50+ Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex BF (Boyfriend) in 2022

Top Best Birthday Wishes For Ex BF or Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend: Relationships are complicated, and not all reach a happy ending, but although things have not worked, we do not have to ignore or ignore our ex. If this is your case and you currently have a good friendship with your ex-boyfriend, they are very likely to maintain contact on select dates such as birthdays.

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex-BF/Boyfriend

Say hello to your ex with these beautiful birthday wishes that will make clear the great appreciation you feel for him.

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • “Although our love story is over, the love and respect I feel for you are enough reasons to greet you for your birthday and wish you the best of luck. Happy Birthday!”.
  •  “In the past, we shared many things but what unites us today is a good friendship, so I can’t stop congratulating you on your birthday and wish you the best of success in your personal life. Congratulations!”.
  • “With you, I learned many things, and I still have a special affection for you because now I consider you my friend and I wish you a happy birthday with the people you love !!!”
  • “No matter how much time has passed, grudges are a thing of yesterday. I hope you are pleased on your birthday and I will ask God always to protect you.”
  • “We only have good memories about ours, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. I still appreciate you as a friend, and I wish you had a great birthday this birthday!”
  • “My greeting may surprise you, but I assure you it is with the best intention. I only write to wish you a pleased birthday and that you reach happiness in your heart.”
  • “It is curious to look back and discover that from all that, today is a sincere friendship. Although we are no longer nor will we be a couple, I am very pleased to greet you for your birthday. I hope you have a good time!”.
  • “Remember that a few years ago we didn’t want to see each other again? Well, they say that time is wise because now we are friends and this is a good reason to laugh at that moment. Happy Birthday!”.
  • “Although we take different paths, you and I keep a special affection. I wish you a happy birthday next to a person who has happy you. Congratulations!”.
  • “I will always have good wishes for you because you were in my life, an extraordinary person. Although we are no longer a couple, I want you to be pleased and enjoy this birthday to everything you give. May you meet many more!”
  • “I have not forgotten your birthday because while we were together, we extraordinarily celebrated them. I hope that where you are enjoying it very much. I wish you much happiness.”
  • “I do not regret ours, I think it was special at the time, but today I appreciate having you as a friend, and I have come to greet you, wishing you success, health, and happiness!”
  • “I must accept that our estrangement made me reconsider. Today I see you as a friend, and I’m glad you think the same about me. Happy Birthday!”.
  • “I didn’t know about you in a long time, but I’m glad to contact you again. Although our love story remained in the past, I am still happy to keep your friendship. Happy Birthday!”.
  • “I’m glad to know that you rebuilt your life and that you enjoy a new relationship. I hope you consider me as a friend and accept my birthday greeting since it is sincere and without condition. Have a nice birthday!”
  • “We can still be friends, I keep you a special affection. I wish you to be pleased in your life and enjoy your birthday with health and happiness.”

We hope that these wishes are liked by you and can maintain a beautiful friendship for many more years.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for a Former Crush

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • After having ended a love affair, very few people continue to have contact and if possible, try to make their lives away from everything that can bring back memories of their ex. But if you still have some love for that person, it is not wrong that you remember on specific dates and be encouraged to give him a call or send him a message.
  • If you are looking for the opportunity to do so, your birthday may be a good idea for you to remember to greet you and express your best wishes for your birthday.

Here are some examples you can share for this special occasion.

Happy Birthday Messages to Ex Bf

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • “Happy Birthday. How strange it feels to greet you for your day and not do it more as your crush but as your friend. I imagine that today you will celebrate with your family and your new girlfriend. I wish you the best even if it is no longer within your plans I will always be glad to know that you are well. Have a nice day”.
  •  “I would have liked to greet you personally for your birthday but it seems to me that it would be inconvenient to do so because our breakdown is recent and I don’t want it to lend itself to bad interpretations. I wish you with all my heart to spend a beautiful day surrounded by the love of all the people who love you and always want to see you happy.”
  • “Maybe you didn’t expect me to greet you for your saint, but after being a couple for as many years as you could forget the birthday. Moreover, I confess that today I woke up with the idea of ​​being the first to congratulate you, it is seen that there are still things that I can not take off my habit and many times I act as if I still had something with you. I hope you you celebrate it as you always like. A hug and may God bless you.”
  • “I think I can never let this date pass like any given day. I have so many memories of the birthdays we have celebrated together that I can’t imagine you spending your day away from me and many times he asked me if there will be someone in my place who is in charge of preparing everything for you to have a happy day. I send you many greetings for your day.”
  • “Sorry if I send you this message, we had agreed that each one would take a different path, but our break is so recent that I would feel fatal if at least I did not send you a birthday greeting.”
  • “It has been so long since we last met and I wanted to find a reason to communicate with you, what better than to greet you for your birthday to have a good reason to break the silence that separates us for a long time. I wish you a happy birthday from my heart.”
  • “I only write to you because I remembered that today is your birthday. I know you love that everyone greets you and I hope it doesn’t bother you if I still consider myself part of the people that you would like to remember you on your day.”
  • “I want you to know that the fact that we are no longer a couple is not why I have completely forgotten about you, on the contrary, today I have been thinking a lot about you, and I hope you have a pleased birthday.”
  • “I send you a birthday greeting, from the bottom of my heart I wish that all your dreams are always fulfilled and even if we are no longer dating, I will always wish the best for you.”

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • The fact that a relationship ends does not mean that affection, appreciation or friendship disappears. That is why it is never too much, after the storm of separation has passed, to keep in touch with the former, at least on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year or his birthday to build a bridge where friendship can be strengthened or reborn.
  • Precisely for this reason, we bring you these birthday wishes for a former boyfriend with whom you can greet that boy who was very important in your life and for which you now feel great affection.
  • “Even though we finished a long time ago, I cannot help caring for you for all the time we spend together and that I still remember with tenderness. For this I appreciate that I still have you, I wish you a happy birthday, and I hope you have a great time.”
  • “I still remember that you don’t like to be greeted by your birthday, so I hope to apologize, but I still want to send you this special greeting, because you’ll always be someone whom I will remember with esteem for all the memories we share. Happy Birthday!”.
  • “I only write to you because I can’t forget that today is your birthday and I want to wish you a happy day shot from your family. I hope life is treating you well and that you are getting closer to your dreams.”
  • “Happy Birthday! You didn’t think I’d forget it. I hope you remember that despite not being together you will always have a friend in me.”
  • “I didn’t know whether to write to you or not, but in the end, I decided to send you this message and wish you a happy birthday. I hope it doesn’t bother you since now we are nothing more than acquaintances, but I want you to know that I will always wish you the best and that I hope that later we can be friends again.”
  • “I know that since we finished, we didn’t talk, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday anyway. I know you will have a good time because your family and your friends will surely make you a great party; all I ask for you is happiness and the fulfillment of all your goals.”
  • “Before being boyfriends we were friends and I would like us to be again. For that love that I still have you I want to wish you a happy birthday, may God always take care of you and help you achieve your dreams.”
  • “This is a day that I wish I can never forget. I don’t have to mark it on a calendar because in my mind it will always be. That’s why I take advantage and wish you a happy birthday because I know you deserve it, you are a great person that I was lucky to love.”
  • “Happy Birthday. I may miss you writing to you but not having finished our relationship. I will stop caring for you. We have shared a part of our lives, and I will never forget that. I wish you the best; you deserve it.”
  • “Although we haven’t talked for a long time, I didn’t want to stop wishing you a happy birthday. And it is that after so much time, together, even though love has ended, I feel for you a great appreciation that makes me wish you the best. Have a happy day.”
  • Say hello to your ex in his name with these birthday wishes and let him know that you have a great appreciation for him and that you don’t want to lose track of him, but would even like to be his friend if that is possible.

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Ex BF

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • Ending a relationship is never easy. It implies accepting that things did not go well and that, perhaps, part of everything was our fault. Each case is particular, and we can never generalize. Some couples end up very badly and cannot see each other again or in the paint. Others, on the contrary, realize that they are better on their own, but that this is not a matter of fighting or anything like that, but that an amicable separation is the best for the good of both.
  • If you are one of the people who end a relationship in civilized terms, then when your ex’s birthday arrives, you should not wish him the best in his day. Of course, it is delicate terrain, so you have to choose the words carefully, so that nothing is left to free interpretation and that the other can see that, although there is affection in between, your intentions are limited to wishing you a Good day on your birthday, and nothing more.
  • To support you in this work, it occurred to us that it could be useful to review an example of how to do it. We recommend that you give your personal touch so that it will be something more personalized. We wish you good luck and remember, maturity is the key to no misunderstanding, and everything goes well.
  • Ending a relationship with a boyfriend does not necessarily mean ceasing to be his friend. Many couples who end up remain friends or maintain a cordial relationship.
  • Greeting your boyfriend on special occasions like Christmas, friendship day or his birthday does not mean that you still love him, even though he may think differently. If you are turning years, send him a message that expresses your good wishes.

Touching Birthday Message for Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  •  “I know that there is another one that occupies my place and I am happy for you, today you turn years old, and I wanted you to wish the best because although we are no longer together, I still love you like a friend, happy birthday.”
  •  “I wish you a happy birthday, you may be surprised to receive this message, but you don’t have to since everything is left in the past and I only keep good memories from you.”
  •  “Happy birthday, this is a special day, and I could not pass up without expressing my best wishes, have a great time.”
  •  “You and I finished some time ago, but I always remember the days important in your life, happy birthday.”
  • “Having been with you was a beautiful stage in my life that I would never forget, today is your birthday, and I send this greeting with love.”
  •  “Today is another year of life, and I wish you a wonderful time because although it is no longer part of your life, I want you to find happiness ..”
  •  “Ours is already part of the past and today that is your birthday. I wish you have a nice day. Congratulations.”
  •  “I am sure that today you will have a fantastic day, I hope that your wishes are fulfilled, that you achieve your goals and that you find a person deserving of your love, happy birthday.”
  •  “The day we finished, we promised to keep our friendship, and that’s why he sent you this message because I consider you my friend, happy birthday.”
  •  “You are a good person, and you will always be a beautiful memory in my life, in this day of your birthday I send you all my good vibes, and I hope you have a great time.”
  • “Have a happy birthday and have a great time, it is a sincere wish of someone who was once the love of your life and today is just a friend.”
  •  “Today is your birthday. I hope you have the company of all your loved ones, have a lot of fun and be someone better. Congratulations.”
  •  “I am your ex, but that does not mean that I hate you or have completely forgotten you, I know very well that this is an extraordinary day for you, all my appreciation goes in this message, happy birthday.”
  • When you receive one of these birthday messages, he will be glad to know that between your things ended well.
  • Congratulations quotes for the exboyfriend, Affectionate birthday messages for an individual being for which we feel a beautiful memory.
  • We surrender in our relationship but don’t give up on our friendship. Happy Birthday.
  • We have had a peculiar past, but let’s be realistic. Having ourselves as an ex is much better than not having each other in our lives! Happy Birthday.

Romantic Birthday wishes for Ex BF

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • I hope the icing on your birthday cake is as bitter as the memories you gave me. Happy birthday to the worst in history.
  • As I still miss you every day, your birthday is a beautiful memory that will never disappear. Happy Birthday.
  • I have wished you on your birthday for many years, and our separation will not change that. Happy Birthday.
  • If I had known from the beginning that you are a good friend, I would never have fallen in love with you. Happy Birthday.
  • As we walked away, my worst fears came true. But deep down in my heart, I still have the best for you. Happy Birthday.

Cute Images of Congratulations to My Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

  • I may never forgive you entirely, but the fact that I wish you your birthday shows that I will not wholly forget you either. Happy Birthday.
  • We will never know why we write about our destiny, but I will always remember the beautiful memories of our incredible dates. Happy birthday to my ex
  • I think your birthday is the best day to tell you that I miss you and I still love you again in my life. I hope you think of me when you blow the candles on your cake and make a wish that ends with the struggle of my heart. Happy Birthday.
  • I can hold a grudge against you for breaking up with me, but I still appreciate the beautiful memories I share with you. Happy Birthday.
  • We never became good lovers, but at least we became good friends. I’m glad we can move on from our past, making peace. Happy Birthday.
  • I will never be glad what happened between us, but I am happy that at least we have both made progress. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Our relationship may be dead, but our friendship still lives. Happy Birthday.
  • When we went out, I thought you were a boyfriend that wasn’t worth having. But after our separation, I think you are an exboyfriend worth remembering. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday quotes for an exboyfriend who still loves
  • A million words could not give it back, I know because I tried. Nor could a million tears, I know because I have cried.
  • All discarded lovers should have a second chance, but with someone else.
  • The boys say they don’t care how you fix your hair. But then they leave you for someone with perfect girl hair and the next thing you know is that you are alone with a male crop crying in your granola.
  • I feel like a traitor, a fake, a fake. But I am a hypocrite with the best intentions, and I need to kiss desperately.
  • I didn’t know if I wanted you or not on your birthday, but I still did, just like my heart doesn’t know whether to love you or not, but it always does. Happy Birthday.
  • I may never forgive you entirely, but the fact that I want you on your birthday shows that I will always remember you entirely either. Happy Birthday.
  • We will never know why our hearts broke in our destinies, but I will always remember the beautiful memories of our romantic dates. Happy birthday to my ex
  • I hope the icing on your birthday cake is as bitter as the memories you gave me. Happy birthday to the worst in history.
  • Do not stop looking good with your ex and it would be a nice gesture on your part to send him a message or call him to express his wish to have a happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Ex BF

In this article, we will show you the best birthday messages to a former boyfriend. You can send these messages as SMS or post them on your’s facebook.