100+ Inspirational 50th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Best Happy 50th Birthday Quotes & Inspirational 50th Birthday Wishes: Messages and wishes of congratulations for 50 years.

100+ Inspirational 50th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Happy 50th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

What Happy 50th Birthday Quotes to write when our friend or relative turns 50? Below, the reader will find a wide collection of messages and happy birthday wishes for the 50th birthday.

50th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy 50 years! May life bring you another 50 as great as these.
  • You reach 50 years, with such a beautiful smile on your mouth, that it is welcome to be by your side. Congratulations!
  • The famous golden age has finally arrived! Happy Birthday! I am sure that with 50 years you have a lot of accumulated wisdom, that which we would like to have when we are young.
  • I hope you turn 50 more! And that I can be to sing birthdays with you!
  • Happy half a century of life! Happy 50 years! I imagine it will be exciting to get to this point in life. Not only because of the number, which is beautiful, but because of everything that is left behind but that you still remember. And that gives you the maturity and wisdom to continue.
  • Surely today will be wonderful, and I hope you have a great celebration because it is not for less. I wish you to achieve success!
  • You’re turning 50, a round number! And you will have a celebration that you will remember forever. Congratulations!
  • Happy 50 years! How good it is to know that over the years, friendships grow, and advice becomes wiser.
  • I feel a grateful person because I have you present in my life. I wish your future is very happy, and we can celebrate 50 more years.
  • Happy 50 years! Half a century in this world, making all of us who know you feel happy by your side.
  • Turning 50 is no small feat! It’s half-life! But do not worry because a person as noble as you will live many more years. You are a wonderful being, and you fill us all with light!

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

At that age, I am sure you have the best stories to tell, those that are full of good experiences and the best advice, you don’t know how much I would love to hear them all!

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

  • Today I know that the least you should care about are the gifts, so when you see the cake, be grateful for so much time living, but above all, so much love that you have received.
  • I love you so much! And I wish to always be present on your next birthdays!
  • Happy 50th birthday! Enjoy this beautiful figure and all that is to come.
  • Already 50! and I want you to know that you do not appear at all, happy birthday!
  • There are those who improve with age, but yours is for others, you are radiant! Happy 50!
  • When I’m 50, I want to be like you! Full of joy, vitality, and many anecdotes. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!
  • You reach your 50s as a brave, brave person with admirable integrity. Enjoy everything that you are, as much as we do the rest to keep you close, and keep taking advantage of life as only you know how to do!
  • From how good you look, nobody would say that you have reached this day, happy 50th birthday!
  • I would never guess you were turning 50! You don’t look at that age! Your attitude and your way of making me think that you are 30 or even less. Happy Birthday!
  • Twice twenty-five years: what are you complaining about? Many sincere congratulations.
  • You are not 50, and You are 20 and with 30 years of experience.
  • I wish you a happy birthday for this great goal, that is the half-century. I hope you live the second part of your life as well as the first!
  • Half a century of life for a princess who shows at most half. Congratulations, my treasure!
  • If someone asks you today how old you are, don’t say you are 50 years old, tell them that you liked 25 so much that you wanted to meet them a second time. Congratulations!
  • Do you remember how happy you were at 5 when you blew out the candles? May you be 10 times happier today. Good fiftieth birthday!

Awesome Collection of 50th Birthday Quotes

Best 50th Birthday Quotes

  • 50 years! You have become the largest shareholder of your life. Congratulations!
  • It seems to you that it was yesterday when you were born, but today you have turned 50. 
  • Life begins at 50. The above is just practice.
  • Keep calm. 50 is the new 25.
  • The first 50 years of childhood are the most difficult.
  • Those 50 you see on your cake are not the years, but a speed limitation: see slowly that you are already a certain age!
  • Jokes aside, congratulations on your 50 years.
  • Today you will extinguish fifty candles, but you will light the soul of all of us with your happy smile. Never stop being the way you are. Congratulations!
  • The genes in your DNA would have to be bottled and stored, because, with each passing year, you seem younger and younger. Congratulations on your 50 years!
  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday, or if you prefer 2,600 weeks, 18,000 days, 438,000 hours!
  • You are always 20 years old. You have only added 30 years of experience. Happy Birthday.
  • 50 years of wisdom, beauty, attractiveness, sweetness, grace, and generosity. Congratulations!
  • I congratulate you on your fifty years, and for the occasion I reveal to you a secret: the secret to staying young is having many interests, eating well and above all, not saying your age!

50th Birthday Wishes For Turning 50 Years Old

Best 50th Birthday Wishes

  • You know that you start to be fifty when you stop using Facebook to socialize and start using it to spy on your children. Happy fiftieth birthday.
  • The possibilities in life are endless. The only limitations are those imposed by our minds. Congratulations on your fifty years!
  • There are many actors on TV who are over 50 years old, but who play the roles of twentysomethings: draw the conclusions.
  • Congratulations on your 50 years!
  • Congratulations to the most attractive, funniest, and most grizzled fifty-year-old of all!
  • The most beautiful thing in the fifties is that whatever happens, the midlife crisis can be blamed. Happy Birthday!
  • The luck of those with more than 50:
    Silver in the hair
    Gold in the teeth
    Stones in the kidneys
    Sugar in the blood
    Lead in the feet
    Iron in the joints.

Inspirational 50th Birthday Quotes

Inspirational 50th Birthday Quotes

  • Let’s say it in passing; as boys, we did not dream of accumulating so much wealth.
  • You’re just in the middle of the road for your 100th birthday, and you still have a long way to go! Meanwhile, happy birthday!
  • Come on, and I would say that apart from the hair, almost all white, the new wrinkles on the face, the first symptoms of osteoarthritis, the 50 years you are getting along well maybe! I’m kidding, congratulations.
  • Today you will extinguish fifty candles, but you will light the soul of all of us with your happy smile. Never stop being the way you are. Congratulations!
  • As in a football match, now for you, the second half begins: Make it spectacular as the first. Congratulations on your fiftieth birthday.
  • I’m just telling you that if the 50 years were to suit everyone as well as you, the world would seem populated only by little boys!
  • Many affectionate congratulations on your achievement of the wonderful goal of “Half a century of experience”!
  • Years go by, but you are always the same. Today there are 50, but your smile is happy like when you were a child. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • It’s certainly nice to be 20 years old. But also having 50 has its advantages. On Saturday, for example, you no longer have an obligation to go out and have fun.

Famous 50th Birthday Quotes to Send

Famous 50th Birthday Quotes

  • At 20 years old, soccer is played.
    At the age of 30, tennis is played.
    At the age of 50, golf is played.
  • It is evident that the older you get and the smaller the balls.
  • But come on, let’s not make it bigger than it is! in the end, it’s only five decades, and the result is not that bad, is it? Happy fiftieth birthday!
  • You are half a hundred years old. Therefore, we only congratulate you halfway today. We reserve the full, happy birthday for you when you are one hundred. Happy half a century!
  • Congratulations on reaching 50. You are not older, and you are wiser. You are not weaker, and you are more experienced. And above all, you are, as you have always been, the best of friends.
  • After all, 50 years is twice twenty-five years, double experience, double seduction. I wish you a happy birthday!
  • I would say that after 5-decades, you are still doing well. Congratulations on your fifty years.
  • Happy 50th birthday,
    Madurito de mi corazón!
    Happy to be with you,
    In this celebration!

Special 50th Birthday Quotes Wishes

Special 50th Birthday Wishes

  • The next “half-century” of your life could be as wonderful as the first! I am convinced, so believe it yourself. Happy birthday!
  • It took 50 years to become so wise and intelligent. Well, better late than never. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • There are two types of people in the fifties. One, the one who complains all the time. And the second is those who take advantage of what life has to offer. Which of the two are you going to choose? Happy 50th birthday.
  • Happy 50th anniversary! It is hard to believe that you have lived only 50 years. You have the heart of a child and the soul of a wise poet. You are a very special person!
  • Do not worry if you have wrinkles! They are just smirking, so I wish you great things for yourself. May you find happiness and peace in everything you make happy 50 years! Happy birthday!
  • Don’t bother spending money on anti-aging facial creams or lotions. At 50, there is no magic potion to back down. Happy birthday old!
  • Some people will tell you that half their life is gone, but I will tell you that it is a new half, your life has just begun. So forget about the pessimists and have fun—happy 50th birthday.
  • In the 50s, the first signs of aging were memory loss, wrinkles, or pain, but today is when you have to buy your first glasses. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • On your birthday I would like to propose a toast. My life is better since I met you and the world is a better place because of these last 50 years that you have lived. Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday Greetings Quotes

50th Birthday Greetings Quotes

  • Happy 50th anniversary! The next 50 years of your life will be more wonderful and surprising than the first 50.
  • Do you remember how excited you were when you turned 10? Well, now you should be 5-times more excited! Many beautiful things for your life in these 50 years
  • Every day I give thanks for being part of your 50 years of joys, adventures, commitment, and family that have made you what you are today! What a thrill to think of the next 50! CONGRATULATIONS.
  • You are not 50 years old. He is 18 years old, with 32 years of experience! Happy Birthday!
  • They say 50 is the new 40. But let’s be honest, 40 years old is old enough.
  • All good things come at age 50. Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Good love. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • Happy 50th birthday. Congratulations, you are now officially old!
  • As you blow out the 50 candles on your birthdays, take a deep breath, stay calm, and hold your toupee. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • In history 50, it is practically prehistoric. But at least you are not an endangered species. Happy Birthday!
  • Remember, you’re only half a century old, not a whole one. Sometimes it can feel like you are 100 years old but remember that it is only 50 and you are fitter than ever. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • You may be turning 50, but is still younger on the inside than many people younger than you. I hope you feel that way for the next 50 years. Happy Birthday!
  • What a great privilege for me to wish you a happy birthday for your 50 years. You are a special person, and you have had an incredible influence on my life. We share bad and good times, and I wish you many happy moments for the coming years!
  • Upon reaching 50, his life suddenly becomes a vicious circle from pain to pain. There is only one thing you can do, drink whiskey and watch TV. Hehehe, just kidding What I’m sure of is that you will leave this world a little better than you found it. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • In the sensational story of his life, it’s where things start to get interesting after the break. Hold on tight. Happy Birthday.
  • We wish you a happy 50th birthday is the least I can say on this special day. You are a great person, and every fifty years, they should look like you!
  • There is no better time than today to pursue your happiness and give your dreams one more chance. I know you can! Happy 50th anniversary!
  • Birthday wishes for your 50 years! It is not the beginning of the end but the beginning of a path that could take you where you have always wanted to go. Choose the destination!
  • When you reach 50, you have to learn to laugh at yourself, laugh at the little obstacles that life offers, and laugh with your children. It’s better than crying! Happy Birthday!
  • If you think that your 40 years were great, I am absolutely sure that you will appreciate it even more now that you reach 50 years. If not, forget what I said! Happy 50th anniversary!
  • Your age is only a number, so you are never too old to be young in heart and soul. 
  • Your 50th birthday is the perfect time to unleash your inner child. Happy Birthday!
  • Very happy birthday to the son of “the Light” and an Angel of heart. Always grateful and lovingly in your early 50s today! May many blessings come and more years! Big hug!
  • You are halfway to 100, but this does not guarantee that you will live that long road. Happy 50th anniversary!
  • The best way to enjoy life is the age of forgetting and remembering the joys and good times. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to 50th Birthday People

  • Happy 50th birthday to my husband! Husband of my life, you know that I love you with all my heart, and with each passing day, I feel more happy and proud to call myself your wife and spend the days of my life by your side.
  • Be happy that now that you only have a decade or two left to become a pensioner officially. Happy Birthday!
  • It is the best stage of life. You can complain about knee pain when you don’t want to go to work. And also say that you feel “young at heart” when you want to take a trip—happy 50th birthday.
  • Think of all the things you can’t do. This is the time when life gives you a second chance. It is your choice whether to give up or really play. Life can be a rainbow or a dark cloud, depending on what you choose—happy 50th birthday.
  • Your first 50 years have been truly amazing, so I can’t wait to see you for the next 50 years.
  • You celebrate half a century of life, a complete being in wisdom to transmit to your children and grandchildren all your joy, that life fills you with health and harmony to enjoy more of you and your company Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on your 50 years! An age in which the memories will be your treasures and the reasons will come alone to celebrate them in the company. May you enjoy your life.
  • As well as your youth years, I hope that from the age of 50, your body, mind, and spirit remain connected in health, vitality, and enthusiasm to continue for another 50 more Happy 50 years!
  • Today is the day to remember the emotions experienced and to start a new path with the best version of you. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Congratulations on your five decades of life! It seems like a long time, but in reality, you have done a good job on yourself, you maintain yourself very well and enough to continue your life to the fullest.
  • You leave behind your youngest stage, prepare to receive the new stage of old age, but I assure you it will be a stage that you will fully enjoy with yours. Enjoy your 50 years. Happy birthday!

Turning 50 Birthday Quotes

  • Turning 50 is a tall figure, wise, patient, and charming; they decorate your outfit, I pray to God that you maintain an impeccable spirit every day. Happy birthday!
  • Enjoy your half-century, you are in the prime of life, sharing with you has been of great harmony, and I want to congratulate you, your birthday has been of great joys, congratulations!
  • Happy 50 years! Toast to your two 25 years, you knew how to divide it to celebrate it much better, live them with joy, and enjoy them with love. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations! You have reached the most special age, the one with great practice and experience to tell, and you have a full life that I would love to contemplate. Happy 50 years. 

What is a Traditional 50th Birthday Gift?

Celebrating the 50th birthday is an important life event, we celebrate half a century of our life. Therefore, a holiday and a gift should correspond to the personality of the honorary birthday and memorable ones for him.

Present the birthday party with an original and delicious fruit bouquet with fresh fruit that can be soaked in real Belgian chocolate. The right gift was selected from our range for the birthday.

What Colour represents 50th birthday?

Golden: Fifty is often referred to as the “golden age”. So use gold as your primary color for your birthday decoration.