100+ Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes & Images of 2021

100+ Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes & Images of 2021

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes & Images: Are you looking for nice reminders for a birthday of a dead loved one who passed away and had a birthday? Wishing someone a happy birthday in heaven of a loved one is a complicated issue, time passes, but the absence hurts; special dates make us miss her more, such as her birthday.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes & Images

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

We know that words will not be enough, but we believe that it can ease the pain simply by identifying and appropriating them.
That is why this time we write a series of Heavenly happy birthday in heaven quotes regarding this topic.

Heavenly Happy Birthday Wishes

Find nice heavenly happy birthday wishes for someone who passed away and has a birthday.

  • “Today you would be celebrating one more year of life in this world, you are not here to give yourself a big hug like the last of your birthday but I can feel you closer through the memories. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • I love you so much…. You live forever in my heart. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • “It is true that I have learned to live with your absence but I have not been able to stop missing you, on a day like today, you were born, filling everyone around you with happiness. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • “You are not here today and although the pain wants to take over my heart, the gratitude I feel for sharing with you so long is greater. It was an honor to share life with you. “
  • “The hugs, your smiles, and everything else made me very happy, all those moments gave me the vitality to face each sunrise, now I understand. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
    “Your passage through life was not in vain, Today I celebrate your life and sent you a hug to heaven. “
  • “Today on your birthday we have gathered to thank God for having met you; we laugh. We fondly remember your follies and everything you did to make us laugh.
  • “It was an honor to meet you that is why this day is still a party for us. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”

Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday in Heaven

  • “I treasure with great affection the last birthday that I was able to share with you and I have decided to remember you like this; with your joy, your big smile for seeing us there and your attention. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • “I miss you so much, I wish you could come down from heaven for just a minute to hug me, see your smile, and give you so many kisses, my love, “
  • “God chose that you celebrate your next birthdays with him… we cannot be selfish and for that reason today instead of being sad, we are happy because we were able to meet you and share with you such beautiful moments that without a doubt, made our life wonderful. Thank you! Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • “My heart hurts when I go through places where we were together, and also the many times that you corrected me annoyingly. Happy Birthday in Heaven!”
  • “Today your advice is the most valuable thing I have, you helped me to be a better person and made me understand my mistakes with love. Happy birthday to heaven. “
  • “I feel that we needed time together, we needed to celebrate birthdays with beer and sweets, however, in everything that happens in my life I can see the hand of God deciding as Father what is best for me… I know that it was like that with you. Happy Birthday in Heaven! Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!”
  • “I still do not understand the reason being you so young but perhaps my human mind is too small to understand the magnitude of his Proceed. I miss you, Happy Birthday in Heaven! dear friend. “
  • “It is sad to know the date of your birthday and not being able to hug you, give you our wishes and celebrate but it would be even sadder not to have memories by your side to hold onto, fortunately, it is what today keeps me strong and makes me feel close of you.”
  • “Thank you for letting me live such beautiful moments with you. Happy Birthday.”

Happy Birthday Wishes in Heaven Images

We focus a lot on the memories in our previous sentences.

We want you to cling to them and be the way you remember your loved one, well a famous quote says it.

Our friends do not die when they are absent but when they cease to be remembered.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven – Dad in Heaven Birthday

The loss of a Father is a very sad episode but one that we must finally try to handle in the best way, starting by remembering dad on his birthday that death is part of life.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Your father’s birthday is approaching, who you no longer have by your side and you want to send him a nice happy birthday in heaven quotes but you don’t know how to express it?

Remembering Dad on His Birthday

Here you will find free and beautiful birthday wishes after death of father.

Remembering Dad on His Birthday

  • “Happy birthday, cute old man, today the sky is celebrating and you are dancing a beautiful tango with the woman you have loved all your life, my Mother, who surely sang you early: These are the manzanitas as I used to do with everyone. I love you and will love you forever. Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!”
  • “Even though you are no longer here physically, I continue to celebrate your birthday because you were an example of how one should celebrate life and you did it while God gave it to you and that is enough for me today to love and celebrate”
  • “You are not present but I remember you every moment as I do it especially today. Happy Birthday Daddy of my heart. Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!”
  • “I was lucky to be your son and enjoy every stage of my life with you, that is why I would have liked to be able to thank you again for always being by my side. Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!”

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes From Daughter

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes From Daughter

This article is just for you since by sending a Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes From Daughter someone who has already died, in addition to honoring him with remembering him, it is also a bit to allow yourself to accept that he is no longer here but that you can talk about him with joy.

  • “Today that is your birthday, I only ask God to allow you to feel this kiss that I send to heaven and to say in your ear, almost whispering, how much I love you. Happy Birthday, Dad.”
  • “Today I woke up early with the desire to call you by phone so that my greeting is as always the first when almost immediately I realized that I no longer have you by my side. Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven!”
  • I love you, cute Daddy, I miss you and I hope that today and every day you are really at peace where you are. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven!”

Cute Happy Birthday Parents in Heaven Quotes

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

We know that parents play a very important role but that unfortunately they are not eternal and part of honoring them is also remembering them with much love and joy because that is how they would always like to see us.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

  • “Today is a super special day and I will not be sad because it is enough to remember how we celebrate your birthday every year.
    Happy Daddy Day, today I will leave you flowers and I will sing Happy Birthday to you there. “
  • “The sky was celebrating and you are happy next to our Lord because surely He personally greeted you. I miss you and I hope my greeting reaches heaven, Happy Birthday Dad. “
  • “Daddy of my heart I would like to have a giant ladder that reaches heaven to tell you personally that I love you and have a happy birthday. Yesterday I dreamed of you and it was the best gift I had because I just dreamed that we were singing you Happy Birthday Daddy. “

We are sure that some of these happy birthday parents in heaven for parents will be to your liking and they will also serve to relieve your sorrows with a nice happy birthday in heaven quotes for him.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

How Do You Say Happy Birthday to Someone Who Passed Away?

There are days like birthdays when they are remembered much more and it is logical because they are generally happy days that used to be celebrated, so perhaps a good way and accepting it is to write something for his birthday.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

  • “I know that you no longer belong to this world and the only way to accept your departure is to think of you as if you are still alive within my thoughts and feelings of affection.
    Today I remember you more than yesterday because you would be celebrating one more year of life. Happy Birthday, brother in Haven”.  (Birthday Message to My Brother Who Died)
  • “Every year we used to celebrate your birthday and we will not stop losing that custom that brought the whole family together in your name.”
  • “With less reason now that you no longer belong to this world is a greater reason for your memory to keep us together and we will continue to join together for your day because you are still alive in our hearts ”.
  • “Daddy dear, we miss you a lot at home. Since you left you have been an angel who we know is very close to each one of us and we feel that your presence cares for us and protects us as you used to when you were alive. Today I pray to you on your birthday and I continue to love you because I will never forget you ”.
  • “Mommy dear, I know that even if I can’t see you, you are in heaven with the angels who take care of us from up there and come for us all. Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven”
  • On your birthday I really miss you, but I know that your body needed to find eternal rest. Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven”.
  • “Happy Birthday!, a day like today would be one more year of life and I will never forget this date. We will not be able to give you a hug but we will offer a mass on your birth anniversary.

Beautiful Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

happy birthday in heaven images

  • “The void that you left with your departure could never be filled by anyone because a Mother is always unique. We miss you and we will never stop loving you. Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend!”
  • “Fate wanted you to anticipate our imminent departure, you only have a few years ahead of me, but I promise you my love that as soon as my time comes I will reach you. Happy birthday, my King ”.
  • “I keep asking God to give me resignation to accept that you had a game with no return. Wherever you are I wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend! ”.
  • To my husband in heaven on his birthday, Our love is so great that I’m sure that on your birthday my birthday wishes will reach the gates of heaven so that you can receive them from the whole family that misses you.”
  • “Even if you are in another dimension and do not know more what physical or spiritual pain is, we want you to never stop feeling the immense love we feel for you and I will never lose the habit of mentally telling you on a date like this, happy birthday little brother ”. (Birthday message to my brother who died)

Happy Birthday in Heaven Images for Facebook or Other Social Media

The fact that a person very dear to you has passed away does not mean that you cannot remember them again and wish to greet them on another anniversary of their date of birth.

happy birthday in heaven images

The loss of a special person in our lives means a sad moment that we must accept.

happy birthday in heaven images

It is a sad moment that we all must face, and in these circumstances, it takes a lot of strength to face this sad moment.