45 Best 10th Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl of 2022

Choosing a Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl can be a daunting task. They are not so interested in toys at this age but are not yet absorbed in the attention to clothes and cosmetics. Here we have a large list of wonderful gifts that young girls of this age will surely enjoy. Whoever you have a birthday girl, you always want to choose the best gift ideas for girls.

What to give a 10-year-old girl for her birthday?

Gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl can be found in the toy store. Already not babies, but not yet adults, they love toys at this age. She can tell you what gifts she would like to receive.

But, if your little girl does not know what she wants, we offer many great ideas for gifts and games. The birthday girl will enjoy a new bike if she outgrows her, or from items for needlework, in order to develop new skills, and play enough!

45 Best 10th Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl of 2022

Girls are waiting for their first birthday with special impatience and awe – this is a very serious event, the first step into real adult life.

That is why it is important with all responsibility to approach the question of what to give the girl for 10 years.

A good birthday present can be picked up even by a child who has almost everything. Below you will find a list of the best birthday ideas and additional gifts.

Top Best 10th Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl

What to give a girl 10 years of birthday from creative games. In this review of gift ideas, we have included everything that a birthday girl will like. There are makeup kits, crafts for girls, and elaborate things. There is something to satisfy all different interests and desires, as well as many unique gift ideas.

1. Craft Set for the Development of Creativity

a gift that many girls like. Choose an art needlework kit that makes it easy to figure out and start showing creativity. It will be a special Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl and any daughter, niece, younger sister or granddaughter will appreciate it.

2. Portable Video Camera

this is what to give a girl a birthday for 10 years. The camera will be a great gift for your ten-year-old daughter, who has everything. Today, young girls like to take pictures and shoot videos, so the birthday girl will be happy to receive their own video camera. The camera should be easy to use, shoot videos, and images of excellent quality.

3. Electric Scooter

What can a girl give 10 years old if she likes speed? An electric scooter will be the perfect Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl for a ten-year-old girl’s birthday. She can travel at an impressive speed of up to 10 km per hour. Add an electric scooter with a beautiful helmet to protect the young drover. Children will love to ride a scooter – this is a great way to take them off the couch and interest them in the walk.

4. Portable Studio

Art sets make popular gifts for girls 10 years old. If you have not decided what you can give a girl a birthday, then a set for creating and storing drawings is what your child needs.

Everything will be neatly stored in a carrying bag so that nothing is lost. It also makes it ideal for walks and open air.

5. A Set With Materials for Creating Bracelets

Kits are a great Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl who likes to be creative. Do not forget, deciding what to give the girl a birthday for 10 years, she is likely to want to share gifts with her friends. The gift is perfect for making bracelets to share with friends or brothers and sisters.

6. Scientific Kit for Chemical Experiments

a creative gift for a 10-year-old girl. This is both fun and informative – the girl will surely enjoy it by doing her own experiments. An original gift for a girl of 10 years will certainly entertain your daughter for several hours. Children and parents will enjoy playing together – a great way to spend time together.

7. Ozobot Bit 1.0

A coding toy is a great gift for girl 10. It is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world, a little over 2.5 cm in size. It can be used by children of all levels, from beginners to experts – with Ozobot there is something for everyone.

A girl running an Ozobot robot will be able to guide the robot through the maze, make the tiny robot compete with others, or even teach him how to dance! The toy works best with a tablet that you can use to download a compatible application

8. Salon of Rainbow Hairstyles

A set of crayons for hair is an amazing gift for the girl. They like the ability to change the color of their hair, and parents will not need to worry, as the chalk can be easily washed off.

Chalk is easily applied to dry hair and works well with any natural hair color.

9. Set to Create the Perfect Game

Gift set ideas are generally very good. Craft sets – a favorite Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl – this is what to give a girl for 10 years fun and joy. This model is great for girls who are interested in making their own jewelry.

Many items can be used to create a huge assortment of products. The set can be used to make accessories for dolls and is included in the list of the best gifts for a girl for 10 years. Your daughter will be able to make designer bracelets for herself and her beloved doll, as well as for girlfriends.

10. A Set of Paper for Quickly

What to give to a ten-year-old girl if she likes to mess with papers? Quickling kits – one of the best gifts for girls of 10 years. This one is great for creative kids looking for something special. Give the girl 10 years the opportunity to create creative cards or paintings with her own hands.

11. Creativity for children – Fashion Design Studio

The clothing design kit is a good present for a 10-year-old girl who loves clothes and art. Give the girl a set to create your own dresses and other clothes.

There is a design notebook for planning ideas, a mannequin, and a real sewing kit, including ribbons and fabric samples. The kit is great for girls who like to sew or who want to learn how to sew.

12. Clay Set

Present a unique set for creating a tea service – one of the best gifts for a 10-year-old girl. It is reasonable to choose what to give a girl for 10 years inexpensively, but what will last for a long time. The child will like the gift, as serving tea on your own, one of a kind tea service is always interesting. After painting and baking in the oven, cups and teapots for tea leaves will provide years of pleasure at meetings with girlfriends.

13. Money

Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl

Children are very prone to impulsive spending – if you donate money, most likely they will be spent in the near future on any nonsense. It is best to find out in advance from the girl what she wants to receive as a Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl and buy it for her.

14. Expensive Gadgets

Modern children like technology – they actively monitor each new product. But it is better to refuse to buy expensive mobile phones, tablets, and laptops – you can choose high-quality and less expensive options that will perform all the necessary functions. The gadget may be lost or broken, then it will be doubly offensive.

15. Gifts for Adults

Girls at 10 years old feel quite old, but in fact, they remain children with innocent dreams and a vulnerable psyche. Let the girl be a little more. Do not give gifts that are too serious – for example, expensive jewelry or clothes that are more suitable for teenage girls.

16. Folding Lap Desk

Items reminiscent of daily responsibilities are a bad Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl. A girl of 10 years who is celebrating her first birthday should make a more serious and personal surprise, and the office and textbooks should be bought separately.

17. Clothing

Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl
Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl

If you are not sure about the tastes and sizes of the child, you should not buy clothes as a birthday present. Parents usually purchase new things with the girl herself.

18. Mattresses for Kids

Now in the store, you can find a huge number of different children’s products – among them, it is easy to choose a good gift.

But what if you want to give a girl for 10 years something interesting that you will definitely like the birthday girl?

19. Interactive Pet

You can give your daughter a robot dog, a plush interactive puppy, or a Ferby toy for his birthday. Such a gift will be especially useful for a girl who wants to have a real animal – with the help of this toy the birthday girl will be able to understand whether she is ready to become the mistress of a small kitten or puppy.

20. Set for Experiments

It can be a set of a young perfumer, culinary specialist, or chemist. With this Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl, the girl will be able to learn a lot. Perhaps she will even manage to find a new hobby or decide on a future profession.

21. Collectible Doll

What toy to give a girl 10 years old? It can be a classic soft toy – a teddy bear, a dog, a hare, or a cat. But you can make the gift more original and give a collectible doll model. Girls aged 10 years old love beautiful dolls – for example, from the Monster High or Ever After High collections.

22. Book

A book written to order with colorful illustrations, the main character of which is the birthday girl. What book to give a girl on 10 years birthday is the age at which children most often like children’s science fiction or fantasy, as well as books in the adventure genre. You can buy “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” or a series of books about Harry Potter.

23. Alarm clock

Target alarm clock, running away, flying away or a “smart” alarm clock with the function of comfortable waking up.

24. Roombox

A roombox is a box without a wall in which the interior of the room is represented on a scale. The birthday girl will be able to decorate and furnish the room with mini-furniture.

None of the adults are safe from financial difficulties. What if a little money, but I want to please and surprise the girl?

25. Personal Diary With a Lock, Decorated in a Girlish Style

Little princesses love secrets – give a birthday girl a special diary to which she will be able to talk about the most secret things. In stores, you can find relatively inexpensive options in different colors and shapes. As an option, you can give a profile for girls, which the birthday girl will give to fill in with her friends and girlfriends.

26. Antistress Toy

A good and inexpensive option for a 10-year birthday girl is a soft anti-stress toy in an original design. Choose a model with a pleasant to touch environmentally friendly filler. You can sleep on such a pillow, it is convenient to hug it and use it as an emotional discharge.

27. A Set of Sweets or chocolate

If you do not know what to give your child for 10 years, pay attention to a sweet Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl. It can be a set of marmalade bears, beautiful cookies with predictions, muffins, or cupcakes in a gift box.

You can also buy a chocolate figurine of your favorite birthday girl character from the cartoon, or you can order special labels with the name of the child and congratulations on his birthday.

28. Art Items

A set of good pencils, paints, and brushes, an album for watercolors for a girl who enjoys drawing.

29. Hair ornaments

A set of hair ornaments – hair clips, headbands, a set of multi-colored elastic bands.

30. Slime

Slime is a toy popular among children and adolescents from a viscous material with the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid.

31. Clay Accessories

Accessories for modeling from polymer clay – with this set the girl will be able to make jewelry or small toys on her own.

32. Outdoor activities

A ball, skipping rope, or skittles is all that is suitable for outdoor activities (if the girl likes outdoor games).

33. Crayons for hair

Set of multicolored crayons for hair, gel with sparkles, or multi-colored strands.

34. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick for Children – a series of monopods for children in vivid images of cartoon characters and modern brands.

The body is made of aluminum and plastic and has rubberized areas. Monopod designs differ in small inserts into the design of the device of images, logos, and colors corresponding to them.

35. Cosmetics

A set of natural children’s cosmetics: hand cream, shampoo, shower gel, hygienic fudge.

36. Puzzles

Puzzles A great gift for a girlfriend or sister. You can give a large mosaic, including a 3D puzzle.

37. Boardgame

Boardgame for a large company (“Alias”, “Scrub”, “Monopoly”, “Mafia” or “Twister”). They develop logic, dexterity, coordination of movements, and a sense of rhythm.

38. Scooter

Scooter or gyro scooter – a modern vehicle powered by an electric motor and controlled by the balance of the body.

39. Roller skates

Bright roller skates of the girl’s favorite color with stylish protection on the knees, elbows, and head.

40. Pogo-stick

Pogo-stick (“grasshopper”) is a jumping device that modern teens really like. It takes time and trains all muscle groups.

41. BackpackBackpack

Convenient urban backpack or fashionable handbag for school, training, or walking.

42. Ice cream maker

With its help, you can prepare not only ice cream but also other goodies: sorbet, sorbet, custard.

43. MP3 player

An MP3 player loaded with the music of the girl’s favorite artist.

44. Transparent umbrella

A transparent umbrella in the shape of a dome, a model in rainbow colors, or an umbrella with an interesting print, which manifests itself from getting wet.

45. Beautiful watch

A beautiful watch is a miniature model for a girl in bright colors and elegant design.

How to Congratulate a Child on His Birthday

You can choose any gift for your sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter, or girlfriend, as well as come up with a special birthday greeting.

  • Organize a quest to find a gift for a child. A fun adventure will enrich the birthday girl and her guests with impressions.
  • Do not forget to think about how to pack a gift for a child beautifully. The bright packaging in which the gift will be placed will create a festive mood.
  • On your birthday you can give poems or a song and congratulate the girl. She will be very proud that at this tender age she already has lines dedicated personally to her.
  • If you want to make a gift with your own hands, then choose something bright, and causing strong emotions. For example, the Tilda doll is a win-win gift. You can come up with something else to give to others with your own hands, based on your skills. It can be a knitted scarf, a panel of small toys, a birthday card from a girlfriend, made by yourself on Birthday, will also delight the little birthday girl.
  • A bouquet of flowers for a girl is also a nice additional gift for a future woman. Flowers for the baby are best to choose light and delicate shades, with small buds.
  • You can give money to a girl for her birthday. But do not forget that buying a gift is one of the manifestations of your attention to the birthday girl. So, it’s best if you give her money and go with her to buy what the girl most wants. Or a cash gift will be secondary, but the main one will be something else, something that can be touched.

In any case, when choosing a gift to give a girl for 10 years, remember that she is still a child and needs affection, love, and care more than anything.

Diy Birthday Gifts for 10 Years Old Girl

You can easily make a beautiful gift yourself – for this you need only desire and a little imagination.

DIY crafts can be presented to the girl in addition to the main gift.

Such things can be done by mom, grandmother, as well as classmates or girlfriends of a girl of 10 years:

  • A beautiful postcard, notebook or diary made using the scrapbooking technique.
  • Balloons, inside which are notes with warm congratulations and wishes.
  • DIY hairband with flowers.
  • Original photo frame, decorated with small stones or coffee beans.
  • Bouquet of sweets. Buy sweets, glue, wrapping paper, and wooden sticks in advance. Lock candies or chocolate bars on sticks and form a beautiful sweet bouquet.
  • An original travel pillow in the form of a caterpillar or other animal is a wonderful gift for a 10-year-old girl from her mother who can sew.
  • A box for jewelry made of thick cardboard is a surprise from a friend.
  • Wicker baubles, a bracelet made of elastic bands, beaded jewelry and other options for cute souvenirs.

Tips: How to Choose a Girl a Birthday Gift for 10 Years

At 10 years old, children are sensitive to gifts – they are very easy to upset. To make the girl’s birthday go perfectly and leave only positive memories of the holiday, use the following tips:

  • You can directly ask the birthday girl what gift she would like to receive, but then the element of surprise will disappear, and there will be no surprise. You can also choose a gift to your taste, but there is a risk of acquiring a thing that a girl will not like. The most advantageous option is to ask the girl’s parents what the baby has long dreamed of.
  • Not necessarily a gift should be expensive – sometimes even the most spoiled girl who has everything will like something that is inexpensive. For example, you can give the birthday girl a set from the category “Do it yourself” – this is sure to captivate the child. This can be a set for soap making, creating candles or crafts from clay.
  • What can a child give to a 10-year-old girl? To choose the best gift, listen to your intuition, but do not forget about the desires and hobbies of the child. The most win-win option is to give something for a birthday girl’s hobby. But remember that the hobbies of a ten-year-old can change almost every day.
  • Not all girls play dolls when they are 10 years old, and not everyone will be happy with an ordinary Barbie or a baby doll. Be sure to pay attention to the lifestyle of the birthday girl. Some people like dollhouses, while girls who mature a little faster prefer different sets for creativity.
  • If you have such an opportunity, prepare the quest game “In Search of Treasures” with prizes. Each new hidden note will lead the child to a new place where the next clue is hiding, and the main treasure of the game will be a birthday present. Children love these activities – the girl will remember this day for a long time.

What is Better Not to Give the Girl for 10 Years

While shopping, you should not choose the first toy that comes across – some gifts will not please the birthday girl, and some may even upset her. List of gifts that should not be given to a girl on her tenth birthday:


A first birthday is an important event and a very important event. At 10, the girl is on the verge between childhood and adulthood. That is why you should know what gift to give a girl for 10 years.

Show attention, care, and a little imagination – this will help you choose the best present and make this day unforgettable for both the birthday girl and all invited guests.