29 Best Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids in 2022

Best Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids: Congratulations! the best games to have fun at kid’s birthday parties. Our son is already a year older, and we are going to celebrate it with his friends from school. Have you thought about the invitations? Moreover, in the games with which they will be entertained all afternoon? Here are some Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids for you to have fun preparing the party as much as celebrating it.

Few things make a child so excited to celebrate a birthday party. It is the day he is the protagonist, and that is why he likes to share it with his family and his friends. To make this day unforgettable for our son, we will help you with the preparations: pinata, invitations, games, streamers. He will love to prepare everything with his parents and siblings.

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids To Play

The first and most important thing to think about is the birthday guests, how many are we going to be. We can prepare with our son a list of the children he wants to invite and then help him prepare some beautiful invitations. There are invitations for birthdays at any stationery, but if we want to be original, it is best to resort to our imagination and make our invitations.

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

According to the creativity that our son throws and our help, if he needs it, we can make lovely invitations using cuts, bright colors, drawings, photographs. The possibilities are innumerable, and we will also spend some time entertaining. The invitations can be from simple drawings on cardboard to more elaborate designs that include cut flowers on colored papers, glitter, or any other material. Surely the guests will love it!

Children’s Birthdays in Small Spaces

We are experts when it comes to animating and organizing children’s parties, so it doesn’t matter where you make your party since we have worked on:

  • Auditoriums
  • Parks
  • Departments
  • Colleges
  • City halls
  • Houses

The important thing is that you always consider interactive, participatory games that include all the guests. Among the other five games for children’s birthdays in small spaces that you can believe you have:

  • Karaoke
  • Zumba child
  • Arm the doll
  • Workshops
  • Contests

All present within the animations for children’s parties that we have to offer, so do not think about it, with us you will have a complete package of fun:

  • Magic
  • Stories
  • Scientific experiments
  • Clowns
  • Dances
  • Music

We hope you consider us to encourage your next birthday party or any children’s event you have in Valencia; we are all over the region waiting to play with you. Take advantage of these best kid’s Birthday Games in Small Spaces, since we want you and your guests to be comfortable and have a great time.

The Best Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

So we want to show you these Children’s Birthday Games in Small Spaces, because we make animations anywhere, from apartments to houses, you can find us where So we work at home. We are creative and original, so we look forward to celebrating with you.

1. The ship of Havana

It is a relatively simple game and that our animators for children’s birthday parties love. The game begins with “From Havana comes to a ship loaded with” and here any condition is placed, such as fruits, clothing, colors, etc.

2. Puppet presentation

For this, you will only need an interactive theater, as children should sit and listen to beautiful stories. Our animation with puppets is one of the most popular, so you can’t miss it for your next children’s birthday.

You have to think in advance about the birthday party games that will be proposed at the party, just in case you have to have some elements that we may need. Do not miss music and candies as a reward. The Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids at children’s birthday parties can be made in a garden or a playground and also on the floor, depending on how is our home. Here are some of them:

3. Chinese Dishes

Do you remember that song “Enrique and Ana”? Well, at the rhythm of the “Chinese Disco” or any other song, we can develop this fun game of skill and balance. It can be designed individually or in groups, even by relays or taking a small tour. Another option is to start from different positions, increasing the bar in difficulty as fewer participants remain. For example, start standing, the next round lying down, or with a limp leg, even exchanging dishes with another partner.

4. Bag race

A classic garden game in which the participants line the starting line wrapped in a bag and try to reach the goal by jumping with their feet together.

I recommend you get an outdoor game kit like this, which includes 4-colored bags, the game of spoons and eggs, balance race and race in pairs that we tell you later:

5. Race on stilts

It is a game that kids always love. It is fascinating to compete in them, and they are also very versatile and easily customizable for any party. For example, we use them in our Jurassic party by attaching a green rubber dinosaur footprint, and for our next “Plants vs. Zombies” party, we will customize them by creating a zombie foot template… but that you will see in a while when the let’s celebrate, for now, we are working on it

These massive stilts do not need any complement:

6. Race Balance With Spoon and Egg

Individual career or its team variant is doing relays at a certain point in the path.

It is another of the games that are not missing in our parties and is that it always entertains a lot of all the attendees.

7. A Career in Pairs

With the tapes that the outdoor game kit wears, this race is carried out in which two of the participants are joined by the ankle and must coordinate their steps to move faster towards the goal.

8. Put the tail on the burrito and its variants

The original game of putting the tail on the burrito can be adapted to the different themes, as we show you in each of the children’s party posts, in each of them this game has always been used.

In it, the participants, one by one and blindfolded, should place the tail on the burrito where they think it should be. They laugh a lot when they see where they have put it.

To give a little emotion, we can provide the participant a couple of laps before starting.

Mario Bros version; “Put the mustache to Mario”:

“Put your head in place” LEGO:

“Put the tie on BOB SPONGE”:

9. Aiming game

We can develop it in different ways, and all its variants are enjoyable.

One of the options that we propose to you is to form a pyramid of boats and from a specific point, demolish the maximum possible.

10. Musical chairs

Another classic musical game that always wins among the little ones.

A chair is placed unless participants have and must run around them and sit when the music stops. Whoever is left without a chair will be eliminated. We will remove chairs and eliminate participants until the winner is proclaimed.

11. Memory 

A quieter game to develop on a game table. It can be applied to the theme chosen for the birthday or children’s party.

We must print two copies of each, and they are placed face down messy. Whoever successfully matches them in the shortest possible time will be the winner.

It is convenient to write down the times of each participant in a standard marker so that the rest can be encouraged to defeat the previous ones and know the minimum time in which they must achieve it.

Once printed on cardboard, we can plasticize the pieces preparing them for battle.

12. The hanging apple

A skill game that consists of eating a hung apple without using your hands.

They can help their shoulders or even the back of a partner, wit to power! Another sweeter version is to play the same game but with hanging cookies, less slippery and tastier.

To make the butter cookies, I leave the recipe, make the shape you want, and then a hole before baking was to pass the string.

13. Balloon Games

And it’s not about dancing to the rhythm. It consists of blowing up balloons as a couple without falling to the ground. The couple with the most balloons has managed to explode at a particular time.

Couples are formed, and they are given a balloon that must explode between them: from the front, from the back, any posture is valid as long as the balloon does not touch the ground.

14. The Treasure Hunt

With your hands tied or on your back, and using only your mouth, you have to look for a treasure in a bowl of flour.

You can look for plastic dinosaur bones in a Jurassic birthday, packaged treats, figures, prizes of all kinds.

Depending on the volume of surprises, it will be convenient to place them in flour in a more bottomless bowl or on a simple plate; yes, they must be covered so that the children have to look well.

The thematic games are the ones that generate the most significant success among the smallest of the house since they can have fun imagining being their favorite characters. In this way, the treasure hunt game mus be organized, taking into account the theme you have decided for the party. 

If we bet on the theme of dinosaurs, for example, we can hide dinosaur eggs around the house for the little ones to find. We must take into account that they are three-year-old children, so avoid very remote places as high places as they will not be able to reach them. And, of course, think of a good reward for when they bring their treasures!

15. Mission impossible 

Such Tom Cruise or Catherine Zeta-Jons, depending on the male or female version, our intrepid guests must go through a laser circuit without any of the deadly rays touching them.

We will create a tour with ropes or red bows and enjoy:

16. Photocall 

At the entrance of the party, we can put a drawer full of masks, hats, and accessories (magic wands, pirate swords, king scepters) of cardboard so that each child disguises himself to his taste.

Then we can organize a costume contest and give prizes to the best team and the most original and creative.

16. The artist’s corner

A table with drawings to color with the theme of the party is always beneficial. And while some participate in some games or to have them entertained if they are eliminated from any until starting the next one comes very well. Even to take a break, daddies.

17. One, Two, Three, Statue!

Is there anything children like more than dancing and singing? The statue is one of the children’s games for birthdays par excellence thanks to its simplicity and guaranteed fun.

To play the statue, you will only have to make a selection of children’s and party songs and play the music, encouraging them to dance with freestyle. When you stop the background music, the children will have to remain still as statues until the radio starts up again and they can continue dancing. 

19. The Mirror Game

How many times do the children in the house do the same as adults? Turn it into a fun game! Get in front of the room and have all the children at the birthday party. Then follow your movements as if it were a mirror.

If you want to bet on a funnier option, put on some music and have them follow your dance steps to the rhythm. They will have a great time while developing coordination.

20. Hiding And Seek

They are one of the Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids: one stays in a specific place, and the others have to run away while he counts to ten.

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

When he finishes, he can go for them, but he won’t be able to catch them if they are touching a tree, under the frame of a door or whatever you can think of.

21. Half a Lemon

A circle is formed, the children are numbered in order, and the number 1 holds a ball. It’s about being thrown messily between them but saying a formula, faster and faster.

For example, if number 1 wants to pass the ball to number 4, it will say while throwing it: “One lemon, half a lemon, four lemons, half a lemon.” The number 4 picks it up quickly and says, quickly as he throws it to number 6: “Four lemons, half a lemon, six lemons, half a lemon.” Those who get confused by throwing the ball are eliminated

22. Chairs Sitting

It is necessary to have almost as many chairs as children go to play, placed in two rows with their backs facing or running.

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

The children are placed around and have to go around to the sound of music. When I stop, everyone will try to sit down. Those who do not find a free chair are left out, and every time a child is eliminated, a chair is removed.

23. The World Upside Down

The organizer is giving orders, and the participants have to do the opposite. That is, if it says, “raise your right hand,” you have to raise your left, if you say “lower your head,” you have to raise it, etc.

24. Garment

Children must sit on the floor in a circle. To the sound of music, they will pass through the air, at will, a small package wrapped in a handkerchief so that they are not harmed.

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

Every time the music stops, the one with the gift in their possession is eliminated. The one who has never been eliminated wins.

25. Paint and Color

If after the fun you want to opt for a quiet activity that keeps the children entertained while you prepare the snack or the next game, taking out colored pencils and folios may be the best idea.

Drawing triggers the creativity of the little ones and is one of their favorite activities because it will become a sure success to take out the artist they carry inside on your children’s birthday.

26. The Package It

Will be necessary to have prepared a gift-wrapped once in beautiful paper and about 8 or 10 times more in newspaper sheets, inserting some more sheet of gift paper, to mislead. Sitting in a circle, the children have to pass the package from hand to hand, to the sound of music. Each time he stops, the child who has it in his possession can take a paper – only one, eye – until, finally, one removes the last paper and keeps the prize.

27. Telephone

Sitting in a circle, we give one of the children a short story, but with several interwoven facts and characters. He has to tell the ear to his neighbor, and this one to the next, and this one to the other until everyone hears. The fun will be when the last one tells what they have told him, and the first one reads his paper that probably has nothing to do with it.

28. Teach Good Manners

Our son’s birthday is an excellent opportunity to teach him good manners. These will be oriented to thank the gifts, to be kind to the guests, helpful * in short, to be a good host. Before the guests start arriving, we have to explain that you have to go to meet them at the door and greet them to welcome them.

Of course, we must also warn you that although a gift does not like or make you excited, you have to thank it equally and we will encourage you to share the gifts to play with your friends. Moreover, when the party is over, and peace comes home, we can ask you to lend us a hand when it comes to collecting everything – this is one of the hardest parts of the celebration!

29. Educational Games

Do you want to opt for a fun and scholarly option for your party? Educational toys are the perfect option to keep children entertained while learning and developing different disciplines.

A superblock is an educational toy of Miniland Educational that helps the development of psychomotor skills through the union of blocks. With their different packs, children can create countless scenarios that will ensure fun for hours.


Do you want your birthday or children’s party to be a success? Nothing better than organizing fun games where kids have a great time.

There are many Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids; Depending on whether we celebrate it abroad with much more space or in an enclosed area we can choose the most suitable, but it is in a way that is sure that you find here perfect ideas to make your party much more fun. We hope you liked this selection, here is the link to the thematic birthdays we have published so far.