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10 Fun Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Fun Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas at Home: Tricks to celebrate a cheap birthday: Good food, drink, music, decoration, and the cake! A birthday worth its salt has to be celebrated with all these requirements. But, to do so, it is necessary to disburse an amount of money that perhaps was not expected.

10 Fun Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Organizing a party or dinner with friends can be very expensive or not. And you can celebrate a good birthday Party Ideas for little money! How? This article details great tricks, such as reducing the guest list, making the party at home, taking advantage of the offers, or organizing several compliments at once. If all of them apply, the party will be lively and, at the same time, economical.

1Invite a Few People, But Chosen

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Essential, but destined to cause innumerable headaches. The list of guests of a birthday is one of the keys that will define the expense of the celebration. If you do not have many financial resources, the most appropriate, as explained by the event organizer Jesus Bravo, is to “reduce the number” of attendees. Thus, the fewer people come, the cheaper it will be to celebrate the birthday. But, besides, “it is an idea that is very chic, it is a more exclusive birthday, for a select few,” he says. Of course, in a small list should choose the closest, to avoid suspicion among colleagues or less close friends.

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2Celebrate a Birthday at Home

If you do not have money to organize a birthday party by age in a place, it can be great to do it at home. Especially if you have a lot of space or garden, or it is in urbanization that has a social room.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas Another option is to ask a family member or friend to let you celebrate in your home, if it is more spacious, or ask in the parish or municipal halls. If these possibilities do not exist, the party at home, whether large or small, can be bright and unique, as more intimacy will be created.

3Invitations? Long live WhatsApp! 😉

Sending birthday invitations to friends and family is a nice touch. But whoever is short of money can replace them with more modern and effective methods. They can send emails, which are fast and free, or creating a WhatsApp group where you can report all the details of the party.

whatsapp birthday invitation
Whatsapp birthday invitation

4Diy Decoration for a Cheap Birthday

Balloons, garlands, and flags are the most typical decoration of birthday parties. Balloons have no choice but to buy them, but concerning other ornaments, you can choose to make them yourself (DIY) at home, which will be even cheaper. With the color dividers of a filing cabinet and several meters of wool, you can make beautiful garlands for the party.

Diy Decoration for a Cheap Birthday
Diy Decoration for a Cheap Birthday

If you prefer a less festive and more traditional decoration, you have to resort to flowers. Placing flowers in strategic places in the meeting area is always a splendid alternative to decorate.

5Quality Food and Drink Without Breaking Down

Food and drink can ruin or enlarge a party. Potato tortillas, empanadas, assorted sandwiches, cold meats, and snacks of all kinds well presented help you to look good without spending much of the salary.

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Regarding drinks, they make the party more expensive. It is not necessary to buy many, but they must be of quality and also include soft drinks and freshwater in abundance. Very important! When the date of the party is known, do not miss the offers, to combine quality and savings.

6Imagination When Serving: Do Not Spend on Glasses and Plates!

Acquiring plastic cups, trays, and plates is a small expense, but a cost. If you want to save on this aspect, the right idea is to take out the dishes. But you should not match these dishes of various sizes and colors.

Do Not Spend on Glasses and Plates!

Also, try to choose glasses of all shapes and sizes, and even jars of jam or well-washed pulses. It will look very festive. In a nutshell, you need to select the right combinations. The result will be unconventional and unique!

7The Cake, Homemade and Cheap

Biscuits or sponge cake, chocolate and custard are the only ingredients needed to make one of the best known and rescued cakes.

There are thousands of homemade cake recipes that allow you to save and take care of your health since the cakes purchased, although precious. Also, you may need to exceed 30 euros on average, contain enough sugar.

8Music All Night With Your Mobile

In any party worth, it is salt, and good music cannot be missing. It is vital to create a pleasant atmosphere and encourage the meeting.

Nowadays, it is possible to make disc jockey easily, and almost free, with a tablet or mobile phone. Current devices allow you to play music, edit and even mix it live. Some applications help you do it, such as edjing or Cross DJ. And for the result to be optimal, add a suitable amplifier or have quality speakers

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9Make a Joint Party

Does a friend turn years almost the same day? Why not celebrate a party together? It is a widespread custom in children’s birthdays and one of the simplest and most economical ways to celebrate it.

Make a Joint Party

Of course, in exchange for sharing costs, you must give up being the only protagonist of the day. Worth!

10Celebrate It Several Times “in Small”

Another way to make the celebration cheaper is to do it “by chapters.” You can invite three or four different friends to spend an evening at home once a month, for example. With this idea, there will always be a plan to make and, besides, you can spend more time than in a macro party.

Fun Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Tricks to celebrate a cheap birthday, and succeed! Reducing the list of guests, making the Fun Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas at home, and organizing a joint birthday are some ways to reduce the cost of the treat.