The 11 Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas: It is always fun to prepare a surprise party for a friend, boyfriend, or family member. We show you the best tips and the best birthday ideas to get it right.

Special dates should be celebrated as they deserve, surrounded by the best company, friends, and loved ones.

Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

It’s perfect for organizing our birthday, anniversary, or a theme party to celebrate our successes, but who doesn’t like a surprise party?

The 11 Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

There is no more unique gift than people who care about you dedicate your time to organizing an event where you will be the protagonist.

If you are reading this post, you will be one who enjoys the surprise from outside. You will have to decide every detail, organize, buy, decorate, you will even think about what a mess I have gotten into! , but I can assure you that all your effort will be worth it when you see the face of them entertained.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

But for everything to go well, you must organize and think about all the details. Here are some tips that will help you.

The first and most important thing is to think about how the person will receive a surprise. I mean, how are you going to cheat him, heh heh.

Here you have to be very careful, because if they discover us there will still be a celebration, but it will not be the same. At this point, we cannot help you too much, because it depends on the type of person, celebration, place, guests. One way for the surprised person not to suspect anything is to organize a “false celebration” another day, so it will not be surprising if all his friends can’t stay on the day of the surprise party.

Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas – Everything on Wheels

When a special date for a loved one approaches, we have to break our heads. To think about the perfect gift and some surprise, like a party. Next, we are going to give you some ideas and guide you to organize the Best Surprise Birthday Party Ideas you have ever prepared.

1. Create a Whatsapp Groups for the Occasion

The simplest and most common in these cases is to create a WhatsApp group. In which to include all the friends and family that will be present. That group of WhatsApp will be how you will communicate, and you will be informed of all the surprise party ideas, news, and advances in the planning.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

2. Start Preparing the Party in Advance

If there are two days left for a person’s birthday and you have not prepared anything yet, forget about surprise parties, it is most likely a disaster.

Choose the date that best fits your calendar, and when all or most of the guests are available. If the birthday falls on a Monday, perhaps it is better to advance the celebration to Saturday, since for subjects of studies and work people usually have more free time on weekend days. Besides, it is always preferable to advance the party instead of doing it the same day or delaying it.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

And, of course, make sure the birthday boy has no other celebrations for the chosen day. Can you imagine a surprise birthday party without the protagonist appearing?

3. Choose the Venue

If the time is in summer, you have an advantage. You can choose an outdoor venue for the celebration, which gives you more options and the freedom to organize. On the contrary, if the party is in winter, you must choose a final place to prevent cold, rain, etc. Any spacious house or premises will be beautiful.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas
Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

If you decide to rent a place, contact the owner as soon as possible to prevent other people from renting the site before you. And if you intend to play loud music, try to make the party a conditioned place for it, to prevent the sound of the speakers from disturbing the neighbors. For the choice of songs, but some of the protagonist’s favorite music groups.

4. The Decoration, Always Important

Surely you know the honoree well, and you know what his hobbies are, if he has a special preference for a series, if he is fond of a football or basketball team, if he likes the pop culture of the ’80s. Nor can the typical balloons, pennants be missing. And confetti We also recommend that a good part of the decoration be of your favorite color.

Other tricks are to create some photocall. Think of something original that catches the attention of the guests and, of course, that our protagonist likes. Add the ideal accessories for the photo: masks, funny glasses, mustaches, hats, and everything you can think of. You can also write some “snacks” with funny phrases.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

To finish off the decoration, buy some letters in which he says “Happy Birthday,” other letters with his name, and some inflatable balloons with the number of years that the protagonist turns. We have already explained how to decorate with balloons for decorating parties and birthday celebrations.

You can also go further and prepare a thematic party in which the guests are disguised on a specific theme. In that case, all the decoration of the premises must be related to the said theme. And leave a costume for the birthday boy if it can be a leading costume, the better. It must be the center of attention!

5. Other Fantastic Ideas

For example, tell that great friend or relative of the birthday boy he has not seen for some years because he lived far away. If you get that important person to be present, the surprise will be even more significant, and it will surely be a day that the protagonist will not forget for the rest of his life.

Print many photos of the guest of honor’s face and make many masks with his face. It can be fun that when he arrives, you have his surprise face immortalized in a photo. Are never more games for even more fun the parties and prepare different activities, such as a gymkhana with creative and fun tests.

There must be entertainment for everyone present. In the case of children, you can rent an inflatable mattress or hire a clown or a magician to make a show.

6. Party Day

Appoint the guests well in advance of the scheduled time for the honoree to arrive at least an hour and a half or two hours before. On the other hand, there must be at least one or two allies that take care of the birthday boy.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas
Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

They are the ones who should try to meet him with any excuse (have a beer, go to the movies). Some little white lie to actually take it to the place of celebration at the set time. And with so much decoration, do not forget the most important thing: food, cake, and gifts. To enjoy!

7. Guests

If you know the honoree well, you will know which people are essential for the surprise to be complete. Surely on your list are friends and family, but have you thought about notifying that childhood or village friend with whom you continue to maintain contact but have not seen each other for a long time? There are important people in our life who, despite time or distance, remain part of it.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

We usually have friends from different social circles: our friends from work, school, university. Make a list and contact them all. The sooner you make it easier. It will be for your guests to organize and be able to come to the celebration.

8. Thematic

The preparations begin! You have to choose between organizing a theme party or something more informal. In principle, it seems that a theme party is more complicated to hold, but once fixed, the issue is much easier to think of the decor, ambiance, music, food, etc.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

There are a thousand different themes that can serve as inspiration, but the important thing is that it is related to the birthday boy’s tastes.

If you like a type of music, you can dress up in different groups, decorate the place with posters, do a contest of imitations. If the surprise is a children’s party, you will always be right with a Disney theme like Mickey Mouse, Cars, or Frozen.

Divide the work among friends and family who are helping you organize the party. Make groups and have each one take care of one part: decoration, accessories for the guests, food. In this way, each group will think of original and fun ideas to surprise the birthday boy.

9. Where to Party?

If they decide to do it in a place that the guest knows quite well, he will feel confident and calm, so he probably does not suspect that something is brewing.

However, if you choose to do it in a strange or less frequented place, this person may doubt and realize the surprise you are preparing. So if this is the case, you will have to think of a good excuse to convince him.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas
Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

10. Date: A Little Before, a Little Later

Depending on the original reason for the celebration, be it an adult birthday or the anniversary of something special; If you choose the same day to celebrate it, you should have an alternative plan in mind so that the surprised person does not start to suspect.

You can tell him that you have organized a dinner for both of you, or that his parents have invited you to eat so that he won’t think of any plans for that date. If you do the celebration at home, you will have to entertain it outside while your friends prepare everything.

If you choose to celebrate it another day, you will have it much more comfortable, because it will be relaxed and nothing will be expected. But be careful if you decide to celebrate before: some people do not like to blow the candles early.

And if you organize the party later, you will have to make a small celebration on a corresponding day, or else the birthday boy will have the feeling that they have forgotten him, which generates disappointment and perhaps sadness.

11. Small Details

Creating your photocall can be a great idea to entertain guests. You only need fun accessories and space to take photos.

We love the idea that we show in the following image. It is effortless, economical, and will give a special touch to your decoration. Forget about boring balloons!

Let no one forget how old the protagonist is! Get some balloons that represent the birthday of the birthday boy or do it yourself with paper. You can also use photographs forming a collage of loved ones.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

After so many preparations, the day has come. Nothing can fail, so you have to be coordinated so that the entertainer gets a big surprise. Appoint all guests at the chosen place an hour and a half before the arrival of the honoree. It seems a long time, but it is not.

You will have to prepare the tables, place the birthday decoration and, most importantly, be-all, so remind your guests that they cannot be delayed.  There has to be enough time to prepare the place, either because the party has some theme or they want to place the necessary decorative elements, food, and music.