33 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Aunt of 2022

The best birthday gift ideas for aunt: What gift to give to an aunt on her birthday: A huge list of birthday gift ideas for aunt and options that you can give aunt. How to make the best gift from nephews, Examples, and Congratulations.

Gifts are an exciting and pleasant thing not only for those who receive them but also for those who give them. Especially when it comes to the birthday of relatives, friends and close relatives, it is so nice to see joy and surprise in the eyes of the birthday person when he receives something special as a gift.

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Aunt on Her Birthday

Among close relatives, one can distinguish an aunt – the sister of mom or dad. This is a native person who often was nearby, paid attention to you, and actively participated in your life. If your aunt will soon become a birthday girl, it’s time to think about what to give her on this special day for her.

33 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Aunt of 2022

In this article, you will learn how to give your aunt a birthday gift from a niece or nephew. With the help of tips and tricks presented below, you will find a practical, interesting, original, and just a beautiful birthday gift to aunty. You will also learn what kind of gift you can do with your own hands, and what things are best to refuse from giving.

Ideas To Give Your Beloved Aunt a Birthday Gift

There are many options for giving your beloved aunt a birthday, and the main task is to choose something really worthwhile from the huge assortment. List of best birthday gifts ideas for aunt from a nephew or niece:

birthday gift to aunty

Wallet or Women’s Purse

Wallet, cardholder, or women’s purse made of genuine leather. A win-win gift option is an item directly related to a woman’s hobbies.

Warm Blanket Made of Wool

Warm blanket made of wool, fleece, or microfiber can be a great birthday gift ideas for aunt for regular or plaid with sleeves.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a wonderful piece of furniture, and the aunt doesn’t need to be elderly for this gift.


A camera with instant printing or a video camera for taking memorable moments from life.

Equipment for Hair Care

Hairdryer, hair straightener, hair straightener, and other hair care equipment. Good birthday presents for auntie from a niece for a young aunt. Suitable for a birthday of 30 years or older. Women, at any age, want to look stunning. This can be a hairdryer, crimper tongs, a curling iron with a temperature regulator, a straightening iron for hair, or electric curlers.

30th Birthday Gifts for Auntie: What to Give Aunt for 30-35 Years

30th Birthday Gifts for Auntie

At this age, the aunt is still young – she has many plans for life; she wants to learn new things and strive to learn the world. Or maybe she already took place in life, found a favorite job, or raising children. In any case, she will like the following 30th birthday gifts for auntie and older:

Luminous Alarm Clock

A great thing for people who don’t like to wake up in the morning. With such an alarm clock, the awakening will be soft – the device simulates the dawn, gradually increasing the volume of your favorite melody or reproducing pleasant sounds – birds singing, the sound of sea waves.

Fitness Bracelet

The best Birthday present for aunt 30 or 35 years old. This is a small device that is worn on the hand, measures the pulse, counts steps, and also shows time and even weather. With a fitness bracelet, you can monitor your health even for those who are not involved in sports.

Casket for Storing Jewelry

Every young woman wants to look her best – they buy a huge amount of cosmetics and jewelry, but not everyone has a place to put it neatly. Give your aunt a drawer for cosmetics, a box, or a figurine for jewelry so that she can properly organize the space.

Unforgettable 40th Birthday Gifts for Aunt for 40-45 Years

At the age of 40-45 years, the aunt is in the prime of life – she has already decided what she wants and achieved this. When choosing 40th birthday gifts for aunt your aunt at this age, pay attention to the following ideas:

40th Birthday Gifts for Aunt

Flower Pot

Many women like to care for flowers, especially if it is some unusual plant. Make your aunt a lovely 40th birthday gifts for auntie – a beautiful flower in a pot with an unusual pattern. What flowers can be given to a birthday girl: orchid, cyclamen, azalea, citrofortunella, and even a palm tree – it all depends on your imagination.

Travel Kit

It usually includes a comfortable pillow for the neck, a mask for sleeping and earplugs, as well as a convenient bag for bath accessories. Actually, if your aunt travels frequently or is on business trips – in this case, the set will be useful to her.

Thermos or Thermo Mug

A surprise for those who like to enjoy hot drinks for a long time. You can engrave a gift or choose your own individual design. You can also buy a mug with heating from USB – such a gift will be useful if an aunt drives a car.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Aunt: What to Give to Your Aunt for 50 or 55 Years

The 50th Birthday is an important date in the life of every person. This means, and the gift should be special – original and memorable. Best 50th birthday gift ideas for aunt for giving your aunt an anniversary of 50 or 55 years:

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Aunt

Picture for Interior Decoration

This may be a reproduction of the work of a famous artist or a picture painted by the pen of our contemporary. Alternatively, you can print the image of your aunt’s favorite place and put it in a beautiful frame. Another idea: order a portrait of the aunt from a professional artist.


If you do not know what to give your aunt a birthday for 50 years, pay attention to this little thing. Does the birthday girl have a summer residence? Present a hammock that can be placed between trees, if there is no summer house – buy a hammock for legs. There is nothing more important than rest, and this gift will fully help your beloved aunt to relax.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner or Electric Mop

A wonderful birthday gift for my aunt from my beloved nephews fon her 50 year birthday. These things will help the birthday girl to clean the house – it’s not difficult, just connect a modern device and teach her aunt how to use it. The robot vacuum cleaner will be cleaned independently, and with an electric mop, it is enough to take a few steps – and the floor in the apartment will shine clean.

List of the Best Birthday Gifts for Aunt for 60-65 Years

The ages of 60 and 65 are a calm time when an aunt is already retiring, talking more with children, and babysitting with her grandchildren.

Birthday Gifts for Aunt for 60

Usually, for this special anniversary, it is customary to arrange a major celebration, and your task is to give an excellent and original gift to your aunt. List of best birthday gifts ideas for aunt at the age of 60th:

Massage Chair

Not all grandmothers over 60 experience health problems, but even in this case, you can buy a massage chair as a preventative measure. Such a gift will relieve back pain, strengthen muscles, and allow the body to relax after a hard day. You can purchase a transformer chair or a model with several modes.

Portable Radio

Portable) radio – a wonderful birthday presents for an auntie who loves music. The birthday girl will be able to use the gift at home, on trips, or in the country. You can also give a special waterproof radio for the shower or a full-fledged music center, made in a modern or retro style.

Genealogy Book

Genealogy book, A wonderful keepsake from a nephew or niece for 60 years. Buy a gorgeous hardcover book, start filling it, or just print all the necessary photos to fill out the gift along with the hero of the occasion.

Best 70th Birthday Gift for Aunt or Older

Behind – a whole life full of happy events, ahead – a calm, carefree old age. For a birthday at this age, it is important to surround the aunt with love and care.

70th Birthday Gift for Aunt

Ideas of the 70th birthday gift for aunt for giving your native aunt an anniversary of 70 years and more:


The device will help maintain the necessary humidity in the room, normalize the microclimate, and facilitate cleaning. If the aunt has plants or animals, the humidifier will also positively affect them – cats and dogs are prone to overheating, and plants need good humidity.

Floor or Table Bio Fireplace

An excellent gift for an aunt for 80 years. Many older people feel the need for warmth, and a bio fireplace is an excellent opportunity to meet this need and decorate the interior. Such a device does not require special care and does not emit harmful gases to the body during combustion.

 Electric Samovar

You can give an aunt to a samovar, but not a simple one, but a modern one, powered by electricity. A similar device completely replaces the kettle. The water in it heats up quickly and remains hot for a long time. Almost all models have several temperature modes. You can also choose a pattern and color for every taste.

A Couple of Interesting Birthday Presents for Auntie on Her Birthday

What associations with the word “aunt” do you have? Is it a kind, sweet woman who will help and support in any situation or a strict, restrained person? All people are completely different. Each person has his own character, as well as hobbies and hobbies. You can choose a gift based on this information. List of best birthday gifts ideas for aunt depending on the birthday girl’s hobbies:

An aunt who likes to cook can give a gorgeous cookbook with recipes for professional chefs from around the world.

Knitting Items

The handywoman of all trades will have a way for embroidery, knitting, macrame, or felting toys. You can also give a selection of patterns for knitting, magazines for cutting, and sewing. Choose birthday gift for aunt, depending on what your aunt likes best.

Painting Items

The artist can be presented with a set of exclusive oil paints, as well as high-quality paintbrushes, a sketchbook with different types of paper, as well as a tablet for painting with sand or water.

Musical Instruments

If your aunt is fond of music or has long dreamed about it, give her a tutorial on playing the desired instrument. You can also give a practical accessory – pick, strings, case.

Gift For Her Car

If the birthday girl has a car, buy car seat covers, a soft nozzle on the steering wheel, a special stand for the phone, floor mats, or a pendant for decorating the interior.

Garden Furniture

Present the inveterate summer cottage garden furniture (table and chairs, a tent), a gazebo or a greenhouse, a barbecue, a modern irrigation system for the garden, or an exotic plant seedling.

Another important detail that should be considered when choosing a gift is who the donor is. For example, things that a girl can give to a woman will look awkward or even unacceptable if a guy wants to give them, and vice versa.

Birthday Gifts for Aunt From Niece: You Can Give the Following Presents

Your aunt is exactly the same woman as a sister, mother, or grandmother, and she will be pleased to receive from you a touching and gentle gift that will emphasize her femininity.

Ideas for the best birthday gifts for aunt from niece you can give your aunt from your niece:

Set of Organic Cosmetics

To please your beloved aunt, give her new cosmetics, but not decorative, but caring. This can be gentle cleansing milk, shampoo and hair balm, body scrub, thick handmade soap, cream perfume. Such a set will help arrange a spa at home.

Illuminated Makeup Mirror

A wonderful gift for 50 or 55 years old aunt, which is designed for thorough face care and good makeup. The fair sex at any age deserves to be the most beautiful – a lighted mirror will help in this.

You Can give also

  • A Set of Professional Makeup Tools;
  • Small but Roomy Clutch;
  • Holder for Women’s Handbags;
  • A Homely Suit or Satin Bathrobe in Delicate Colors;
  • Manicure and Pedicure Set;
  • Scarf, Scarf, Stole, or Shawl.

Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Aunt From Nephew

Choosing a present in a variety of gift shops and supermarkets, many guys can’t figure out what to give to their beloved aunt so that she will definitely like it.

Here is a list of best aunt’s gift ideas from a nephew:

Digital Photo Frame

A photo frame is a banal birthday gift for aunt from a nephew, but not if it is made in electronic form. You can upload family photos or videos to your gadget. With the help of such a lovely gift from a nephew, aunt will be able to view the most important moments in the life of her family. Also, in the photo frame, you can download a video with personal congratulations from all relatives.

Interior Fountain or Indoor Waterfall

A beautiful decoration of the home interior, which will create an atmosphere of coziness and add aesthetics to the room. If your aunt likes such things, feel free to give a small fountain on a stand or a mini-waterfall that is powered by electricity.

You Can give also

  • headphones, a webcam, a mouse or a mat for her for an aunt who spends a lot of time on the computer;
  • original shelf on the wall;
  • key holder – pocket or wall;
  • high-quality cutting board;
  • gilded rose in a beautiful case;
  • a collection of coffee or tea and gift wrapping;
  • painted bast box for storing trifles.

DIY Gifts for Aunts Birthday

Any aunt who loves her nephews will be very happy with a handmade gift. A homemade birthday present indicates that you have been spending your personal time doing something special for your aunt. If you want to give something inexpensive, but original, pay attention to the following ideas:

If a child needs to make a gift, you can make an original lampshade, a panel, or a greeting card made of paper. Other options: a piece of polymer clay, independently woven bauble.

Beautiful Handmade Soap

You can make it with the help of bases, dyes, flavors, and different curly shapes.

Photo Album

Make a cover using the scrapbooking technique, and put different photos of the birthday girl, family photos, or pictures from her youth (if the aunt is aged) inside the album.

Rug in a Hallway

A carpet in a hallway made of sea pebbles or wine corks is an original DIY gift for Aunt’s birthday.

Organizer for Storing Shoes

A soft organizer for storing shoes and clothes is an excellent gift for aunt from your niece, which can be seen if you know how to do it.

Gift Bag

Big “Kinder Surprise,” filled with Aunt’s favorite sweets. If you can’t find or make an “egg,” put the sweets in a neat box or gift bag.

How to Understand What is Best to Give Aunt a Birthday

Aunt’s birthday is a special day, and any loving nephew or niece wants to make it unforgettable. The following tips will help you figure out which aunt’s birthday present is and how best to do it:

  • If you are giving something for the interior, do not forget to remember in all details the design of the room and its features. Remember that the item you have chosen should be suitable for the general style. Usually, women attach great importance to this. It will be a shame if your gift does not suit my aunt.
  • You can pick up a good gift, even within a limited budget. If you carefully choose a gift, put a piece of your soul in congratulation, and show your warm feelings to your aunt, your gift will be the most desired and original, even if you bought something inexpensive.
  • Not everyone has a close and warm relationship with an aunt that allows you to give a personal gift. If you do not communicate with your aunt very often, and you do not know what she would like to receive for her birthday, consult your parents or family members of the birthday girl.
  • Choose a birthday gifts ideas for the aunt that you understand. If an aunt wants a dishwasher, but you don’t understand anything in household appliances, it’s better to get the help of a person who knows such things. There is a possibility that you will pick up the wrong model or product that does not have the functions that the birthday girl needs.
  • Most women love flowers very much – before making a gift to your aunt, go to the flower shop and pick up a beautiful bouquet of roses, lilies, or gerberas. Aunt will be very glad to your attention, and flowers will complement your gift. By the way, both nephews and niece can give flowers.

Remember: your gift should be for the aunt, not the whole family at once. For example, if an aunt does not like to cook at all or is not ready for culinary experiments, do not give her a sophisticated blender or crepe maker – she will still not use these items.

Tips: How to Choose an Aunt’s Birthday Gift

A gift is a pleasant and exciting thing for the recipient, but a painstaking and difficult task for the donor.

Choosing what to give your aunt for your birthday, use the following tips and tricks – with their help you can choose the perfect present.

  • Listen to what the birthday girl says – maybe in a relaxed conversation, she will tell about her desires and dreams. This can happen involuntarily. This information will come in handy when you choose an aunt’s birthday present.
  • Choose a gift that will be primarily interesting to your aunt. For example, a wonderful and win-win option would be something for her hobbies. For example, a kit for embroidery, knitting, macrame, or a device for caring for plants.
  • If the aunt is young, and her nephews and nieces are still small, you can make a gift with your own hands – for example, draw a picture dedicated to the aunt. Alternatively, you can learn and sing a song – Aunt will be very happy with such a touching gift.
  • Be sure to consider the age of the aunt and the level of your relationship with her, especially if she is much older than you. A woman aged is unlikely to like modern youth accessories, and a young aunt will be upset by a gift that is more suitable for older people.
  • As a complement to the main gift, do not forget to present your beloved aunt with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers – both niece and nephew can give it. What kind of flowers do you give your aunt? For example, bright lilies, gerberas, gladioli, roses, or dahlias.
  • Treat the choice of a gift for an aunt for a birthday, including an anniversary, with all seriousness and responsibility. This is a very exciting and enjoyable process. Try to enjoy it, put all your positive emotions into it, and the recipient will definitely feel it.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That It is Better Not to Give Your Aunt a Birthday

The best gift for the aunt is a thing that is carefully and lovingly selected, depending on the desires and nature of the birthday girl. But not all presentations can boast of such a description. The following birthday gift ideas for aunt should be avoided. Otherwise, the holiday may be ruined:

  • Money: Money is a gift that is not customary to give to people older than you. Also, money is chosen as a presentation when there is not enough imagination to choose any particular presentation.
  • Clothes and shoes: Giving clothes and shoes is not entirely appropriate – you can miscalculate the size, style, and favorite color of the aunt. Perhaps your tastes in clothes do not match, so you do not need to give such gifts.
  • Gifts with a hint: Do not give impressionable women scales, a certificate in the gym, anti-wrinkle cosmetics, and other items with a hint. Many may misunderstand your desire to make a useful gift.
  • Banal souvenirs: Forget about mugs, porcelain figurines, magnets, and other “dust collectors.” It’s better to choose another souvenir, for example, a colorful photo album with family pictures – there will be much more benefit from such a thing.
  • Smoking accessories or alcohol: Even if aunt smokes and drinks alcohol, it is not worth supporting her bad habits, and then it will be easier for her to cope with them. Also, such a gift is more suitable for men.
  • Items from superstition: Superstitious people should not give some items – they are knives, mirrors, watches, and also handkerchiefs. If your aunt believes in such signs, refuse to buy these things.
  • Poor quality equipment: Choose products from trusted manufacturers – this technique will last longer, and your aunt will not have to run around the shops, returning the broken thing.

Congratulations Birthday Wishes to Your Aunt

If you can’t personally congratulate your aunt, you can do it via SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, or using social networks. Even if you are not near, the birthday girl will be pleased to receive pleasant words from her beloved nephew or niece. Greetings for your beloved aunt’s happy birthday:

  •   Dear aunt, I wish you a happy birthday. Let harmony and mutual understanding reign in your home, and outside it, you have always been lucky.
  •   I wish that you never get tired, do not lose heart, that vigor and strength do not end, and happiness flowed like water! Be happy, beloved aunt, happy birthday to you!
  •   Dear aunt, I wish you a tremendous amount of happiness and goodness – not only today but throughout life! Happy holidays, dear!
  •   Happy Birthday, Aunt! I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish you to remain as bright, optimistic, young, and beautiful. May your dreams come true as if ordered by a goldfish!
  •   Aunt! May your health be strong, your well-being magnificent, may goodness and warmth live in your soul, and smiles and joy on your face! Happy Birthday!
  •   Dear and beloved aunt, I wish you life to be delightful and versatile. May luck accompany you in the material and work spheres, as well as in your personal life! Be happy!
  •   Auntie, happy birthday! Let there always be a beloved husband, grateful children, close friends, and family people. I wish that the people around you wish only good, and let evil tongues bypass your house!
  •   Congratulations to you, aunt, and I wish to remain the same stunning and luxurious woman. Let only reliable and honest people be nearby, and luck will become your constant companion!
  •   Dear aunt, let fate bring only pleasant surprises. Never despair and overcome all difficulties easily and naturally. Be always loved and desired!
  •   My beloved aunt, on this beautiful, significant day, I wish you to look stunning in appearance and also to be beautiful inside. Let only the most positive emotions surround you.
  •   Dear aunt, happy birthday! Let there be only white stripes in life. Let the mood be bright and life colorful and vibrant!
  •   My dear aunt, let it be like a fairy tale every day, and you – the main character of these amazing events! Remain as charming and beautiful.
  •   Dear aunt, you are one of the most important people in my life. I wish you a happy birthday and wish to be as bright as the sun, mysterious like the moon, gentle and airy, like a cloud and beautiful like a rainbow.
  •   Aunt, be smart, and live luxuriously. Let others inspire you to new actions, and life never stands still!
  •   Happy Birthday to the best aunt in the world! Be bold and sweet, courageous and tender, cheerful, and mysterious – in general, be different!
  •   Dear aunt, my dear little man, happy birthday to you! Let the wallet get thicker every day, and your dreams come true in no time!

If you want your aunt’s birthday to be unforgettable, try to make the hero of the occasion, feel the sincere love and care that come from you. Then any gift you give will be accepted by the birthday girl with joy and gratitude.


Choosing a present for an aunt is not easy – stores offer a huge variety of things, but not all of them will suit a loved one as a birthday gift ideas for aunt. However, no matter what gift you give to your aunt, the main thing is to put love, attention, and care into it, and then it will certainly appreciate and remember your efforts.