Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

The best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas: The birthday of a son or daughter is a special holiday that all parents strive to make memorable, magical, incendiary, bright, and want to fill it with a firework of positive emotions! 12-17 years old is the most difficult age period.

Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas at Home

At this time, girls and boys are no longer babies, which can be pleased with a team of animated clowns, but also not adults. How to celebrate a teenager’s birthday? How not to turn it into boring “gatherings” for numerous relatives? How to organize a colorful and unforgettable surprise for the hero of the occasion and his friends?

Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Where to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday?

In recent years, new, unexpected options have appeared that make it enjoyable to celebrate an important date for any teenager. When planning to celebrate a birthday, remember: the most important thing is that this event is remembered for its positive emotions.

It is worth listening to the opinion of the daughter, the son, and not depriving your beloved children of the opportunity to hold it the way you want.

Young people prefer to relax actively; therefore, the priority is the format in which the “adult” pastime and children’s pranks are organically combined: bowling, scooter, karaoke, water parks, laser paintball, entertainment centers, clubs, discos.

Do not forget that for a teenager, the criterion for a successful event, as a rule, is rave reviews from invited friends.

When planning to arrange a colorful holiday for a girl or boy, you can, of course, turn to event-industry professionals for help, but most parents are looking for more budget-friendly ways.

Inexpensive Ideas

A good option for everyone whose holiday falls on the warm season – a picnic in the country or nature. His entertainment program can be extremely diverse.

In addition to outdoor games, competitions, relay races, the program can include walking, songs with a guitar, gatherings around a fire. No one will be bored!

As a treat in marching conditions, “with a bang!” Shish kebabs will go, any food cooked on the grill.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Do not forget to decorate the territory with balloons. A significant plus here is the possibility of unobtrusive control of minors.

An event in the country, in nature, as a rule, does not involve high financial costs and corresponds to the preferences of adolescents. Did the festive event coincide with warm summers and great weather outside?

Stock up on sports equipment for active games (badminton rackets, volleyball, darts) and go on a picnic. In nature, nothing will prevent you from plunging into the world of joy with the birthday man and his friends.

Amusement Park

To get a dose of adrenaline, to have fun, shout from the heart, to make the celebration memorable and vivid, you can plan to celebrate a holiday in an amusement park.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

It is good to combine such entertainments with a photoshoot since in many city parks there are lots of picturesque corners, beautifully arranged photo zones.

Karaoke Club

Name days in a karaoke club – a win-win solution for any teenage company. Most teenagers love to sing and dance to their favorite tunes.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Therefore, if you have not yet decided where to celebrate the birthday of a teenager, remember about karaoke clubs.

A well-equipped stage, professional sound equipment, a cozy atmosphere will allow each of the participants in the action to relax, feel like a superstar – a real conqueror of the stage!

Cool Laser Tag

Laser tag is available to everyone today. He was loved by representatives of both sexes for the drive, for the excitement, for the competitive spirit. To participate in the game – it takes place in a special room – any number of players can.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Before the start of the battle, everyone receives laser blasters and puts on vests. The rules are elementary: a fighter is considered to be wounded if the sensors mounted on the equipment detect the hit of the beam.

This is a fascinating, fascinating pastime that requires ingenuity and dexterity. It is suitable to celebrate the birthday of a teenager of different ages (from 11 years and older). Emotions at such events are just off the scale, and good impressions remain for a long time.


Skating (traditional or roller) is a great option and not only for snowy winter evenings but also for hot summer days. If someone does not know-how, it’s not scary.

Rollerdromes are today in many, including in small cities. Here, young people will receive not only a lot of unforgettable emotions but also, with the help of an instructor, they will master the necessary skills: maneuvering, braking. After skiing, go home (or to the nearest cafe) to drink tea with cakes.


Is it possible to celebrate a teenager’s birthday so that the memories of this event are preserved for life? One option is to celebrate it, flying in the clouds!

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Traveling in a balloon will give the hero of the occasion and his friends a sea of ​​emotions, an indescribable feeling of flying, altitude, drive. It allows you to admire breathtaking landscapes, enjoy magnificent views from a height.


Most girls will be delighted with professional photography with their closest friends in a photo studio. For young ladies, this is an opportunity to feel like a real model!


Anyone for whom the question is relevant, how to celebrate a teenager’s birthday, will be interested to know that many bowling clubs today are preparing special entertainment programs and provide good birthday discounts.

Bowling is a gambling and fun game that appealed to millions of teenagers. The bowling event will turn out not only emotional and dynamic but also filled with sports excitement.

You only need to book the tracks in advance (they must be adjacent). Playing 3-4 people on one track is considered quite comfortable.

For example, if the company has 12 people, order three tracks. Garlands and bouquets of balloons tied to a ball rolling system, to a table, will be appropriate as decorations. And do not forget to warn friends of the daughter (son) of the need for comfortable clothing.

Regarding the treat, then to set a chic table in bowling is useless. Simple treats are suitable: light desserts, fruits, sweets, sandwiches, sushi, etc.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Is it worth adults to attend the holiday – another important question for parents, which raises along with the dilemma, where and how to celebrate a teenager’s birthday unusually?

It is better for teenagers over 13 to provide a space for communication. In the presence of their parents, they will be shy, and their joy will be significantly limited. Thus, it doesn’t matter where you decide to celebrate this event; the main thing is joy, positive, and other emotions, which later turn into pleasant memories for life.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday?

Celebrate a teenager’s birthday so that “both the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe”? Such a problematic task confronts parents of 13-16-year-old children. After all, these are no longer clumsy kids, but also not quite adult boys and girls. What is the best way to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

When planning a teen birthday party, it is very important to have creative ideas to suit their tastes and styles. If you are planning one, the options are many. From, we show you ideas for original birthday parties for teenagers so that you take risks and hit the spot. You already know that they become more complicated at these ages, and it can be a bit difficult to get it right. So leave the headaches aside and let yourself be carried away by these alternatives that will surely interest you.

Host a Theme Party

One of the best ideas for celebrating teenage birthdays is to throw a themed party. Indeed, theme parties are all the rage, and young people are crazy about celebrating a party in style disguised as something fun and innovative.

If you do not know your child’s concerns and those of their friends, the most logical thing is that you inform yourself about the topics they like the most and create an ideal environment that knows how to recreate the theme in question.

You just have to adopt a decoration according to your budget that leaves every one of stone and makes music and food also refer to the party’s content.

Before launching the menu, show it to your child to check if it’s okay or if any changes need to be made and get down to business. Without a doubt, it is an ideal option if you want to organize a party on a budget.

Fun Outings Away From Home

Another of the original birthday party ideas for teenagers is to have a party away from home. If you don’t want to throw a big party and prefer not to eat too much head, a good plan is to take them bowling. Ideally, they can order some pizzas and soft drinks to have a snack while having a great time.

And whoever says they play bowling, says they take them to the movies to see an adventure or science fiction movie or even hire an outdoor activity like a game of paintball, Bubble Soccer or Yellow Humor. Perhaps it is best to adopt several of these alternatives to make the day complete.

Go Camping

Your child may love adventures and will be dying to go camping with friends. This is the perfect excuse to make your dream come true.

Among the ideas for original birthday parties for teenagers, there is no doubt that this is one of the best options. They will not only learn new things and have very rewarding experiences, but they will also gain independence and autonomy.

You don’t have to complicate your life too much. Ask your child if he would be interested and if so, choose the camp that you like the most. The best thing is to opt for a place that is not too far from home in case any eventuality occurs, and you must pick it up ahead of time.

Go Shopping With the Family

And if you are looking for original birthday parties’ ideas, nothing better than doing something you always like: go shopping! If your child likes to go shopping as you do, this may be the right option. It is possible that his party’s budget can be spent on a day of shopping and that he prefers to do it that way. Also, if organizing events is not your thing, this idea may be the most suitable for both of you.

Don’t forget to take him to his favorite stores so he can choose various gifts and go to a cool restaurant or place to eat. Let me decide the place and the day will be perfect. To top off the evening, when you get home, treat him or her with a cake and sing Happy Birthday for him to get a big surprise.

The Classic Pajama Party

Who has not ever had the famous pajama party with their friends? Do not forget that these types of meetings are usually carried out between girls. It is a very authentic option for you to spend a perfect night with your best friends. You don’t have to organize too many things, just invite your friends and let them call a pizzeria or similar to order their favorite dinner.

In addition to telling their most intimate secrets and laughing like never before, they can watch a movie and eat popcorn. The good thing about this plan is comfort and security. They will be at home without going out, in pajamas and doing what they like the most. It is a classic in teenage birthdays, do you sign up?

Host a Private Party

If you have the right budget, maybe you can hire someone and throw the best party of their life. This is one of the original birthday party ideas for teenagers that could not be missing from this list. 

Organizing a private party takes a long time, not only do you have to rent the perfect space but also order the food and send the invitations. That is why it is better to have the help of a professional who is used to organizing this type of event without having to lift a single finger. There is no doubt that you will become the coolest parents.

Friends and family members can also come to this private party to kill two birds with one stone and for the whole family to get together and spend an unforgettable day.

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Why is Celebrating a Teenager’s Birthday Always So Difficult?

It is challenging to convince a teenager to choose a scenario for celebrating his birthday. Usually, preparation for an event looks like a continuous chain of puzzling problems that require immediate resolution.

Teenagers tend to grow up quickly, become older, so entertainment programs with clowns and pirates often seem to them “baby talk.” However, the “adult” holiday program is also not unusual for them, because, in some respects, they are still children.

Also, in adolescence, it is especially crucial for the child what his friends think about him, so often, the teenager’s pleasure from the holiday is measured in the number of admired guest reviews.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Important! When deciding how to celebrate a teenager’s birthday, you can be sure of only one thing: he wants this day to be something fundamentally different from what he already had in his life. For him, this is not just a holiday, but the beginning of some new stage in life, the expansion of his capabilities.

1. Stay at Home or Go Somewhere?

So, which is better – to celebrate a birthday at home, or to go somewhere? To make the right decision, you need to weigh several factors:

  • preferences and hobbies of the birthday man himself
  • Season
  • expected weather
  • estimated holiday budget
  • number and composition of invitees, their features and favorites
  • physiological characteristics of adolescents – the need to throw out energy in motion, dancing, outdoor games, competitions
  • age-related need for adolescents to make as much noise as possible – to shout for themselves and listen to loud music
  • the amount of free time you can devote to preparing the holiday
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

It’s impossible to say in advance exactly which version of the holiday is preferable for you. It all depends on your specific situation.

But if you, thinking over the program for a teenager’s birthday, will not be guided by how it is “customary” to conduct it, and not by how you held it in your childhood. You will most likely get a perfect holiday, and this teenager will remember the day for a long time.

How to Treat Guests if You Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday at Home?

A teenager’s birthday can be ideally celebrated at home. Only one condition: you don’t need to turn a birthday into a “partying” with several meal changes.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

At the feast should dwell in more detail. For ensuring that the birthday party and guests are not “languid” and tired of plentiful food, it is best to organize a buffet or buffet. Serve snacks on comfortable skewers, various sandwiches, pies, cookies with surprises, a lot of soft drinks to this table.

The food is simple but satisfying. It is excellent if there is a lot of fruit on the table. You can also cook one – but only really one – a simple “signature” dish. However, remember that adolescents have an excellent appetite, which means that the food on your buffet should not only be varied and beautiful – it should just be a lot.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

And at the end of the feast – of course, a cake with candles, because no matter what the teens say, in their heart, they are all the same little children who love sweets and surprises.

On a note! When developing the menu, do not forget that for a long time sitting at the table, decently using cutlery, teenagers are not interested.

Most likely, a fun company will prefer to return to food several times between other things, or even sit with pieces somewhere on a sofa or balcony. Do not cook dishes that can cool, sour, or stain furniture – so you save your nerves and do not ruin the holiday.

How to Make a Home Holiday Exciting and Original?

The choice of the script for celebrating a teenager’s birthday largely depends not only on the financial capabilities of the parents but also on the tastes and preferences of the birthday man and the entire invited company.

Of course, in any case, there will be a lot of music, noise, running around and dancing. But this is still not enough to make the holiday unforgettable.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas


The feast must be “diluted” with fun, moderately “adult” contests. Think and prepare them in advance. Choosing contests for the holiday is necessary along with the birthday person – everyone has a different character and interests, so only the teenager himself will be able to decide whether the contests you like will go for his company. And do not forget that the winners of the contests rely on prizes.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas


Playing various games is a pleasure for any age, although the games are different. Teenagers often like intellectual games with elements of competition.

However, it is still much more likely that they will be carried away by games that require movement and noise – for example, cinema pantomime, impromptu theater, a candle, recognizers, dances with an orange, and the like.

A team quest such as “find a treasure” is usually well-received. But no matter what games you choose for a teenage party, remember that they should be attractive to all guests and should not offend anyone.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Theme Parties

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to celebrate a birthday with a party on a predetermined topic. The success of such a holiday is determined, of course, by its organization. The theme of the party should be enjoyable for everyone invited.

Guests should have enough time to prepare for the party. Usually, cosplay happens on such holidays, so you need to have a certain supply of thematic elements of clothing for guests who have not had time to prepare their costumes. Games, contests, and menus for the theme parties are also selected very carefully.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Choosing a theme for such a party is a separate issue. Attempts to persuade adolescents to “fabulous” themes usually fail, even if they are interested in fairy tales – you need to demonstrate your “maturity.”

It is much better if the topic is related to any film or computer game; the main thing here is that they are familiar to everyone in the company. Girls may like a “fashion show” or “cat party.”

Boys may like “wild west,” any teenagers like vampire theme parties, fruit (orange, banana, etc.), color (black and white, red and etc.), sometimes – geographical (Japanese, Indian, American, Russian, or just sea, cave, mountain, etc.). And naturally, the birthday person should play the central role in the holiday.

On a note! Whatever games and contests you play, you can be sure of one thing: teenagers have such irrepressible energy that they can smash an apartment to smithereens and not even notice it.

Therefore, when preparing to celebrate a birthday at home, immediately identify the places where a fun company will have fun and where it is undesirable to enter. Of course, this must be done together with the birthday man and in a courteous manner.

Where Can I Go to Celebrate the Birthday of a Teenager?

Celebrating a teenager’s birthday outside the house is both easier and harder than in his apartment. On the one hand, you don’t need to cook anything, you don’t have to think about a big cleaning after the holiday.

It’s easier to organize entertainment, and in general, you can invite presenters with a ready-made birthday script. But on the other hand, such an event, firstly, can turn out to be very difficult for the family budget.

Secondly, it assumes your responsibility for all the minor guests whom you invite to the holiday.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

If funds allow, and you are sure that adults will be enough for the holiday so that nothing happens with your teenager’s guests, you can choose from several options.

  • Teenager’s birthday can be entertaining to celebrate at the water park, at the roller drome, climbing the wall or ride a quad bike. The main advantage of the celebration is that the birthday man and his guests have somewhere to “turn around.” You can run from the heart, jump, shout – to break away from the soul.
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
  • Just sitting in a cafe is a standard but boring option for teens. Usually, it is combined with a visit to a bowling club, movie theater, or entertainment center.
  • Many teenagers will surely enjoy playing “shooting games” – paintball, laser tag, quasar.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

  • A teenage girl can be pleased by arranging in her honor a professional photoshoot or shooting a “movie” – she can feel like a real singer, model, or actress.
  • Perhaps the teenager and his friends are united by some common hobby, for example, cycling. Then organize a camping trip to some beautiful and unusual place – a great option.
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
  • Another great option is a birthday at the equestrian club. Usually, there are sledding or carriage rides, depending on the time of year, and you can always ride ponies and horses.
  • If summer is outside, you can celebrate the birthday of a teenager by having a picnic in the forest, on the lake, in the country. It’s important not to forget, along with snacks and barbecue, to grab another ball or set for badminton.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

  • There are exciting holidays where teenagers are offered a live quest: participants must play a specific plot and solve a series of puzzles while visiting several sites in the city. To organize a live quest, you need to contact specialized agencies, because the success of the event depends primarily on the professionalism of the presenters.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

  • And finally, you can always order a theme holiday show with professional presenters at the agency, which is held either in a cafe, in a particular club, or on a rented water bus.
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Important! When deciding where exactly you will celebrate a teenager’s birthday, try not to repeat. Even if your teenager and his friends like

For example, bowling, it is unlikely to please him if he will celebrate his holiday there several times in a row. Anyone’s birthday is formed for something new, but for teenagers, it’s not just a joy – it is a need to enter “adult life” and get what “yesterday it was impossible, but now it’s possible.”

Is Alcohol Necessary for a Teenager’s Birthday?

This is an extremely delicate problem, and it has no standard solution for everyone. On the one hand, adolescents are certainly too early to drink alcohol.

However, the “forbidden fruit” is especially attractive to them. Therefore a birthday man and guests can easily get drunk a cheap “port” somewhere around the corner, thus marking his “growing up,” and you can hardly prevent this.

Therefore, each parent will have to decide for himself, given the attitudes and traditions of his family.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

In any case, if you nevertheless decide to serve alcohol to the table on the birthday of a teenager 15-16 years old, you will be sure at least how much it was drunk and what quality it was, and the birthday boy will have no feeling, that you don’t trust him. But the choice of alcohol should be taken as responsibly as possible.

Of course, there should not be strong drinks on the table. Carbonated alcoholic cocktails are generally not an option. Firstly, they are usually extremely harmful.

Secondly, adolescents subjectively do not feel intoxication from such cocktails (they are too “similar to lemonade”), and therefore try to drink as much as possible. Perhaps a small amount of good wine can help.

Should Relatives Be Invited to a Teenager’s Birthday?

Should adults celebrate a teenager’s birthday with friends? Often, parents invite their “adult” company to the teenager’s birthday.

Grandparents, uncles and aunts, other relatives and friends of the family gather to admire the birthday man and congratulate his happy parents.

Of course, parents have the right to share their joy with these close people, but the teenager himself considers, as a rule, that sitting at home with his family is childish and annoying, and he is right in some ways.

Indeed, for all the relatives present, he remains a child. After congratulations, completely adult talks begin that are of no interest to the teenager, during which he plays only the role of decoration.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

If you cannot refuse a family celebration with relatives – divide the company. Let the teenager accept the congratulations of adults, but his main holiday will still be separate, with a group of friends. Best of all, if these two events are generally possible to be held not on the same day, but different ones.

First, it is your teenager’s birthday. Well, the next day or next weekend – family gatherings with relatives. It is unlikely that the teenager will refuse to extend his holiday for another day, but the solemn family feast, in this case, will not seem so burdensome to him.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Important! Preparing for a teenager’s birthday is best done with him unless it’s a surprise party. Together with the teenager, one should discuss the celebration options, offer him successful contests and entertainments, according to the parents.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

If you plan a trip to the entertainment center, you should make an order in advance. But still, leave space for a little surprise. Let there be some pleasant surprises for your teenager in the holiday program, about which he will not know in advance.

A teenager’s birthday is, first of all, not different chores, but a holiday with a capital letter. Let this holiday become the most beloved and unforgettable for your teenager!

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas


And what problems did you have to solve when celebrating the birthday of a teenager? Tell us how you dealt with them.