Best 30th Birthday Party Games Ideas of 2022

Best 30th Birthday Party Games Ideas: Depending on when the birthday party starts, the day can be quite long. Much of the time is spent eating and talking, but a few in-between entertainments is a great way to fight boredom and embarrassing moments of silence because the conversation is about to start.

Best 30th Birthday Party Games Ideas

Here you should consider in advance how much idle time you have to expect and how your guests are on it. If your party starts in the evening, you will hardly need a massive program, because the guests are busy with food, speeches and possibly dancing. By contrast, if you start at noon, you can build in a few games or performances by the evening. But be careful not to overburden your guests with a too-tight schedule.

One program after the other is not recommended, because it would also like to be entertained in peace. Moving games right after the meal are also not a good idea, at least one hour should pass here. If many older adults come to the party, you should have at least one game in hand, where no sporting skills are required. It will be a pity if some of your guests feel marginalized.

30th Birthday Party Games

If you have that in mind, all you need is the right 30th Birthday Party Games you can find here Where no sporting skills are required. It will be a pity if some of your guests feel marginalized. If you have that in mind, all you need is the right games you can find here where no sporting skills are required. It will be a pity if some of your guests feel marginalized. If you have that in mind, all you need is the right games you can find here.

A Scavenger Hunt Through the City of the Forest

This game is a classic of your childhood, which is still very popular today. It is especially suitable for a more extended party. Here, guests often feel the need to stand in between their feet. A walk through the city or a forest or park can be perfectly combined with a scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into two teams before starting. Pay close attention to the equal distribution of young and older adults here.

The first group is armed with a few slips and pencils. Classically, scraps of paper are scattered along the way, and the second team then has to pick up this track, but it is self-evident that it is not appropriate to pollute a park with paper snippets. Instead, the first team writes small tasks or puzzles on a piece of paper that tells the second group where to find the next piece of paper. The notes are hidden well, but of course, so that they can be found. Once all stations have been reached, the group reaches its destination, and there is a prize for everyone.

The Clothespin Game

When the conversation slows down, you can use this game to get the party started again. All you need are clothespins, as the name of the game suggests, in the number of your guests. Having a few more does not hurt anything. Each of your guests gets a clip from you and is asked to attach it to their outerwear.

Now all present in the room and are allowed to talk informally about today. The word birthday and the name of the birthday child may not be pronounced, but only paraphrased. Not so easy, sooner or later it will definitely be blabbered. Then this person is allowed to remove the clip. Whoever could end up with the most staples has won.

Guess The Gifts

There are gifts on a birthday, that’s clear. Instead of simply presenting it to the host, he can guess it. For this, only one responsible person must find, who takes the whole thing into the hand.

In the form of a small lecture, the birthday boy gets hints about the gift, and only when the right solution has been called, it can be unpacked. There is the possibility that all guests are involved and can simply enjoy the guesswork of the host. The guests can also be left in the dark and secretly even guessing. In both cases, this game will provide some entertaining minutes.


Try everyone’s pop knowledge with a celebrity game. Divide guests into teams of two each. Give each team 20 photos of movie, television, music, politics, sports and current affairs stars. Make sure each team has a different set of 20 images. Teams play one at a time.

Partner 1 takes the first image of his stack and puts the image on his forehead for all to see. Partner 2 below describes the celebrity without saying any part of the celebrity’s name. Partner 1 tries to guess the celebrity. If member one correctly guesses the name of the celebrity, the team scores 1 point and goes to the next image. If member one cannot guess the celebrity, he can move on to the next picture and, if there is time, return to it later. The round ends after 1 minute. The team with the most points wins.

Feed Babies

This 31st Birthday game is not for the weak of heart, because in the end, it is not as clean as before. You need six brave players, three of them sit on a chair, these are the babies. The other three stand in front of it and get their eyes blindfolded. Your task now is to feed the babies in a limited time. So that the excellent clothing of your guests is not ruined, this should be well covered. There is certainly something wrong, and the spectators are allowed to enjoy themselves deliciously.

Apple Diving

Just ask, of course without ulterior motives, in the round, if someone wants an apple. Two of the guests who come forward then ask you to come forward, these are your game actors. For this game, you need two apples and two bowls of the same size full of water. The teammates now have to fish the apple with their mouths out of the water. The use of the hands is strictly forbidden, so these disappear on your instructions also behind the back. What may sound simple, but it is not, because the apple is round and slightly slippery through the water. The one who could first lift the apple out of the water with his mouth is the winner.

Chubby Bunny

Bring back a favorite childhood game and play Chubby Bunny. Sit the guests in a circle and tell everyone that they will be given marshmallows, but that they cannot chew or swallow them. Place a garbage bag in the center of the circle.

The guest of honor begins the game by putting a marshmallow in his mouth. Then he says, “chubby bunny.” The bag of marshmallows is passed to the left, and the next guest follows suit. When the bag of marshmallows returns to the guest of honor, he puts another marshmallow in his mouth, while holding the first marshmallow there. Repeat “chubby bunny,” and the game continues in this way. If a guest cannot say “Chubby Bunny,” the player loses and can spit his marshmallows in the garbage bag. A guest is free to resign at any time. The player who can hold the most marshmallows in his mouth and say “chubby bunny” wins.

Name That Song

Take a musical journey through time with a “Name that song” game. Create a CD of 30 songs, one for each year the birthday girl has lived. Divide the guests into several teams and give each team a bell or bell.

The DJ starts the game with the birthday girl’s birthday song. The DJ calls the first team to announce the name. If that team correctly identifies the song, score 1 point. If the team doesn’t guess the tune, another team has the chance to guess the song. Once a team correctly gives the names of the melody, or after 30 seconds, the DJ announces next year and the next song is played. After all 30 songs have been played, the team with the most points wins.

Say goodbye at age 20 and invite friends and family to celebrate the next chapter of your life with a 30th birthday party. Entertain your guests with attractive adult games that are affordable to prepare and easy to learn. Keep things fresh with a combination of individual sports, team games, and partners.