10 Best Birthday Party Ideas at Park in 2022

Outdoor park birthday party ideas: First birthdays on Birthday Party Ideas at Park of the smallest of the family are celebrated with a higher intensity as they gradually discover everything around them. When you reach your first year of life, there is a maximum expectation of all family members.

Best Birthday Party Ideas at Park

Your first birthday cake, gifts, or the attempt to blow the small candles are some of the memories that are recorded in your mind. They are usually more special birthdays, in family and your own homes. However, as they grow older, they already go to school and have a few friends, some parents feel the need to do something different for their children’s birthday.

Birthday Party Ideas at Park

The idea of ​​the well-known ballparks sounds excellent, but not everyone can or wants to spend so much money. Therefore, other alternatives may surprise both your children and all the friends you have invited to be, without a doubt, their best birthday. Also, you will save some money since many ballparks end up offering you different packs, which are increasing in price and you end up spending more money than you could afford, almost without realizing it.

Sometimes, we think that an excellent alternative to these ballparks is your own home. However, you conclude that it is too small or there is not enough space for all children and parents. Therefore, you need a more extensive space where everyone is comfortable and can enjoy a fun afternoon on your child’s birthday.

The Great Alternative is the Park

The vast majority of children love to spend the day in the park. I am sure you will appreciate the idea. Also, probably all parents will feel more comfortable. The parks are public places, and whether they are bigger or smaller, you will have one very close to home.

The idea of ​​celebrating it in the park can take away more than one headache because you can talk to the parents of other children and offer them the idea of ​​bringing different dishes. Of course, the organization is much simpler than you imagine and you can get a great birthday with very little.

Date and Place

If you decide to celebrate the birthday in summer, it would be advisable to do it late in the afternoon, thus avoiding the most active hours of heat.

Outdoor park birthday party ideasIt is best to do it at the end of classes or on the weekend since most parents will have more free time. Try to choose a park near your son’s school, which is extensive, to be able to delimit the area with small flags. And this will make all parents better find the place chosen and you can have greater control of the children.


One of the essential things on a birthday is the guests. By celebrating it in the park, you can invite all the parents and children you want.

Outdoor park birthday party ideas

Space problems are minimal, so take advantage. Not all the tasks you have to do, as parents of the birthday boy, since your son can also collaborate if he wants it to be a completely Chachi birthday. He can make his invitations with some colored cards. A few markers and a little imagination will suffice. Surely they will be very, very original.


Buy some decorative elements such as garlands, streamers, or balloons. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on it because with a little of everything it will be enough. Remember that it attracts more attention something little ornate but original than many decorative elements together that can get to stun.

Birthday Party Ideas at Park

Your little one can also prepare some original ornaments that he has learned in school, and among the three you can make a homemade and very funny pinata. Take a cardboard box and cut it out so that your child can draw on it, for example, to his favorite cartoon. Then, remember to put sweets and candies of all flavors so you can enjoy it with your friends. You will love it!


Let’s eat! Do not worry if there are no tables in the area of ​​the park that you have chosen; it will be enough to carry a folding table or use a park bench to place all the food.

Birthday Party Ideas at Park

But what are the best options? It seems complicated, but it isn’t. It will be enough with the preparation of sandwiches and sandwiches for the kids and some typical dishes such as tortillas or croquettes for the elderly. Also, you can buy a few bags of nuts and potatoes for the previous pecking.

Before the big dessert, you can offer plastic trays with different sliced ​​fruits. And the cake? Of course. Something as essential as the cake cannot be missing on your child’s birthday. Also, you can prepare some original bags with sweets or cookies at home to distribute to the other kids.


If you celebrate the birthday in summer and it is so hot, you can propose to the little ones to have a fun water party with balloons or with guns.

Birthday Party Ideas at Park

Surely both children and adults will have a great time. But quiet, there are thousands of games that you can organize at other times of the year to have a fun time. Sack races or the handkerchief game will be the perfect excuse for the little ones not to stop playing.

At the end of the birthday, it is essential to collect everything and deposit everything in its corresponding container. Respecting green areas is the main task.

Are you thinking of celebrating a birthday in a park? It is a great choice! If you do not know how to plan the party, take a look at the post because you will discover the complete guide to help you prepare that birthday party in the dream park that will draw a huge smile on your child’s face.

We tell you from the permits you need to how to decorate the space or what food to prepare. You’ll be able to find lots of tips, photos and birthday ideas in a park!

Why Prepare a Birthday Party in the Park?

One of the unique celebrations in a child’s life is his birthday. They wait with tremendous emotion this day throughout a whole year, and our greatest wish as parents is to see their little face of happiness after blowing the candles.

Therefore, we take the task of preparing your birthday party very seriously. We want it to be unique and unforgettable for our children.

The first task is to choose the perfect place for the party. The most common options are usually the toy libraries, playgrounds, or the child’s own house. All of them are successful; in the end, every dad and every mom decides based on their needs and preferences.

The truth is that it is a great and amusing idea. Also, parks are areas that can give a lot of play to organize a great birthday. These are the four tips that we recommend you keep in mind.

One of the alternatives that are gaining more and more strength, especially in summer when good weather reigns, is to celebrate a birthday in a park.

Advantages of Celebrating a Birthday in a Park

Among the strengths of making the party outdoors, we can highlight 4. Here we go!

  • Fun surrounded by nature: The parks are perfect to be with the smallest of the house. Surely you have spent many afternoons in them. There, the girls and boys run around, play and feel free while breathing fresh air surrounded by vegetation (which is already difficult to see in many large cities) and recharge batteries with the energy of the sun.
  • Quick organization: A birthday party in a park can be effortless to prepare. The most important thing is fun, as well as a snack. You can use the park snacks in case you have them. Therefore, you will save having to move a table or board with chairs. Another solution is the picnic snack (then we’ll tell you more ;-)).
  • Safe area for children: In general, the parks and children’s areas of towns and cities are usually properly marked and include some security measure to prevent children from going out to the street quickly. In this way, they can run and play freely without risk or danger. You can also have them controlled at a glance. Remember that security is essential.
  • Cost savings: Choosing a public enclosure to celebrate a children’s birthday can help you have to hire private spaces such as toy libraries or sports centers. This saving will revert in your pocket, or you can allocate that budget to other topics such as decoration or entertainment.

As you can see, the idea of ​​having an outdoor party is exciting. Do you want to know how to organize a birthday in a park?

Keep reading!

Is It Necessary to Ask Permission to Celebrate Birthdays in Parks?

Before holding a children’s party in a public park, you need to be sure that you have permission to do so. As a general rule, a birthday can be celebrated in a public park. However, regarding whether it is necessary to request permission, we must take into account the particular regulations of each municipality.

The parks and gardens are the responsibility of the town hall of each locality, and it is he who dictates the legislation in this regard since there is no general norm at the national level that regulates the celebration of birthdays in public parks.

In many municipalities, it will not be necessary to request authorization for the party. This is the case of Madrid, a city that today allows you to celebrate a birthday in a municipal park, such as Retiro Park.

However, cities like Barcelona do require permission to celebrate birthdays in parks as announced in their Municipal Ordinances.

For all this, we advise you that, unless you are clear that in your city it is allowed to organize birthdays in parks without authorization, you go to the competent authority of your locality (town hall) and expose your needs to indicate the process to follow and give their approval.

We recommend that you inform yourself at least two weeks in advance. In case you have to submit an instance, it may take days until it is approved. You know that the issue of bureaucracy usually takes time.

Of course, you should always respect the street furniture and not damage the green areas. On the other hand, you must ensure that the space you have used for the party is clean and free of any waste (plastics, decoration…).

Citizenship is a significant value. Put it into practice, and the little ones will learn from you.

How to Request Permission to Celebrate Birthdays in Parks

The procedure is simple. Go to the city ​​council of your city and present an instance before the municipal registry. This document must contain at least the following information: day and time of the party (start and end), number of attendees, and description of the celebration to be carried out. If you need any more, the municipal employees will inform you.

Usually, the permission granted by the city council to use a public park on a birthday is free although you do not rule out that you have to pay a fee for the administrative process, although it is not usual.

As soon as the competent authority of the OK, the authorization will be communicated to you, and they will give you the instructions and the regulations to follow.

How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Park?

The first step in planning an outdoor birthday is to decide what the garden area or the chosen park will be. Most likely, you know a few in your city, and you are already clear about the one that would be most appropriate for the event.

If you live in a large municipality, you can do a quick search on Google Maps. Carry out this task well in advance. If you do not know space make a previous visit to verify that it meets all the conditions, in addition to requesting the corresponding permission to celebrate a birthday in a park if necessary.

When choosing the park, you must take into account two important aspects:

  • The means at your disposal: some gardens have picnic boxes, kiosks or picnic areas for lunch, snacks or the like. Instead, other parks do not have these areas. In the latter case, it will be you who has to arrange the snack area.
  • Shaded spaces: Normally, parks and gardens have green areas in the shade. This is something fundamental if you are going to celebrate the birthday in a park in summer and central hours of the day since the sun can cause severe damage in the little heads of the kids. Make sure that the park you have to choose has shaded areas.

What Decoration Do I Need for a Birthday in a Park?

How to decorate a park for a children’s party is something that worries parents and mothers who have decided to opt for these spaces to make the celebration. The truth is that if you choose to celebrate a birthday in a park, you will have a beautiful environment for yourself.

Despite this,  we advise you to give more fun and colorful touch to the party by betting on a cool decoration. Garlands, pennants, balloons, signs, wicker baskets or baskets, blankets, wooden boxes, or a tablecloth with the design are some ideas.

The important thing is how you want the party to be and even if you’re going to make a thematic birthday (pirate, princesses, animals) to acquire the decoration that best suits the idea.

Regarding the table, you can place a board with chairs or not. How about a  picnic birthday with blankets on the floor and everyone sitting down eating? Children surely love it. It will be like hiking!

Here we leave you a few birthday photos in a park that we have selected for you. Come in and get inspired!

What Food to Offer for an Outdoor Children’s Birthday?

First of all, what would a birthday party be without cake! Getting a delicious cake should top your list of tasks when you get ready to organize a birthday in a park. Once you take care of it, you have to prepare the rest of the menu that you are going to offer to the kids.

We are going to give you a few suggestions to prepare a tasty, delicious and healthy feast for the birthday in your little one’s park.

You can opt for a lot of different ideas. Our advice is to bet on healthy and healthy foods. Among them are lifelong snacks that you can fill with ham, cheese, pate, sausage

On the other hand, you can also arrange some dishes with nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts that have a lot of properties. But beware! Keep in mind that, if the party is designed for children under 5-6 years, you should forget about the nuts. And find out before there is no small allergy that may have a scare with them.

Fruit and Sweet Touch to Celebrate a Birthday in a Very Healthy Park

Have you thought about offering fruit? If you present it to the little ones in a new and original form (on skewers, creating drawings on the plate, small pieces in striking bowls), you will arouse their interest, and surely they will try it. You can opt for a lot of options: strawberries, cherries, banana, apple, kiwi, watermelon, melon choose to depend on the season!

Chocolate and hazelnut cream sandwiches are also a classic in your birthday, and although it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, there may also be room for a little treat on that particular day.

Some people also decide to give some sweets to the party. As we have said, the day is a day. Our advice is that you put them insight once the children have already taken the snack to avoid temptations and that healthy food is left on the table.

How to Entertain Children on a Birthday in a Park?

We wanted to leave this last tip to organize a birthday in a park for considering it the most important.

There is a phrase that says: ” Children will not remind you of what you did or what you said, but what you made them feel .”

You can put the best snack in the world or choose the best park in the city to celebrate the party. However, what will make that birthday unforgettable will be the emotion that has awakened in each child. Therefore, animation should be the strong point of the celebration.

6 Games for a Birthday in the Park

  • Treasure hunt: Hide one or more treasures taking advantage of the natural space in which you find yourself and draw a map with clues (written if the children already read or with drawings if they have not yet learned to read) for the little ones to find them. They can participate alone or in groups if they are many friends.
  • Water war: You could opt for the classic battle of water balloons, but this idea will mean that you have to collect all the plastic remains that are left on the floor when the party ends, and it can be a real madness. A better option is to give each child a water gun (in the bazaars you can find them for just over a euro) and soak them to your liking. Eye! See that the park has a source to reload the weapon.
  • Rain of bubbles: Get some papers and up the bubbles!
  • Three classic games to entertain during the birthday in the park. On the one hand, limbo is a game that never goes out of style, huh? Just a broomstick and have the kids go under. Stretching the rope or handkerchief are other fun alternatives.

Another Option: Children’s Entertainers for a Party in the Park of 10

How can you make sure that day will be 10? Making fun the strong point of the party.

Children’s animators are the great teachers in this regard. They are trained and trained professionals to entertain the little ones in the house. There are children’s entertainers such as clowns, storytellers or puppeteers, among others, who move to the park you have chosen to offer their shows.

If you don’t know where to find them, stop by our directory specializing in children’s parties and check out all the options available to you.

With all these types and how to have a birthday party at a park will be very easy. Also, the success of the party is assured. Are you going to celebrate a birthday in a park? What ideas would you add to this list? See you in the comments area!

And now, enjoy birthday!