100+ Happy 4th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Happy 4th Birthday Quotes & 4th Birthday Wishes: Happy 4 years, daughter! You cannot imagine the pride I feel for you, how happy you make me, and the joy of living that you transmit to me.

100+ Happy 4th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

I want to thank life for the luck I have, and I wish you have a very beautiful day and a year full of happiness and love. For me, you are the most important person, and I love you to infinity!

Happy 4th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy 4th Birthday! Today my daughter is 4 years old! She is beautiful age, and she is a beautiful girl, I cannot ask for more from life!
  • Happy 4th Birthday! With you, I am always happy, and I wish that you are too, for this I will always put my efforts. Happy birthday, my little treasure!
  • My daughter, happy 4 years!  The whole world is filled with excitement when this special day arrives. Happy Birthday, Daughter! We have spent the best four years of our lives with you.
  • Happy 4th Birthday Daughter, today is your birthday, and magic will flood the day! Not every day you reach the age of 4, and therefore, it is important to celebrate.
  • Happy 4th Birthday! You are the most beautiful thing in the world, my little one, whom I love above all things and whom I will always take care of. Happy Birthday my little girl! I love you!
  • I know that for each father, his daughter is the most beautiful, but mine is perfect! Beautiful, fun, smart, and loving! I love your daughter! I want to celebrate this 4th birthday and make you feel like a princess in a fairy tale.
  • Happy 4th Birthday My daughter, you are 4 years old today, and it is going to be a very nice day! I have prepared some surprises for you that I know that you are going to adore.
  • Great-grandchildren invariably grow from great parents. We start well! Greetings to the little house!

Happy 4th Birthday to My Son Quotes

Happy 4th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy birthday, you can have a wonderful day. Not only today, if not every day that will come, but you can also always have the smile, the joy, and the love that you have given us in these 4 years. Congratulations, nephew-adored son.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to My Son! Since you were my daughter, you could only be beautiful, smart, and perfect. Many happy birthdays wishes to the creature that most resembles me in the world!
  • Grandparents are always ready to have grandchildren; in fact, it can be said that they are looking forward. When you arrived 4 years ago, we were the happiest and most proud grandparents in the world, and we are still that way today. Happy 4th Birthday to My Son!

Happy 4th Birthday Girl Quotes

Happy 4th Birthday

  • He has traveled a few steps, but he still has a long way to go. Go one step after another, as happy and light as you are today, celebrating this 4th birthday. Happy 4th Birthday Girl!
  • I wish you 4 years of a thousand smiles, a thousand occasions, and a thousand emotions. Spend a beautiful birthday and be so happy only you know how to do it!
  • It’s been 4 years now, and we all hope that your life is as happy as it has been since you were born! Happy 4th Birthday Girl!
  • Slowly, you’re already getting big. We hope that each day can be filled with joy like today. Lots of happy birthday greetings!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

4th Birthday Wishes

  • You are a princess, and in these 4 years, we have told you frequently. We hope to see you always happy and that your joy shines every day like today! Happy 4th Birthday princess!
  • You have existed for 4 years, and you have taught us more things than we knew. We love you so much. Happy 4rth Birthday daughter!
  • The 4th birthday has arrived full of emotion. We wish you a long life full of joy and happiness. Many good wishes!
  • You gave us 4 years of joy and excitement. The only wish we make today is that you can continue to donate these emotions every day of your life.
  • With love and affection, I can only wish you a happy birthday. I hope you can bring you joy and love for all this long journey that is life. Congratulations.
  • It’s been 4 years since the first time you opened your eyes. And from that moment, everything became even more beautiful—many good wishes from my heart.
  • 4 years have passed. Years of games, tears, smiles, and so much joy that you have brought into our lives. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy 4th Birthday – Quotes, Messages & Wishes

4th Birthday Wishes

  • In these 4 years, you had taught us to be very happy, even when you were screaming, crying, screaming, or complaining. You still proved how great it was to have you in our lives in each of those moments. Happy Birthday, Baby.
  • The day we received you in our life was the greatest joy. Every year, on your birthday, we remember that moment and celebrate it with great emotion. Congratulations on your 4th birthday!
  • Today you celebrate 4 years of life, emotions, games, and laughter, you will continue to fulfill many more, and we will be here to hug you like the first day. Happy birthday!
  • Every day you grow, and I learn more from you, you fill me with your smile. You enlighten me with your look and motivate me to embrace Happy 4th birthday, my little being!
  • Every year that you fulfill, not only my happiness is multiplied, the joys multiply, you’re growing, your love, and your mischief Congratulations son in your 4 years!
  • I celebrate 4 years of my child, and it is a party full of contagious energy, millions of hugs that fill, and great surprises that you encourage Congratulations!

Happy Birthday to My 4-year Old

  • When I saw you born, you touched my heart like magic, today you are 4 years old, and you have become the most important person to share and love. Happy 4rt birthday!
  • Your steps are small, but with one step after another, you have become decisive as you grow, continue this journey that you have much to learn. Congratulations on your 4 years!
  • I look at my little one who is turning 4 today, and it is like looking at the rainbow full of colors and joy; each year that passes, they become better and more blessed. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 4 years! Like the protagonist of my story that makes me vibrate, I hope that you create your own story in which only the joys are framed, and the sadness fades Happy birthday!
  • On your sweet birthday, I can wish you the best, but you represent the best that life has. You are the hope and the dreams fulfilled by your parents, congratulations on your 4th birthday!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for 4-year-olds

  • If your birthday is super fun and full of special moments, then that means every wish in this card has come true! Have fun on your birthday
  • There is no better way to celebrate someone 4 years old than with lots of gifts and a cake! Happy 4th birthday!
  • To my 4-year-old little princess, happy birthday and congratulations on turning 4! Today I will treat you like a queen and let your wishes come true, such as playing for hours with your friends.
  • My dear 4-year-old princess, please don’t grow up so fast. I’m still enjoying your sweetness, and I still don’t want to stop playing with you. 
  • Enjoy your gifts, enjoy your cake, enjoy all the fun today! Happy birthday for 4 years!

Birthday Greetings 4-year-old Girl

  • Dear child, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I hope you enjoy every second of the day. Have fun, live big, and long and may all your lucky stars shine.
  • Your brightness is higher than that of a 4-year-old child. Enjoy your good life, son. Enjoy yourselves.
  • We thought we had it all before you were born: a nice house, a fast car, a good career, and so on. But the moment you came into the world, our life became complete. You are our most precious jewel! Happy 4th birthday, honey!
  • You are now 4 years old and growing up to be an amazing young man/woman. Whatever you become in life, I will always be your fan. Happy 4th birthday, honey! I love you!
  • To the most beautiful child, you can ever have, happy 4th birthday! I hope that today you can have fun and enjoy the great things that life can offer you!

Birthday Messages Birthday Girl 4 Years

  • Wow! You’re growing up so fast, my love! You just turned 4 today. Happy Birthday to You! Now let’s go buy you some new clothes that the old ones don’t suit you anymore.
  • A child’s birthday is always a special event: we celebrate a new year together, and happiness must be shared with friends and relatives. Let’s see what the best original phrases to wish a happy birthday to a 4-year-old child are.
  • There are several ways to wish a happy birthday to a boy or girl. Let’s see what the best phrases to wish a happy 4th birthday to boys and girls are.
  • It’s been 4 years since you were born and entered our life, and it’s been four years that you have given us smiles, laughter, games, tears of happiness, and happy days. Greetings, my love; thank you for the joy you give us every day.
  • When, four years ago, you opened your eyes, our life was enlightened, and our world became more beautiful: thank you for making our little life happy.
  • Are you already four years old? As time passes, I still remember the day you first opened your eyes. The time that has passed until today has been happier, thanks to you.
  • You have walked a few steps, and your life is only just beginning, and there is still a long way to go, but this is your 4th birthday, and it is an excellent day to celebrate something important.
  • These years have gone by very quickly; it seems like yesterday was the day we came to the hospital to see you, and that was the first day of the rest of our lives. Greetings, our little one.
  • There are four candles on the cake, and you are growing up now; you are already a little man—best wishes to our hearts.
  • In four years of life, you have taught us much more than what we have learned in our entire existence. Greetings, our love, continue to teach us things, as up to now.
  • Your 4th birthday has arrived and today is just the beginning of a long series of happy and happy moments in which the smile will never fail.
  • How old I ask you how old you are, you will proudly raise four little fingers of your hand, and you will be proud of your achievement. This is just the beginning, and we will always be there—greetings, little man.
  • My heart will always beat for you, and I will protect you from all the injustices and wickedness of the world; I will be your guardian angel. We love you, our little one; nothing can harm you as long as we are next to you.
  • From the first years of our life, the love we receive will be collected in your small personal baggage, which you will carry throughout your life. This will protect you against all the pitfalls and wickedness of the world. Your parents are your guardian angels and will always watch over you.
  • Today is your 4th birthday, and it is a special day because you have been lighting up our lives for four years with your smile—happy birthday, little princess.
  • 1460 days have passed since your birth, and we have been radiant for 1460 days, thanks to your presence. Thank you for coming into the world; best wishes for our love.
  • Seeing you grow, jump, laugh, and play is our greatest victory. Our achievements don’t count; you are the center of all our pride, and today we are here to wish you the best birthday there is.
  • You have given a new breath to our life, you have arrived, and you have opened the windows wide, and you have let the light into these too dark rooms. You are our joy and your every smile is our happiness.
  • Today is the most beautiful day of the year: we celebrate the anniversary of your birth. This princess turns four, and, for her day, we will fulfill all her wishes.

Greetings Wishes for the 4 Years of the Grandchildren

  • Being uncles or grandparents is not easy: you are the refuge where the little one will go; every time they fight with their parents, you are a safe haven.
  • Let’s see what the best ways to wish a happy birthday to your grandchildren who are four years old are.
  • Today is the anniversary of your birth, a day that has illuminated the life of your parents and the rest of the family around you. Happy birthday, grandchild. We will always be your safe haven.
  • I wish you that this 4th year of your life is special and that it brings you much happiness.
  • Seeing you grow fills us with joy, and we cannot think that you can already turn four on this day. We still remember you when you were a little bundle. Happy birthday to your uncles, who love you more every day.
  • In our hearts, there will always be a space dedicated to you. We may be old, but when we are with you, we are more agile than ever because our love for you still makes us young—greetings from your grandparents who love you so much.
  • Remember that your parents will always be there to support and support you every day of your life, but your uncles are your guardian angels and will watch over you and your life forever—best wishes for this 4th birthday, little one of the house.
  • Congratulations on having reached this important milestone; at four years old, you are grown up, and it will be a short time before you will ask us to take our car. Your grandparents are always here to watch over you—happy 4th birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a grandson who has brought happiness and joy into our lives. We will always be by your side.
  • You are our grandson, but we love you as if you were our son: you have brought us so much joy in our lives and made them more beautiful—happy 4th birthday.
  • Happy birthday on your 4th birthday, from your favorite aunt.
  • I know that today a wonderful child turns four, is that you? Happy birthday to your grandparents, who love you so much.
  • You are my sweetest nephew, and I send you all my wishes for your 4th birthday. May you have the best of every moment.
  • May your birthday gifts be as beautiful as you and your birthday cake as sweet as your laughs. Here are 4 candles to blow out. May you celebrate an incredible birthday. Happy 4th birthday!
  • To my precious and adorable little 4-year-old girl, happy birthday! You are big now, and I will try to enjoy the moment while I can still hug and kiss you whenever I want. Happy 4th birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday to a GREAT 4-year-old boy. Happy 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday Greetings, Girl 4 Years

  • Even though the room is filled with adorable decorations and treats, you are still the cutest, loveliest and sweetest creature I’ve ever seen. I wish you a life full of love and joy.
  • Happy birthday for your 4 years! I wish you to grow up and become a handsome young man. I know someday you will break hearts, because look at yourself, even at a young age, you are incredibly charming!
  • Happy birthday, sweet grandson. You have filled our lives with joy and vibrant colors. I love You so much!
  • Best wishes for your 4 years! Eat lots of cake, get dirty, enjoy your gifts, balloons, music, your friends and most of all, enjoy your life, happy birthday honey.
  • You entered our life with your wonder and gave us so much joy, and we will love you forever as the gem that you are. Enjoy your 4th birthday, honey.
  • One of my dreams came true today because you keep mentioning my name and come to me wherever I go. I feel loved like never before—happy 4th birthday, daughter. I love you.
  • You are so amazing, and you are witty and funny even at this tender age. Whenever I remember your little tricks, it makes me laugh. You look like your mother: happy 4th birthday, my beautiful daughter.