How to Wish on Birthday to a Loved One

How to Wish on Birthday to a Loved One: When it comes to wishing a loved one, be it a family member like father, mother, daughter or son, your partner, and even a close friend on your Birthday, you have asked yourself, what is the ideal way to do it? The only thing necessary is to express everything we feel for him or her.

How to Wish on Birthday

We can congratulate you on giving you detail, or why not? Making a letter, use your imagination, and ingenuity. What matters on this day is to make it feel special, and for that, something unique will be perfect. It is ideal for showing the importance they have in our lives but, how do we do it?

How to Wish on Birthday to a Loved One

How to Wish on Birthday to my boyfriend on his Birthday? Or How to Wish on Birthday a friend?

The first advice that can be offered is to understand that the relationship is unique. Therefore it deserves special treatment and congratulation that suits it, this means avoiding generalities, such as a  “Happy Birthday, never change”  or  “Happy Birthday, you make me very happy,”  do something that is really worth it. To help you, we offer a series of tips, examples, and options so you can congratulate your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or one of your best friends.

How to Wish on Birthday My Partner on His Birthday?

If your boyfriend’s birthday is approaching and you wonder, how to wish my boyfriend on his Birthday? And my girlfriend? First of all, don’t stress, remember that the most important thing is that you congratulate him on the way that is most comfortable and natural for both of you. Now, there are hundreds of ways to congratulate someone in a way that can add something special to the moment and the relationship, for example:


one of the most classic but creative and infallible options, if you wonder how to congratulate your girlfriend or your boyfriend, is to prepare her favorite breakfast, be it a French omelet, some toast, a coffee, or some sweets. Take it to your home or to your bed, to wake it up with much love, this kind of detail can express a lot of feelings, especially if you accompany it with a few kind words.

For example

“Wake up sleepy, it’s time for you to enjoy the best Birthday so far. I love you so much”
“It’s time to get up, eat and get ready for the day” or a simple “I love you so much, thanks for making my life special. Let’s enjoy this day.” 

Remember that words count as much as desires, actions, and the goal, so finish this sweet desire, with a kiss that lets you know how much you want it.


The second option is perfect and equally significant, even if you can visit, a sweet call is an excellent option for how to wish your girlfriend a happy birthday on her Birthday. Call her minutes before 12 at night, so that when it is officially her day, you can be the first to congratulate her and wish her the best, accompany her with…

“I hope this day can show you everything you mean to me” or “I hope that next 24 hours, be the beginning of the best year you’ve had so far.”


Remember that you mustn’t shy away, it is not the time for shame but to show that person how relevant and the joy it is to have it in your life.

If the call at 12 is not possible, but you want to do something similar. The answer to how to wish on birthday to my boyfriend on his Birthday does not change much. Choose to call him first thing in the morning and wake him up with a call, sing him Birthday while smiling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sing, make it a game and laugh, change the lyrics, and end the call with an  “I Love You.”  What better way to start a day than with two words that mean so much?


The third option of How to Wish on Birthday of Your Girlfriend and even your boyfriend is giving him detail. From a watch that has time looking for how to buy it, tickets to a concert, or a play that has time waiting or even. Opt for something more simple but just as effective, give him a stuffed animal or a pillow, which he can have nearby, and that reminds him of you.

For these congratulations, a naughty and playful happy birthday wishes are recommended, take your hair and make him laugh,

“Happy Birthday, another year closer to retirement.
Don’t worry. I will love you even without teeth” or “Happy Birthday to my favorite chef, who makes me laugh while feeding me.”

It is important that you avoid being impersonal and cold, seek to express the importance of your presence in your life, even with birthday games and funny messages.


The fourth option can be somewhat different, but creative. I wish you a happy birthday, giving your partner the opportunity to spend a day at the spa. Massage, and manicure hours, a day without stress, and with delicious food, you will never have a better day. And in the case of your boyfriend, if he does not want a spa day, let him see his favorite games and prepare his favorite food, which does not stand on the sofa, a rest day is the best gift.


The fifth and last option we offer may become more expensive, but if you have the possibility of spending a few zeros and you don’t mind drawing attention, try it. An incredible congratulation can be to rent a billboard, post a photo, the date, and a beautiful birthday wishes for him or her.

“Another year with the woman of my dreams”

Or something more naughty and direct…

“If you see this person, she is mine. Happy Birthday, precious .”

You could do the same, renting an airship or even renting a plane to write your message in the sky, like that, nor will the sky be a limit.

How to Wish Friends Birthday

If the birthday boy is a friend, the rules change a bit, but you must also make this day something special, and for this, we offer two ways to Wish a friend.

First option

The first option focuses on the times that have passed together and the laughter. Take a few hours to make a video with the best moments that both have passed, place those photos that can best identify the relationship, childhood, school, or university years.

To this, you can add a personal video, a detail that only you two can enjoy, a message that lets you know how much you love it and of course, you can end it with a word like

“Thank you for being in my life and for being with me. In the difficult moments, I will be there and in the easy moments, I will celebrate with you. Many blessings, and I love you so much.”

Second Option

The second option is simply one of the favorite and most personal. Send a gift to your home, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and with it a letter or card that expresses everything your friendship means.

Usually, friends do not tend to express what they say, so take a moment and try, explain the importance they have had in the past, let them understand how they have changed your life and above all, show that you will be there in everything moment.