100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

Are you looking for beautiful birthday wishes for dear friend and birthday quotes for a dear friend? If you want to be original and surprise that dear friend, don’t hesitate to read on. You can choose from a variety of birthday wishes for friend. So don’t hesitate any more and start choosing – you have a wide choice!

100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

  • I remember the day we met, and it was your birthday too! It’s true we didn’t like each other very much at first, but today we’re inseparable: Happy birthday! I hope I can continue to make years and celebrate these special days with you.
  • I hope that this day will be very special for you and that you will endure a year full of joys and adventures. Congratulations, my dear friend. I wish you all the best.
  • It seems like we met yesterday, but now, many years have passed, and yet our dear friendship seems to be eternal. We have lived a lot together, and it seems that we will continue to do so. Always remember that you are one of my best dear friends and that I will always, No matter what you need, be by your side. Congratulations.
  • On your birthday, I want to tell you that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. You taught me to smile at bad times, and that’s something you never forget. You are much more than a dear friend. Happy Birthday!
  • When we met, I do remember that we were still kids! And look at us, years later it continues like the first day, with our jokes and our jokes. My dear friend, I wish you a happy birthday! And I hope that all of your wishes come true.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you an unforgettable day and a nice day with your loved ones – don’t forget to ask for gifts!
  • My dear friend, I wish you a happy birthday!. Enjoy life, and don’t stop chasing your dreams. You are a big-hearted human, and you deserve to be happy. Congratulations.
  • Finding birthday words for a dear friend is not easy, especially because you have always been a very important person to me. You advised me, took care of me, and scolded me. You really were like a big brother to me. That’s why I don’t find these words to express my gratitude to you. Everything I can say to you is a lot of congratulations and hope that happiness floods your days.
  • Happy birthday my dear friend. I am very proud of what you have achieved with effort and work. You are an example to be followed.
  • I look forward to sharing your birthday with you for another year. I wanted to tell you that you are a very special person to me and that I hope that we will be dear friends all our lives. Happy Birthday.
  • A dear friend like you is worth millions, and that’s why I’m so grateful to have you by my side. Thank you for being who you are and for getting me through these bad times. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • You’re the one who’s always there for good and bad, who wakes up at so many o’clock in the morning to comfort me because a boy has hurt me, who cooks for me when I don’t feel like it. In short, you are the perfectly chosen brother because you manage to get a smile out of me whenever I need it. Congratulations, my dear friend. I love you very much.
  • I will not only wish you a happy birthday but also a happy year, the best of your life. But use today to rest and have a good time, tomorrow you have to go back to work! Congratulations.
  • I often think about what my life would have been like if I hadn’t known you, and I don’t know exactly what it would be like. But what I can see clearly is that I didn’t laugh so much and that I wouldn’t have seen your great successes—best wishes for your birthday.
  • It’s been so many years that I can barely remember what it was like. What will never be forgotten is the time we spent in the park playing ball or riding bikes. You are my dear friend from childhood, youth, and maturity. I hope that it stays that way and that we will reach old age together. I love you, my dear friend. Happy birthday.

Lovely Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

  • Celebrating your birthday is almost like celebrating mine because I am filled with happiness and joy on this very special day. Congratulations, my dear friend.
  • I feel like the happiest woman in the world to have a boy, dear friend like you. I couldn’t have chosen better! You are very important in my life, and I want you to know that you have a happy birthday on this special day like your birthday!
  • I congratulate you on your birthday, and I want to tell you that even though I am far away, I will never stop looking at you as my best dear friend. Distance is nothing if we compare it to all of our longstanding dear friendship: I’ll toast your health across the pond!
  • A dear friend like you is a gift that life gave me. Congratulations, my dear friend. I hope this day is very special to you and never forget that you are a beautiful person.
  • There is no other dear friend like you who is so attentive, loving, and honest. You are always by my side, both good times and bad, and that’s why I am so grateful that I met you. I want this birthday to be unforgettable and a new beginning for you. Do not forget that you are unique and incomparable. Nothing will have to do with you.
  • You have achieved something with your way of being that no one has achieved before, that I do not miss having a blood brother. You were my teardrop dress and my personal comedian. We overcame many moments together, especially some very difficult ones, and we had a great time. Do you remember those dinners with a conversation? What special moments! So I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you the best possible luck and of course a nice time on your birthday: Congratulations!
  • The best part of being your dear friend is not partying nights, no, but being able to celebrate your birthday with you. Congratulations, I hope you like my gift!
  • I feel lucky to have such a good dear friend like you in my life, and is that if I had to ask anything about life, I must be your dear friend forever. Happy birthday, have a nice day.
  • Do you know what the secret of happiness is? It’s not about having lots of dear friends or having lots of money. No, it’s about having you as a dear friend. Happy birthday, big boy!
  • Today my message goes to you, my dear friend. I want you to know that I am very proud that you entered my life and that you have held a great place in my heart in a very short time. I hope your day is amazing and that you know how to make the most of your time. Congratulations.
  • For many people, the year starts on January 1st, but it starts on your birthday for us. I hope you get everything you have in mind this year and, most importantly, that you are very happy with it. Congratulations, and be careful with the candles, don’t burn yourself!
  • This year, we will start a new tradition. Instead of fulfilling the years in advance, we will fulfill it backward, starting with you, because today is your birthday. Congratulations, my dear friend!
  • I told you that this year I had a very special surprise for your birthday. I’m going on a trip! So take good care of my fish and don’t forget to water the plants. PS Congratulations.
  • If there is one thing I want, you be very happy every day you have. Remember that the calm comes after the storm, and if you have a problem, you can always count on me and my support. So stop thinking right now and go run and celebrate your birthday. Congratulations!
  • I will always be sure that a good dear friend’s dear friendship will last a lifetime, and with that, I want to congratulate you on your birthday. No matter how many years have passed, our dear friend will always remain alive.
  • Did you notice there are more candles than cakes this year? You are getting older! And I’m glad to be with you to see it. Congratulations, my dear friend.
  • Without a doubt, your dear friend is a great blessing. Thank you for being my dear friend and always by my side. Happy Birthday.
  • Congratulations! Another year we blew out the candles together, and that’s what a coincidence to be best dear friends and celebrate the same birthday on the same day! I love you very much, don’t forget.

Special Friend Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

  • Every time I am with you, I feel that I am a very happy person. Thank you for always being with me and for supporting me in everything I do. Do not doubt that I will always do the same for you. Congratulations. Have fun!
  • I wanted to be honest with you on this special day. I know that I am not a very loving person, and that sometimes I find it difficult to show my feelings towards you, which does not mean that I do not love you. Today I want you to know that you have become a pillar to me and that it would be difficult for me to move forward without your dear friendship. You’re a great dear friend, and I really appreciate everything you do for me, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem like it. Good luck, and I hope all is luck on this day.
  • It’s very difficult to have a lifelong dear friendship these days, but you and I made it. Today I wanted to spend a few minutes telling you how much I care about you and that you will always have my support whatever happens. Congratulations, my dear friend. Have a nice day!
  • You know that I am a person with just a few words, and that is why my message will not take very long: Congratulations!
  • Simple congratulations are the best in the end, so happy birthday. Have fun!
  • You know that I am not a very creative person and that my imagination is not my strength. Nevertheless, I tried to write you a nice birthday message so that you can see everything that is important to me: Happy birthday! I hope that all of your wishes come true.
  • Today will be a great day, but tomorrow will be even better. Remember that your birthday is the start of a new era, so enjoy today’s lazy day and prepare for everything that is to come in this new year: Congratulations!
  • Even if you don’t want to remember it, today is your birthday! Your dear friends wish you a happy birthday and hope you have lots of beer in the fridge.
  • Since I know you don’t like celebrating your birthday, don’t worry, I’m celebrating for you! I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock. Happy Birthday.
  • Every year when I buy the new calendar, the first thing I do is celebrate your birthday, so I don’t forget! Congratulations.
  • Despite our differences, our dear friend has remained intact from the start. I am so happy to have you as a dear friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations! I hope that this New Year will bring you many surprises and happiness. Remember to make a list and try to cross out all of your goals before blowing out those two candles again.
  • I hope that time will allow me to keep sharing these good moments with you. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow, so don’t wait until your birthday to change the habits that weigh on you so much; start now! By the way, congratulations.
  • Today I want to thank you for teaching me that anything can be achieved with persistence and struggle because thanks to this lesson, I managed to get the cake that you like so much. Congratulations, my dear friend.
  • On your birthday I will dare to give you some advice. Do not think about the future or what will come tomorrow. Remember that life goes by very quickly and that it is always better to live in the present. So sit down and enjoy your birthday. Congratulations.
  • Since I’ve known you, we’ve become inseparable, and I hope this will continue for the rest of our lives. You are a very important person to me, and you know that there is nothing I can do without asking you first. You became my best dear friend. Congratulations!
  • Although we parted ways many years ago, today, I am very proud to be able to say that you have been my dear friend for many years. You are a loyal, honest, and very nice person, so never change. Today I am writing to congratulate you on your birthday and to wish you all the best.

Happy Birthday to Dear Friend Wishes

  • I am happy to be here with you this year to celebrate your birthday’s most important event of the year. I wish you a lot of fun, and my presence will make you smile. Congratulations!
  • My dear friend, I know that it is very important for you to celebrate your birthday with all your dear friends and family and that is why I have taken on the organization of a great party this year that I hope you will enjoy. Happy birthday and have fun, and you deserve it!
  • Few people in the world are as good as you, and I am very glad that you decided in due time to accept my dear friend. Today I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday in the company of your loved ones. I wish you a lot of fun.
  • Dear friends, social networks have made our lives a lot easier when it comes to greeting birthdays, but still, don’t think Facebook reminded me that I marked your birthday on my phone! Congratulations, my dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday! I thought of putting a fifty dollar bill in that envelope, but that’s what it cost me. Congratulations!
  • Welcome to the age when you don’t know how old you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Stop working and go out and enjoy your birthday, it’s only once a year! Congratulations.
  • I think I forgot you wanted me to forget your birthday, so congratulations!
  • If you think this year is sad because you are a little older, imagine next year! Cheer up, and we’re all old today. Happy Birthday!
  • I’m sorry if I didn’t come with a birthday present this year, but I’m saving up for next year’s birthday. Still, I hope you like these congratulations; Happy Birthday!
  • I’ve looked up many birthday words for a dear friend, but I’ve come to the conclusion that none of them match our enormous dear friendship. That’s why I decided to send you this message and just congratulate you: Have fun!
  • I counted the seconds of the clock to be the first person to congratulate you on your birthday, but it is possible that the time has passed while I was writing this message: Congratulations!
  • Like every birthday, I forgot my wallet – I hope you bring enough money for both of us! Congratulations.
  • You know I don’t spend a lot of time congratulating others, but I made an exception for you. I decided to leave everything for a minute to say congratulations, big head. I love you very much, my dear friend.
  • I wanted to buy you something very big and very expensive, but I forgot that the rich man in our dear friend is you, so congratulations!
  • Dude, today is a very special day because the latest edition of my favorite magazine is out in stores. Yeah, I know it’s your birthday too, so congratulations! But don’t forget my magazine.
  • Today is a day to do crazy things because it is your birthday. Remember, you will never be younger than you are now because next year you will be older. So don’t think anymore and go out and enjoy it. Happy Birthday!
  • On a day like today, many years ago, a very special person was born. I don’t know her, and I don’t think you either, but what a coincidence that she has the same birthday as you. Oh, yes, congratulations!

Close Friend Birthday Wishes for Dear Friend

Dear friend, I have bad news for you, today you are older than yesterday, but not more than tomorrow! In short, I wish you a happy birthday and that you will manage to celebrate it with the people who are most important to you, namely me.

Birthday Wishes for Friend With Images

I wanted to write you a beautiful, sentimental dedication, but you know me, I fell asleep! Congratulations, my dear friend.

There are many words that describe our dear friend. So many years together, that’s what he’s got. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Greetings for a Dear Friend With Images

If my dog ​​were as loyal as you, he would never escape. Congratulations! Have fun on this special day.

Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend

I tried to be on time for your birthday, but I had to go shopping. Congratulations!


It’s not easy to find a dear friend like you, and I hope I never do it again because you don’t see how dear you are to me and how often is your birthday? Well, birthday wishes for dear friend! I hope this card is enough to express how I feel about you, my dear friend.