Best Birthday Party Games for 5-Year-Olds of 2022

The best birthday party games for 5-year-olds: What can be said about this age? These are no longer kids who prefer to be spectators than active participants.

Still, they are also not smart preschoolers who already have the skills to participate in team birthday party games for 5-year-olds and individual competitive tasks.

Best Birthday Party Games for 5-Year-Olds of 2022

Best Birthday Party Games for 5-Year-Olds

I do not recommend holding contests in which there are winners and losers – there will be many tears and grievances.

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Games for the 5th Birthday of the Child

It’s still difficult for kids at the age of 5 to sit still for a long time, and in between meals, they need to run, jump and have fun. In order for the invited friends to like the child’s birthday, you need to consider the entertainment program carefully.

If you invite an animator, he, of course, will think through contests to the smallest detail. But you yourself can change into a funny clown and lure children.

What to do?

I chose feasible tasks for children of 5 years, which are conducted with the participation of adults. If you prepare well, your home holiday will be great.

As with all children’s parties, contests and birthday party games for 5-year-olds alternate with refreshments at the table.

Password Game

Each child who comes to visit, the host (dad, mom, grandparents) announces that the entrance is only by password. If there is time, think of a “solemn gate” through which you must go. It could just be the doorway to a room decorated with balls or flowers made of corrugated paper. And you can come up with a narrow and low hole between the two chairs. Decorate them with balls or soft toys too.

The password can be written in advance in the invitation. If you didn’t give them away, just teach the guest at the front door: “Woof-woof, meow-meow, happy birthday.” For many, the end of the phrase sounds “congratulations”.

Soap Bubble Competition

Without exception, children love soap bubbles. There are a lot of contests with them. Arrange the competition on the largest soap ball or who it lasts the longest without bursting. You can track the time and calculate who will launch soap bubbles more in minutes.

If you have the opportunity to take the children outside, where it should be relaxed, at temperatures below 7 degrees, the bubbles have the properties to harden. This will really amuse the kids. When in contact with asphalt, frozen bubbles do not burst, but jump like balls.

Guess the Man Competition

One participant is blindfolded and invited to the touch to guess one of the guests. Sometimes other children substitute their heads, arms, and pieces of clothing to confuse the one who guesses. The birthday party games for 5-year-olds continues until the correct answer sounds.

Competition “You can’t laugh.”

Children are planted in a semicircle. One person, possibly an adult, begins to amuse everyone else. You can sing, dance, grimace, tell funny stories. The main thing is not to laugh. Who will be the most persistent wins? Do not cover your mouth or eyes with your hands.

Relay “Soup of Sweets.”

Five-year-olds will like this birthday party games for 5-year-olds because, in the end, you can get a sweet treat. We put two large pots at one end of the room, and different sweets (candies, cookies, gingerbread, marmalade) at the other. All invited must be divided into two equal teams.

Assignment for participants: to bring the components of the “sweet soup” in a soup ladle or spoon without dropping it. Whose team will first transfer the goodies to the pan, she won. In the end, everyone treats themselves to sweets.

Competition “Animal Concert”

The adult whispers to the child the name of the animal. And he must sing the song in a voice similar to this beast. It turns out very funny and fun. If a child is embarrassed to sing, a verse can tell.

Competition “Cold – Warmer – Hot”

A popular birthday party games for 5-year-olds in which the presenter hides the item and the rest of the invitees try to find it. As you approach the hidden thing, it becomes “warmer,” as reported by the person hiding it.

Competition “Dress the Doll.”

It is necessary to prepare the doll, clothes, and diapers in advance. At the signal, the participants begin to dress her. Whoever copes first won. It also takes into account the correctness of the actions and the finished result.

Competition “Chain”

Two teams at a time should connect the clips into one long chain. Whoever has it is longer, he won.

Competition “Lighter than air.”

An inflatable balloon is thrown into the air. Children should not let it fall to the ground with exhaled air. It is better to divide the children into teams.

Hot Bread Contest

The music turns on. The children become in a circle. Competitors must pass the ball to each other quickly. The adult abruptly turns off the music. Whoever has the ball left leaves the birthday party games for 5-year-olds. The one who remains last wins.

Competition “Inflate the ball.”

A simple contest in which you need to inflate balls for a while. Whoever inflates faster, he won Inflate strongly. The leader ensures that they do not cheat.

Competition “Play snowballs.”

We make a lot of big balls out of paper. A few meters from the participants, we put a bucket or basin. In turn, the children throw balls. It is easy for adults and hard enough for five-year-olds. The most accurate one or the one who hit the target the most number of times wins.

Competition “We draw marvelous.”

In turn, children draw parts of the body of the animal. As a result, an unknown animal should turn out.

Choosing contests for children of 5 years, do not overdo it. Let the children play on their own. Alternate noisy competitions with a quiet pastime.

Salute in Honor of the Birthday

Throw a lot of balloons on the floor. Is our birthday 5 years old? At the host’s command, the children clap their hands 5 times, then quickly bend over the balls, toss-up with the word “Salute!” Immediately bend over for the next ball, again shout, “Salute!” And so you can shout, throwing balls, a couple of minutes . Turn on a fun song, write down this fun greeting for the family chronicle.

Finger Tree

To make the child remember the birthday for 5-years for a long time, I propose to make the painting “Magic Tree” with finger paints. It is desirable, of course, that each guest has his own color. Fingers on the hand for as many years as our hero of the occasion. So every finger will be dipped in paint. I took the idea of the wedding tradition. You can see how beautiful a tree with finger leaves looks. Such a panel may well decorate a nursery for many more years.

birthday party games for 5 year olds

There are only paid layouts of the A3 tree on the Internet, and if you need to print on a regular A4, choose the option you want from these free blank paper trees, they are on amazon. It is suitable for our fifth birthday.

Use a pen to sign the names of guests. Now is the time to wash your hands before the treat! We all go to the bathroom.


Immediately after eating, active birthday party games for 5-year-olds are not recommended, so we’ll deal with a giant application. Lay on the floor roll paper for drawing or unnecessary wallpaper (pattern down).

birthday party games for 5 year olds

Cut clouds, sun, trees, flowers, mountains, sea, fish, etc. from the colored paper in advance. And we also need modes of transport in which we will send a birthday boy on a trip: a car, an airplane, a balloon, a boat, an elephant. If you still print and cut around the portrait of a child, it will be generally wonderful.

Layout the application with the children, come up with a journey together, glue the figures with glue-pencil.

Candy Soup

This is a relay race. Bring two pots, place them on stools, or just on the floor. Choose two participants, give each one a ladle (according to experience, five-year-old children are easier to deal with than with a spoon).

Now, at a distance of 2-3 meters from the pots, fold 2-handfuls of candy. You need to transfer one candy in a ladle. Try to help the laggard, so that friendship wins, and the children get the same prizes.

Guess the Beast

We blindfold the child. We give in our hands a soft toy. You need to guess who it is. I advise you to introduce adults to this fun. Let them show that this is not a very serious task – you can make a joke, make assumptions for a long time and finally call the hare a dragon. Children quickly adopt a manner of comic guessing. They laugh very much. Prizes are a must for everyone!

Mouse Concert

A strange thing. A child is often embarrassed to recite a poem “for himself,” but voicing a fairy-tale character is no longer so scary. We use it for our mouse concert. Print out my paper finger mice, put an index finger on each guest, and offer to tell any poem in a thin voice. It will be funny, I promise! An adult, of course, should set an example.

Download from Yandex Drive by clicking on the image with the mouse. It remains to cut and glue! (To ensure that the mouse size is correct, save the file to your computer before printing).

If you have finger puppets (or glove dolls), use them for a small concert.

Cold hot

The most popular game with a search for a hidden toy. Children leave the room; the leader hides the bear, calls everyone back to the room. According to “cold, warmer, hot,” children understand where to look. For children at 5-years old, this birthday party games for 5-year-olds seems very mysterious.

In the Bag

Children become in a circle. Find a beautiful summer hat with a brim, put it on the head of one of the children. As soon as the music begins to play, the child turns around him, takes off and passes the hat to his neighbor. He puts on, turns around, again passes clockwise. Music breaks off suddenly. The one in the hat leaves and sits down at the sweet table, waiting for the rest.

Contests in Which Children and Parents Participate Simultaneously

Five-year-old children often come with their parents, who modestly languish on the sofa, waiting for the end of the holiday. So here. They can be carried away, and everything will be even more fun and interesting.


When everyone played, got wet, tired, you need to offer some kind of creative task. Children are looking forward to their birthday. Gifts, guests, cake make the holiday unforgettable and very cheerful.

But if we talk about children’s triumph, it is impossible to do without birthday party games for 5-year-olds and fun contests.

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