20 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults of 2022

Is someone special’s birthday coming up and you want to surprise him? Are you tired of always celebrating your birthday the same and want to do something different?

If you answered yes, you are in the right place. Here you can find ideas for birthday parties for adults of all kinds. We hope you will be inspired.

Getting older does not mean that the date of our birthday is less important. Celebrating a birthday is a perfect time to gather friends and family and spend a different day.

20 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults of 2022

There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. It all depends on the birthday boy. Here are some original ideas for adult birthdays.

If you want an unforgettable day and you have the sea nearby, the right choice is to hire a catamaran route. Some companies offer water activities, stops in small coves to eat, and even party inside the boat.

For the most classic, a birthday is synonymous with food surrounded by friends. This is always a good option that will allow you to enjoy your friends peacefully. An alternative to restaurants would be to organize a barbecue in style. Buy your favorite meat, prepare mojitos, sangria, or natural juices, and enjoy the day. To liven up the day, do not forget about music and a game to entertain yourself.

If you have the possibility of making the meal in a place or your house, do not hesitate to organize a theme party. This idea is more elaborate since you have to think about all the little details, but it will allow you to customize each one of them.

You can orient the decoration towards a theme that you are passionate about (magic, your favorite series, football, etc.), make a hippie, Hawaiian, eighties party, or prepare a costume party. To create an atmosphere, guests can dress according to the theme chosen. If this is not possible, get hats, giant glasses, boas, and other accessories. The photos will be the most original!

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

How to Organize an Adult Birthday Party

  • The first thing we have to take into account are the tastes of the person who turns years old. You have to raise the style of the party. The decoration and everything that involves the celebration according to your preferences.
  • A party, according to age, is also essential. An event for a person who turns 30 can be organized at night, with dinner and dancing with drinks afterward. If the person becomes 50 or 60, a quieter and more intimate meal or dinner may be better, which does not mean that it is annoying.

  • Flee from typical ideas, look for originality when considering how to organize this birthday party.
  • Don’t make the party too emotional. A pinch of memories, with photos or some short video, can give a touch of special sentimentality to the protagonist. Still, too many memories can turn the celebration into a handkerchief of tears, and a party is for fun.

  • The good idea is to surprise the protagonist by inviting friends he has not seen for a long time. Of course, make sure before they are people with whom you continue to maintain a good relationship.
  • Keep in mind if children also go to prepare activities and a different menu for them.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

To know how to make an adult birthday party and make sure it will be a success, think about the protagonist and choose from some of the ideas for this anniversary celebration that we propose:

Birthday Party in a Restaurant

If you have ordered a table in a restaurant, try that, in addition to dinner, there is a surprise or show afterward. There are places that already include them. But if not, you will always laugh with a monologuist, with a magician or with a fun workshop, like some kind of dance.

Themed Birthday Party

Whether you do it in a house or in a place, if the person who turns years is very fan of some sport, activity, art or has a very personal style, you can thematize the party. For example, you can have a movie birthday party, Hawaiian, 80’s, vintage, charleston …

Hawaiian Party

Ok, it may seem like a topic. But the Hawaiian themed party has always been the result of a resounding success. Colored necklaces, Pina Coladas and fringes, many, many fringes. You know, when you send the invitation to your friends you have to ask them for something that they are prepared to dance all night!

Costume Birthday Party

If you want to do something simple and fun, you can propose a costume party where each guest comes with the outfit they want and in which they feel more comfortable. To the person who turns years, you can buy a costume and disguise it or disguise it among all.

Hippie Party

Don’t you know how to organize a hippie-themed party? Quiet. Too easy. If in the Hawaiian party the colors are the protagonists, in this one even more. Music of the time, vests, bulging pants, and a lot of ‘love’ in the environment. Of course, here the decoration of the party is super important, so do not forget it.

Memories Birthday Party

If the event is organized by several friends … a good idea is to take a picture of when you were children and go to the party with the enlarged photo and, more or less, the same outfit you wore in the snapshot Surely not expected! Ahhh … and don’t forget to bring the same clothes in the photo to him or the protagonist.

Surprise Birthday Party

how not! If you help each other, you can have a surprise birthday party. You just have to keep the secret, decorate the chosen place well and meet the person who turns years in a habitual place and in the most discreet way possible. Then, with some excuse, you take it to the chosen site and … surprise!

Ibizan Party

A themed party with which you never fail. You will have to wait until it is summer to celebrate it, it is ideal. Organizing an Ibiza party is very simple. You need good vibes, original cocktails, and ‘force’ all your guests to go rigorous white. Ok, we let them wear a touch of color but only in the accessories.

Birthday Party With Barbecue

If the weather is good, you can always make a meal to celebrate the anniversary outdoors. Then you can organize games, like when you were children! You can play the game of chairs, handkerchief or do some kind of yincana.

Theme Parties for Adults

Are you thinking of organizing a party and do not know what theme to use? Well, don’t worry! We give you a series of ideas for first parties that will surprise your guests. Make your party remember for years with one of the thematic proposals that we tell you today. Do you come? Let the party begin!

These theme parties are more prevalent in adults, but children can also go if parents want to, eh?

Are you thinking of celebrating an adult’s birthday?

Who says that the world of birthdays is reserved only for children? For adults, this is also a special day. Are 25th birthday, 32th 49 years old twice right in life? Of course not. And you have to celebrate it big. There are many ideas to celebrate adult birthdays that can inspire a vintage party. Do you dare to discover them?

Decorative ornaments, music, board games, and lots of fun are key ingredients in the recipe for the success of these events. In the following lines, you will find a selection of the best practices to organize an unforgettable party. And this turning years can be an adventure.

Bet on a ‘Pop’ Theme

The festive decoration is far from being a challenge, as long as you work with a specific theme. The possibilities are endless: superheroes, emoticons, disco, hippie, mustaches, donuts, Rock and Roll or more specific themes, such as ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Pokemon,’ among others. Knowing the subject in advance, the choice of ornaments, table accessories, or costumes should be sewing and singing.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Balloon Tide!

Organize a party without balloons? Nothing of that! These ornaments can not be missing on any birthday, regardless of the birthday boy. Choosing a theme beforehand helps to select the color and style of the balloons, but in any case, we advise you to have a high volume. Throwing a shower of balloons over guests can be a great way to uncork fun. Of course, one of those original ideas to celebrate adult birthdays that you should consider.

Install an Impromptu Dance Floor

Who doesn’t like to dance? Installing a dance floor in the living room or another room is easy: a disco ball, a checkered carpet or similar, and a playlist that excites the birthday boy and his guests. That easy! This idea also complements perfectly with the following, which we encourage you to discover.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Decorative Pennants Everywhere

In adult birthday decoration, certain ornaments can be considered as authentic ‘must,’ as it would be challenging to create the desired atmosphere without them. A good example is the pennants. In addition to being easy to obtain and very economical, these accessories stand out for their versatility and decorative power, being perfect to represent the chosen theme, along with balloons, garlands, and other products.


What can be more fun than dancing? Well, sing. You don’t have to be John Lennon or Montserrat Caballe to have fun with a good karaoke. Even if you don’t have SingStar or other similar games, you’ll only need a little music and a little bit of courage to get the Elvis Presley we all have inside. And as an additional curiosity, the first karaokes arose in a nation as serious and disciplined as Japan, being invented by the musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe in 1971.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Giant Cake or With Special Shapes

Another of the most original ideas for an adult birthday party is to create a cake of great proportions. And is that turning 25 or 35 years is not the same as turning 5 or 8 years, right? And if you do not want to invest a fortune in a colossal cake, you can always bet on exclusive design, according to the theme chosen. For example, at a party inspired by the world of ‘The Avengers,’ it would be wise to select a design shaped like the shield of Captain America.

Organize Competitions of Scrabble, Monopoly and Other Games

A simple way to increase the fun on a birthday? The activities and games will be your best ally to say goodbye to boredom and keep guests always entertained. Although video games like Wii Sports, Fortnite, or Guitar Hero are viral, a perfect alternative to do something different in a group is board games: Scrabble, Uno, Monopoly, and other classics. In this sense, you may be interested in knowing the role-playing games that marked the era.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

That’s how nice to turn years. With the help of these ideas to celebrate adult birthdays, you no longer have excuses to organize a memorable party with your friends and family. Remember that you can find decoration of a wide variety of themes in our store. Cheer up! What do you think about these proposals? Could you add any more of your harvest?

Invitation Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

If you organize an adult birthday party, a detail that everyone will like is to receive an invitation to the celebration. These theme parties can be huge if friends, co-workers, and family are invited, so making invitation cards can be useful for everyone to know where, when, and how to attend the celebration.

In addition, it is the fastest and most direct way to reach all guests, since you can send them by mail, hand-deliver or send them through other communication systems such as WhatsApp.

In the invitation to the birthday party, you must include the following information:

  • Host Name
  • Date, time, and place.
  • If there are many possible guests or you have to book in a restaurant, you must ask them to confirm your attendance well in advance.
  • If the party follows a specific theme, give all the details about the style and how the guests should be dressed.
  • Set an approximate duration of the event.

Once you have these key points, you should think about what type of invitation suits the theme of the party and the personality of the protagonist.

Adult Birthday Party Decoration

Decorating an adult birthday party will depend on the tastes of the protagonist, age, and space where you do the celebration. To inspire you in this task, we propose some ideas for simple parties to do. You can buy the products or make crafts if you have enough time:

  • Runaway from children’s birthday party ideas. You can use elements of these celebrations such as balloons, pennants, garlands or flowers but not with the striking range of colors of children’s parties, but with a chromatic coherence according to the style of the party for adults.

  • You can buy wrapping paper and, with it, line the walls of the room where the birthday of adults is celebrated. With that paper, you can also wrap empty boxes and place them around the room or hang them from the ceiling.
  • You can not miss the garland where it says ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • Another original idea is to print the image of the person who turns years old and, with it, line up party hats.
  • You can also make a crown to the honoree. They can be bought, made with cardboard or made more with a patchwork style.
  • You can also use photos of the honoree and his friends and place them on the wall forming, in numbers, the age he meets.
  • If it is a themed party, decorate the space with elements related to it.
  • If we want to have an elegant party, we can opt for glass tableware, instead of the plastic one; Decorated centerpieces, silver, gold, and black tones; and more sophisticated garlands.
  • An idea for birthday parties that is very fashionable is to make a photocall. Organize one and put on fun accessories for guests to dress up and take pictures.
  • You can place a large table completely decorated with sweets, jelly beans and where the main element is the cake.

Food for Adult Birthday Parties

There are two ways to organize lunch or dinner at an adult birthday party:

Seated Lunch or Dinner

Prepare snacks based on canapés or croquettes and drink soft drinks, tomato juice, white wine, and beer. Then you can make a first fish dish, such as a salad or seafood cocktail. Second, you can cook some meat dish accompanied by a vegetable strudel. Serve the dishes with white and red wine.

Chopping Food

Make simple dishes with lots of salty foods. You can put salad, decorated special deform; a tray of Iberian and cheese; crispy cheese balls; meat banderillas; or rolled sandwiches. With this type of menu and soft drinks. And if you want to remember the youth parties of the past.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults
Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

And for dessert … sweets and cake can not miss. If you want to make an original cake, do not hesitate to order or prepare a custom cake with the age of the party’s protagonist.


If you want to spend a fun day outdoors, bet on organizing an afternoon playing paintball, laser combat, or a yellow-style gymkhana. If yours are sports and you want a bit of adrenaline, take a kayak, bike, canyoning, or trekking route.