16 Best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old of 2022

Mega list of the Best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old: selected ideas that it is better to buy the Girl for three years. Separate lists of developing, sports, memorable gifts for a three-year-old baby on her birthday and not only + Useful tips.

16 Best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old of 2022

Giving Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old is a pleasant undertaking. Giving them to children is doubly pleasant. This article is about what gift to give a girl for 3 years: great age and an incredible amount of wonderful toys for little princesses.

What to Give 3 Years Old Girl on Her Birthday?

Charming dolls, interactive pets, a puppet theater, cozy play tents, educational toys, cute homemade little things. Welcome to the world of girls!

Choosing a gift for a girl for 3 years consider the age characteristics of the baby. She already speaks in sentences; distinguishes colors, shapes, sizes; coordinates movements; fantasizes a lot.

Best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old

We have prepared the top best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old babies. The reviews of parents and the opinions of pedagogical psychologists helped to make a list.

Multifunctional Game Table With Sound and Light Modules

On the playing surface, there is a piano with multi-colored keys, levers, and buttons, toys.

Puzzle Books

This is a whole game set of several large puzzles, poems, puzzles, funny pictures. Playing, the baby learns to count, read, think logically.

Household Appliances

Household appliances in the form of toys (washing machine, sewing machine, iron) are an interesting birthday present for a girl of 3 years old.

Modeling Dough

A soft, completely safe material is resembling plasticine. It is equipped with molds tools.

Swing Varieties

Swing-boats, ponies, starships. There are paired for a group of guys. It is worth giving the Girl for 3 years, who lives in a private house.

Dry Pool

It is filled with colored balls. This is the way out if it is difficult to decide what to give a 3-year-old girl for a birthday.

Electric Car

A small copy of the car is a rather expensive gift for DR. The present will make the baby happy: in the typewriter, you can even ride on the street and carry dolls.


The true dream of every little princess. A toy for three-year-olds should be with large elements.

Pajamas Glowing in the Dark

From the fact that you can give a girl 3 years old, who loves everything unusual, this is a completely creative idea.

Toy for Little Pony

This cartoon is known to every little Girl. The popular unicorn princess Twilight Sparkle is very beautiful: purple, with a pink mane, large eyes, and fluffy eyelashes, with a star print. Girls are delighted with games with ponies. You can buy accessories.

Pink Game Tent

A cozy house is a wonderful gift for a child for 3 years! This is a refuge, and a place to play, and your own palace. In addition, the tent easily moves with the hostess to a picnic or the cottage.

Soft Rocking Chair

Soft rocking chair in the form of a Ladybug or Dinosaur with a squeaker. The best model – with a stopper against accidental fall, footrest, comfortable handles, a safe range of swing.


This is a mechanical toy, a modern rocking horse. A useful toy for the physical development of the baby – the formation of proper posture, strengthening the muscles of the back and legs. Instead of a horse, you can buy a zebra or a unicorn.

Accessories for a Young Lady

A mirror, a hairbrush, hair clips, sunglasses, an umbrella, a children’s watch. The Girl will take all these gifts from you with pleasure, and will use them during the story games. You can buy a small dressing table with shelves for the baby.


Smartphone with large buttons, loud ringtones, and interactive entertainment. 3 modes are available: letters, numbers, shapes. Parents’ comments indicate that the kids are happy to learn, fulfill the requests of the toy, listen to its praise for the correct answers.


Girls adore the collection of these pretty people and know how each of them looks. The dolls are functional: they drink some water, spit, cry. In some figures, the hair changes color when wet. Girls love to play with LOL, bathe, feed, come up with “life” stories.

Finger Maze

An excellent toy for the development of intelligence teaches a child to find the right solution to problems. For three-year-olds, the labyrinth city is especially interesting, in which you can move cars, animals, and other figures.

Gifts for 3 Year Old – Everything is like Mom’s

Girls of three years old love to imitate. They are interested in all the “adult” things. We offer to give the baby a kit for playing at home.

For instance:

  • Children’s Kitchen With a Stove, Oven, Sink: the Real Dream of a Little Hostess.
  • Set of Toy Dishes;
  • Table Set Birthday With Cake;
  • Ironing Board With Iron;
  • A Vacuum Cleaner;
  • Toy Sewing Machine;
  • Supermarket Trolley;
  • Set for the Hardworking Cinderella – a Bucket With a Mechanism for Squeezing the Mop, Brush, Mop, Dustpan, Dust Knitter.
  • During such games, children gain invaluable social experience.

Game Profession Gifts for 3 Year Old

At 3 years old, there is nothing more exciting than playing as an adult, trying on various professions. It becomes important for them to interact with each other.

Often they come up with “professional” games. Therefore, a thematic set for the games “to the hospital” or “to the store” will be a good gift:

  • Toy Scales With a Cup for Products and a Bright Weight Scale;
  • Cashbox;
  • Doctor’s Set in a Suitcase: Apron, Cap, Medicine, Thermometer, Bandage;
  • Doll With Accessories for Creating Hairstyles;
  • Veterinary Clinic Set;
  • “Dress the Doll” Game, Consisting of a Cardboard Figure and a Set of Velcro Clothes;
  • Game Set Supermarket With Fruits and Vegetables.

Professional sets contribute to socialization, develop the emotional sphere, intelligence, imagination. Children willingly play with other toddlers and adults. They even stop being afraid of going to the doctor.

Children’s Theater Gifts for 3 Year Old

We offer your little birthday girl to play in her favorite fairy tales with the help of “theatrical productions.” A puppet theater with a wooden screen is just a godsend for the indefatigable imagination of little imaginaries.

And dolls on hand are a useful birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old. Dad can put on a toy and “her” voice to ask the child to eat porridge. A puppet request will soften the protests whim.

Present to the creative Girl, something from this list:

  • glove or finger theater;
  • wooden puppet family with wire handles and legs for any poses;
  • magnetic theater;
  • puppets;
  • nesting dolls.

Playing scenes develops the ability to build dialogue, attention, and memory.

Mosaic and Constructors

Kids willingly build houses and castles, layout vivid mosaic pictures. At 3 years old, children are able to create fairly complex designs.

“Construction” develops fine motor skills, concentration, spatial thinking, perseverance, and imagination. It enriches with knowledge about the purpose of objects, broadens the horizons.

Which designer is suitable best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old:

  • wooden, with bright blocks for the construction of high towers;
  • magnetic set with large elements;
  • Lego Duplo – a colorful set with Disney princesses and funny animals;
  • soft designer with Velcro;
  • Playmobil game designer with castles, fairy fairies, and mini dolls.

You can do the construction on the plane. Mosaic stimulates motility, teaches you to feel the space and combine colors. You can buy a classic mosaic with large buttons, a magnetic mosaic, a thermal mosaic for beginners, or a large floor mosaic as a Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old.

More Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old


Classes with plasticine, dough, and sand are very popular among kids: they create small masterpieces on their own. Games with plastic material relieve tension, soothe, train fingers, develop imagination, improve tactile sensations.

Buy a 3-year-old girl a set of soft Play-Doh plasticine or kinetic sand. He does not stick to his fingers, perfectly holds the shape of pies. Ideal for playing in the home “sandbox.”

Easel for drawing

Drawing is the best tool for creative expression. Easel for drawing soothes babies. That the child cannot express, he can throw out on a “canvas.” Children develop hands and fingers, develop an aesthetic taste. The Girl, who loves to draw, will also be delighted with finger paints, a large set of wax crayons, a beautiful album, and coloring books.

Toy pets

Toddlers love taking care of their toy pets. Especially if they reciprocate: they walk, yap, purr, snooze, execute commands or speak in a funny cartoony voice. The best gift for a girl for 3 years is a fluffy interactive friend. Buy a birthday girl of a capricious bobblehead or a funny beast – the child will be happy!

Interesting Thoughts on What to Give the Girl for 3 Years?

For a 3-year-old child, parents can order a book with a fairy tale, where their favorite daughter will be the main character. The book will be issued by order, coordinating the text, placing photographs and pictures. The present will bring the baby a sea of ​​emotions.

In addition to the main gift for the Girl, you can arrange a children’s master class:

  • painting of plaster or wooden figures;
  • making fluffy wire toys;
  • drawing with cereals and grains;
  • the decor of pencils.

An excellent presentation idea is a photo session in the studio. A relaxed atmosphere reigns there. There are interesting accessories and costumes. Professional photos in a beautiful album are a wonderful memory.

DIY Birthday Gifts for 3 Years Old Girl

You can make a touching exclusive gift for a girl for 3 years with your own hands. These are the original colorful presentations:

  1. Using Photoshop, you can put a photo of the Girl in your favorite cartoon, among fairy-tale characters. It will turn out a funny poster, a notebook cover.
  2. Pillow with funny applique in the shape of a little animal.
  3. Volume application card.
  4. Coloring book.
  5. Casket decorated in the form of a cake.
  6. Crown, magic wand, wings (fairy costume).
  7. Jewelry (brooches, beads).
  8. Fabric doll with thread hair.

If you want to please the little princess with something exclusive, make a gift to the Girl for 3 years with your own hands. We offer some simple ideas for creating a charming presentation.

How to Understand What is Best to Give a Girl for 3 Years?

A three-year-old child is a small individual who dynamically explores the world. At this age, it is important to develop not only the mental and physiological sphere but also the emotional one.

Fun for kids should form a harmonious personality, help enter society. “Right” birthday present for a girl of 3 years, according to children’s psychologists:

  1. Develops excellent motor skills, and, accordingly, intelligence and speech.
  2. Provides physical development.
  3. Promotes creative disclosure.
  4. It brings up attentiveness, perseverance, diligence.
  5. Projects a real adult world into a game, so that a child accumulates social experience.
  6. Multifunctional, able to captivate a child for a long time.
  7. It has learning functions.
  8. Trains visual and tactile perception.

When Choosing What to Give a 3-year-old Girl

When choosing what to give a 3-year-old girl for a birthday, think about what qualities you want to develop and what is better to focus on.

From a safety point of view, toys for a three-year-old baby:

  • have reliable quality;
  • made of harmless materials;
  • ergonomic;
  • do not have small parts;
  • have a strong design.

Choosing a gift for a girl for 3 years is not an easy task. When choosing a presentation, consider the interests of the birthday girl: your favorite cartoons, toys, and hobbies. Pay attention to the character and habits of the child. Try asking the baby what she wants.

Considering what gift to give the girl for 3 years, it is important to stop not only on practical things but also create a holiday. To get a good present, you should:

  1. Make a surprise. A Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old is not just a thing. This is expectation, excitement, surprise.
  2. Complement the item with a fabulous background. If Grandfather Frost is preparing the New Year’s gift, then for the birthday, a Tooth Fairy or a favorite cartoon character is suitable as a giver.
  3. Do not choose a present “for growth.” So you can buy everyday practical things. And the baby wants to enjoy the gift right away.
  4. Avoid fragile things. During an enthusiastic birthday game, the child breaks them. This happens discreetly and naturally.

If you were invited to a girl’s name day, consult with your parents that it is better to choose so that the best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old is not unnecessary. Relatives and guests need to agree in advance who will buy what presents will be varied.

A wonderful addition will be a “delicious” basket. Collect favorite sweets, fruits, and juices for the hero of the occasion.

Unsuccessful Birthday Gifts for 3-Year-Old

Many believe that a child will like any Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old. This is not true. On the blacklist are acquisitions that can ruin the mood of the birthday girl, become a big problem for parents, or simply are not suitable for three years of age. We tell you that you should not give the child.

  • Practical gifts: Tracksuit, pajamas, hat, and more. These commonplace objects do not bring babies any joy.
  • Gifts for later: for example, skates. Orthopedists recommend purchasing them after 5 years when the foot and joints form. If the thing cannot be used right now, but you need to wait a couple of years, the birthday girl’s delight will be replaced by bitter disappointment. A reverse situation is when a gift is handed in advance, and they say that it is a birthday—just a disaster for every birthday person, and especially for the baby.
  •  Toys that parents once dreamed about: This does not mean that your child dreams of a dollhouse or a stroller for a baby doll.
  •  Low-quality toys: Not all baby products are safe. You can not give your child bright toys made of toxic PVC – a mixture of plastic and rubber. The material may cause poisoning and allergies. When choosing a toy as a gift, carefully consider it, sniff it. A pungent odor, acid colors, uneven coloring, brittleness indicate poor quality.
  •  Things are untouchable: Fragile figurines, wall pictures. For kids, these are useless things: you can’t play with them.
  •  Clothing: If you are not sure that your taste is identical to that of your parents, leave this venture.
  •  Pets: This is a surprise that requires discussion with the child’s parents. Kids are not able to independently take care of a pet. The excitement will go away, but the burden for adults will remain.
  •  Set for creativity, not by age: A 3-year-old child will not be interested in a set for beadwork or a puzzle of 1000 small elements.
  •  Sweets: The child is easy to “hook” for sweets. Therefore, mothers try for the first time to introduce the child to sweets as late as possible.