100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Younger Brother in 2022

For us, a younger brother is a very special person. Growing up together with our younger brother means that we will always share an exceptional bond. Despite our petty quarrels and differences with our brothers, our affection for each other will always survive. 

If your younger brother’s birthday is coming soon and you want to let him know how much you love him, then dive into our birthday wishes compilation for younger brothers that we’ve made for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Younger Brother

100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Younger Brother in 2022

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Funny birthday wishes for a younger brother

Little brothers have a reputation for being naughty and annoying. But they can also be lovable and caring. 

Here are some funny birthday wishes for a younger brother. 

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

  • You’ll always be my annoying little bro. Happy birthday and I wish you all the best in life. Now, bug off!
  • You were so cute when you were little. What happened? Happy birthday, bro!
  • I prayed for a little sister. But here you are. Anyway, happy birthday little brother!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite bro! It’s not like I have a choice when you’re the only one. 
  • Happy birthday little bro! How I wish I could joke about your age, but never mind.
  • On your birthday I want to remind you that you’re so lucky to have me as your big bro. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! You’ll always be my little brother, quite literally.
  • Happy birthday to my youngest bro! I hope we didn’t scar you for life.
  • Happy birthday, little bro! You remind me of myself–funny, cool, and awesome! Have a blast!
  • Happy birthday to my adorable little brother! Now don’t do anything crazy on your birthday cause I’m telling mom.
  • I wanna wish you a happy birthday but I don’t want you to grow old. Cause that means I’m getting old too. So…Happy day to you, I guess?
  • Be grateful that you have a fabulous sister like me. I figured since you’re so lucky to have me, you don’t need a gift from me this year. Happy birthday little bro!
  • I can’t believe my stinky, slimy little bro is all grown up now. Happy birthday, baby bro! 
  • Hey, bro. Remember the time you wore mommy’s heels and lipstick? Happy birthday! Hope you’ll have a great time!
  • Hey little bro. I’ll buy the gift you wanted for your birthday if you do a week of my chores. If you don’t agree, then you’ll only get lousy birthday wishes from me.
  • I can’t stand your pranks and jokes. But I also can’t stand living without you. Happy birthday!
  • You’re weird. But I love you anyway. Happy birthday little bro! 
  • Handsome, smart, and cool. Oh, enough about me! Happy birthday little brother!
  • I can’t tolerate another year of your antics and pranks. So for this year, I’m wishing you more wisdom and maturity on your birthday. Happy birthday, bro!
  • Happy birthday to the second-most favorite child in the family. Don’t worry you’re my most favorite little brother!
  • Happy birthday baby brother. I hope you become less annoying this year. 

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes to a Younger Brother

Your younger brother will appreciate thoughtful birthday wishes from you. They’re cheesy but still true. 

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

    • Little brother, I wish with all my heart that you do well and that you fulfill your dreams. I love you so much.” Happy Birthday to you! 
    • I am very happy to celebrate another year of life with you. I am very proud of you and I wish you a promising future.
    • Since you came into the world, my world turned upside down and brighten up my life. Have a happy birthday day, beautiful little brother.
    • If you had not come into this world, I would probably be alone and sad. I thank you for being more than my brother, my friend. With all my love, I wish you a happy birthday.”
    • I really enjoy it when we laugh together when we go out together and talk about any subject. My life would be different without you. Thank you for being here with me and a Happy Birthday to you, little brother!
    • I wish we celebrated a thousand years more, and I want to see a huge cake with a thousand candles because I want you to live many years longer than me. Happy birthday little brother!
    • I’ve never met a person as funny and intelligent as you. I am proud to be your brother. Wishing you a happy birthday and a fulfilling life ahead.
    • No one compares to you, little brother. I love you infinitely and I hope you live a happy and prosperous life. ! Happy birthday baby brother!
    • We may have a lot of differences but you know well how much I love you. Brother, Happy Birthday.
    • I have the best childhood memories, thanks to you. You made my life very pleasant. I want you to celebrate this day in a big way, and I assure you that I will always be with you. Happy birthday! You’ll always be my baby brother.
    • Although you and I are grownups, for me, you will always be the little brother whom I have to take care of and advise. I wish you many years of happiness.
    • I consider your arrival in this world as God’s gift to me. The least I can do is make you very happy on your birthday. Happy birthday cute little brother.
    • Although we are not together, you’ll always be in my thoughts. You will always be my baby brother and I’ll be by your side when you need me. Happy birthday!
    • I thank God for every year that is added to your life. I hope you have a nice birthday. Happy Birthday, younger brother!
    • I am very happy to see you celebrate another year of life. I will always be with you in good times or in bad. ! Happy Birthday little brother! I love you.
    • Dear little brother: I am glad to share many years together and I’m looking forward to more happy days to come. Happy birthday! 
    • Have a happy birthday, dear little brother. I’m glad to have you as a brother and as a friend.
    • For all of us, today is a very special day as it is the day you came to stay in our lives. I can’t find suitable words to tell you how much I love you. Have a happy birthday. 
    • I’m so glad to see you happy. Happy birthday, brother, you deserve all the blessings and love from all over the world.
    • Have a happy day, little brother. You’re still young and still have so much to experience. I will always be here to guide you and take care of you. Happy Birthday to my younger brother!
    • On this special day, I hope that all your wishes are fulfilled. I love you and wish you a happy birthday, little bro.
    • I wish from the depths of my heart to live a hundred years more. What would be of my life without your company without your love? Happy birthday, brother.
    • Dear brother, since you came into our lives, you made our home brighter and filled it with many blessings. You are a unique person and I value you as you are. I wish you the best in everything you do. You can always count on me for each step. I love you. Happy Birthday, little brother!
    • My very dear brother, I still remember with joy the day I knew you would arrive. Since then my responsibility in life has been to ensure that everything goes well for you. I love you. Happy Birthday to my younger brother!”
    • On your birthday, I take the opportunity to wish you the best in the world in every decision you make, and in every new adventure, you undertake. I want to show you all the love I have for you and tell you that you will always have me by your side. I love you. Happy Birthday to my dearest younger brother!”
    • I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed your steps, and of learning every day with you growing up. I admire your perseverance and your positive attitude. Happy Birthday to my younger brother. 
    • My little brother, on your birthday I wish all your wishes come true. You are a wonderful person, full of light and kindness. I only have great admiration and respect for you. I love you so much, brother. Happy birthday, my dearest baby brother. 
    • Despite me being older than you, I still learn a lot from you. I am proud of what you’ve become now and I admire your attitude in life. I wish you all the best on your very special day. May you have more success in the future. Happy birthday my little brother.
    • Happy birthday my dearest younger brother. Thank you for the fun childhood memories. 
    • You’re destined to be great! Happy birthday, little brother!
    • Now you’re taller than me, but to me, you’ll always be my little brother. Happy birthday!
    • They say the older one gets, the wiser one becomes. I wonder if that’s gonna happen this year? Anyway, happy birthday my annoying little brother. 

    Birthday wishes from an older brother to a younger brother

    Brothers growing up together have a special bond. They spend many adventures together and go through ups and downs as they grow older. 

    Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

    Make sure you let your baby brother know how much he means to you on his birthday. Here are some birthday wishes for a younger brother from an elder brother. 

    • I may not be a perfect big bro, but you know that I always want the best for you. Happy birthday! I wish you enjoy your day!
    • You were my best friend growing up. I have the fondest childhood memories because of you. Happy birthday my younger brother. I wish you all the best in life. 
    • My dear brother, I always remember with great affection the image of mom with you in her belly. How happy I was holding you for the first time. Today on your birthday, I like to let you know the immense joy that I have in being your older brother. You can always count on me. Happy birthday my very dear brother.
    • We had great adventures together when we were young. Looking forward to more adventures to come. Happy birthday my little brother.
    • Happy birthday to the coolest dude I know. Hope you have the best celebration little brother. 
    • To my partner in crime: Happy birthday! Cheers to you little brother!
    • In our childhood fantasies, you were always my sidekick. Now you are a hero in your own right. Wishing you the best birthday my baby bro. 
    • Happy birthday, bro! Thank you for being there for your big bro through thick and thin. 
    • I’m lucky to have you as my little brother. But you’re luckier cause I’m your big brother. Have an awesome birthday!
    • As your big bro, I’m always here to protect you. Wishing you the best birthday.
    • Growing up together has been great. Cheers to growing old together. Happy birthday little brother!
    • We may not spend as much time together nowadays, but always remember that you can always count on me. Happy birthday my little brother!
    • The best part of my childhood was growing up with you, baby bro. Hope you have an amazing birthday today.
    • To my best bud and little brother: I hope you have a zany birthday celebration. 

    Birthday wishes for younger brother from an elder sister

    Having a younger brother can be fun but sometimes annoying for an elder sister. But no matter what, you still love your little brother to bits. Find the best birthday wishes for your little brother below. 

    Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

      • You annoyed me a lot when you were a little kid. But now I’m a proud sister. Thank you for making my life more interesting when we were little. I wish you only the best in life. 
      • Happy birthday little bro. Hope you can forgive me for treating you like a doll when you were little. Hope you have a great birthday and a great year ahead. 
      • You’re my baby brother and I’ll always be protective of you. But now that you’re older I trust that you can make the best decisions in life. Happy birthday. 
      • My wish on your birthday is that you have a happy, and healthy life. Remember that you can always count on your big sister. 
      • I’m not a perfect big sister, but I’ll always look out for you. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy your special day.
      • We may not be exactly the best buds when we were young, but I always care for you. Happy birthday, baby brother!
      • To my once cute brother. Thank you for adding a little craziness to my ordinary life. Happy birthday! Hope you have more blessings this year and in the years to come.  
      • You’re my favorite little brother and partner in crime. Happy birthday! I wish you all the success in life. 
      • Happy birthday little bro. Thank you for all the fun times when were young. 
      • Have a happy birthday! From your fabulous big sister!
      • I’m your big sister so do as I say. Have a crazy birthday!
      • Growing up with you was fun. I hope you have a blast on your birthday little bro. 
      • You can be a little annoying, but I know that deep inside you are really a caring person. I wish you the best birthday!
      • They say little bros are annoying. But you’re a different breed. I hope you have an amazing birthday!
      • Thank you for being a kind and sensitive little brother. Wishing you all the best on your birthday. 
      • I wanted a baby sister but I’m grateful for you anyway. You are the best brother one could ask for. Happy birthday. 

      Long Distance Birthday Wishes to Send Your Younger Brother 

      Even if you’ve moved to a different state or country, you can always find a way to reach out to your baby brother on his birthday. You can go with the traditional route of sending physical greeting cards or just sending him a text or instant message. No matter what you choose, your little bro will appreciate your greeting. 

      Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

        Here are some long-distance birthday wishes you can send to your younger brother. 

        • Although I can’t be with you on your special day, I want to tell you that I’m thinking a lot about you. I send you a thousand hugs and my best birthday wishes for health and happiness little brother. Happy birthday.
        • My heartfelt greetings to you on your birthday. Try to have fun even if I’m not around. I miss you, bro.
        • My life has been a bit boring without my favorite little brother. I wish you have an amazing birthday. Hope to see you at your next one.  
        • Even if I can’t be with you on your birthday, remember that you’re always in my heart. Happy birthday my dearest little brother.
        • Don’t go crazy at your birthday party. I’m not there to take care of you. Happy birthday, little bro. 
        • I heard you’re having a party without me? How could you, bro? Just kidding. You deserve all the fun. Hope you have an awesome birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother


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