Best 10 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Best 10-Year-Old girl birthday party ideas: A birthday is a holiday that every girl waits with special trepidation. Special attention deserves the birthday party ideas for girls age 10

Best 10 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Best 10-year-old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

This is a special date for the child – the beginning of a new stage in the life and development of the 10-Year-Old girl, her first anniversary, which I want to leave in my memory as a unique, unusual and unforgettable day.

Celebrating the 10-year-old Girl Birthday Party: Holiday Theme

To make a memorable birthday party for girls age 10 for the birthday girl and its guests, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on renting a cafe or an entertainment center. You can have a happy birthday at home. The most literate and interesting version of the celebration can be considered a thematic 10-Year-old girl’s birthday party.

To decide how to spend the 10-year old birthday party ideas girl, you need to choose an interesting topic for her and her guests.

Much will depend on the choice of subjects: decoration and decor of the room, the menu of the festive table, games, contests, quizzes, images of guests, etc. However, we note that the presence of themes greatly facilitates the preparation of the holiday.

We offer awesome birthday party ideas. The birthday girl and her guests will not remain indifferent!

10-year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas in the Style of “Princess.”

What could be a good idea for a girl’s 10th birthday? Of course, one of the first to come to mind is the theme of fairy tales about princesses. Each girl dreamed of becoming the heroine of such a story, wearing a magnificent chic dress and a shimmering crown.

Therefore, you can allow the little birthday girl and her friends to stay in the role of princesses at the royal tea party.

Make invitations for guests in the style of Disney cartoons necessarily with the paraphernalia of pink color, rhinestones, beads.

For decorations, use paper garlands, balloons of white, pink, purple, light fabrics, themed tablecloths, plates, mugs.

As a treat, prepare light fruit snacks, beautifully decorated cupcakes, and a bright cake.

Do not forget about contests and quizzes related to the themes of princesses, cartoons, Disney heroes.

For example, you can offer contests with a comparison of the dresses of the princess and the heroine herself, try to compose my stories based on fairy tales, and organize a talent contest.

Young princesses for the 10-year old birthday party for the girl can make hairstyles in the style of cartoon heroines. Particular attention should be paid to fabulous music, which will set the tone and atmosphere of the holiday.

How to Spend a 10-year Birthday Girl in the Style of “Alice in Wonderland”

If the girl likes the book or the film “Alice in Wonderland,” then you can stylize the holiday to the plot of this story and spend it in the form of a tea party.

To organize a birthday in the style of a fairy tale is a little more difficult – you have to connect adults who play the roles of the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter, but the result will delight you and the birthday girl.

Revived heroes of the fairy tale will set the tone for the whole holiday, organizing fun contests, and playing out situations.

Invitations to the holiday can be composed of printouts based on the film.

Pay special attention to the decor: make sure that among the ornaments, there is a place for a hat, watch, service, candlestick.

Attributes that can be printed in large format (characters from the film, forest decorations, flowers, cards) will not be superfluous. You will also need bright paper and balloons, lanterns, paths for the festive table, bows for chairs.

The aesthetics of a fairy tale can be conveyed in black-and-white-red colors, the pattern of a chessboard on the scenery, large cards.

You can use various signs, posters with famous birthday quote from the fairy tale: “Eat me!”, “Drink me!” “Open me!” etc.

Do not forget about contests based on fairy tales and suitable fairy tale music. Photozone with fairytale characters will surprise and delight the birthday girl and her guests.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Age 10 in the Style of “Superheroes.”

A girl who is interested in superheroes may be interested in a birthday in this style.

The young birthday girls age-10 and her guests need to prepare in advance superhero masks and wraps, preferably bright and varied.

So the girls will be transported into their own universe of superheroes.

Suggest as entertainment the creation of your own story about superheroes, a creative contest for the “superheroic” ability.

Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl

It can be a poem reading, a song, or a dance. Make sure that each participant receives a small pleasant prize.

Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl

Decorations for such a theme party should be bright, colorful, and voluminous: paper and balloons, posters, drawings, garlands, flags.

Music will be appropriate energetic, groovy, suitable for active dancing. As a treat, bright fruit snacks, cakes, multi-colored sweets, and soft drinks are suitable.

Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl

Funny 10-year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas – “Art Party.”

An interesting idea for holding the birthday of a girl of 10 years old can be a rainbow art party.

Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl

The most important thing here will be in compliance with rainbow colors. Take care of a colorful photo zone and bright decorations to match.

Multi-colored candies will not be superfluous (the distribution of candies, fruits, or sweets in containers by color will be an interesting solution), bright balls, garlands, awnings from rainbow fabrics, arches.

As an entertainment, it would be logical to offer guests and a birthday girl creative tasks related, for example, drawing with bright colors, creating large bright collages, drawing on fabric, etc.

Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl

Offer your children maximum freedom for creativity and expression. Prepare bright, pleasant prizes for guests.

Energetic dance music and joyful children’s laughter will serve as a good accompaniment to the holiday.

Adult Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl – Pajama Party

One of the popular themes for a birthday is a pajama party. Her organization involves some difficulties.

10-year-old girl birthday party ideas

Firstly, at such parties, guests usually stay overnight.

Secondly, the parents of children who are invited to the celebration should not be against this idea.

If you can hold such a party, then your child will be delighted!

10-year-old girl birthday party ideas

A pajama party implies the presence of pajamas, so, of course, you can arrange a fashion show of dresses that will delight girls very much.

The traditional entertainment at such a party can be considered a pillow fight (do not forget about safety measures!), Drawing on fabric, telling stories and fairy tales, watching films and cartoons, contests for inventing stories, etc.

For prizes for participating in competitions, make small bags of sweets. The music at such a party should be calm, pleasant, conducive to a cozy holiday.

Serve homemade cakes (cake, cookies), light hot sandwiches, hot cocoa as a treat. Decorate the room where the holiday will be held with flowers, one-color garlands, unobtrusive decorations.

Such a birthday will be remembered for its atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and children’s smiles.

10 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

These are just some of the options for holding a holiday for a girl on her 10th birthday. Trust in the wishes of your child – then the holiday will turn out to be unforgettable for the girl and her guests.