16. Covered With Superheroes, With Napkins and Logos

It is not easy to surprise this idea to decorate birthdays. You still don’t have the superhero party organized with so many good ideas? I can imagine a party where there are 3-sides: Batman vs. Superman vs. Spiderman. For this idea, you only need colored napkins and print the logo of each character you choose.

Birthday Party Craft Ideas

17. Table Decorated for a Pirate-themed Birthday

Striped tablecloth, ornaments with pirate skulls everywhere, hooks, red and black licorice, trunk with chocolate coins, black glasses. I already put myself in the role of Jack Sparrow or any of the famous pirates of the cinema. Pirate parties suggest good fun and for adults, add some wine and fruits to the Fanta, and you will have a delicious sangria. If you’re as tired as I am of boring centerpieces, this pirate will be unforgettable at the next birthday party.

Fun Games for Birthday Parties

18. Who is Who, the Game to Guess Lifelong Characters

Blond hair, red cheeks, glasses. I imagine that almost everyone will have played who is whoever. The good thing about this personalized ‘Who’s who’ idea is that you can put the characters you want. You can even organize the game according to the birthday guests. Every children’s party has to end, of course, with games, so it is an excellent opportunity to create some of the homemade games that we propose in Handfie.

19. Set of Cans With Painted Monsters

The aiming games are other classics in children’s birthdays. Paint some empty cans and paint eyes and monster mouths with colored spray. Each box will have an associated score, which the pitcher will win if he throws it with the throw of a ball. Funny, right?

20. Star Wars Homemade Laser Swords

Finally, the most famous object in the George Lucas movie, the laser sword, could not be missed. As a complement to the photocall that I showed you above, these homemade Star Wars swords are made with.

Are you already clear about the theme of the next children’s birthday party? The crafts, as always, to the rescue of a kind celebration and of course, birthday decoration.