29 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend of 2022

The best 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend: Celebrating 18 birthday should be remembered for a lifetime, as it is considered a transitional age on the path of growing up. For this reason, adulthood is celebrated as an important date, and it should be taken seriously.

The Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

29 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend of 2022

This affects the interests of not only the birthday man himself but also the invited guests. On such a day, you can present both original 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend or related to his hobby, as well as cool and creative gifts. So give a friend for 18 years so that he will remember this day.

Who is He?

It doesn’t matter who turns 18: brother, the friend, loved one. It is important that the best 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend is from the heart and original. An important thing to consider before preparing a gift is the person’s temperament and interests.

Over the past 10 years, the modern gift industry has expanded enough, and now it is important to know who your guy is and what interests he is fond of.

You can choose the best 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend referring to a person’s habits, temperament, special hobbies. Before you surprise a guy, you need to get to know him better. Perhaps you have known him for a long time, but you know little about a person’s interests and hobbies.

What does he possibly want?

The task is simplified many times over if your boyfriend has a certain dream. It may be quite expensive. For example, a guy wants to buy a car or go on a long journey. You can help him get closer to this goal. Present an accessory on the subject or an envelope with banknotes. On the envelope, you can depict a guy’s dream come true.

What is better not to give

You may not be guessing with the size, and besides, such a birthday gift will not surprise a guy. In addition, there is no need to resort to standard kits and donate cosmetics.

It’s boring and primitive, and the guy will not appreciate such a birthday gift. Perhaps, he will pretend that he liked the best 18th birthday best friend gift in order not to hurt your feelings, but will not attach much importance to it. Say no to shower gels, razors, and deodorants.

Also, do not give those things that a person is not fond of. For example, if a person is not interested in literature, he will be of little interest in an e-book or collection of a certain author.

What to Give a Friend for His 18th Birthday – Coolest Ideas for a Guy’s Coming of Age

The present on this day should be really worthwhile and provide the friend with a joyful mood during the celebration. As an 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend you can present:

1. Bath set

Sauna is one of the most widespread types of modern leisure. You can make it more healthy, and the main thing is to prepare properly.

2. Travel Kit

Travel has become closer. Present your friend with the Plan to Conquer the World and let him begin his long journey.

3. Board Games for Adults

Coming of age is exactly the event when you can give alcoholic roulette, checkers, or chess. The game is quite interesting and exciting, and it can take a large company for a long time.

4. Flash Drive

You can give a flash drive filled with interesting moments and watch it together or with a friendly company.

5. A Cordless Shaver, a Wonderful and Practical Gift

Guys love experimenting with their stubble on their faces. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury, and many do not attach much importance to their appearance.

Thanks to the cordless electric shaver, a guy can change his image every week and constantly monitor his appearance. A quality razor costs good money. 18 years is not an easy birthday, so it is worth approaching this 18th birthday present for best friend responsibly.

6. Perfume

You can give him your favorite perfume, which will become an opportunity to buy your favorite scent. Perfume has always been considered a classic of the genre, which has always come in handy.

7. Watches

Although they say that watches are not given, this is all nonsense. Almost all men wear watches, and this accessory is not just an element that emphasizes a man’s status, but a daily necessity. Also, there are various clocks now:

  • Waterproof ;
  • With special glass;
  • Shockproof.

In addition to the main characteristics, the watch can have additional functions:

  • Backlight;
  • The calendar;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Luminescent hands.

8. Leather Wallet

A leather wallet, the purse is an essential accessory for every man. An original, useful thing. In such an accessory, you can put all the necessary things: money, cards, driving license, business cards.

9. Mug With Your Photo

Another practical and inexpensive 18th birthday present for best friend will be a mug with your photo. The young man will drink hot drinks every day and remember the person who loves him.

10. Leather Belt

A belt is a great leather accessory that will adorn your man. You can also order an original badge with a guy’s name or an emblem that will delight the young man. 

A leather belt is useful to every person, even if he already has one. They quickly deteriorate with daily wear. For a young guy, try to choose a stylish plaque to grab attention and stand out.

11. Gadgets

Another useful and good 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend will be not expensive, but useful gadgets, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life.

You can donate a USB flash drive, headphones of a convenient shape, music speakers, a lamp, a warmer for a cup, a photo frame. A modern mouse with a rug would be a great 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend.

Only the rug can be made, not simple, but with a photo of the birthday boy.

12. Cake With a Special Design

You can also make unforgettable sweet homemade 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend.

Recently, the cake industry has developed well, and you can order a cake with a special design, on which you can reflect all the wishes with which you would like to congratulate the birthday person.

13. Toys and Figurines

Toys and figurines are useless and unnecessary things for an adult guy, so you can not expect much joy if you hand them over. Most likely, he simply does not understand why they are needed.

14. Clothing

Clothing isn’t easy to choose a thing for another person without his presence; this is a kind of talent to buy a style that will perfectly fit a person. Many, when purchasing, miss the size, or choose the wrong color.

15. Pet

When choosing what you can give a best friend for 18 years birthday, remember that not every parent will tolerate this surprise in the house.

And it is also impossible to hand over a living creature without prior agreement with the birthday person since he may not be ready to maintain and care for the animal.

16. Cufflink or Tie Clip

Get a cufflink or tie clip if he wears classic suits all the time. You can choose both ordinary options and more youthful and bright ones that create a special accent.

17. Action Camera

Action cameras are now in great demand among young people. Many people shoot different videos and upload them to the worldwide network, and for more convenience, you can buy a stand for it.

18. Gaming Accessories 

Many guys are now addicted to games and spend their free time on the computer.

Consider surprise 18th birthday gift ideas for best friend such as an exclusive series of mouse pad featuring your favorite characters, a keyboard with different lighting modes, a mouse that looks like a car, an airplane, or a gaming mouse with macros.

19. Sports Items

Suppose he loves to play sports or attends a football, dance, boxing, or other section.

In that case, you can buy him an expander for the muscles of the arms, a set of dumbbells, comfortable shoes for exercising, a hand massager, or a pillow with a massage effect so that you can relax after training. And also, you can always pay for a master class from an experienced mentor.

20. Alarm Clock

An alarm clock to always be in time for pairs on time, but, of course, you need to present an unusual birthday gift ideas for 18 year old best friend, because you can turn it off only if you squat with it or some other interesting options, for example: with a target, running away or flying away.

21. Portable Chargers

An external battery, but not a simple one, but with built-in solar panels. It can be recharged, even outdoors, without having to look for an outlet.

22. Organizer for the Car Interior

Choose it in a color that matches the color of the upholstery or covers, and it will be located on the back of the chair.

23. Computer Accessories

Inexpensive computer accessories such as a keyboard vacuum cleaner or slime, an LED light bulb, a fan, or a heated mug. A USB port powers all these devices.

24. Puzzle

The puzzle is a great surprise for a diligent guy, and you can even buy a rather complicated version of the “Black Square.” It is very difficult to assemble it since all the parts are of the same color.

25. Remote control Car or Helicopter

A helicopter on the control panel or a racing car, many guys dream of such toys, but they themselves will never acquire such a thing, but as a surprise from a friend, it would be quite appropriate.

26. A Case for a Phone or Tablet

A case for a phone or tablet can be bought with an interesting pattern, your favorite game, or you can order a personalized version.

27. Personal Notebook

A beautifully bound personal notebook is exactly what every person needs, so there is always a place at hand to make notes.

28. Silver Bracelet or Chain

The cost of silver fluctuates between 400-3000 rubles, and many will have the opportunity to choose the desired jewelry at an affordable price. But in advance, it is necessary to clarify whether he already has a chain with a cross, which he will never remove.

29. Fishing items

Even if the era of computers has arrived, some guys are avid fishermen who can sit by the ice hole for hours in winter.

You can safely go to the store and buy a spinning rod, a knife, a lantern, a thermos, or an inflatable boat to give them for your birthday.

How to Choose the Right Gift for a Friend for 18 Years

Before starting your search, we recommend that you think carefully about how to choose a birthday gift for 18 years for a friend, it will be right, what points you need to pay attention to first. The main thing to remember here is that your present does not have to cost fabulous money, it is necessary that it evoke positive emotions in the birthday person.

  • We advise you to start preparing a few weeks in advance so that you can safely look at different options and not buy a birthday gift for a friend for 18 years in a hurry. Such a state often forces one to acquire the first thing that comes across, without clearly considering the gifted interests.
  • Think, and what he loves, you, as a comrade, should definitely know his hobbies and passions. If he already has a hobby, then pick up a present for him. After all, this thing will be useful to him, which means that it will be able to please him.
  • Decide on a planned budget and set a clear line for yourself. In stores, looking for a conceived thing, it is very easy to be tempted and buy a product much more expensive than planned, and in the end, you may be left with empty pockets. Therefore, select a category up to 500, 1000, 1500 rubles or for a larger amount and clearly adhere to the line.
  • Teenagers love everything unusual and special, which is why we recommend that, first of all, consider the category of original things. These can be ordinary objects, but with a memorable or cool inscription, a photograph, or, in general, a nominal version.
  • Even if you go on a boyfriend’s holiday, you still need to pack a beautiful birthday gift for a friend. Especially if you come up with interesting packaging options, for example, with funny signs and inscriptions, with chains and a combination lock, or make a real nesting doll from your presentation.
  • And do not forget about the correct presentation. It is best to come up with in advance what you will say and wish the birthday man because, at the most crucial moment, not everyone can put together an intelligible congratulation in his head. And just giving a present with the words “Happy Holidays, this is for you” is not very pleasant.


Girls, it’s pretty simple. Chat with the person and talk about their hobbies. Listen to your heart and try to get creative with this process. Any 18th birthday best friend gift made with love will please the guy. Good luck! May you never have a problem with what to give a friend for 18 years. Just try to stir him up, find out about his hobbies. Then pick up the best 18th birthday present for best friend.