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Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas of 2021

Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas: 50 – half of the life path remained somewhere there, behind an individual mythical life turn. But at the same time, the fiftieth birthday was not at all a reason to be upset, to be sad that not everything I wanted was managed to do. 50 – a golden quality mark issued by a strategic commission called Life of your personality

You must admit that we do not receive such a high award every day! And such an event must undoubtedly be celebrated! Celebrate bright, shocking, unforgettable! Surely, you have already thought more than once on the question of how to celebrate a golden birthday, and you have many ideas for your honorable holiday. Well, if not, check out our article – a hint! You might find something interesting for yourself!

1. Birthday in Bright Ties or We Remove the Musical “Dude 50!”

The bright event, 50! It’s worth it to be noted elegantly, in the style of dude, excuse me for a verbal pun! In those days they were idols of youth, they were worshiped, they were worshiped, they tried to imitate them in every possible way. However, less than half a century later, as the “Styles” again returned to domestic screens, and the “stylish orange tie” became the brand of youth fashion.

Having organized a holiday in the manner of “Hipsters,” you will have an excellent opportunity to combine the interests of different generations. And your children, and even grandchildren during the holiday, will not be bored! Preparing for the celebration, it is worth a little “rustling” in the attic.

Surely, you will find your old collections of photographs and stamps there, once your favorite dresses and costumes! And, of course, ties! Prepare such a beautiful accessory as a gift to your guests! A few hours of excellent mood are guaranteed! “Shooting a musical” involves a long evening. Remember your favorite songs of your youth, sing them (okay, modern technology with karaoke function, allows you to nostalgia plenty!) Altogether, or in turn.

2. Golden Birthday or 50 We Meet Only in Gold

Decor, surroundings, the whole atmosphere surrounding your guests should be saturated with a bright, saturated, sunny color. You can meet guests at such an arch. “Golden” balloons, like nothing else, can convey the luxury and pomp of the upcoming holiday! The game room (a hall for dancing and entertainment) should be decorated with a serpentine with the number 50.

As a treat, you need to serve hearty, elegant dishes. Lamb in sauce, Caprice salad, and of course, cake! All in the “golden” sugar crumbs. Remember, only gold – and nothing but him! Well, maybe, champagne! However, it is also from the kind of “golden drinks.” I am bubbling gold in a glass!

3. Nostalgia, or Another Retro-style Party Option

The idea of ​​the holiday: to recreate the happiest moments in the Life of the hero of the day. We warn you right away – the preparatory process for the party is a troublesome and lengthy business. And, for sure, one person will not be able to do everything! So, right away advice in practice (if you are fascinated by this idea): interest your relatives and friends, friends of the hero of the day, let them make their small, feasible contribution to the preparation of Happy Day.

For the decor, it’s worth making a photo collage with vivid photographs of the birthday boy, those on which he (indeed!) Is smiling. And yet, you can instruct your friends to prepare a small video (based on the home video of the hero of the day), comment on the colorful moments of his Life (even cartoons will not be superfluous!).

To make the surrounding atmosphere more convincing, you can buy things that evoke memories in your antique store: plates, rugs, dishes, etc. And treat friends and relatives with salads and snacks traditional for a festive feast during the years of your turbulent youth. Pickles, “Herring under a fur coat,” salad “Olivier,” etc.

And there is a beautiful idea for the cake! Serve it in the form of entertainment! For each piece, check the box with the task: to tell a joke of the 70s, sing a song, remember what happened on May 20, 1972, etc. Before trying a treat, the guest must complete the task.

Well, after a hearty treat is worth moving! Give a dance lesson to the youth! Indeed, no one can dance like the “masters” in 50!

4. Monument Day, or Historical Masquerade at 50

It’s no secret that idols of different eras are customary to erect monuments in our country. Charismatic personalities, conquerors of hearts, wallets, and thoughts of the people are now standing in the squares and the parks, proudly raising their heads and humiliating the contemptuous look of their followers.

Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Count Orlov, Zhukov, Stalin, and many others. Why not adopt the manner of communication between the king and the commander, why not let the leaders of centuries-old history meet at the same time? Choose the image that suits your character and come at 1:00 pm for a dinner party! However, to dilute the slightly pompous atmosphere of proud rulers will not hurt.

And you shouldn’t forget about the main “king” of the holiday! Surround him with attention, kind smiles, invite to the dance, in the end.

And also – present him with such an “acting” caricature as a vivid reminder of a memorable holiday!

5. Oscar Movie Award Ceremony, or 50 in the Spirit of Hollywood

Red carpet, photo for the magazine at the entrance, dress code for guests. All these are essential attributes of the “birthday – film festival.” Also, you need to take care of the scene where the stars can express all their emotions about the award. Well, of course, come up with movies. It is advisable to mention the name of the birthday man, his merits, “exploits” and adventures. And to award the main actors participating in those events with statuettes of the Film Academy. As for decor, you can use a real advertising film (only instead of the actors’ faces, paste photos of real, well-known, common acquaintances, friends and comrades).

And you can treat “actors” and “directors” with tartlets with a figurine and a chic, “star” cake.

6. Antique Birthday, or 50 in the Greek Style

Tell me, which of the fifty-year-old men does not dream of seeing himself as Apollo? Greek god with a perfect fit figure, an idol of women of different types and generations?

And what birthday girl with the number 50 (according to the passport) does not dream of perfectly smooth skin, slim legs, and the figure of Aphrodite? Yes, of course, dream! Though, perhaps, they carefully try to hide their goals! However, if the external beauty of the gods of the ancient Greek world is a painful and unpleasant question for the birthday person (due to some complexes or prejudices). You can orient the holiday storyline in the direction of the mind, the wisdom of the ancient Greek thinkers: Aristotle, Plato, Socrates. Undoubtedly, the knowledge and life experience of the hero of the day should be noted with a “laurel wreath.”

For a holiday, try to choose a cafe (or restaurant), decorated in the appropriate style. Tall painted vases, flower pots from vines, many candles will be an excellent decoration for your event.

Treats should also be chosen in the Greek or Mediterranean style. A lot of fish, seafood, cheese, and fruit – the general line of the feast.

And as entertainment – to dance the famous and beloved by many generations of dance – sirtaki.

And to “consolidate the dance material” treat friends with a real drink of the gods – a martini with papaya, also called “sirtaki.”

7. Fishing, or 50 in Nature, by the Pond

Is the birthday boy an avid fisherman? Love picnics? With barbecue, ear, and guitar songs until the morning? So why not give him a birthday fisher for his birthday?

And then – organize a grand departure! Such a holiday will surely please both children and adults! And do not forget about the treats characteristic of the holiday theme!

Send invitations specific to the event to friends and comrades the day before

8. Ice Cream Holiday, or Sweet 50

Adults, no less than children, love sweets. Only (due to age) they do not always allow themselves to do it. But in honor of the golden birthday, you can allow yourself to relax a bit and enjoy your favorite treat. To interest guests with the theme of the party even before it begins, they can be invited to dream up at home on the topic of ice cream, fruit, yogurt, nuts, and marmalade. And at the end of the evening, award the inventor of the most original and delicious dish. And of course, surprise everyone with a unique ice cream cake.