Best Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas: 40th Birthday is a fantastic day for many people. It differs from the 20th or 50th Birthday, for example. In contrast to these, the 40th Birthday represents a new era.

Especially women fear this day because it symbolizes the past youth for them. However, you are only as old as you feel, and to have the fun of being alive, a birthday party is very well suited. But how should this be aligned?

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

The birthday boy is on his celebration, and before that, an organizer. There are many questions in advance. This includes the selection of guests. The location, the budget required, and the care of the kids in the time.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

How to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday?

For most people, the 40th Birthday signifies a new turning point in their lives. While some people (especially men) are looking forward to the 40, some people are terrified of this number.

What are some ideas for a 40th birthday party?

Indeed, this Birthday is one of those, where you look back on his life and at the same time wonders what the future holds for you. Naturally, the question of how to celebrate the 40th Birthday is all the more varied.

How do you celebrate your 40th birthday on a budget?

Here you should stick above all to the wishes of the birthday child and should also consider which type is the one. Does he rather like a party in a small circle? Or a massive party with numerous guests? Suggestions and ideas abound.

1. Make the Preparations for 40th Birthday

An event with many guests, noise, alcohol, and smoke, should not be carried out in your own home when small children are present. Of course, when children are in the household, parents must provide care by having a family member or familiar acquaintance look after the children or have a babysitter look after them.

As far as the budget is concerned, the little celebration at home is probably the cheapest. Here is self-cooking and there is only enough food and drinks to be purchased.

Hosts should organize overnight accommodation for well-traveled guests. If many friends have to stay for the night, it is worth agreeing with an inn. Possibilities may be possible.

2. Have a Bar Night

To toast the 40th Birthday, the evening in the pub is a good idea. There the friends can smoke and drink without worries. An advantage that the pub associated with the home is the fact that it is a great way to celebrate your 40th Birthday, even in bad weather or in winter.

In contrast to the house, but the pub has a few more benefits, as far as the effort is concerned. Organizers do not have to organize everything themselves, provide the drinks, make the decision in the music, or clean up afterward.

In this respect, the evening in the pub is a relaxed start to the fourth decade of life dar.

Furthermore, he holds many options open. Who is already on the go, is much more flexible. He can decide after an hour

3. Organize a Bowling Tournament

The 40th Birthday is not to be understood as the end of fun and passion. The party can be fun.

For this reason, sporting events can let the inner child out again. Who celebrates his 40th Birthday, can invite his friends to the bowl, and make a tournament of it.

This trip is fun, reunites old friends, is only associated with a mediocre organizational effort. Also, the day continues to be completely free. The evening can be celebrated at home or in the city for a restaurant, a pub or the cinema.

4. Be Aware of the Season

People who were born in a warmer month have an advantage. You can also plan your 40th Birthday outdoors. This is often a sweet affair for everyone present because sunbeams and fresh air are not only good for your mood.

Likewise, here is the opportunity to organize a nice barbecue party. This can happen in your garden, in a park where it is allowed or on a rented barbecue area.

Furthermore, in the outdoor area many activities for the 40th Birthday in question, such as mini-golf, volleyball, a table tennis tournament or swimming in the lake.

But even people who have their Birthday in winter do not have to do without outdoor activities. Very nice can be an evening at the Christmas market if the time is right.

5. Organize Theme Parties

Birthday children who invite many people to their 40th Birthday and want to make the celebration big are very well advised with a theme party.

The motto, of course, determines the organizer or the organizer. The wide range of different topics does not make it easy. As an indication, the music that is to be played at the party is used. As a theme party for 40-year-old.

For example, past decades, such as the 80s and 90s in question. Accordingly, all guests must appear in the bathroom key style. The ideas are then no limits. Lots of glitters, colorful leggings, teased hair, and the music of the New German Wave: All this ensures a good mood with a nostalgic effect.

Likewise, film and television can serve as inspiration for their 40th Birthday.

6. Ideas for a Big Break

If a party is planned in your own home, you should of course first determine whether you want to hold a small or big party. Just for the 40th birthday theme parties are high.

No matter if a time trip (e.g., back in the 70s or 80s) with appropriate music and at the time announced food. (Mettigel sends greetings) Or other great mottos that match the character of the birthday child.

Here There are no limits to the imagination. If the 40th Birthday takes place in the summer. You can also have a garden party under the sunny motto “Hawaii” or “Caribbean” in glorious weather and decorate the location, such as with Hawaiiketten or torches in the garden.

7. Besides, the food question arises

Either, The family prepares the food according to the wishes of the birthday child or, if it is a big celebration, delivers everything from the trusted catering service.

Especially if someone in the area has had a big party before, he can certainly recommend the right caterer. If the place at home is unsuitable, a suitable location should be taken care of at an early stage.

From the warehouse, via a mobile marquee with appropriate furniture, to the large hall, everything can be organized.

  • Exceptionally high in summer: many communities have grill cabins with barbecue and fireplace available, which you can rent for a small deposit. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a great party in the forest. If someone in the area has ever had a big party, he can certainly recommend the right caterer. If the place at home is unsuitable. A suitable location should be taken care of at an early stage. From the warehouse, via a mobile marquee with appropriate furniture, to the large hall. Everything can be organized.
  • Unusually high in summer: many communities have grill cabins with barbecue or fireplace available, which you can rent for a small deposit. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a great party in the forest. If someone in the area has ever had a big party, he can certainly recommend the right caterer. If the place at home is unsuitable, a suitable location should be taken care of at an early stage. From the warehouse, via a mobile marquee with appropriate furniture, to the large hall, everything can be organized.
  • Especially high in summer: many communities have grill cabins with barbecue and fireplace available, which you can rent for a small deposit. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a great party in the forest. Exceptionally high in summer: many communities have grill cabins with barbecue and fireplace available, which you can rent for a small deposit. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a great party in the forest.
  • Especially significant in summer: many communities have grill cabins with barbecue or fireplace available, which you can rent for a small deposit. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a great party in the forest.

8. But Rather in a Small Circle?

Some people may want to spend this special 40th Birthday with their loved ones and refrain from a big party. Nevertheless, you can go to it particularly well on this day. How about dining in a fancy restaurant, for example?

Depending on how many people come, you should book. Likewise in a small round, a nice event is, for example, an evening in a bowling center, here it is guaranteed not boring, and you can book in advance a bowling alley.

Often you can eat in these places – or you can combine both by eating first and then go bowling. Depending on the size of the group can also be put together nicely, as such an evening can sometimes be expensive.

Of course, other events in a small circle are excellent, such as a trip to a theme/amusement park. Here, the ideas set hard limits. The main thing is that the birthday child feels comfortable and you spend a beautiful day together.

9. Funny Unusual 40th Birthday Invitations

Finally, the time has come: The 40th Birthday is just around the corner. A big party is planned, and now only the invitations have to be sent. To keep them in mind, this guide offers valuable tips on personal, funny, and unusual 40th birthday invitations.

Let the Show Begin – Ticket Form

If a big party is imminent, it should also be announced befittingly. An invitation in the ticket form, similar to a movie or theater ticket, is perfect for this. These invitations can be designed as well as printed online.

When designing yourself, black cardboard is suitable. If the font is designed with a gold pin, a real eye-catcher is guaranteed. Alternatively, the gold paper is also ideal for cutting out the letters.

Tape salad – Cassette

Very unusual is an invitation cassette. The label contains the invitation data. It is especially nice when the cassette is real and contains the favorite songs of the birthday child. It is hardly personal.

Best of 40th Years Record

It does not necessarily have to be a cassette. Just as well is an invitation in record form with the imprint: Best of 40. Years. It reminds childhood memories.

Bottom-up! – Prosecco bottle

Everyone knows invitations in paper form. If you like it extravagant, give away small Prosecco bottles with a printed label. These can be designed online. Alternatively, conventional vials are also suitable.

These can also be given away with a message around the neck of the bottle, fastened with a gift ribbon. Instead of sending them, personal delivery is suitable. The guests will be pleased.

If the Chemistry is Right – Invitation in the Test Tube

A beautifully designed invitation rolled up in a test tube is an equally unusual idea. Provided with a cork, it offers a visual highlight.

Arrest warrant – police carload

The desired guests will not be amazed if suddenly there is a police summons in their mailbox. The more relaxed they will be when they realize that this is just an invitation. Online, these can be provided with “wanted photo” as desired.

Say it through the flower – rose with a message

Those who like to bring invitations personally should consider this idea: A rose provided with a small envelope in which the invitation is located. This is placed on the doorstep of the guest. Then the phone rings and the guest will be surprised.

Confetti rain – an envelope full of surprises

A significant announcement for the upcoming party is an envelope filled with an invitation and confetti. Thus, the guest knows directly what to expect: a colorful party full of surprises.

Memories come alive – invitation with children’s photo

The invitation to celebrate his 40th Birthday will be provided in a very personal way with a funny picture from childhood. This can be designed online  and conjures the guests guaranteed a smile on the face.

Poetry – invitation with a poem

In whose veins flows the blood of a poet, who can devise a beautiful poem, which contains all the information necessary for the upcoming celebration. But for all the others too, there are suggestions for beautiful birthday poems on all online portals.

For the sweet tooth – chocolate invitation

Brilliant and guaranteed to delight every guest, is a bar of chocolate. The package contains, beautifully designed and possibly even provided with a photo of the birthday child, all invitation information. Numerous portals on the Internet offer this online design.

40th Birthday Party Games Ideas

At a birthday party, good food and the right location are the ultimate. But the exuberant mood and amusing entertainment are of great importance. At a party where guests sit around listless and get bored from one meal to the next, nobody is happy to be invited. So that does not happen; there is a great solution. The celebration with party games fill, these bring movement in the round, promote the sociability, and are excellent entertainment for young and old. Which three party games are well suited for a 40th birthday is shown below.

The coachman game

This game is one of the classic party games. Nine chairs are required, which the game master arranges in the form of a coach. There are two horses, a coachman, a queen, a king, and four wheels.

The royal couple sits next to each other, in front of the coachman and the horses, around it the four wheels (two front wheels and two rear wheels). The game master gets the corresponding text before the party.

Before it starts, the birthday child is brought on stage and chosen by the game master to the queen or king. This or this may now occupy the remaining roles with his guests. When this happens, all players take their seats, and the leader reads the text. Whenever the participant hears his role name, he has to get up and run around the coach.

It is especially funny when the roles are called several times in succession, and suddenly several or even all participants have to run around the coach. This game is not only fun as an active member but is also very amusing when watching.

Mysterious lots

This game is fun throughout the festival. Again, you need one or more guests to take the preparation in hand. A lot has to be created for every guest who has a fun task to fulfill.

This can be, for example, smacking food or a particularly expressive dance session. It would also be possible to laugh or applaud only when everyone else is done with it.

Allowed is what pleases, but it should stay within the frame. The host knows nothing about it all the time. Only in the evening, everything is cleared up. Then he gets the task of remembering every feature that his guest has given to the best.

The person quiz

A game that the host takes into his own hands is also a great thing. The birthday boy makes a quiz about himself. Depending on how well the guests know their host, simple questions such as favorite color or more difficult questions can be like the favorite quote. On the day of the celebration, the guests are divided into teams.

It is funny when each side is allowed to choose their group name. Then the question is read out, and the team deliberates quietly and has to agree on an answer. The questions are numbered with a), b), c), (…), and prepared the corresponding small signs that each group must hold up after a beep. The team with the correct answers has won.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Whether a man or a woman, finding the right gift for a 40th birthday presents a challenge. The person to be gifted is no longer quite young but is still far from old.

He is in the golden middle of his life. So that it will not be the classic money card and the bouquet again this year. Here are a few creative ideas shown, with which the birthday child would not have expected.

1. A few hours of action

Has the long dreamed of a parachute jump or a tandem flight? Or is he generally inclined to action-packed activities that have a decent adrenaline rush? Then now is the opportunity to fulfill this wish.

Also, a voucher for bungee jumping or a flight over the home of the birthday child is a good idea, which is guaranteed to provide bright eyes. Since these experiences are usually very costly, you can connect with other guests.

You can choose an offer together and share in the costs. Here you give away double fun, the anticipation, and the experience.

2. Great gift ideas for wine lovers

If the host is a great friend of good wine, you have an easy game. There is an excellent variety of great gift ideas here. Wine tastings will always be well received.

In a beautiful ambiance with a partner or a good friend, a few exceptional wines costs, who do not get into raptures? But even a fancy wine rack for the wall, perhaps already stocked with a few good bottles, is a good idea. Or how about a wine fridge.

So that the favorite wine always has the perfect temperature or a classy-looking wine cooler for the table? A gift basket with a few bottles and one or the other treat that goes with the wine is also a careful thought. Similar gift ideas are also available for passionate whiskey drinkers, beer drinkers, etc.

3. Memories at the touch of a button

Instant cameras or instant cameras are currently enjoying great popularity. Shortly after taking the picture, you are already holding your image in your hands. Instead of a film, it has merely a stack of paper. With such a gift, you can only hit the bullseye, because who does not like the idea of ​​a few funny snapshots on the fridge or the pinboard.

The best way to give away the Instant Camera immediately ready for use, then you can start shooting at the Birthday already. Finally, a small photo album with one or the other snapshot will come off, which you can look at years later.

4. Personalized gifts

Nowadays you can personalize everything. Why not take advantage of this and give the host something very personal? If the recipient is a passionate coffee or tea drinker, then a cup with engraving looks good.

If you have a soft spot for pillows, blankets, or fabric in general, then have your name or a matching saying embroidered on it. A person who writes a lot will undoubtedly enjoy a personalized pen or pen. The hobbyist might have a toolset with his name on it. The offer here is enormous, as will indeed find the right thing for every taste.

Funny Talk/Screening for the 40th Birthday

The 40th Birthday: Another milestone in the lives of us humans, an occasion that deserves to be duly celebrated. And what is more important at a good party than an exuberant mood? With a funny performance, a hilarious sketch, or an entertaining talk on the 40th Birthday, the celebration mood will be further fueled. This guide summarizes everything relevant to the topic “funny skits for the 40th birthday – to re-enact and laugh”.

1. The 40th Birthday – a milestone

Most birthday children are looking forward to their 40th Birthday. After the 30th Birthday meant the end of youth and was an important milestone in life, the 40th Birthday is just an intermediate step to mid-life: the big 50th

With 40 years, we are in the middle of life. More and more everyday life in the presence of men and women comes in – we come to rest, become finally reasonable, and see many things more relaxed than before. Reason enough to seal this event with a Surprise birthday party.

Of course, there must be an upbeat mood on a successful celebration. But how can one create a pleasant atmosphere? Often, music and alcohol alone are not enough, especially since the latter, in too large quantities, often causes quarrels and annoyance. Therefore, it is also necessary to improve the mood with the help of other mood makers.

The host himself can lay a good foundation for a proper party mood. A well-considered guest list, a great location, suitable music, good food, and drinks are already an excellent basis. But also the use of the guests, Is in demand for the mood at the birthday party for the 40th Birthday. Fortunately, as a guest, you can actively participate in improving your mood.

Performances and Skits for the 40th Birthday

Amusing skits are one of the best ways to make the birthday boy and the other guests laugh. Many concerts are ideal for> birthdays because they treat topics such as age.

The unique feature of a sketch is that if required, all guests can also get together to show the jubilarian something funny. How to do that, the two following examples show!

The Rejuvenating Drink – Ideal for Families

In this sketch, the birthday child acts with itself. A rejuvenating drink is produced in front of the audience using various ingredients.

While the spectators listen to the words of the warlock spellbound, a little boy/girl is sent unnoticed to the door, wearing the same clothes as the birthday child himself.

After the jubilee drinks the potion, he leaves Room. After a few seconds, the door opens again, and not the birthday boy himself comes in, but the boy/girl as a result of the rejuvenation.

The transformation can alternatively be made even more useful. For this purpose, a huge box is needed, in the front and rear doors are each opened to unfold.

The table is already in the Room with the child. After the birthday boy has taken the potion to himself, he crawls through the back door in the box – in front of the boy/girl comes out.

The Mysterious Lots – Everyone Has to Be Involved Here

Before the celebration, as many tickets are made as guests were invited. Each lot contains an instruction for the party evening, which serve the entertainment perfectly and are funny.

At the birthday party, every guest is allowed to draw a ticket. Nobody is allowed to talk about which message was brought – it is top secret! Each guest must now fulfill his task at the party night. Astonished looks, smiling faces, and fun are guaranteed.

Here Are Some Suggestions and Examples for the Messages on the Lots:

  • Ask the birthday girl for a condom at 9:15 pm.
  • Hold a speech at 22:00 that begins with “Congratulations, old sack.”
  • Voice aloud at 0:00 o’clock
  • Kiss the anniversary boy at 22:45
  • Come in the course of the evening of the toilet while a strip of toilet paper hangs from the skirt.
  • Help at 9:00 pm for 15 minutes in the kitchen.
  • Get all the guests to dance the polonaise.
  • Announce at 11:15 pm how much you like the birthday girl and how great he/she is.