20+ Special 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

The best 40th birthday gift ideas for daughter: How to choose original and unusual gift ideas for daughter’s 40th birthday? TheBirthdayBest suggests that you familiarize yourself with the rules for choosing a presentation that would be unusual and memorable for a long time.

Life goes by so fast that my mother did not even notice how the funny girl with pigtails and bows turned into a luxurious businesswoman, a loving mother, and a caring wife. What to give a daughter for 40 years? After all, now you will not please her with a new doll or funny teddy bear, you will not go to a circus or a zoo.

Top Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

The beloved daughter is no longer a child but an accomplished personality. She, like all adults, has her own wishes and dreams, which are no longer childish whims. However, in this case, the money issue practically does not play any role. After all, the beloved mother chose the holiday present, which means that even the simplest and most inexpensive thing will be the most valuable in the world!

20+ Special 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

Of course, if there is a desire to make expensive gifts for daughter on her 40th birthday, then, in this case, jewelry will be the most relevant. In addition, you can also be surprised by buying a tourist package to an exotic country. In this case, it is best to choose earrings, bracelets, or a country for travel with your daughter. But then she will know in advance, and, unfortunately, there will be no pleasant surprise.

What Should I Get My Daughter for Her 40th Birthday?

However, this would be too simple, although the surprise effect of an expensive surprise would be achieved. Nevertheless, it is better to build on her wishes. Firstly, every woman carefully monitors her own appearance. And who, no matter how mother, knows that my daughter has recently run out of her favorite perfume. Or, for example, a powder box, which she always carried in her purse, broke.

Women at this age diligently monitor their figure and image in general, go in for sports or simply lead an active life. And to choose a really suitable present, you can use the list of the most relevant ideas.

1. Electric Broom

A cordless vacuum cleaner that performs dry cleaning. With its help, routine work is facilitated. If animals live in the birthday girl’s house, give preference to a model with a special brush. It is designed to collect wool from carpets, sofas.

2. Tabletop fountain

A tabletop fountain is a product that decorates the interior and humidifies the air. It brings comfort and harmony to the room. The fountain enchants with the murmur of water and promotes relaxation;

3. Ice cream maker

An ice cream maker is a device designed to create a delicious dessert. With its help, you can prepare a favorite delicacy of women and children in a short time. The device has a compact size, so there is a place for it in any kitchen;

4. Satin bedding set

A satin bedding set is a universal 40th birthday gift ideas for girls that can be presented for the fortieth birthday. When buying such a presentation, take into account the peculiarities of the bedroom interior. Bed linen should be combined with other interior elements;

5. Dishes for the oven and for the microwave

Dishes for the oven and for the microwave – a homemaker will like such a present. You can choose from a store for a round, square, or rectangular baking dish. These utensils are made of borosilicate glass. It can withstand high temperatures.

6. Flower in a jar

A flower in a jar “Forget-me-not” is a cute present that daughter will definitely like. It looks like an ordinary tin can. Inside it, fertile soil is stored with seeds prepared for germination. From these seeds, a wonderful flower grows;

7. Apron

An apron with the inscription “To the Best daughter” is a 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter for a woman who loves to cook delicious meals. It is beautiful and practical at the same time;

8. Ring stand

Give preference to a product made in the form of a deer with branching antlers. It is suitable for storing a variety of jewelry. daughter will put the stand on the dressing table and will remember you;

9. Thermo glass

A thermal glass with a photo of a daughter – a memorable 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter for a woman on her birthday. It is designed to keep the temperature of the drink. Thermo glass is suitable for walking around the city, for a picnic, for work;

10. A magnetic slate board

A magnetic slate board is a useful product that is placed on the refrigerator. It can be used to leave messages for the family. The board is easily attached to the surface. The inscriptions are removed with a damp cloth;

11. Composition of natural orchids

It is made using a special technology. Flowers are placed in a glass container. They retain their fresh appearance for several years. Therefore, daughters will be able to admire their beauty for a long time;

12. Aroma lamp

An aroma lamp is a simple device with which a pleasant atmosphere is created in the house. It has two parts. The first part contains a small candle. The second part contains essential oil.

13. Lamp with a photo

A lamp with a photo is an excellent traditional birthday gifts for daughters 40th of occasion. This is a designer item, in the manufacture of which a photograph of a woman is used. It is located on the front of the luminaire;

14. Alarm clock

Alarm clock-projector “Starry sky” is a present with the help of which an amazing atmosphere is created in the room. The alarm clock has several pleasant melodies. Additionally, it emits light and projects the sky in multi-colored diamonds onto the walls;

15. Mug with the inscription

A mug with the inscription “Golden daughter” is an excellent addition to the main gifts for daughters 40th birthday. The mug is made in gold color. It has a classic design and a long service life;

16. Box for storing jewelry

It can be one- and two-tier. In the second case, a plurality of compartments is provided in the product. They can be separately placed rings, earrings, pendants, chains;

17. Wireless karaoke microphone

The wireless karaoke microphone is perfect for your daughter, who loves to sing songs. The karaoke microphone has several useful options. It works with smartphones running modern operating systems;

18. Personalized robe with embroidery

A personalized robe with embroidery is a useful thing. Your daughter will be delighted with her. You can choose from velor or terry cloth robe. Both options are good because products made from such materials give warmth and comfort;

19. Craft box

A craft box is a practical thing. She will appeal to a woman who loves to crochet or knit. Everything you need can be placed in the box: threads and materials. Thus, the convenience and order in the house is ensured;

20. Coffee maker

A coffee maker is a great best gift for daughters 40th birthday of a fragrant drink. The device does an excellent job with its functions. With its help, a delicious drink is prepared that gives energy and improves mood.

21. Orthopedic pillow

These 40th birthday gift ideas for a daughter will show that you care about your daughter’s health. After all, it depends on whether we sleep comfortably. When buying such a pillow, pay attention to the weight and height of your parent, do not neglect the advice of a consultant. If finances allow you, it is better to choose a pillow with a memory effect.

22. Blanket with sleeves

A good gift for a stay-at-home daughter, especially if she was born in winter. With it, you can drink coffee and change channels without getting out of a warm shelter. Such a gift for 40th birthday daughter is also suitable for a workaholic daughter – it will give a feeling of warmth and home comfort on a business trip. Choose models that are machine-washable.

23. Plant to grow

As a surprise for your birthday, flowers or trees in a jar are suitable to grow yourself. You will find such a set in popular online gift shops. Choose a plant according to your mother’s preferences or according to your horoscope. For example, jasmine and daisies are suitable for twins. A universal option is a lavender. It has anti-stress properties and can also be used as a dietary supplement. Some stores offer personalized jars on which you can print congratulations for your daughter. If this is not provided, you can independently print and stick a congratulatory inscription on the package.

24. Silver bracelet with engraving

Thanks to your imagination, a very touching surprise can be made from an ordinary silver bracelet. The engraving can be your first word, a childhood nickname, or some other personal information that only you and your daughter can understand. By the way, you can also decorate high-quality jewelry with such engraving.

25. Bouquet of sweets

If your parent loves sweets and is delighted with beautiful bouquets of flowers, make a 2 in 1 gift – give her a bouquet of sweets. You can make it yourself or order it from a florist.

26. Humidifier

If your daughter complains of frequent headaches, it is possible that the air in her apartment is dry. A humidifier will make your room more comfortable. Many models also have a room fragrance function, which will be a nice bonus when relieving stress. For a healing effect and good mood, choose citrus and coniferous aromas.

27. Pets

Taking care of pets is a constant chore. Without asking your mother, don’t even buy her a goldfish. Perhaps she will not have the time and desire to care for a new friend.

What Not to Give a Woman for Her 40th Birthday?

The gift must be taken seriously, so you should know what can upset the birthday girl and ruin her festive mood. There are some things that you shouldn’t give to the hero of the day:

  • Intimate items, such as underwear. It is necessary to understand that only a very close person has the right to make such 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter.
  • things that hint at age: anti-cellulite cream, anti-wrinkle oils, slimming drugs, and other means that could offend, hinting at women’s problems;
  • Uninteresting things for a particular woman. An unsportsmanlike woman will not be interested in a simulator as a gift, a single businesswoman – a set of even the best pots without a garden plot – garden accessories.

It is always pleasant not only to receive the best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter but also to give them. For a 40-year-old woman, there are many ideas for choosing an interesting gift. And in no case should we forget about the flowers, then the birthday girl’s eyes will certainly sparkle with happiness.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter for Her Birthday

  • Happy birthday, I
    congratulate you, Daughter,
    40 years have flown by,
    And when I don’t know.
  • 40 years old, and I consider you a
    child, I
    try to teach everything
    And sometimes I scold.
  • All I’m afraid that you
    Suddenly someone will offend,
    After all, the love of parents
    Does not count the years.
  • Happiness and love to you,
    I ask God that
    you go through life on a
    happy path.
  • 40 years old beloved daughter,
    Congratulations to me.
    Become even more beautiful,
    Good day by day.
  • I wish, dear,
    To be lucky,
    Adored, beloved,
    Let fate pamper.
  • Do not hurt and be successful,
    I am always proud of you.
    You are smart, charismatic,
    be happy, my angel.
  • I congratulate you, dear daughter, on your 40th birthday. My dear, dear, I wish you not to succumb to sorrow and sadness, to always be in a good mood and bathe in the rays of happiness.
  • I wish you good health, faithful love, stable welfare and comfort in the house, inextinguishable beauty, sincerity of the soul, and the bright joy of life.
  • Forty years is a special date.
    There are many superstitions, take.
    I wish you everything you need.
    And not to lose what is.
  • Be, daughter, happy and successful,
    Do not be sick, and rejoice in your soul.
    Live your life at ease and unhurriedly.
    And drop into your parents, sometimes.
  • Happy Birthday, dear!
    You can’t find a better daughter.
    Forty years are not celebrated,
    You can just wish:
  • Joy, love, success,
    Look prettier, as at eighteen,
    Where you want – to go
    And stay happy!
  • Daughter, dear with a birthday,
    After all, today you are 40 years old, I
    wish you happiness and luck,
    Avoid bad weather, sadness, troubles.
  • Enjoy life and good luck,
    Find all new solutions,
    May you have a lot of happiness,
    Mood, success, inspiration.
  • Happy birthday! You are 40 years old,
    This daughter is the dawn of life!
    Be yourself groovy,
    Immediate, sweet, simple,
  • Amazing, always glorious,
    So that they give only the happiness of the year,
    So that everyone admires you,
    And especially – my dear husband!
  • My daughter has matured quickly,
    birthday is now another,
    Congratulations, congratulations,
    My golden flower!
  • Happiness and patience to you,
    And health for years,
    To have a mood,
    Did not touch, so that trouble!
    40 years old to you today,
    I am very proud of you,
  • Happy birthday, dear,
    Sadness does not disturb the soul!
    You have experience, knowledge, strength,
    And behind your back most of your life.
    But I want you to forget about all this
    And try to start over again!
  • To remember about the first hopes,
    About feelings and about the first kiss,
    To enjoy life, as before,
    And how you could move mountains.
    After all, 40 years is only half a
    woman, like red wine.
  • May fate give you a new picture on your birthday, where everything is included!
    You are forty years old, my dear daughter,
  • I congratulate you on your birthday,
    I wish you to be active always,
    Live, never regretting anything,
    Mila, you are cute and young,
    And there will be new ups in your fate,
    Your age is beautiful, it makes no sense to be sad,
    After all, only the best years are ahead!
  • Let the fanfare sound in your soul, There
    will be a jingle of glasses,
    You will celebrate forty in a big way,
    And all problems will become dust.
    Big, daughter, your happiness,
    Let there be a lot of passion in your soul,
    You never doubt,
    Always stay cheerful.
  • The fortieth birthday is an important date for any woman. Some women, on the eve of the holiday, remember their youth with sadness, while others believe that a new stage of life is coming.
  • To please the birthday girl, you need to try. Therefore, we have created a separate article on what to give a woman for 40 years and how to choose a worthy present.

Special 40th Birthday Gift for Daughter

We hope that with the help of our article you were able to answer the question “what can you give your daughter for 40 years?” We tried to make our 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter as varied and interesting as possible. Perhaps, while reading our article, you yourself came up with an original idea.


It’s even better because you are the one who knows all the tastes of your daughter. We wish her health, happiness, and longevity. Visit our website – we still have many interesting recommendations for the 40th birthday gift ideas for daughter for any occasion.

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