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Best 30th Birthday Ideas for Girls in 2021

30th Birthday Ideas for Girls: It is difficult to argue that for any girl, a birthday is an incredibly important and significant event that requires careful preparation and mood.

Where & How to Celebrate a Girl 30 Years Old: Exciting Ideas and Recommendations

It is also worth remembering that 30 means a certain transition, the line between youth and maturity. No, this does not say that you lose the status of a girl and turn into a woman. It is simply likely that life values ​​and guidelines will change and will go in a slightly different direction. There are many stories when, after a girl turned 30 years old, she completely changed unrecognizably.

Not so much externally as internally. Of course, for these changes to have a positive start, it is necessary to celebrate this date well. You need to make sure that your birthday is remembered for a long time from your friends and relatives.

Holiday Planning Tips

So, here we try to answer the question of how to celebrate a girl’s 30-year birthday. First, remember that this date needs to be celebrated. In this case, signs do not work, in contrast to the fortieth birthday. Absolutely anyone can participate in the celebration, regardless of gender, age, and family affiliation. You need to choose the most suitable setting and call the intended guests in advance.

And yet, how to celebrate the girl’s 30 years, how to spend this day so that later there will be many pleasant memories. First, decide in advance what you want from this day to outline an action plan. After deliberation, it is necessary to embody the dream into reality.

To directly understand what you want from this day and how to celebrate a girl’s 30 years old, you need to count your savings, correlate with the number of guests. After all, whatever one may say, first of all, such events hit one’s pocket.

If financial opportunities are limited, it is better not to take risks and not to take a loan so as not to drag yourself into debt obligations. Do not forget that with a great desire, you can great to meet this beautiful date and without significant investments.

Celebrate at Home

How to celebrate a girl’s 30 years old, if at the moment it’s tight with money, but you want to arrange a celebration? Firstly, you can always meet this holiday at home. Buying products instead of ordering a table in a cafe will significantly reduce your costs. Also, if you are in a trusting relationship with friends, then you can explain the situation, and they will meet you.

You can agree that instead of a gift, they will help you decorate and purchase products for the festive table.

Of great importance when choosing a place is the time of year. Of course, it is most favorable to celebrate your day in the summer, when you can have a picnic right on the street. But at other times of the year, you can also find something to your liking both yourself and your invited friends.

Celebrate in a Country House

How to celebrate a girl’s 30th birthday? Autumn is a fantastic time for a change and the beginning of a new life. It’s great if your birthday is such a great time. It is also good that nature in this period pleases with its extraordinary beauty and brightness. Therefore, a great option would be to invite friends to a country house.

In rainy weather, you can hide in the room, and if you want to watch the fantastic nature, you can go outside.

A Trip to the Philharmonic or Theater

How to celebrate a girl’s 30 years in the fall? You can try to make a trip out of town. You can also invite friends to the movies or a play. Most likely, concerts of a symphony orchestra are often held in your city. Your friends will remember such a trip to the PhilharmonicPhilharmonic for a long time.

Celebrate at the Rink

How to celebrate 30 years in winter? If your thirty-year birthday falls in the winter month – do not worry. In this period of the year, you can have a great time, despite such weather. There are many options for celebrating a birthday in winter. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Firstly, you can invite friends and relatives to the rink. A pleasant atmosphere, music will fill your hearts with joy and give new impressions. You can also go skiing. Such a holiday will remain in memory for a long time.

It will be celebrated in the winter evening to go somewhere out of town, play snowballs, ride a roller coaster, and in the evening sit by the fireplace for hot and fragrant tea.

We figured out how to celebrate the birthday of 30 years for a girl, now let’s try to consider in detail the question of where to do it. Of course, I would like to mark such a date so that pleasant memory can be remembered for a long time. Therefore, in addition to a good company, you need to choose the right place carefully. What conditions must be met so that everyone is satisfied? Firstly, it is worth asking the people close to you what they want from the holiday and where they would prefer to meet it. After that, it is worth taking more decisive action.

Cafe or Bowling?

So, where to celebrate the birthday of 30 years for a girl? The first thing that comes to mind is the cafe. Of course, this is pretty commonplace, but nonetheless.

If your favorite band or singer arrives there that day, it will make a real sensation among the guests. You can invite your friends to a bowl and combine a pleasant business with a useful one. It will be great to go to everyone together in some movies. It will be especially helpful if the topic is somehow related to your date.


Another place to celebrate the 30th birthday is the sauna.

This is a rather unusual and peculiar place. Before going to it, you should think about whether your exotic friends will cause embarrassment to your friends.


If your financial capabilities allow you to order a limousine, then you can organize an unforgettable adventure with a ride through the night city. You will remember this for a long time.

Stylized Birthday Celebration Party

When we talk about how to celebrate a girl’s 30th birthday, we hardly think of a theme party.

Meanwhile, the decision to spend the holiday in this way is the guarantor of incredible fun and a lot of ridiculous and funny moments. Just imagine how extraordinary you can celebrate your birthday. There is only one question left: in what style should a girl celebrate 30 years. It all depends on your limitless imagination. You can have a real pirate party, put on vests, paint faces and turn on the appropriate music.

You can also arrange a disco in the 90s. Get Soviet dresses, an old record player from the closet, stylize the apartment in a certain way, and include old legendary songs.

You can have a real foam party. Buy a special foam machine and be patient. It’s best, naturally, to do this outdoors although you can also rent a room.

40 Best 30th Birthday Ideas for Girls

There is no need to cry and say goodbye to your twenty years. Celebrating entry into the thirty-year time is not so bad – especially if you decide to have a first-party with the launch of balloons and a cake. Since we are ready to offer you some ideas with great cool photo booth ideas, everyone will say, “There is no point in regretting your twenty!” You deserve to commemorate your 30 years. It’s best to start the new decade with a party – we do not doubt that your best years are yet to come in 30 years.

1. Party Bar

This is a great reason to have a great time and enjoy champagne. What could be better than a holiday with neon and glitter?