9 Best Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds of 2022

The best birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds at Home: When children celebrate their first decade, playgrounds, clowns, and rides are a thing of the past. However, parents do not lose the illusion of celebrating that date and pampering them as always.

9 Best Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds of 2022

Best Birthday Party Ideas for 10-year-olds at Home

At TheBirthdayBest.com, we offer you fun ideas and some tips for you to discover how to organize a party for children 10 and 11 years old, guaranteeing their fun.

1. Theme Party Ideas for 10-yeas Old Birthday

Start by learning what your child likes. This will allow you to discover the theme of the party and make all the details revolve around it. At this age, it is common for children from 10 to 11 years old to be fans of video games or sports disciplines.

birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds

For their part, girls are often eager to unleash coquetry. Identify your child’s favorite hobby to surprise him to the fullest.

2. Invitation Ideas Ideas for 10-years Old Birthday

Once you know the number of guests, it is time to choose the place to celebrate the party. If your birthday coincides with the summer season, you can celebrate it in a pool, in a park, or even in the mountains.

Otherwise, you can rent a party room or celebrate it in the privacy of your home. The important thing is that space is never too small for the number of guests.

3. Decoration Ideas for a 10-years old birthday

Parties for children 10 and 11 years old do not usually require much decoration, so with a small budget, you can create an ideal space.

So to set the celebration, just buy some balloons and the essential letters that say “Happy Birthday.” If the party is themed, you can use posters and photographs to decorate the walls.

Disposable tablecloths are a good option to protect the table and add a touch to the decoration. Also, do not forget to buy plastic glasses, cutlery, and plates to prevent accidents and protect your dishes.

4. Food

When they go to parties, children think more about playing than eating. It is not worth the effort to create an exquisite menu that you will not taste.

The pizzas and burgers are a practical option you can order or prepare at home. In the same way, the pica-pica should never be missing, so don’t forget to buy the sweets and snacks that your child enjoys the most.

5. Birthday Cake for 10-year-old

The birthday cake is always the protagonist of the food table. You can send it to be decorated with the reason for the party so that it steals all the attention it deserves.

Accompany the cake with some sparkler candles to make the moment of a singing happy birthday even more exciting.

6. Birthday Party is Fun

The most important thing about children’s Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds is fun. If you have a son, you can rent video game consoles and create a space so that all the children can play at the same time and compete with each other. If the party is outdoors, you can organize a gymkhana for the kids to have fun, challenging challenges.

If it is a birthday boy, you can organize a beautiful afternoon with her friends, so that between them they paint their nails and comb their hair.

Another fun idea is to buy some microphones so that together they dance and sing their favorite songs in the best karaoke style: an artists’ afternoon!

7. Musical Atmosphere

At a good party, the musical atmosphere cannot be missing. Collect your child’s favorite music on a CD or, if you have an iPod, make a list of the songs you listen to the most so that your party is totally thought of.

It incorporates, preferably, the most moving tracks to create an animated musical thread that entertains the rest of the guests and ensures that the volume level is ideal so that it is heard and the adults can converse.

8. Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old

If you want your children’s friends to remember their birthday forever, you can offer them a gift to serve as a souvenir of that special day. The idea is to give them a detail that is not too expensive for your pocket.

Ten years is a time of creative searches, a quick change of interests and preferences. Today he wants to be a football player and tomorrow, and he wants to be a hacker. But this is precisely the age when the congenital and acquired future men begin to appear. What to give a 10-year-old boy, depending on his preferences, you can find out from SuperHelper. He knows exactly what the boy will like:

  • To the artist: a set of painting on ceramics or a set of an engraver, ball clay or modeling mass, a set “Potter” or stained glass paints;
  • Musician: headphones, player, speakers, guitar, drum kit, DJ console;
  • For the researcher: sets “Young magician,” “Kinetic constructor” or “Solar power plant”;
  • For an athlete: a football uniform, wristbands, rollers, a scooter, a skateboard, dumbbells, a universal horizontal bar;
  • For the geek: steering wheel, joystick, new computer game, original computer mouse, unusual USB drive;
  • To the master: a jigsaw, a burner, a set of a young technician.

A creative birthday party idea for 10-year-olds may be to give them a photo with the birthday boy. You can take photos of each guest upon arrival, download them to your computer and give them to each friend in a portable memory when they leave. It is a simple, cheap, and unforgettable detail.

9. What to Cook

If you plan to invite the parents of your child’s friends to the birthday, do not forget to have a special one for them. A simple option is to offer croquettes, biscuits with a spreading sauce, or nachos with guacamole that is always preferred among the guests. Do not take pains is to cook a whole feast. Remember that you should not forget that it is a children’s party.

What Games to Do on a 10-year-old Birthday?

Games of birthdays to celebrate big and at home

  • The game of chairs. A game with guaranteed laughs. …
  • Bingo. A bingo always works, and in addition, the game of the numbers will help to keep the guests focused. …
  • The English hideout. 
  • The broken phone. 
  • The balloon sandwich.
  • Games of birthday to do in the garden.
  • Race with eggs.

How Can I Have My Birthday Party?

  • Think of a topic.
  • Download a printable. 
  • Put on a colorful buffet with fun food.
  • Decorate the space. 
  • A pinata.
  • A photocall. 
  • Put up a kiosk.
  • The cake.


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