Birthday Party

Best DIY Birthday Party Ideas of 2021

Homemade DIY Birthday Party Ideas: Birthday is a bright and expected event in the life of every child: it is on this day that all his cherished dreams come true. The main thing is that parents must take care in advance to make this birthday bright and unusual.

DIY Birthday Party Ideas

If you are celebrating a children’s birthday at home, then use these simple guidelines for decorating a room with your own hands. 


The easiest and most win-win decoration of a room on a child’s birthday is multi-colored balloons. You can randomly scatter balls around the room or let them soar under the ceiling, filling with helium.

You can supplement the balls with ribbons, serpentine, and bright stickers. Flowers from balloons look spectacular: for this, you need to connect the balls of the same size and color to each other so that the petals turn out, and decorate the middle with a smaller ball of a different color.

Try to find out what color your children and their friends who come for birthday love. This will contribute to even greater delight from decorating the apartment.

A child’s birthday is such a birthday when you should not save on balls. Ball decorations should fill a lot of space. Otherwise, the design will seem boring. And remember: children love everything bright!


A variety of paper garlands look great at a children’s birthday – they are easy to make independently from colored or corrugated paper.

Children will appreciate this design, especially if it is in the style of their favorite cartoons, for example, Batman.

If, after creating the decoration, you still have garland elements, think about how you can use them: a very “tasty” option is to create invitations for friends. The decoration and invitation will be in the same style, which will add originality. 


Bright and fluffy paper pompom balls will instantly give the festive room an elegant look. Unlike balloons, such pompons never burst above your head, and they look pretty stylish.

To create one pompom you will need:

Fold the prepared sheets of paper in a neat stack, and then with an accordion. The width of the bend should be approximately 1.5-2 cm. Work the edges with sharp scissors (the edges are rounded in the picture below), then take the wire, bend it in half, and put the resulting “accordion” out of paper into it. Tighten the wire exactly in the middle of the craft. Gently spread the paper accordion, separating each leaf and forming a fluffy pompom.

Video how to make a pompom with your own hands:


In the decor of the birthday, you can not do without elegant numbers corresponding to the age of the birthday person. For example, you can make a figure out of cardboard and decorate it with paper flowers. To do this, take colored paper, cut out a circle from it, and then cut the strip in a spiral. 

Then connects the resulting strips, spinning into a bud, and glue the finished flowers on a cardboard number.

To make the numbers look brighter, experiment with size and color.

Fanta or turntables

Multi-colored turntables and colored paper sockets called forfeits are also great for creating a festive mood. Making them yourself is very simple. Moreover, to create them, you can connect the birthday man himself. 

Wall Newspaper or Photo Collage

You can hang a pre-prepared wall newspaper or photo collage on the wall, where the best photos of the child will be collected. You can take photos, starting from birth, so that you can see how the child grew and changed, or you can just take the most successful photos (for example, over the past year) and accompany them with fun comments or poems. On the wall newspaper, do not forget to leave a little space for sincere wishes from the guests.

10 theme ideas for creating a collage or birthday poster:


  1. life stories
  2. cells for wishes from friends
  3. collage of favorite sweets
  4. riddle poster
  5. Poster with stickers of favorite fairy tale characters.
  6. photo collage of sealed cards
  7. birthday poster
  8. a poster with questions about loved ones and friends
  9. fingerprint/hand collage from each guest on his birthday
  10. quest poster


Wall extensions can be bought at the store, or you can do it yourself. Arm yourself with colored paper and felt-tip pens, write letters on separate sheets, and then connect and hang them on the wall with a thread or fishing line. Let it be the name of the hero of the occasion, pleasant wishes for the birthday, or welcome words for the guests. 

Tablecloth Decor

A festive children’s table can be decorated with a homemade tablecloth. It is very simple to make such a tablecloth (it’s not even necessary to sew!).

Just glue bright frill ribbons to the table with scotch tape or a stapler. 


Chair Decor

Decorating the walls and ceiling of the room, do not forget about the furniture.

For example, you can decorate chairs with a cover of bright fabric or tie the back of the chairs with ribbons and paper flowers.


Festive Table Decor

The decor and serving of the festive table should be given no less attention than the room itself. For example, you can decorate cocktail tubes, cutlery, napkins, a beautiful tablecloth.

You can also place funny nameplates on the table on the table or put a small toy near each appliance. See what simple and interesting ideas we found in the photo below. We wish you a flight of fantasy and an unforgettable birthday!