11 Simple Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend of 2022

The best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend: Your Best Friend’s birthday is coming up soon, and you’re again in thought: to give you the same boring and banal gifts every year, I want to come up with some new, original idea, surprise my friend with something unusual. In a word – make a surprise. What birthday Birthday Surprise Ideas an original birthday greeting do you already have? 

11 Simple Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend of 2022

The Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Have you already come up with your own scenario, if not of the whole holiday, then at least of its individual moments, for example, the moment you presented the gift? Perhaps our article will help you with this, and your friend will remember his birthday for a long time.

1. Sing Serenades

Men do not sing serenades under the windows. Therefore, if on the morning of his birthday, a car stops outside his window, from which Happy Birthday will sound, or another song corresponding to the moment – he will, of course, be very surprised and think that this is just such a pleasant coincidence, surprise. 

Probably someone living nearby is also having a birthday. Later you explain to your friend that coincidences are rare, and it was you who congratulated him in the morning. 

However – you can not expose yourself but be surprised at a pleasant surprise with him. But who will take on the role of the supplier of tunes – think for yourself, maybe this will be a car from a taxi service – because they do not care what orders to fulfill?

2. Congratulations SMS

Congratulations, with the help of SMS, can be anything – both serious and funny. It can be a song, or prose, or even historical text. Let the voice of Tsar Ivan the Terrible himself be heard from your heart for centuries.

So that the birthday man does not guess who made the surprise, use the phones of your relatives, whose numbers he does not know.

3. Email or Another way

You can compose an intriguing message to your friend and send it by phone or email. It can be a message from another planet, or a declaration of love from a mysterious stranger, or a plan to find a treasure – boldly fantasize, embody your own ideas, there are never many innocuous jokes and pleasant surprises, but they are inexpensive.

4. Video Greetings

Video greetings – prepare a presentation with photos of a friend, post it on YouTube, and send a link to a friend.

Please include as many of his photographs as possible in the video, congratulations from all friends separately. And of course – a melody or song corresponding to the moment.

5. Congratulate the Birthday on Social Networks

Do not forget to congratulate wish the birthday on social networks, which provide users with the opportunity to send each other paid and free cards, and gifts.

6. Surprise in the Box

No one can be sad when he has a balloon! But what if their whole armful? Make your birthday greetings special – prepare a surprise box for him: balloons filled with helium. When the box opens, and the balloons rise up, the touched birthday boy will see the main gift hiding at the bottom of the box.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Gifts with balloons always cause a storm of emotions, and it is very simple to make them.

You will need:

  • Big box
  • Knitting balls with helium,
  • Adhesive decorative tape.

Attach a gift to the bottom of the box. Glue a bunch of balls to it with decorative tape. If you want the balls to scatter beautifully upwards, do not tie them together and stick them inside the box.

Close your birthday eyes, bring to the box. Offer to open it. Surprise!

7. Birthday Surprise in a Silicone Mask

And of course – congratulate your friend in person. Come to the birthday celebration in a silicone mask. Opening the door, your friend will be very surprised at first, but then he will come to his senses and will be glad of your visit and a surge of emotions.

8. Surprise Ball

Probably, you have already decided that give a friend – a great many gift ideas. It remains only to make the original packaging for the gift. To surprise him and make a really pleasant surprise, use special packaging balls. They are made of durable transparent or translucent latex and have a wide neck.

A festive pattern is applied to the surface of the ball, so the balls are an ideal packaging for gifts for children and adults. It is unlikely that you yourself will be able to inflate the packaging ball and put a gift in it – this requires special equipment, it is better to contact a special agency, or a design studio.

Thanks to the balls, the banalest gift can turn into an original and intriguing surprise. So, they put a lot of small, not very inflated balls into the ball, in which you can hide the gift if it is not too big. It can be a flash drive, a mouse for a computer, an original keychain, and other oversized gifts. Let your friend look for a gift for him in the balls hidden in the ball.

What Else Can You Pack in a Ball?

Yes, a lot of what you can give a friend a man a birthday:

  • A concert ticket 
  • A ticket to a stadium
  • A ticket to a recreation center 
  • Money
  • A certificate of entertainment or impression 
  • A soft toy
  • T-shirt
  • Case with jewelry 
  • Tie 
  • Bracelet 
  • Belt 
  • Pen 
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered toothbrush 
  • Your own idea.

If the gift can damage the ball with sharp edges, you need to wrap it with a soft cloth or bubble wrap, and the gift will retain intrigue, and the ball will remain intact until the right moment.

Most often, for wrapping gifts, they use balls with a diameter of 45 cm, but there are also meter-long balls. Such a package can be filled with small balls, soft toys, confetti, sweets, put a small gift, hang it on the ceiling and blow it up in the midst of fun. A surprise will turn out what you need!

You can come to a friend’s birthday completely without a gift, explaining that a surprise (a meter ball) will be delivered later by courier service, especially since it is really difficult to transport it yourself. How do you like this idea?

9. Bag Bucket Container Darth Vader

Bag-bucket-container is an original surprise to a friend for his birthday. But the bags are not presented empty; put fruits, sweets, chocolate bar, a bottle of beer in it.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

10. Health Bag

A health bag is another interesting gift idea for a friend. Take a capacious bag or a bag from the canvas, make the inscription: “Health bag,” fill it with apples, oranges, lemons, kiwi, walnuts, bananas. Put a gift at the bottom – let it take it out, treating your friends with fruit.

11. Candy Pillow

A candy pillow can be an independent gift or an original gift wrapping, but you can make it yourself – take a piece of foam rubber measuring 50 by 50 cm, roll it into a roll, wrap it with ropes or sew.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Wrap with a cloth to make candy. Tie the candy around the edges with ribbons – the gift is ready. If you wrap a small toy or singing toy in the foam rubber and quietly press the button during delivery, you will get a real surprise.

What to Give a Friend for His Birthday?

What to give your best friend? It’s time to pick up gifts for a friend on his birthday. Sometimes the choice is so difficult that people thoughtlessly give unnecessary presents. This may disappoint the recipient, or the item will begin to gather dust in the mezzanine. It is important to remember a few rules when choosing gifts to avoid this.

If nothing comes to mind, it is better to ask a friend about the desired gifts or find out what he dreams of, then pick up the best birthday present for your best friend. This method is a sure way to get rid of each other’s awkwardness.

If a birthday is approaching, but there is no present yet, and a friend wants to make a surprise, then it is worth remembering his hobby. Take advantage of the opportunity by picking up a gift for his interests.

What Are Some Best Birthday Surprise Birthday Gifts for a Best Friend?

Recently, a trend has appeared on wishlists, spreading through social networks (the author of the blog writes a list of desired gifts under the post). If your friend published a post with such a list, then you can select from the list.

In case you don’t have access to the whitelist, we suggest looking into the TOP 100 non-trivial ideas on what to give a friend for his birthday what you need to start looking for if you want to please and surprise the birthday man.

  1. Extreme quad biking;
  2. Immersion in the virtual world;
  3. Extreme on a pit bike;
  4. Mountain biking;
  5. Paintball will want to visit an active friend;
  6. Drive on mountain skis with a kite (air);
  7. Snowboarding and skiing;
  8. Horse riding, a subscription can be presented as a birthday present to a lover of noble animals;
  9. Musical congratulations
  10. Video birthday greetings in your own words and a song from friends
  11. A visit to a nightclub is a great birthday present;
  12. City tour;
  13. Mountain tourism;
  14. Kayaking is a great adventure to congratulate the person who has everything;
  15. A weekend out of town is not a bad thing to give a friend a guy for his birthday;
  16. swimming in the pool;
  17. Immerse yourself in a movie with VR glasses;


As you can see, if you try and really want to, your friend’s birthday can be turned into a real holiday full of practical jokes and surprises. After all, you are young, and just like your friend love to have fun. And unusual ideas just gush in your head and break free. Boldly bring them to life – and happy holidays to you!