48 Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas: Despite the fact that 22 years is not a round date, no one canceled the best 22nd Birthday Gift. And, for this event, you should prepare no worse than for the 20th or 25th birthday.

The simplest and most relevant, for many, money will be a present. But, it’s too banal and not interesting. What is more original, you can give for 22 years, and how to present it.

What to Give a Guy for 22 Years?

The choice of what to give a guy for 22 years is always fraught with quite a lot of difficulties. After all, youth is a dream and faith, a desire to love and be loved, lyrics and romance, a thirst for achievement and real drive, serious plans, and great prospects.

The Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas

22nd Birthday gift ideas, in this case, should be formed from a clear definition of the line between a cheerful, mischievous, and carefree guy and a fairly independent and self-confident young man who is set to build a career. And this, as you know, is not easy to do.

48 Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

To facilitate the task of choosing the most optimal of the TOP- gifts for a guy for 22 years, ” TheBirthdayBest.com” proposes to conditionally divide all possible birthday gifts into several categories: creative birthday gifts, useful, serious presentations, and impression gifts. So, let’s consider all the offers from what you can give a guy for 22 years without delay.

For those who want to pleasantly surprise birthday people, but do not welcome extreme gifts, consider other interesting options:

1. Subscription to the gym

Since fitness and sports are always in fashion, such a present will only delight, especially if the birthday boy or birthday girl has long dreamed about it. Do not give this to those girls who may be offended or misunderstand your gift.

2. Constructors

A guy who loves to craft will like the designers for the collection of aircraft, yachts, or cars.

3. Ticket to a show or concert

If your friend’s or girlfriend’s favorite band is performing in your or neighboring city, then handing a ticket to a fan is the best present in the world.

4. A real surprise

Try to find out about the dream of the birthday man delicately. By completing it on your 22nd birthday, you will make him the happiest.

5. Perfect weekend

Give your loved one the perfect weekend. You can rent a house by the lake or go to the mountains.

6. Quest

Gather friends and tickle your nerves, passing a terrible quest, a perfect evening, isn’t it?

7. Photography training

Does your friend dream of becoming a photographer? Present him with dream courses.

8. Hobbies

as a gift to a friend, you can choose an item related to the hobbies and interests of the birthday person. If you know exactly how he spends his free time, be sure to consider this when choosing a present. The hero of the occasion can be given something extreme or a surprise for the company – in any case, take a closer look at his hobby.

9. Flowers

Flowers always complement any congratulation to a woman. Still, in the case of a man, everything is not so simple. If you want to complete your gift, then replace the flowers with something tasty. For example, a bouquet of snacks for beer, sausages, or other favorite treats – a guy will definitely appreciate such a gift!

10. Accessories

Suppose you are going to attend the celebration of a young and stylish person. In that case, various fashionable accessories will be a good gift. For example, chain, tie, or cufflinks. Such a congratulation would be appropriate from the girl, friends, and relatives.

11. Neutral gifts

If you have to congratulate a guy you do not know very well, you should prefer the most neutral gifts. For example, present a pen in a beautiful case, a book with classical works, a business diary, and so on. Such congratulations will leave positive emotions and will not cause a feeling of embarrassment.

12. Romantic gifts

We should talk separately about presents for a lover. For your 22-year-old boyfriend, you can prepare an unusual romantic surprise – for example, an interesting date or a heart-shaped frame with your joint photo. The chosen product must be a symbol of your love – the budget does not play a role at all.

13. Genuine leather belt

Such an accessory will be appreciated even by those who know nothing about fashion. A quality product will last more than one year, and therefore a priori is a good gift.

14. Eau de toilette

Not a single young person can do without toilet water, so a present will definitely come in handy. But it’s not very easy to pick it up – for this you need to know the tastes and preferences of the birthday man.

As a last resort, go to the trick and present a certificate in a perfume store. The hero of the occasion will definitely be able to choose a gift for himself.

15. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a stylish and convenient accessory that is now very popular among young people, so you should not lose sight of this option.

16. A device for making popcorn

the product will allow you not to spend money on popcorn for movies. In addition, an extraordinary gift will definitely attract the attention of the birthday man.

17. Portable speaker

Portable speaker with backlight – allows you to enjoy your favorite songs without a power source nearby.

18. Stylish City Backpack

A roomy and stylish city backpack is practical and necessary in the modern rhythm of life. If necessary, you can put a laptop, clothes, food, and whatever you want in the backpack.

19. Fitness bracelet

A fitness bracelet is a stylish accessory for those people who take care of themselves and their lifestyle. The bracelet helps to control the level of activity and health, which is necessary even at a young age.

20. Shaving cosmetics

A branded set of shaving cosmetics – care cosmetics can be presented even to an unfamiliar person because such surprises are always pleasant. If the guy prefers not to shave, then you can donate beard care cosmetics.

21. Knife

A knife in the form of a samurai sword – even at the age of 22, guys remain boys and are often addicted to weapons. If you don’t know what to present, choose a beautiful knife – such a present will definitely cause surprise and joy.

22. Scratch map of the world

Suppose the birthday boy is very fond of travel and cannot imagine himself without traveling. Scratch map of the world – so he can mark the places he has already visited.

23. Compact travel bag

a convenient and compact travel bag – with its help, it will be possible to transport some things even by low-cost airlines, where there are strict baggage restrictions.

24. A set of travel cases

such accessories are usually designed in the same style and are designed to store documents, valuables, and many other things.

26. Plaid bag

A compact product will always warm you on a cold evening and easily folds into a bag. A similar thing is useful on a train, bus, or plane, as well as directly during the holidays.

27. Inflatable pillow

It is easy to take it with you on a trip, as it takes up a minimum of space and allows you to enjoy a good sleep even in the car.

28. Adventure as a gift

The best present for a holiday is a good mood. And what, if not a feeling of adrenaline, can deliver a sea of ​​​​positive emotions. Surprise a friend with a ticket for a flight on a steam plane. 22 years is the time for something extreme and unforgettable.

Give him the best birthday of his life. If your friend is afraid of heights, then why not go down into the caves? He certainly won’t forget this.

Men at this age like to ride fast, maybe arrange a race with a breeze on a sportbike? No one will be indifferent to riding a buggy. An unforgettable journey through the desert terrain will bring many vivid impressions.

You can arrange a single pair or team race, in which your friend will receive not only a surge of positive emotions but also fast driving skills.

Is your boyfriend’s 22nd birthday coming up soon? Surprise him with an extraordinary present and arrange a water park trip. You can also give him a joint paragliding or wind tunnel flight. He will never forget such a gift.

For the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of a friend, a paintball certificate will be an excellent gift. Gather your friends and have a fun day out. For flying birthday girls, water skiing or jet skiing is suitable.

Present a diving certificate for two to your beloved girl for 22 years. Does your significant other love animals?

29. Stylish bottle

A stylish bottle for sports will be convenient to go to the gym and go for a run or bike ride with it.

30. Set of towels

A set of towels for classes – you can choose models with motivating quotes or the name of the hero of the occasion. The main thing is to choose a material that absorbs moisture well.

31. Sports bag

Spacious sports bag – it is important that it easily fits everything you need for classes.

32. Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells is a simple and, at the same time, a necessary home exercise machine that will allow you to keep fit with minimal cash costs.

33. Pedometer

Pedometer – allows you to easily track the number of steps taken and maintain an optimal load.

34. Backlit wireless mouse

Basically, it is more convenient to use such an accessory since it does not need a special mat and there are much less wires on the table. And the backlight will make the present more vivid and interesting.

35. Stylish flash drive

There are never too many of them, so much a present will not be superfluous.

36. Computer game

If the birthday person prefers to spend his free time playing at the computer, he will appreciate such a congratulation. You can give a paid game, which is now quite a lot on the Internet, or some kind of addition to the guy’s favorite game.

37. Backlit keyboard

A comfortable and beautiful keyboard is also indispensable when a person spends a lot of time at a computer desk.

38. Headphones

We are talking about large headphones with surround sound. Many young people will also appreciate such an accessory.

39. Trip to a shooting range

A visit to a shooting range or a trip to a shooting range – where you can practice shooting with different types of weapons, test your accuracy and even win a prize.

40. Trip to the steam

A trip to the steam room with friends – such a holiday needs to be organized in advance with friends, but it will definitely be worth the effort. These can be the best 22nd birthday gift ideas for a best friends.

41. Striptease show

You can give a guy a 22-year-old trip to a party where a professional striptease is planned. This is how every young man dreams of celebrating his birthday;

42. Surprise party

And although such a congratulation is more popular in the West, it is unlikely that anyone will refuse a party in their honor with their closest friends.

43. Skydiving or flying in a balloon

Suppose the hero of the occasion prefers extreme sports. In that case, he can be presented with a certificate for skydiving, flying in a balloon, or diving training. In any case, a huge amount of emotions and impressions are guaranteed.

44. Sunglasses

Fashionable sunglasses from Ray-Ban or another well-known brand – often the most sought-after gift for a guy at this age.

45. T-shirt

A t-shirt with an equalizer or just with an original pattern is an excellent thing for a nightclub, able to distinguish its owner from the crowd;

46. Disco ball

A disco ball – a super gift that creates a real disco atmosphere.

47. A Branded wristwatch

Branded wristwatch – an indispensable accessory that emphasizes business style;

48. Leather wallet

After all, an elegant leather wallet, you can’t take crumpled bills out of your pockets when paying in a cafe during a date with a girl.

How to Give a Gift to a Guy

In addition to the question of what to give a guy for 22 years, you also need to decide how to give a gift. First, it is important to pack the purchased item beautifully, especially if it does not have its own suitable packaging, like headphones or a mouse for a computer.

Secondly, you need to come up with a text of congratulations, in which it is desirable to include the reason for just such a choice. These can be simple but sincere words, such as: “I know how much you love fishing. I understand and support your hobby. And I want you to enjoy your time by the water even more. Therefore, I give you this unique spinning.”

Thirdly, it is important to guess what the guy would like the most. Then the reaction to the gift will be joyful, and emotions and impressions will be remembered for a long time.

How to Congratulate a Young Man

In addition to the present itself, which you want to give a guy for his birthday, you can come up with something else to make this day memorable for him for many years. Your congratulations can be supplemented with a beautiful postcard in which poems or prose of your own composition will be written. Balloons are considered a children’s gift, but they bring an atmosphere of joy and fun to any holiday.

It is also important to spend a young man’s birthday cheerfully and brightly. For example, agree with all your friends and arrange a surprise party for the guy. The attention of others, many gifts, and delicious food will cheer up the whole company. Or you can cook a romantic dinner for two, light candles, and make some signature dishes for him that the guy loves.

Congratulating a loved one on his 22nd birthday should be bright and cheerful, despite the fact that this is not an anniversary. And the imagination and knowledge of the guy’s tastes will make it a really good 22nd birthday gift.

There are much more gifts for a guy on his 22nd birthday. They can be found in the catalog of this portal.

What Are Some Great 22nd Birthday Wishes to Wish?

Whatever you choose for a 22nd birthday gift, it’s important to show all your love and care for your loved one. Let the birthday man, seeing your efforts, understand everything without words; if you succeed, then you did everything right.

What to Give a Traveler for 22nd Birthday

You can also give a 22-year-old guy a beautiful compass, travel backpack with a personalized engraving, a stylish thermal mug, and a comfortable sleep mask. Such little things will definitely come in handy on trips so that they will be useful and pleasant presents.

What Is the Best 22nd Birthday Gift for the Athlete?

You can give a guy for his 22nd birthday various sports accessories that will motivate him to further training and success. If the budget allows, you can present some kind of simulator or horizontal bar. Also, a good 22nd birthday gift would be a wristwatch in a sporty style, which will allow you not to get out of the rhythm even during training.


Be sure to complement your 22nd Birthday Gift with a beautiful wrapper, an original congratulation, and hurry to please the birthday boy!

Again, these congratulations are not suitable for everyone since everyone is different. However, many birthday people will be delighted with the 22nd Birthday Gift listed.

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