100+ Awesome Christmas Birthday Wishes & Messages

The top best Christmas Birthday Wishes: Born on Holy Christmas Day – There is no greater magic in the world! After all, the Lord himself blessed you, May He give happiness, a lot of strength.

Christmas Birthday Wishes

Send only good, sincere friends, So that life becomes brighter and brighter, Give a lot of joy, love,
Fulfill all your desires!

100+ Awesome Christmas Birthday Wishes & Messages

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday!
    Again two holidays have come to your home,
    Wow – such a coincidence,
    To be born on one day with Christ!
  • May it protect you from troubles, It gives an inextinguishable light of faith, Inspires good deeds, And will answer all questions!
  • Well, only a kind and wonderful person could be born on Christmas Day! Happy birthday and a great holiday!
  • May God protect you from stupid thoughts, empty deeds, and evil people.
  • I wish you health and constant inspiration for a bright, open soul. May there be happiness in life and peace in the heart.
  • Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! A bright holiday, no doubt, Just a miracle – two in one.
  • And I wish you so much happiness, That you can’t fit in your palm, Let your dreams begin to come true, To make life sweeter!
  • Congratulations to the wonderful, bright, kind, and the sympathetic little man who came to this world on such a great and holy holiday.
  • Only such sincere and pure people are able to be born on the bright holiday of Christmas.
  • We wish you that the light never fades in your life, hope does not fade, and love does not fade away.
  • Let your personal Christmas star always lead you only to success and victories. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!
  • You were destined to be born on such a great holiday. So may your lucky star burn brighter and brighter, may your Angel never leave you.
  • Happy birthday to you, and Merry Christmas! I wish you eternal grace in life, great love, and fulfillment of all major hopes!
  • Birthday on Christmas Day –
    This is happiness, magic,
    A wonderful, wondrous, bright Day,
    Let it give compliments,
    Let it illuminate the soul with happiness, Let it give
    warmth, participation,
    Let it fill life with success,
    Inspiration and laughter.
  • Let your lucky star, which lit up on the same day with our Savior, bring you good luck and happiness.
  • Let this wonderful coincidence – your birth and the bright holiday of Christmas – become the guarantor of a very successful, prosperous, and wonderful life.
  • I wish you universal health, light in your soul, and love in your heart. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!
  • Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. You are a wonderful person. And may your star always burn brightly.
  • I wish that not only today but always all your innermost desires come true. May your angel never go on vacation.
  • May your faith never fail. May your strength constantly lead you to success.
  • I wish you a colorful world around you and a rich inner world. And may there be love, joy, beauty, and harmony in every world!
  • Happy birthday, Merry Christmas,
    May good luck come to the house,
    It’s necessary to be born this way,
    You can even become proud –
    With God Himself one day,
    Mothers, you praise!
  • Happiness in life, kindness,
    And warmth,
    Positiveness, mood,
    In difficulties to have patience.
  • Grace on the saint’s day,
    Life with a white stripe, the
    Sun in the sky, inspiration,
    Strength, health, and luck!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday
    Congratulations with all my heart!
    God will send a blessing
    This double holiday!
  • Let a smile brighter than the sun
    Sparkle on your lips!
    Everything, to which the soul is so eager,
    Let it become easily real!
  • I wish to live happily, Fill my
    life with love And drown in streams of positive Every day!
    To be born on such a day is incredible luck and a miracle. Let such a day be special, your talisman and talisman that protects from all evil.
  • I wish you that your heart does not know experiences and that love in it is a permanent resident. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Christmas –
    This sign is a gift from above.
    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
    Let happiness come closer.

  • I wish the patronage of heaven in every business, Ardent feelings in my soul, and always health in my body!
  • On this holiday, Christmas,
    Angels are born.
    On day one with Christ
    They are in this world.
  • Happy birthday to you from the bottom of my heart.
    On this day, Double congratulations, hurry to you.
  • I want to wish you
    Warm feelings and vivid dreams,
    Let heaven give
    you As in a movie you love.
  • May there be a house in abundance,
    Good health, May happiness be golden around every corner.
  • Well, you have to contrive:
    Take and be born on Christmas!
  • We congratulate you together,
    May all troubles be alien!
  • Let the heavens let
    only miracles into your life
    And good luck and love,
  • Many of the kindest dreams!
    Merry Christmas, I congratulate
    And, of course, happy birthday,
    On the day of such a saint to be born –
    It is joy and luck.
  • I wish you happiness, May the Lord protect, The guiding star Let life be illuminated with good.
  • Birthday on Christmas,
    What could be cooler,
    I wish you the best fate.
  • I wish that
    Heaven would keep you,
    All roads and ways,
    So that they were open.
  • On your birthday, I wish you.
    Love, faith, kindness, Let The light of the Christmas star leads you through life.
  • On Christmas
    the day you celebrate your glorious birthday,
    This day is very magical,
    Fabulous and difficult.
  • I hasten to congratulate you
    And wish you good luck,
    All plans and all ideas Are
    sure to embody.

Birthday on Christmas Day Message

  • Two holidays intertwined into one,
    Birthday, Christmas!
    I congratulate you doubly
    And I wish you great joy.
  • Let the stars from the sky dazzle,
    Let the angels fly around.
    I wish you happiness, peace, light
    From dusk to dawn.
  • May your dreams come true,
    the world will be full of kindness.
    And you smile more often
    And enjoy the holidays.
  • Happy Birthday And Merry Christmas! Let
    your good luck in your trade.
  • So that in every undertaking I was waiting for captivating success, All efforts were justified,
    Happiness was the most.
  • The heart melted with delight, The
    look shone only from love,
    And the hope warmed the soul,
    Fulfilling all dreams!
  • You celebrate your birthday
    on Holy Christmas,
    I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
    Let it be light in my soul.
  • This day is the most magical,
    May always help
    you in your life by the
    charms of the miracle of Christmas.
  • Enter your house, Let Happiness turn it on,
    And Love, Hope, Joy,
    Let Life be like sweetness!
  • This holiday is not easy,
    On a holiday of double joy,
    Happy birthday,
    I wish you no ill!
  • After all, it is not for nothing that it
    is glorious to be born on Christmas Day,
    You are a gift from fate,
    May your dreams come true!
    The mood hits with a fountain
    This holiday is not without reason,
    After all, your birthday has coincided. Happy birthday of Christ.

Birthday on Christmas Cards Messages

  • I wish you to live
    Under a lucky star,
    To endless joy
    Every day yours is crowned!
    Birthday on Christmas Day –
    It’s just a miracle, and I will congratulate
    you on a double holiday.
  • Christmas will give good,
    Birthday – good luck,
    Let it be 2 times more
    In life, joy, and happiness.
  • For double gifts in the house
    Places, let it suffice
    And everything that you have in mind
    Let the holiday be fulfilled.
  • Birthday on Christmas Day –
    That’s great!
    I was lucky to appear
    On a day so bright and clear.
  • Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
    And I wish you happiness,
    May the Lord keep you
    In life from misfortunes.
    Christmas and birthday – a
    double holiday for you!
  • I want to wish you luck, A
    bright and colorful life,
    A lot of happiness and health, A
    sea ​​of ​​loyal friends,
    Let Your heart be filled with love as soon as possible!
    Christmas and birthday –
    This holiday is only yours!
  • Appreciate every moment; the
    the world is filled with kindness!
  • A lot of happiness and good luck
    I want to wish you,
    And health to boot,
    In order not to go to the doctor!
  • Heaven gave
    you Blessing,
    You were born on one day
    With your Savior!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

  • On Christmas
    Day, you have a birthday,
    There is no more beautiful gift,
    God gave them to you.
  • Let a miracle continue to happen,
    Magic reigns around,
    Let your life celebrate
    Just an amazing moment!
  • Happy birthday, Merry Christmas,
    Let love enter your home,
    Bring good luck with it,
    Make you richer!
  • Positive, mood,
    Jokes, laughter, and fun,
    Birthday, Christmas
    Once destined to be born!
  • On Christmas is your birthday,
    On this wondrous holy holiday!
    God will send let a blessing,
    Life will fill with your kindness!
  • I wish you success, health,
    Many joyful, bright minutes!
  • Illuminate life with mutual love
    And keep peace and comfort in your soul!
    In life, you are very
    lucky, your birthday coincided
    with Merry Christmas.
  • I wish you on your birthday
    May life be beautiful,
    May Christmas
    Open the doors to you in a fairy tale.

How Do You Wish Happy Birthday to Christmas?

  • Your magic, Let it fulfill everything on that birthday. You have to be so lucky to be born on Christ’s Christmas ?! May today be the happiest and most joyful day this year!
  • I wish you a bright mood, welcome guests, and luxurious gifts! May all your wishes come true on this festive night! Happy birthday!
  • Feast of the double
    the date has come,
    At Christmas,
    Life has revealed you.
  • So live mentally
    With faith, grace,
    Heart, without fail,
    Open you to happiness!
  • Birthday Christmas –
    It’s just magic!
    Managed to be born –
    Happiness will surely happen!
  • Make whatever you want; it will
    come true this night,
    There will be joy and success,
    There will be a holiday, jokes, laughter,
    There will be new discoveries,
    Amazing events!
  • You are destined to be born
    On the bright holiday of Christmas!
    Let your head spin
    From a double triumph.
  • I wish you happiness,
    Decorate the world with a smile.
    Let your eyes shine,
    love life, do not be discouraged!
  • Your birthday and Christmas –
    How wonderful it is to be born on this day!
    I wish you a miracle in life, a new spark,
    To work was never too lazy.
  • Love you, a Christmas tale,
    Once you were born in this bright hour.
    Fate bears only a positive coloring,
    So that everything was a bunch and without embellishment.
  • Good luck and warmth, health, sun,
    That shines brightly on this winter day.
    You smile and look out the window,
    And never let the shadow come to sadness.
    You celebrate your birthday
    On the bright holiday of Christmas,
    This is a day of great power,
    Let the soul be pure.
  • I wish you happiness,
    Peace, joy, prosperity,
    Delicious, satisfying, very sweet. May
  • all desires come true,
    Friends will be faithful, and Your glorious family
    warms up with its feeling.
  • On Christmas Day, a miracle to be born,
    On such a bright holiday, I congratulate you,
    May a miracle happen to you doubly,
    Peace, happiness, I wish you well.

Birthday Wishes on Christmas Day

  • May the savior keep you in the sky,
    From anxiety, from adversity, from worries,
    So that your faithful guardian angel,
    From all sorrows, will save you.
  • With relatives so as not to part,
    In the bosom of the family, in the bosom of friends,
    Towards adventures in order to tear,
    And the house is always full of guests.
  • Your birthday on Holy Day,
    And this is definitely a good sign!
    Follow your dream all the time!
    I wish you all sorts of good things!
  • Love, harmony, kindness,
    luck, happiness, and prosperity!
    Celebrate the holiday with a bang!
    Let your life be sweet!
  • On such a magical date,
    you happened to be born!
    Let the ringing of bells roll
    Into your holiday under the sky streaming!
  • And let the star shine on you,
    That he gave happiness to Jesus,
    And he always preserves
    you with his higher power!