7 Unique Picnic Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

The best Picnic Birthday Party Ideas: Today we will have fun learning how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday. The birthday parties are fun and are always full of surprises, as the honoree deserves the best in his day, we have many ideas to celebrate, but one of the most fun is undoubtedly a picnic.

The 7 Best Picnic Birthday Party Ideas

Basically, a picnic is a gathering in the open air, where everyone enjoys food in large fabrics that are arranged on the floor to give it more country air.

7 Unique Picnic Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

How Do You Plan a Picnic Birthday Party?

The picnics usually are organized in parks, in the large gardens, or even in the country and are an excellent idea for the animated children’s birthday and to give variety to the events, so we will see how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday.

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What Food is To Make to Organize a Picnic on a Children’s Birthday?

First, we will start with one of the most important parts of any celebration: food. The menus that we must handle at a picnic are a little different from those that we can taste in an event in a closed room, because in the first place, we have no place to heat the food, so we will have to serve cold snacks.

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Some ideas on how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday on the menu are:

  • Crackers with tuna salad.
  • Avocado toast.
  • Peas with turkey ham.
  • Cheese, tomato, and lettuce sandwiches.
  • Chopped vegetables.
  • Fresh fruit cocktails.

All the above options will help you in how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday, as they are inexpensive, very practical, easy to make, tasty, and surely children will enjoy consuming them a lot. You can also add some fun touches by decorating the dishes with some nuts or a lot of imagination.

What You Need to Organize Picnic Birthday Party for Children

We will also need some things that we have to make when planning how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday and take note of each one of them. Because they will all be very useful when being in the middle of the field or in one of the parks where you can freely celebrate any type of celebration. Do not forget to take with you:

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  • Bags for garbage and all waste that guests leave.
  • Disposable plates and cups.
  • Toilet paper, napkins, and a cloth that you can moisten to clean anything that is necessary.
  • A change of clothes for the celebrant (better safe than not).
  • A lot of purified water that we should offer to children to counteract the heat.
  • Fabrics that you will put in the garden, on the lawn, or in the place you have chosen for the picnic.
  • The food you’ve prepared and some packaged juice options.

Do not forget to also bring everything you need to carry out the animations, games, or activities you have planned for your children’s parties, which can be very fun and diverse because you have enough space. It is an outdoor place for children to run, play, and have fun in a big way.

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Do not also forget to bring sunscreen, it is essential to avoid sunburn, although it is best to organize the event a little later than normal.

What Do You Need for a Picnic With Children?

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Essential list for a family picnic

  • Cutlery: Spoon, fork, and knife.
  • Disposable plates.
  • Plastic containers to store food.
  • Tablecloth to lie on the floor.
  • Basket to store food and utensils safely.
  • Jugs and glasses for water and juices.

How Can I Make a Picnic More Fun?

When we talk about how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday, we must never forget about fun.

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Children always go to children’s birthday parties with the great illusion of having fun and that it is an incredibly memorable day, so we cannot ignore this topic.

What is the Best Way to Organise a Birthday Party?

We must also organize the games or hire a specialized company and remember the tricks to choose the best animation company, putting the necessary atmosphere adapting to the guests’ ages. We recommend you:

Picnic Birthday

  • Organize fun gymkhanas.
  • Make treasure hunt games.
  • Prepare races in sacks or other competitions.
  • Organize fun activities by teams.
  • Allow children to play some free time with balloons, balls, and other fun items as well.
  • Pay close attention to what the birthday boy prefers, as he should always be given the importance he deserves on his special day.


Finally, also enjoy the beautiful landscapes that you can have at the picnic, take many photographs as they are always opportune to remember the great moments that we live as a family and with those guests that we appreciate so much.

The picnic is an original Picnic Birthday Party Idea, and you will surely know perfectly how to organize a picnic for a children’s birthday.