Best Birthday Party Invitation Ideas of 2022

The Birthday Party Birthday Invitation Ideas is just a formality that you do not have to pay much attention to? Wrong, a Birthday invitation is much more. The festival falls and stands with it because it contains all the important information.

Birthday Party Birthday Invitation Ideas

A lovingly designed Birthday invitation is the first figurehead for the birthday party because here, the guests get an overview of what to expect. It will not be the cause of acceptance or refusal, that is more due to the host, but it decides whether the invitees are looking forward to the party or not. In the best case, the addressee should immediately feel like the upcoming event. So it is worth investing some effort here. What a perfect Birthday invitation looks like is shown below.

Best Birthday Party Invitation Ideas of 2022

What Information Belongs on the Birthday Birthday invitation?

The Birthday invitation ensures that guests appear in the right place at the right time. The five W questions are an excellent guide.

  • What is being celebrated? (Occasion)
  • Who is celebrating? (Name of the host)
  • When do you celebrate? (Date of the festival)
  • Where do you celebrate? (Location and exact address)
  • How do you celebrate? (Grill party, theme party, etc.)

Furthermore, information can be given in the direction of accompanying persons, overnight accommodation, dress code, directions, and requests for answers. It is possible to bring the most important data to the Birthday invitation in a bullet point. In addition to that, you should also write excellent Wording with a salutation and greeting. This gives the reader appreciation. He knows that the writer has taken time for him. The best happy birthday wishes or a small poem can also be placed on the Birthday invitation.

Nevertheless, the Wording should be easy to understand; guesswork and hidden information have no place here. It sounds natural, but spelling mistakes must be avoided. Not only are they embarrassing, but they also show little care. Who the bugger likes to sneak in,

When and How Should the Birthday Birthday Invitations Be Sent?

It is not for nothing that sending the Birthday invitation by post is the classic option. It is merely the most personal and stylish way. Emails or letters sent via WhatsApp or facebook simply cannot keep up here. At events where hundreds of people take part, it makes sense to send the Birthday invitations electronically for cost and environmental reasons, but a birthday is a much more flexible framework. It should also be borne in mind that not every addressee has an email account or a WhatsApp profile. Older people, in particular, sometimes drop out of this target group. It is then not a good idea to send the Birthday invitations in a digital and analog way, as this could lead to inconsistencies. The question of whether it was written by hand or preferred to be printed does not turn up today. Both are perfectly fine, although most people tend to print too professional Birthday invitation cards tend.

So that the event does not hail one after the other, the time of the festival should be chosen carefully. The best day is a Saturday, many people have free time here, and the next morning you can sleep a little longer. Important events or other family celebrations must be kept in mind so that there is no overlap. If there is a famous football game of the favorite club and half of the family is represented there, it is not sensible to plan the birthday party on this day. You can be on the safe side by calling all potential guests six months before the desired date and asking if this day fits. The best thing to do is ask to note the date on the calendar. There should be two to three months between the save-the-date call and the official Birthday invitation. Nothing can go wrong with this planning, and every guest is informed in good time about the fixed date. Of course, nobody is safe from illnesses and unpredictable events, so there is no use in inviting people a year in advance.

Birthday Invitation to Design Ideas

Regardless of which age group you belong to, legible and stylish font and a photo of the jubilee should be on the Birthday invitation letter. Whatever goes down, well are photos from childhood to the present day. For a 40th birthday, a picture of the person with 4 months, 4 years, 14 years, 24 years, 34 years, and 40 years can be placed on the Birthday invitation. The design of a Birthday invitation should be based on and match the taste of the host. A funny type of person is welcome to send a humorous Birthday Invitation Wording. For a person who attaches great importance to good shapes and aesthetics, a noble design may be more suitable. It is ideal if the Birthday invitation is a combination of person, occasion, and location.

No guests come without a Birthday invitation, that’s for sure. To give a good impression of the future festival, time, effort and some money should be invested here. It is not only the entry ticket to the celebration, but also represents a beautiful souvenir that is guaranteed to be enjoyed even years after the big day.

18th Birthday Birthday Invitation Wording

An essential step in the life of a young person. The age of majority begins on the 18th birthday, the driver’s license for the first car is issued, an apprenticeship is in full swing, or the studies begin. All reasons to properly celebrate this 18th birthday – with the family, but especially with friends.

The Birthday Invitation Wording for Your 18th Birthday May Be Short and Precise, and May Also Be Fun and Challenging:

  • It’s done. Tomorrow I’m 18 years old, and I’m going to have a party. Here we let it rip. If you feel like it, then write to me briefly whether you are on the round can be with me
  • Now it was finally time,
    I turn 18. The time has come,
    the party starts in a small circle,
    I am already running pure sweat
    From all pores, I am so happy,
    you are invited – anyway.
    Guys, I realize today that
    my dream is finally coming true.
    If you are hungry and in a good mood,
    then we are already two of them.
    The party for my 18th birthday rises at 7:00 p.m.
    So you just have time to shower, buy a gift, and bring a salad.
  • SOS – I am an adult. I am hungry and thirsty. You can free me from this awkward situation if you come to my party tonight and have some delicious grilled sausages, a salad, and rolls. I offer every helper an overnight stay after partying.

These are some suggestions on what Birthday invitation wording for your 18th birthday can look like. Individual, funny, imaginative.

Birthday Invitation Wording for 30th Birthday

If the 30th birthday is to be celebrated with a large party or an intimate party, Birthday invitations must be sent to the guests. However, a Birthday invitation is nothing without complete Wordings. This guide explains how these should look on their 30th birthday.

Birthday Invitation Message for Family

If family members are to be invited for their 30th birthday, the Birthday invitation Wordings can be both simple and creative. On the one hand, it depends on whether there are relatives that you occasionally see or that you only see very rarely. In the latter case, the Wordings should be a little longer. On the one hand, it is essential that all-important dates. Such as the day of the celebration and the location are listed. On the other hand, a few suitable words are essential, especially for the 30th birthday. Birthday Invitation Wordings should also not be written specifically for one person but should be the same Wording for each card.

Birthday Party Birthday Invitation Wording for Friends, Acquaintances, and Colleagues

If friends and colleagues, for example, are invited to their 30th birthday, the Birthday invitation Wordings can be more extensive. In addition to the essential details, such as the location and the date. The Wordings can also contain smaller funny sayings or even a rhyme, depending on what fits. If Birthday invitations are to be sent to business partners or your boss, the birthday cards or the Wordings can also have a severe character.

Overall, the Birthday invitation Wordings must be suitable for the celebration itself. So it doesn’t necessarily matter who the Birthday invitation cards are sent to.

Birthday Invitation Wording for 40th Surprise Birthday Party

The 40th birthday is not always celebrated on a grand scale. In many cases, like other special birthdays, it is only observed with family and closest friends. Regardless of the size of the celebration, Birthday invitation cards should be sent out for this special occasion. The following sections explain what the Birthday invitation Wordings should look like on the cards and what needs to be considered when writing them.

Birthday Invitation Wordings for family and friends

If family members living away and friends are invited, the Birthday invitation Wordings should be a little more personal if possible. So you don’t necessarily have to resort to rhymes or witty sentences. It is enough to write a few warm words and invite them to the appropriate date. Also, the Birthday invitation cards or Wordings can all be worded the same.

Birthday Invitation Wordings for colleagues

If you want to invite colleagues from work or maybe even your boss, it is advisable to keep the Birthday invitation Wordings and Birthday invitation cards as simple as possible. If the cards should still be filled with a lot of Wording, small poems can be included. With this group of people too, individual Birthday invitation Wordings and birthday cards can be dispensed with. General wording that only consists of the location and date of the 40th birthday party is sufficient.

Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas for 50th Birthday Party

The 50th birthday party is a special occasion that should be celebrated with a big or small celebration. If guests are to be invited to this birthday, birthday cards and Birthday invitation Wordings are required. The next sections show exactly how these should look and what tips are available when creating them.

The Type of Birthday invitation Wordings

Birthday Invitation Wordings for your 50th birthday can vary. These can be particularly simple and, in addition to the date and location, only have two lines. Then again, Birthday invitation cards can be designed particularly creatively. Here you can use rhymes, jokes as well as funny anecdotes to invite for your birthday. The Birthday Invitation Wordings are often also tailored to specific groups of people. In this way, they are written differently for family, friends, and colleagues. There are no precise rules for the Birthday invitation Wordings. Anything you like is allowed.

Standard Wordings for Every Occasion

Furthermore, the Birthday invitation Wordings do not have to be specifically geared towards the 50th birthday. In this way, standard phrases can also be used for the Wordings. In general, it is only essential that both the location of the celebration and the exact date are included in the Wordings and are also easy to recognize.

Birthday Invitation Wording for 60th Birthday

If the 60th birthday Party is celebrated. The festival can be significant and with many guests as well as smaller and only with the family and closest friends. Regardless, Birthday invitation cards are a must. The Birthday invitation Wordings in these cards can vary depending on the type of celebration. This guide will help you find the right words for the Birthday invitation Wordings for your 60th birthday.

Simple and simple

Birthday Invitation Wordings do not always have to be particularly fancy, even on your 60th birthday. For example, it is sufficient to provide all important information such as the date of the celebration. And the location on the Birthday invitation card and to write a few simple sentences to invite the guests. A difficult choice of words can be dispensed with, and it is sufficient, for example, to write sentences such as “I hereby invite you to …”. There is also no need for individual Wordings for different guests.

Fancy Birthday Invitation Wordings

Then again, there is the possibility, especially if it is a more significant celebration, to put a lot of creativity into the Birthday invitation cards. In such a case, the Wordings should be very unusual. This is suitable, for example, if the birthday party is huge or takes place in a special place. Especially if the guest of honor themselves does not send the Birthday invitation cards, they should contain a little more than simple two-lines. For example, small rhymes do well.

Birthday Invitation Wording for 70th Birthday Party

A round birthday is always an occasion for a special celebration and special gifts. The 70th Birthday party, in particular, has a special meaning among people. On this special date, the professional and private successes can be looked back on. Regardless of the extent of the birthday party, a Birthday invitation card for the guests must not be missing. The following sections explain how the Birthday invitation Wordings should look on such a card.

Simple Wordings for Everyone

Especially at a celebration where many guests are invited, the Birthday invitation Wordings can be kept simple on the birthday card. So here only the date of the party and the place belong in and a short two-line that invites to the festival. Such simple Birthday invitation cards can then be sent to family members, friends, and colleagues.

Unusual Wordings for Different Groups of People

Another option is to make the Birthday invitation Wordings special and even individual. The cards can have different contents, depending on whether the Birthday invitations go to family members or, for example, work colleagues. The advantage of this approach is that the Birthday invitation Wordings can be both particularly personal and formal so that even your boss can be invited. With the Birthday invitation Wordings for the family and friends, poems, or little rhymes also do well. If you want to fill the card with a lot of Wording, you can also include excerpts from lyrics if they match the theme of the birthday party.