19 Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy of 2022

Top Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy: A child’s birthday is always an important event, even if he is no longer a toddler. Every year they grow up more and more, their tastes change, and it becomes more and more difficult to please with Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy. What is the original present to give a teenage boy on the other?

Top 19 Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy

A 12-year-old boy cannot yet be called an adult man, but he has ceased to be a small child either. He begins to grow up sharply and internally. It is from this age that adolescents begin to consider themselves independent. They have new hobbies and interests. But how to please the boy and find the right present for him? The easiest way is for parents because they know their “child” best of all.

19 Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy of 2022

Most people spend their free time at computers and phones in the modern world, so it is important that the virtual world does not begin to replace your son’s real life. Board games are designed to distract children from their monitors. To do this, you should choose exciting and interesting team games that can captivate a teenager.

1. Biometric padlock with fingerprint reader

The device will allow you to hide all the boy’s secret secrets under reliable protection. The lock will scan the fingerprint and, if it belongs to the owner of the treasure, will open access to them.

2. Hand expander and Powerball

The mini-trainer is suitable for children, regardless of the level of physical fitness. It fits easily into a backpack, and the results of training will bear fruit after just a week of regular use. A great option for what to give a friend for 12 years.

If earlier the expanders were made mainly in the form of a ring, now there are more modern products in scissors and smiley balls. Powerball is a more advanced hand trainer, and it costs a little more than its simple counterparts.

You don’t always want to present what the child really needs. Sometimes you want to do something unusual.

3. Piggybank in the form of a safe with a combination lock

Every teenager wants to have money of his own. Such a Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy will help be original and will undoubtedly become a useful thing for the boy.

The work of the piggy banks-safes is carried out from batteries, and the code that a young man can accidentally forget can be easily reset if you remove the batteries from the piggy bank. In addition, it will accept both metallic money and paper bills.

4. Helium anthill

The thing is interesting and not simple. Suitable for any age. Inside the farm, a special gel mimics the content (nutrient medium) of ordinary ant farms. Only in this one do you not have to work on caring for the pets. Therefore, the Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy will definitely suit children and teenagers.

After acquiring such a present, the owner of the farm will need to populate ants there and then watch them through the glass.

If you still think what birthday gift for a 12-year-old boy would be better, buy him such a farm with ants – you definitely won’t be mistaken!

5. Acoustic ocean wave projector

A device that creates a wave effect in a teenager’s bedroom will create a stunning marine atmosphere. Suitable for small bedrooms: it will cover the entire surface of the ceiling and walls with the image of sea waves. It is very useful to use such a device in bathrooms.

Therefore, if your child or your nephew loves the ocean and everything connected with it, you can make just such a surprise on the DR, which is very unusual.

The projector itself does not clutter up the room. It is compact and looks very stylish. Therefore, it will be able to fit into any interior of a children’s boy’s bedroom.

6. Glowing cap

When adults begin to think about what to give a 12-year-old teenager, different things often come to mind, and often these are wardrobe items.

In order not to be banal and uninteresting, you do not need to give your teenager a simple T-shirt or cap. Could you give him a cap with a luminous sticker?

This is not a simple reflective surface on a headdress. Today on sale, there are caps for young people equipped with LED- light. As a rule, a luminous strip is placed along the edge of the visor.

For the price, a baseball cap is a little more expensive than the usual one, but what a spectacular Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boyyou will make to your birthday boy.

A closer look at this option should not only be for those who are looking for the best gift for a boy for 12 years, and the original one at the same time. This cap is from the “interesting gifts” series and more.

If the birthday man likes to stand out from the gray mass and often tries to declare himself and his originality to others, this bright baseball cap will become a real find for him and not just a present for the DR or another holiday.

7. Toothpaste dispenser

More children’s gifts. But 12 years is also not the age of an adult birthday boy. Therefore, it is worth considering such a non-standard Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy.

For a 12-year-old teenager, the dispenser will become a useful and convenient thing. The unique device will squeeze the paste out of the tube without residue, and the boy will no longer have to diligently squeeze out the contents of the tube when there is very little paste left.

Suppose you make a small gift in the form of this device. In that case, you can surprise the hero of the occasion and benefit the family, which will manifest itself in the economical use of toothpaste.

8. Inexpensive gifts for a boy for 12 years

A small budget for a present is not a reason to give up going to a birthday party for a friend or classmate.

Unlike adults, children are sincerely happy with inexpensive presentations made from the heart. A list of what you can give a boy for 12 years without having a large amount in your wallet for purchase.

9. Colored smoke

Such a checker is the best birthday gift for a boy for 12 years. Unlike salutes and fireworks, it is absolutely safe for the donor. It does not heat up and can be held in your hand. Taking original pictures against a background of colored smoke and uploading them directly to social networks is cool and inexpensive.

10. Luminous wrist bracelets

A Best Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy to wear to all guests right at the 12th birthday party. The bracelets will shimmer with different light in the dark, which will certainly delight the birthday boy.

11. Keychain laser

This is a small and convenient present that attaches to a bunch of keys and is equipped with a laser beloved by all the boys. An inexpensive Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy that is relevant at all times.

12. LED-backlit laces

A stylish and fashionable accessory that can be handed over to the DR without hesitation. At this age, a teenager begins to experiment with his image, show creativity, and assert himself.

Illuminated laces will help him stand out at a disco, a party, or an evening walk with a girlfriend.

Giving a gift to a 12-year-old boy who lives in abundance is not an easy task. After all, when the hero of the occasion comes from a wealthy family and does not need anything, it becomes more difficult to choose a present.

But even in this case, there is a solution – give the impression of interesting food, from attending an event or an unusual performance. You don’t have to be an oligarch to do this.

13. Space nutrition in tubes

All boys dream of making a space flight to the stars and visiting other planets. Perhaps he will grow up, and his dreams will come true, but for now, let him be inspired and try the tastes of real food from a rocket.

14. Sky lanterns

It is difficult for girls to choose which gift to give a 12-year-old boy, especially in the case of mutual sympathy. Lanterns soaring in the sky are a great option for a romantic surprise that will be pleasant to receive from a friend.

When you start the flashlight, tell the birthday boy that he can make a wish, and it will definitely come true. The surprise will be a good end to the evening and will also suit the boy who has everything.

15. Door Hanger – a cool sign on the door handle

A simple, affordable, funny present is perfect as a small surprise or an addition to the main gift.

16. Popsocket

Fashionable and inexpensive phone holder accessory. By the way, it was originally conceived as a coil for winding ever-tangled headphones. Tell the birthday boy how else to use the pop socket.

Anti books.┬áThese are funny covers for books and textbooks. Anti books will paint everyday life in an educational institution. Just imagine how on a boring Biology textbook, there will be a funny cover with the words “Let’s develop until your sclerosis develops.” Such a comic inscription will amuse the teenager and give him the strength to gain new knowledge.

17. Temporary tattoo

Body drawing in the form of a skull, eagle, dragon, hieroglyphs will allow a teenage boy to experiment with the image. Picture stickers are washed off after several visits to the shower and do not leave a trace on the body.

More resistant tattoos, applied with special henna, can last for a month. For tattoos using henna, inexpensive stencils are additionally purchased. A tattoo from a girl who will help to apply it will be especially pleasant.

18. Pyramid of Meffert

Since childhood, they try to give developmental gifts to boys, but every year the circle of such presents is narrowing.

The Meffert pyramid is an excellent gift for developing the mind and speed of reaction. Unlike the Rubik’s Cube, the pyramid is easier to assemble and more suitable for teenagers.

19. Poster with your favorite team, group, or idol

Even parents do not always know who their son is imitating. Whose music is playing in his headphones or the game of which football player he follows with special care. This hobby is known only to a narrow circle of friends and girlfriends.

If you are among trusted friends, then feel free to present a poster with an idol. If the poster is completed with an electronic autograph, there will be no limit to the fan’s happiness.


Each person expects surprises and a pleasant Birthday Gift for 12-Year-Old Boy on their birthday, and children are more than others. To choose a worthy present that a teenage boy will like, it is necessary to show imagination and inquire about the interests of modern youth and the birthday person himself. A gift made from the heart, even an inexpensive one, will give him the most pleasant sensations and emotions. If the boy has been asking you for something for a long time, then perhaps the time has come to fulfill his desire finally.