30+ Best 50th Birthday Cake Ideas for Men & Women of 2022

Is someone special celebrating their 50th birthday? Surprise them with a birthday cake on their special day. We have compiled the best 50th birthday cake ideas for him and her.

30+ Best 50th Birthday Cake Ideas for Men & Women of 2022

Best 50th Birthday Cake Ideas for Men & Women

Turning 50 years old is a big milestone for anyone.  At this age, a person has acquired much experience, wisdom, and achievements. 

Whether you are planning a grand birthday party or an intimate gathering for the 50th birthday of your loved one, a custom 50th birthday cake is a great way to celebrate this special occasion.

If you have the skill, you can bake the birthday cake for your loved one yourself. If not, you can find someone who will make a custom cake for you. Many talented confectioners can make you a cake according to your preferred design.

The design of the cake can be based on the celebrant’s hobby, career, or favorite things. You can also opt for a simple yet elegant design for the cake.

A universal option that equally suits both men and women will be a number cake like the ones below.

Arranging cupcakes to form the number 50 is a good idea if you have little time to prepare or don’t have a big budget for the cake.

Here are more 50th birthday cake ideas for men and women.

50th Birthday Cakes Ideas for a Woman

Traditionally, birthday cakes for women are designed with flowers, petals, pearls, ribbons, and other things that are associated with femininity. White and pastel-colored icing is a common choice. 

However, you don’t have to be limited to these kinds of cakes. Your choice depends on the personality of the celebrant and the type of celebration (whether formal or informal). For less formal occasions, you may choose a cake that has a funny message or with more colorful icing and decor. 

Browse our birthday cake ideas for 50th female birthday below. 

A beautiful cake in pastel shades decorated with delicate flowers like the ones below is classic.

Instead of writing happy birthday with icing, you can also choose to have a topper on your birthday cake instead like the one below. You can find a similar topper here.

Gold color accents on the cake are very apt for celebrating the golden year. White and gold cake like this one looks so elegant.

Another great color combination for a women’s 50th birthday cake is black and white with a touch of gold. The cake below used a gold-colored cake topper

This pink and black festive cake decorated with a wine bottle and wine glasses will be appreciated by someone with a bold and fun personality.  

If you are looking for funny birthday cake ideas, we’ve got some for you.

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

Here are two more versions of the same concept.

Another funny birthday cake idea for women’s 50th birthday.

Leopard print sexy bra 50th birthday cake with pink base cake and hearts | arteatsbakery

50th Birthday Cake for Him

Below you will find 50th birthday cake ideas for men.

This cake is perfect for a husband and father who is celebrating his 50th birthday.

Black and white cakes like the ones below are a common choice for men’s birthday cakes.

Gold cake ideas for the golden year!

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

Blue is another popular color for birthday cakes for men.

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

Are you looking for more colorful cakes for your man? Here are some cake ideas that you may like.

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

We’ve got funny 50th birthday cake ideas for men too.

50th Birthday Cake Ideas for men

You can also consider the celebrant’s interests and hobbies for the cake design idea. 

50th Birthday Cake Ideas

The cake below is decorated with things that show the personality of the recipient. We can safely assume that he loves cats, like to travel, and is into sports.

This cake is perfect for someone who is a handyman.

Looking for ideas for a birthday cake for forty year old man? Some of the designs above will also work. 

Tips for Ordering the 50th Birthday Cake

If you don’t have the time or skill to bake a cake for your loved one’s birthday celebration, then your only choice is to order a custom cake from a local pastry shop. 

Do the following to ensure a good experience in choosing and ordering your cake from a shop. 

  • Do a background check of the shop you are planning to get your cake from. Visit the place if possible. Ask them about the kind of cakes they make and the ingredients they use. Make sure to check out the reviews online.
  • Consider your budget when deciding on what type of custom birthday cake you want to order. Expect that the larger the cake and the more complicated the design is, the more expensive it will be. 
  • Decide how large the cake should be. This will depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are not sure how to estimate the size of the cake, you can ask the pastry chef for some guidance. 
  • Take note that buttercream icing melts easily. If the party is outdoors on a summer’s day, you might want to choose fondant cake which holds up better in the heat. 
  • If you have special dietary requirements for your cake like if it should be gluten-free and made of natural ingredients, you must ask them if they can accommodate this. 
  • Request for a quote from two or more pastry shops. Show them a  photo of the cake design you have in mind and mention the size of the cake that you want. Most shops will also let you choose the flavor of the layer cake, the filling, and the icing, and these will also be factored in when pricing. Keep in mind though that the type of icing is dependent on the cake design you want. Some cakes will call for fondant while others will require buttercream icing. 
  • Keep in mind that creating a custom cake takes time, so you have to order the cake in advance from your chosen provider. The size and complexity of the cake should also be taken into account. A large, multi-tiered cake with a complicated design will take longer to make. The pastry shop will let you know the minimum production time and if they can accommodate your order. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions like if they would deliver and if there would be a delivery fee. 
  • Most shops would ask for a down payment. Be ready to pay this upfront (but also ask for a contract). 
  • It is best that you have a written contract so that both parties would be protected and will have peace of mind. 

Tips for Serving the Cake in a Birthday Party

  • For most cakes, use a chef’s knife when cutting. Use a long serrated knife for cakes with fresh fruit or nutty/crunchy fillings. 
  • Wipe the knife in between slices so that you can cut the cake smoothly. 
  • If you have a tiered cake, unstack the tiers first and then cut each tier as you would normally do to a cake. 
  • The size of each slice should be approximately 2 inches.
  • Fondant and buttercream cakes are best served at room temperature. Whip cream cakes are best served cold. 


A custom-made cake for the 50th birthday of your loved one can become a highlight of the celebration and impress your guests. It can also help create a festive atmosphere during the event. That is why you have to give it enough attention. 

You have the option to choose a classic or unique custom birthday cake for your loved one. But consider the personality of the receiver and whether you will have a formal or informal event when deciding.

We hope you liked our 50th birthday cake ideas and the bonus tips that we shared with you. We always want to help you and your loved ones be happy on special occasions. 

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