The best Birthday Invitations Wording that you can use in your birthday party invitation depends mainly on the age of the celebrated person, but also on the personality, tastes, hobbies, activity area, etc.

Birthday Invitations Wording, What Text Do I Put?

Child’s day is approaching, and do you want to celebrate it with a big party? Then you can not forget to invite your friends or your little one’s friends since the best moments of our lives are better spent in the company of our loved ones to make the event a memorable day, and for that, you need to send invitations.

Wording for Birthday Invitations

Now, if you don’t know what text to place on the invitations during the process of organizing a birthday party, don’t worry! In this post, we have put together a series of Birthday Invitations Wording to invite your friends differently and especially.
Birthday Invitations Wording for your birthday party.

Before writing the texts for the birthday invitations, the age of the celebrated person must be taken into account, as well as their personality, hobbies, tastes, even the theme of the party. Therefore, we share Birthday Invitations Wording for children’s and adult birthday party celebrations. Take note!

Children’s Birthday Party Invitations Wording

Although birthday invitations are not so common today, stopping to create a beautiful card, either virtual or on paper, can be a detail that guests consider. If you opt for a virtual invitation, you currently have numerous means to send it: you can send it by email, by text message through your mobile phone, or directly place it on the wall of your friends on Facebook or attach it.

(Name of the child)Arrived and our life took a special turn. After a year of becoming parents, we are ready to celebrate his first year in the company of great friends like you. We wait for you!
 ‘(Name of the child) I Came to the world on a sunny day to load our lives with much joy and happiness. We want to celebrate with everyone, their (age) years. Do not miss it
‘The most special day came for my parents, family, friends and me. I hope you come to my castle where a special party will be held on (day) at (hours) at (address). Let’s have a lot of fun!
‘The spiderman (or Superman, Ironman, Thor, Hulk …) invites all his super friends to the great costume party this (date) at (time) in (direction) … Don’t miss it! Together we will make my Birthday a great adventure.

Beautiful Birthday Invitation Wording Templates ideas

In this section, you will find very good ideas for birthday Birthday Invitations Wording for invitations.

Your birthday celebration can become a unique event, where you will have the opportunity to share with your loved ones a pleasant and worthy moment to retain in memory.

For this, it is important to take care of all the details of the party. Selecting pleasant happy birthday wishes for your invitations, which expresses your feeling towards your friends and family, is a detail that they will remember.

‘It is not necessary to give more years to live but to put more life to the years. I want to celebrate my 40 years with you on (date) at (time) at (address). See you, don’t forget to bring good energy! ‘
(Age) Whether they are many or not, I don’t know, but they are enough to notice that one of the most valuable riches that human beings have are friendships, so I want to celebrate with you this very special party on (date) at (time) at (address) ‘.
(Name of the friend/friends) , on the occasion of my Birthday and being you, one of my funniest friendships, I invite you to the party to be held in the direction of (time)on the day (date)‘. We had fun!
‘Having the fortune of celebrating another year of life generates huge happiness, but it would be even greater if you accompany me at this party to celebrate my (age), the day (date) at (time) at (place and address)

Best Birthday Invitation Message Sample

In the invitation, you can provide useful information such as the place, time and date, as well as some other details that you might consider important.

Birthday Invitations Wording Samples

In this section of our website, we offer birthday Birthday Invitations Wording of different types to include in your invitations.

You can find specially dedicated messages to your family. In which your thanks for your constant support in all your projects are highlighted.

Birthday Invitation Wording

You will also find birthday Birthday Invitations Wording for the invitations you send to your best friends, with whom you can convey your gratitude for always being by your side, in good times and in bad times.

Birthday Invitation Wording

There is no shortage of Birthday Invitations Wording that celebrate the fact of celebrating another year of life. You can share with your loved ones what you have learned in this new year, as well as your goals for next year.

Birthday Invitation Wording

Finally, you can not miss the humor. So you will also find some Birthday Invitations Wording with which you can start some smiles and maybe even laughs at your loved ones when they receive their invitation to celebrate your Birthday.

  • Another year has passed!
    It seems a lie but in this house
    the one who was the little girl
    is already a woman.
    We invite you to discover
    your piece of change.
    Confirm your attendance, or you run out of dessert!
  • Do you have free time this weekend?
    We offer sweets, cake, and many toys
    to celebrate that the children of the house
    are fewer and fewer children.
    You are all invited!
  • You don’t need a fancy restaurant
    or a hundred guests
    to celebrate that another year has passed.
    Come with children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and every living being … who likes the party!
  • If I talk to you about a lot of food,
    a cake, and enough candles …
    what is the first thing you think about?
    Exactly, we’re a Birthday!
    Bring your best clothes because this promises to
    be the party of the year.
  • We already have the fridge full of dishes,
    the garden full of balloons
    and we have prepared a beautiful cake.
    We only need your presence!
    Do not miss it. You are an essential part of
    this Birthday.
  • Let the magazines of the heart tremble
    because not even a queen’s wedding was as glamorous
    as the birthdays we celebrated in this family.
    If you do not want to miss the event of the year, you
    better confirm your attendance as soon as possible.
    Come well arranged it!
  • The 2 ducklings have come to this house,
    no, nobody gets married!
    But little is lacking in our benjamin,
    who with this Birthday already proves to
    be made a woman.
    Do not miss it!
  • For this Birthday, we do not want labels or gifts. With your presence, we have enough and enough.
    There will be an open bar of food and drink,
    so we recommend being the first to arrive
    or there will be nothing left!
  • It’s funny how the way
    to celebrate birthday changes
    as we grow!
    To you, who have been attending them
    since there were toys until
    the alcohol-free bar began,
    I send you this special invitation.
    Do not miss that without you would not be the same!
  • What better way to show appreciation
    to friends and family
    then to bring them all together
    on such an appointed date?
    Uncle Tomás, Aunt Maria,
    Raquel, childhood friend …
    I love to see you all together!
    The only requirement to attend?
    Bring a huge smile!
  • Some believe that birthdays are
    an occasion to make noise.
    Another, which is a perfect time
    to skip the diet.
    For me, this Birthday is the ideal excuse
    to have you all together.
  • Who said a birthday
    should it be celebrated on the same day?
    It doesn’t matter if I make a month of such a
    marked date, if with that I manage to
    see all those
    who daily lack me.
    We wait for you!
  • Today is a special day
    And that’s why I want to invite you,
    Come with me to celebrate
    The party everyone will talk about.
  • It’s my Birthday!
    It’s my Birthday!
    Leave what you are doing,
    Leave it and run away,
    Today is the party of the century
    And I want to share it with you.
  • On this happy day,
    I want to tell you:
    Celebrate it with me,
    and you will make me smile.
  • I love to turn years
    And I love to surround myself with mine.
    Today I can do both.
    And I want it to be with you.
  • This morning the sun
    came out, He came to celebrate with me,
    Today I turn my age,
    Today everything will be fun.
    Will you come too?
    Come on, it’s decided!
  • My friends are the best I have,
    For them, I do this today,
    I want to invite you to my party,
    I want to laugh with you
    And dance until I endure the body.
  • What a joy to receive you,
    Today on my Birthday!
    I would be very excited
    to see you all there.
    Go ahead and come,
    by Fa,
    I’ll do a great favor,
    Because I love your heart!
  • I have one more year today
    And I want to celebrate it,
    In style,
    With music and dancing,
    With family and friends,
    I’m counting on you!
  • Because I really feel like it,
    Because I need it,
    Because I deserve it,
    Because it will be fun,
    For all those reasons,
    I want to celebrate my party with you.
  • Tell me that today you are free
    And that you want to spend this day with me,
    Tell me that today you will leave everything
    And that you will come to your friend’s Birthday.
  • I’ve always loved my Birthday,
    When I was little, I was looking forward to it,
    From three days before.
    And now that I am older, it
    costs me a little to fit the passage of time,
    That is why I continue to have a party,
    So that all of you,
    Come and take my sentences off.
  • Tomorrow is a workday,
    But today is my Birthday,
    So you have to make an effort
    And come with me to celebrate it.
  • Thank you for the congratulations,
    Thank you all for remembering,
    I want to reward you,
    Inviting me to dance.
    Will you come to my Birthday?
    Tell me, please, yes!
    Great joy will give me,
    See you all there.
  • How happy this day,
    All of you who have remembered,
    That today is my Birthday,
    And you have congratulated me!
    Now I want to invite you,
    At the party, I will give it to celebrate it.
    Come all running!
    Come all in droves!
    My soul is overflowing,
    With joy and grace!
  • Without you, there is no birthday,
    Without you, there is no happiness,
    I invite you to take some reeds,
    And to laugh and shout!
  • Every day is important,
    that, of course, is true,
    but today for being my Birthday,
    we can celebrate.
    Come with me quickly!
    Run, you can’t take it!
    I wait impatiently for you this afternoon, so
    you can come to the snack.
  • Do you want to send beautiful birthday wishes? If the date of your birthday is approaching, do not forget to invite your friends to keep you company on this special day.
  • The years pass and do not come back, but a beautiful memory is in our memory when we celebrate them with people who give us their sincere friendship and love us as we are.

Invite all your friends to celebrate your Birthday in a very original way. Here is some Birthday Invitations Wording for a birthday party.

Birthday Party Invitations Wording for Facebook

Use this Birthday Invitations Wording to invite all your friends. You can send these invitations by email, post them on the Facebook walls of your friends, or send them as SMS to your mobile phones.

It is always convenient to visit some of the many sites available on the Internet that offer free birthday invitations, since seeing other invitations we can get ideas for ours.

Birthday Invitations Wording to Invite Birthday

Some people may wish to know the type of clothing they should wear or the menu to be served. But in addition to this information, in your invitation. You can add a birthday phrase in which you share your feelings with them.

Birthday Invitation Wording

(Your age) …. Many don’t. Few don’t know; I only know that they are enough to realize that one of the most fabulous riches we have are human beings are their friendships, so I want to share with you this special celebration.
Without you this celebration would not be perfect, so I want you to accompany me to my birthday party.
Friends are the ones who are there when everyone is gone, and you are a perfect example so that we can celebrate my birthday together, and our friendship invites you to my party.
Today I am (your age).
Time flies by. A mixture of emotions invades me, among them joys and fears, but thank God I can share it with you.
The happiness of having the blessing of celebrating another year of life is enormous, and it would be higher if you could join me at this party to celebrate it.
Every year that we celebrate is a gift, let’s enjoy and celebrate this great event with our dear friend (Name of the birthday boy).
I thank life for giving me the opportunity to be here one more year, for being able to share with all my beloved people and celebrate my (Age).
Come to enjoy, laugh, share, but mainly to celebrate the Birthday of our beloved (Birthday’s name).
Celebrations are my passion, and today I have a great excuse -My birthday-, let’s throw the house out the window. Do you join?.

Birthday Invitation Wording Templates Free

several elements can be included in the Birthday Invitations Wording of a birthday invitation to create a memorable, personal, and original card.

Birthday Invitation Wording

  • Don’t forget to include the name of the person who turns years old.
    You can refer to the specific place to which the person goes or likes to visit.
    You can mention the pets that they celebrated as if he is a fan of them.
    You can create a story about the person instead of writing directly about the person.
  • You can create a card of the type “I remember when …”. Ask your friends, friends, and family to give you a prayer about the person who turns years old, to start with: “I remember when …”.
  • It is a beautiful invitation. Then include the best sentences as part of the Birthday Invitations Wording of your birthday invitation.
  • Include verses and poems. Consider conducting a “treasure hunt” during the party, and include the instructions on the invitations.
  • If you intend to give a themed birthday party, in the Birthday Invitations Wording of the invitation, guide how the guests should be dressed.

Sample Fun Birthday Invitations Wording for Birthday Invitation

We share below some examples of Birthday Invitations Wording for Birthday Invitation that contemplate different types of birthdays: from children’s parties, seniors, to costume parties.

Birthday Invitations Wording Sample – Example # 1

Do not give more years to live, but more life to the years. Thank you for sharing my fresh “40th birthday”. I wait for you. Bring good vibes.

Birthday Invitations Wording Sample – Example #2


On the occasion of my Birthday and being one of my happiest friendships,

I invite you to the party to be held at the restaurant bar on the day …..

at the time ……

Do not miss it. I count on you! We had fun.

Birthday Invitations Wording Template – Example # 3

Dear _____:
On the day _____
I will be 60 years old, and as we have spent so many beautiful moments that I will never forget, I would love this day to be one of them.
I look forward to your presence in _____________.

Birthday Invitations Wording Template – Example #4

Let’s celebrate Juan Pablo’s first year!
We wait for you at Ave Los Arupos 4200 and Calle Los Rosales at 10: 00hs.
Saturday, June 12, 2007.
Mark this date on your calendar, and have fun with us.
We will wait for you!

Birthday Invitations Wording Template – Example # 5

(Costume party) On a dark night of the terrible storm,
between Dracula and the weeping woman they begin to celebrate,
it is the event of the year that you should not miss …
We wait for you in ….
(event address) at (time ) the day of such a month….
It will be a chilling night !!!
PS (We reserve the right of admission but bring a costume)

Download Beautiful Birthday Invitations Wording Text

  •  “I want to share this day with all of you to feel your pleasant company and make this an unforgettable birthday. I love you very much. And nothing would make me happier on this day than having you by my side when blowing my candles and asking for my I wish. Everyone is invited to my Birthday.”
  • “Today is my Birthday, and one of my greatest wishes is that you come to visit me to have a good time and have fun, I wait for all my friends, I want you and I to be happy this day “
  • “I invite all my friends to my birthday, no matter if they are very busy, no matter the gifts, all I want is for them to come at least a moment and give me their pleasant company, I wait for you all.”
  • “For all those who want to dance until dawn and have fun without worries today is the perfect day, I invite you to celebrate my birthday, I will be waiting for you wanting to have fun “
  • “This birthday invitation is for all those who consider me a friend or a good companion, I would love to spend this day with people who appreciate me, everyone who comes will thank you for being with me on this important day in my life.”
  • “I invite all my friends and anyone who knows me to celebrate my Birthday, today I want to be with all the people who make every day in my life special. My best gift will be your presence.”
  • “Everyone is invited to my Birthday, forget to bring gifts, make excuses or make the sick not to come, being reunited with my friends is what I love most, come and fulfill my birthday wish “
  • “Birthdays are dates that are remembered forever when the presence of friends makes an ordinary day a fantastic one, they are invited to my birthday party.”
  • “Today is another year, and I would love to be with those I consider friends of a lifetime, you are invited to celebrate my birthday.”
  • We hope that this Birthday Invitations Wording motivate all your friends to be part of this special date for you, we are sure that after reading the invitations several of your friends will visit you.

Birthday Card Birthday Invitations Wording for My Friend

A friend will always be one of the best companies that can be desired in life. Why? The answer is that they spread joy, provide comfort, steal smiles, support at all times, and wish you the best.
They do everything mentioned and much more so that they quickly win one’s heart.

Birthday Invitation Wording

If you have one whose Birthday is close, then you will understand that you have the perfect opportunity to show that you value and appreciate it very much. You can prepare a nice detail, like a card in which you capture everything beautiful you feel towards her.
Do you need inspiration? Do not worry, here we have brought you some ideas that you will love. We hope you take a look.

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to meet your loved ones and to celebrate another year of life in their company. Every good birthday party needs the best pleasant invitation with some wording that captivates future attendees.

An excellent way to let your acquaintances know about your birthday party is through a birthday invitation, which you can make as fun as you want.

Sample Birthday Invitations Wording

The following selection of birthday party wording examples will inspire you to make your invitations.

Wording for the Best Birthday Invitation

Friends! In case you don’t remember, my 30th birthday is coming. Let’s go to the numbers:

  • 30 years celebrating my birthday
  • Three decades of wisdom translated into memories and experiences
  • 360 months of happiness and opportunities to meet new people
  • 1564 weeks of love and affection
  • 15778800 minutes of madness
  • Countless friends and unrepeatable moments

I felt very young until mathematics ruined my sense of reality. In spite of all the time I have been flying, and I would like to celebrate this year more of life with the company of you, the people I love most.

The party is going to be held in a bar (I leave the location below) and will start at about 10 am. I will arrive at about 9:00 to check that everything is in order and that we are not going to missing tables.

I know that many people worry about finding me a good gift, I help them: all I ask is that they come with the attitude of having a good time. If you have any questions, you can contact me. I hope to see you soon! Thank you for being part of my life for another year!

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording

I never thought that the years would pass so fast and weigh so little! I am about to celebrate my 30th birthday, and in all these years, I have lived through everything: joys, sadness, love, heartbreak, stress, etc. All these experiences that marked my life are not as meaningful. As the people who have come to stay with me.

Of all the things that I have learned, I realize that the most valuable are friends and have a good time, so we have to celebrate that I have one more year of wisdom to share with you. In exchange for your company, I promise you good food, excellent company, and a little drink. As they say that genres are broken in tastes, and I do not want to impose mine, I suggest you bring your drink. Remember that the intention is to have a good time, and we cannot ruin it for something as simple as a drink!

The details: the party is going to be at my house and can arrive after eight. Before you ask me, yes, you can park on the street. If you don’t know where I live, I’m sorry, the invitation is not for you. Quiet: you can mark me, and I guide you.

Last rule: prohibited from talking about stress, work, or depressing things. It’s my party of 30! Enough depression!

I hope to see you soon!

Formal Birthday Invitation Wording

I thank life for allowing me to have another year of life, surrounded by the love of my family and my friends. I could not be more grateful to all the people who have been part of my life and have taught me something new month after month.

Today I am celebrating another year of life full of good memories and moments that I am sure I will never forget. Although you never know what the future holds, I am happy to share it with you.

On the occasion of my birthday, I want to start creating new memories with the people that mean so much to me. For this reason, I want to extend an invitation to attend a simple celebration in which only my family and my closest friends will be.

The meeting will take place at my house after eight at night. Although we will have drinks, feel confident to bring your favorite beverage. If you have any questions about the location of the place, you can contact me on my cell phone number or through an email.

I hope to see you soon!

Birthday Invitation Wording for Kids

Thanks to the care of my parents and the love of the people around me, I will be five years old, and, as you are an essential part of our lives, we want you to join us to celebrate it. That’s why we invite you to my birthday party to be held on the last Sunday of this month!

The theme of my party is going to be superheroes, so if you want, you can come in disguise. We inform the mothers of my friends that we will have many games to have fun and lots of food and cake.

As it is a children’s party, we want moms to know that children wish to comfortable clothes that we can play with and shoes that don’t hurt us. I hope everyone can come to accompany me on this special day for my family and me.

My party will start at four in the afternoon, but if you want to arrive a little earlier, the room will be open at 3:30. If you have trouble finding the place, you can call my parents.

Here is some Birthday Invitations Wording to adapt to various party themes:

Generic birthday party invitation: You are invited! Join us to help us celebrate (event).

Halloween birthday party invitation: come and join us if you dare. You are invited to a Halloween scare!

Invitation to retirement party: we invite you to join the [Name] retirement celebration after [number] years!

Invitation to the housewarming birthday party: the landscape has changed, and the address is new, but our door is always open for family and friends like you. Stop by and visit our new home!

Invitation to the corporate birthday party: to express our sincere thanks for everything you do, we cordially invite you to a dinner of thanks to customers. Join us for dinner and drink in [place].

Invitation to a cute birthday party: meet, greet, and eat with neighbors at our first annual summer street party.

Invitation to the summer birthday party: come dressed as a Hawaiian. The theme is established. We are organizing a Hawaiian party that you will never forget.

Best Birthday party invitation: we are blowing up the balloons and preparing the cake! We make a great birthday party and hope you can come!

Baby shower birthday invitation: expect a baby, a new and great joy. An extraordinary gift, whether it is a girl or a boy!

Invitation to Valentine’s birthday party: you and your Valentine’s partner are invited to Valentine’s dinner.

Farewell party invitation: [Name of the honoree] is leaving for a new adventure. Come and wish [him/her] the best while [he/she] embarks on your journey.

Pool birthday party invitation: the sun warms up, but the water is cold. Join us for a summer party by the pool.

Invitation to 1920’s birthday party: [Name of the honoree] turns 30! Let’s help him say goodbye to his roaring 20. We must come in disguise!

Graduation birthday party invitation: graduation class of [year]. Come and celebrate with us at a graduation dinner for [Name of the honoree].

Bridal shower birthday invitation: let’s express our best wishes and give love to the bride! We are organizing a bachelorette party for [Name of the honoree].

Bachelor birthday party invitation: [Name of honoree] marries! Join us on the last night of fun.

Invitation to the vintage tea birthday party: we cordially invite you to attend a tea with a snack for ladies. We encourage you to wear hats and pearls for tea.

Garden birthday party invitation: the table is set, and the garden is ready! Join us at our first annual garden party.

Christmas birthday party invitation: Christmas is celebrated once a year; Let’s get together to enjoy some Christmas joy! You and a companion are cordially invited to our annual Christmas party.

Invitation to a jewelry birthday party: all girls need some shine! Join us for a cocktail and relax on our girl’s night organized by [host name].

Video game birthday party invitation: let’s play! It’s time to have fun until the next level on [honoree’s Name] birthday.

Send Beautiful Happy Birthday Wording Invitation to Friend

  • “Wonderful! The most anticipated day of the year has arrived. My lovely friend, today, I assure you that you will live moments full of happiness and love.
  • I love you so much, and on this day, I wish more than ever that all your dreams come true Happy Birthday!”
  • “With much love, I dedicate these words that are born today from my heart to the best girl I’ve ever met.
    Friends like you there are not. You are unique and extraordinary, so I value you very much, and I want to keep our friendship forever. Congratulations on your Birthday!”
  • “My friend, you are my right hand, and also your left, my feet, my eyes, my ears, and much more.
    And your mood and good humor motivate me to live fully, enjoying every second of my existence. Thank you for existing, happy Birthday!”
  • “I can be sad all year, except today, how could it be possible that I don’t smile today if it’s your Birthday, my pretty friend?
    I wish you the best, and I share the happiness that is drawn on your lips. May God bless you and always free you from all evil, giving you only beautiful experiences. Happy Birthday !”
  • “I will not have mansions or private airplanes, but I know that I am the luckiest person in the world and the universe because I have the greatest treasure of all: your friendship.
    Pretty friend, I admire you for being so loyal, kind, simple, and patient. I hope to continue learning a lot from you. Happy Birthday!”

Cards With Nice Words to Invite My Birthday

  • “My little friend, you know that we have always lived together the best moments and today will be no exception.
  • Soon I will arrive at your home, and we will have a lot of fun celebrating your Birthday. Congratulations on your day!”
    “Without a doubt, this world would indeed be an earthly paradise if there were more people like you.
    Of all the friends I have, you are the one I admire and appreciate most for the great heart you have. I love you so much, Happy Birthday! Have a great time.”
  • “In Heaven, a great party must be celebrated in your honor, since you are a beautiful little angel who came from above to take care of me and give me the most beautiful friendship. Happy Birthday, my angelic friend !”
  • “You are a gift from God, my friend. Today is another year since He allowed you to reach the world, if not for that reason we would never have met and I would not have the best friend of all. Happy Birthday, my tender friend!”
  • “Do not feel older just because you are one more year old. I assure you it doesn’t even show, you had the same baby face you had when I met you.
  • Thank you because not only do you stay young and radiant, but also our friendship. Happy Birthday, my great friend !”

That your friend enjoys her birthday to the fullest is what you should look for, and we know that you will achieve it with these beautiful Birthday Invitations Wording for birthday cards.


Finally, thinking about the words we are going to use to invite our friends during the organization of a birthday party could make a difference, since it is important that our friendships feel special and know how valuable their assistance is to us.

Do you want to know other alternatives? We will gladly advise you! With love.